Amy Grant - Mountain Top Lyrics

I love to sing and I love to pray
Worship the Lord most everyday
I go to the temple, and I just want to stay
To hide from the hustle of the world and its ways

And I'd love to live on a mountain top
Fellowshipping with the Lord
I'd love to stand on a mountain top
'Cause I love to feel my spirit soar
But I've got to come down from that mountain top
To the people in the valley below
Or they'll never know that they can go
To the mountain of the Lord

Now, praising the Father is a good thing to do
Worship the Trinity in spirit and truth
But if we worshipped all of the time
There would be no one to lead the blind


Now, I am not saying that worship is wrong
But worship is more than just singing a song
It's all that you say, and everything that you do
It's letting His Spirit live through you


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Amy Grant Mountain Top Comments
  1. Monica Calderon

    I was 9 when this came out and i still love this whole album!!!



  3. Jen Eaves

    What a poignant experience this is. Listening to the music of my youth reminds me that Yeshua has wooed me all these years. I am so thankful that He has my heart.❤️

  4. David Tuley

    This is not her song listen to Chris Christian the Mountain Top written and sung by him.

  5. George Alberto Ramirez


  6. Melanie Martin

    My heart breaks when I listen to these old songs sometimes. Its an era of walking with the Lord that I feel I will never get back

    Antonio Porras

    I feel the same way sometimes, then in His perfect timing, I'm back in the Spirit.

    Renee Iverson-Brown

    Hi. I’m not as close as I was before, either. Let’s both pray on it. We’ll get there! ❤️✝️🛐☮️

  7. Dale Emery

    Where can I find the Guitar Chords for this song?

    Adriel Isaacs

    You can see chord for piano and guitar in her songbooks for purchase on Amazon.

  8. Betty Lowery

    I Love this song. Would love for everyone to go to "the mountain of the Lord."

    Antonio Porras

    I've been there. In Phoenix, it's known as North mountain.

  9. aNOmaly1ATE

    Great song.

  10. Zephaniah3verse17

    I was interested to hear the memories of "Mountain TOP". This song always reminds me of standing on mountain tops in the North of Scotland with magnificent views and a wonderful new sense of freedom (I was a 6-months-old Christian at the time). My spirit soared then and still does from time to time.

  11. Sally Ann Price

    This is a wonderful song.  She is a great singer!

  12. Kay Haywood

    I was blessed enough to spend 4 summers volunteering with Mountain T.O.P. and this song brings back so many wonderful memories. Hopefully my children will want to go when they are old enough so I can revisit!!!

    Holly :D

    Kay Haywood Mountain T.O.P. is the only place I know this song from. Got back today!

    Erin Albright

    My youth group went there in 1988. Was a FABULOUS experience. Even getting heat exhaustion on a roof was worth it.

  13. UgandaFifaGamer

    This is great!

  14. James Woodcock

    I was just there last week!

  15. MrIndy0321

    Mountain T.O.P. (Tennessee outreach project ) uses this song as their theme song. Just got back home from there earlier today

    Holly :D

    MrIndy0321 I just got back from there today! I've been searching for this song for hours.

  16. Manuel Villa-Real

    This song makes me cry. We used to listen to this song over and over again because this was the only Christhian tape we had back in the 80s the time when we accepted the Lord as our Lord and Saviour. Thank you Lord.

  17. Dennis Fortich Barro

    Is the whole album (songs) available here in you tube?

  18. Sonia Rios Staffieri

    I grew up listening to Amy Grant. I can't even begin to tell how long it has been since I heard this song. Thank you so much for posting these older songs.

  19. july eguia

    yeah i agree with...

  20. Rosemarie Tan

    one of my favorites