Amy Grant - Old Man's Rubble Lyrics

Are you living in an old man's rubble
Are you listenin' to the father of lies
Are you walking' with unnecessary burdens
Are you trying to take them upon yourself
If you are then you're living in bondage
And you know that's bad for your spiritual health

Are you trying to live by your emotions
Are you puttin' your faith in what you feel and see
Then you're living just to satisfy your passions
And you better be careful, 'cause you're being deceived

[Chorus 2x]
Are you living in an old man's rubble
Are you listenin' to the father of lies
If you are then you're yheaded for trouble
If you listen too long, you'll eventually die

Are you puzzled by the way that you're behavin'
Do you wonder why you do the things you do
Are you troubled by your lack of resistance
Do you fell that something's got a hold on you

Well deep within' you there's a spiritual battle
There's a voice of the darkness and a voice of the light
And just by listening you've made a decision
'Cause the voice you hear is gonna' win the fight


But if you're living as a new creation
If you're listening to the Father of light
Then you're living in a mighty fortress
And you're gonna' be clothed in power and might

[Chorus 3x]

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Amy Grant Old Man's Rubble Comments
  1. connie saylor

    im thankful the Lord set me free from porn; love connie

  2. Carolyn King

    I first heard it 35 yrs ago on a radio program. I believe it was the Mormon Tabernacle or Maranatha that sang it. But Amy Grant does a great job with it. You can understand all the words and they are very good. Colossians, John MacArthur "Killing the sin in your life" is a perfect sermon to go with this song. Thank you so much for posting it..

  3. Robert Cea

    used to rock it my bf Lisa Opie

  4. The Best Music Mix

    The pioneer of Christian pop music...she sold out but the songs she sang live on

  5. Oh yeah

    Love this song I'm 20 in 2018. I lovit. We need more music like this.

  6. Vivian Valera

    I love listening to these Christian song collections....GLORY TO THE LIVING GOD!😊

  7. Marcos Adriano Chicatto


  8. Bruce Beatlefan

    I vividly remember Amy Grant's first album, released when she was just (I think) sixteen. It made a tremendous impact on the group of friends with whom I was fellowshipping in those years, as she seemed so poised and mature beyond her years. Her singing voice always sounded exceptionally serene and soothing to me. "Old Man's Rubble" was a standout, in spite of a strong family resemblance to the Neil Young song "Love is a Rose".

  9. drmjr78

    The Imperials also recorded this song in 1979, on their "Heed the Call" album.

  10. Melanie Martin

    Back when I felt Christian really ministered to us.

  11. campbell bailey

    this song is about dirty old indians trying to find some cash

    Dwight Blubaugh

    Yep, always suspected that. LOL! (Campbell, you're a goofball. ☺)

  12. The Original KYMS Channel

    Glad to see this song back up on your channel this morning. It was muted on my channel for almost 2 months. Same with "Father's Eyes" from Amy Grant. I started a channel dedicated to the first CCM FM station in Southern California, KYMS. Here are links to the two previously muted videos that contained her songs:

    Melanie Martin

    Thanks for starting your channel. I remember KYMS and listened all of the time.

  13. Michael Hogg

    I have to say that this takes me back to 1984

  14. Racheal Nakimera

    surely down the memory lane! Awesome!

  15. philrilious

    good old stuff. I love it

  16. Angela N.

    Down the memory lane, the songs we used to sing in my early youth, quite inspiring!!

    Sandi Atleo

    Angela N. I still sing them

  17. Jono Ang

    Amy Grant is cool with gay marriage, so this song is for this phony!

    Jono Ang

    you got that right! She is listening to the father of lies, and if she listens too long, she will eventually die! as the song says!


    didnt know she was gay

    Jono Ang

    she is not gay,n she just supports gay marriage, which makes her a fake Christian in my book and in God'

    Sole to soul

    So that means that what ever she does is to be rejected? She is a total fraud because she is "cool with gay marriage". . . no one is perfect.

    Jesus Christ

    Jono Ang. Yes thats why she went a little cooki didnt know if to serve the world or God song to God or tge world

  18. sarah vaughan

    the Devil exists

    Braden Wolf

    Too true!

  19. julie Mendoza

    I LOVE this SONG! I sing this song in church....

  20. iaof2012

    sometimes the simplest of ideas, are the most profound

  21. TinaLovesJesus

    I love this song,i think it speeks the truth :)

  22. M Greer

    Are you living in an old man's rubble
    Are you listenin' to the father of lies
    If you are then you're headed for trouble
    If you listen too long, you'll eventually die

    Love this song

  23. Solomon Raj

    Imperials version was also good, but it was Amy who took it another height..however its one of the best Youth retreat songs...

  24. DarkRepulser205

    @Brwneydgrl69 amen!! my entire family loves this song it lifts our spirits

  25. Brwneydgrl69

    Amen!! Thanks for this video. I love this song and it speaks TRUTH. Thank you again Sister! God Bless! :o)