Amy Grant - Silent Night Lyrics

Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin
Mother and Child
Holy infant
So tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Silent night
Holy night
Shepherds quake
At the sight
Glory streams
From heaven afar
Heavenly hosts
Sing alleluia
Christ the Savior is born
Christ the Savior is born

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Amy Grant Silent Night Comments
  1. B M

    Love it

  2. Noah Bowen

    This Song Reminds Me Of Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina and Waffle House

  3. catherine s.

    This song keeps me growned on our Lord Jesus Christ💓

  4. wilma rodriguez

    The words of this song are perfect for everyone to listen. We seem to have forgotten the real reason for Christmas.

  5. Sham Peters

    I love this song im doing it for my Christmas play everyone cryed

  6. Jacob Morris

    Me and my show choir from high school sang this song at Shriner's children's hospital in Utah. Such an emotional song for us. we all bawled our eyes out every year because we got hit in the feels so hard :')

  7. Yehoshuva Chiruguri

    We want o holy night song from u.plz....

  8. Sam Maitland

    This song reminds me of me fighting my depression on Christmas

    Vickey Kara

    same here

  9. 6 -Dice

    Just remember, it's not about gifts, or a tree. Or lights, it's all about love the greatest love known to mankind, Amen

  10. era of apollo

    This song makes me cry every time, especially when I work retail. Amazing song.

  11. Cindi Keane

    I love this song. It's one 'of my favorites. There's just one error in the wording. Instead of the word "clock", it should read "flock". It did make me laugh though.

  12. danceballetacro

    this song is awesome

  13. Rita Hawkins

    Too much fuss about errors in the comments. Try to learn something from the errors instead of belittling someone. For instance the one I caught when I actually watched the video (I know this song by heart so I just listened until I read the comments and then just watched the end of it) was the clocks by night. We can take so much from this. How many times do I race a clock in a week? Too many. Yet my Savior even told Martha, who was extremely busy and on the move during Jesus' visit, that Mary, who was sitting at his feet and taking in what he had to say, had chosen the better thing. Yes the Shepherds watched their flocks by night but what would have happened had they been as rushed for time as I often am? I'm not positive but I fear if I was one of them, I'd miss the big news.

  14. kath2ndrew

    Lovely song, but your words are a little messed up - Shepherds were watching their flocks, they didn't have clocks back then LOLOLOL!

    Rita Hawkins

    It is a cute mistake but also something we could learn from. We seam to keep watch of our clocks and miss so many things in this life, such as a child growing, the beauty of nature, etc. Yet if we were looking at our own shepherd, then we'd probably find that he is watching us not some clock.


    @Rita Hawkins So right Rita, it's a mistake a little kid would make, I've heard some cute ones about prayer when children got the words wrong! Merry Christmas!

  15. Chenoa Sky

    I love this song so much!!!🎵🎵🎵

  16. 1visualfxguy

    I found an old video of me singing this song when I was 10.

  17. Odee Dillon

    Shepherds watch over their Flock, not Clock. Great video otherwise.

    Pooja Lesley Lees

    Odee Dillon
    Always one 😁😂😂😂

  18. Gd's Army

    I heard this song yesterday on the radio station 89.7 ksgn here in San Bernardino and it brought me to tears, it reminded me of the recent terrorist attack we had in Dec. 2, the lives we lost and all those impacted by it, the fear and chaos we all experienced and still experiencing with the unknown if it will happen again, you hear the sirens noise go by & it makes you wonder? I pray it doesn't happen again, but this is the world we now live in...That's what this song reminded me of, even though this song it's about the experience we as parents have each year during Christmas time...Great Song! Love it....

    Lulu Smith

    +D Palomera  Continued prayers for healing for San Bernadino. Christmas blessings to all, even in the tough times.

    Gd's Army

    +Lulu Smith Thank you for your kind words and prayers...God bless

  19. Roxy Picker

    moms, stop and listen to this. Its ok to not get it all perfect! Time with you family is more important than everything looking just right! take it from a Grammie, the time flies by, enjoy the moments you have now!

    Michelle Tuel

    Roxy Picker that is so true!!

  20. Matt

    The world needs a silent night, pray for peace pray for everyone.

    Katie Fuger

    Matt I agree

  21. yessica kansil

    Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless you! :"

  22. Larry Collins

    I love this, but I wish the lyrics were properly formatted, capitalized, etc. and there wasn't an error on the opening page (to vs. too).

  23. Nancy Oldfield

    Beautiful Amy

  24. Jan Fredericks

    Love this song.  Need to turn up the volume and enjoy.

  25. fairlyimaginitive

    I love this song, it is so true and just reminds me to slow down and not worry so much. 

  26. JennethD1

    *flock by night. Not clock. ;)

  27. Nadia G

    Aw that's Corina, Amy's daughter with Vince saying the child's part!

    Sarah Sammarco

    its a little boy who died from cancer actually


    That comment made my cry so much. I hate it when people die at such a young age. I knew a boy who died when he was only 20-years-old due to a severe car accident. I prayed for that boy's family to help them through such a loss. But then it hit me, that young boy is in Heaven with God and Jesus right now. My Grandma is up there too, probably waiting for the day when she will get to meet me. The woman died of cancer before I was even born, but remember, when we lose loved ones, they are in a better place.

    Peg Smith

    Nadia G 67

  28. Gretchen W

    Such a cool Christmas song!  The child was the angel voice! 

  29. donnie6211

    It's CHRISTmas Viet Lam! Love This Song! 

  30. Cj Stine

    Great song! I listen to this song everyday. Love it and new fav song!!

  31. kiki young

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!

  32. Christy Hotchkiss

    Another absolutely fitting and great song! How it fits us how it fits our times! We are so pushed and stressed and trying to compete and outdo each other, so competative instead of empathetic, so harried instead of patient , so lost instead of found... it is the path we keep missing the path that brings LOVE , UNDERSTANDING, PATIENCE, KIINDNESS, SYMPATHY, Light out of the DARKNESS and STRENGTH out of WEAKNESS

  33. Alena

    Such an amazing reminder during Christmas! Love this song!

  34. You are loved like crazy!

    I love this song so much! This Christmas, with all I have going on, it's especially meaningful. It's like I have this little Amy Grant in my head singing this whenever I feel stressed.

  35. deemadeit

    Give grace to the owner... You'll need it one day.. :)

  36. sonifrostie

    Lol!!!!!! I wonder where they got their clocks from, 2000 years ago???...
    "Flocks by night" not clocks by night. Lol.

  37. Mertie Hop

    Merry CHRISTmas!

  38. rosie cabrera

    love how she sing this song glory to god bless all who hear this

  39. beverlyh1970

    This is a great song. The Shepherds were in their fields watching their Flocks by night- not their clocks - lol

  40. gottahavethesparkly

    This is a message we would all do well to heed, this and every Christmas. As Jack Daniels puts it: It's not about what's under the tree, it's about who's around it. It's also about why it's there to begin with.

  41. Utaunei

    My mum got me addicted.

  42. makayla flores

    I [email protected] thii$ iin 6th grade

  43. Carol Jasz

    @Tmntfan3 -thanks for response - still funny to me that there's people 'out there' actually reading AND responding! still dont have a clue to how to fix - perhaps we contact the video 'poster'? Ah, well - should be doing other stuff -got caught up in this too long already. God be with all who enjoy His songs!

  44. Rahl Thorson

    @jaszCarol this is an awesome vid! not to make waves, but i agree, its "keeping watch over their FLOCK by night", and some one should fix it.

  45. Kimberly Yip

    =p the song is so catchy

  46. Carol Jasz

    made me cry at the verse, especially - LOVE this song, the lyrics, perfect for the season! thank you Amy Grant - beautiful
    I cant believe tho, every lyrics site I looked up, and even this video, gets the verse wrong! It's "shepherds watching their FLOCK" not clock!!?!? some one needs to fix this

  47. derrhunter66

    i love this song <3333

  48. javwood

    love the song so much,made me cry:(

  49. Jessica Dhaliwal


    ME TOO!!!!

  50. Keptin Nina

    we are 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. lo la

    i like tis song!

  52. irvinetustin

    I thought I had heard all of the Amy Graht Christmas songs. I guess I was wrong. This was great! Thanks for posting!!!

  53. Froggie247

    I have fallen in love with this song. It is beautiful :) I love Christmas, everything about it, Jesus' birth, gifts and Santa.

  54. Aidenchic456

    we are doing this song for our christmas concert in my chior class

  55. Lawrence Hines

    Our choir is singing this at school and I am going to use this for my church's Christmas Eve service.

  56. Emily Ray

    what school do u go to and who is u go to cms? cuz i do :) what is ur name and what grade r u in

  57. Stefanie Untiedt

    we are singing this song for choir and i love it