Amos, Tori - Winter's Carol Lyrics

A winter's carol
First song of the robin
A winter's carol
I go through the land
And I can hear it
Ringing out
Ringing out
From pine to oak
Bringing out with the December snow
Ringing out
A gift of old
Wrapped in ribbons of gold
For the whole world
For the whole world
The summer queen
has been in darkness
The summer queen
has been in darkness
the summer queen
surrenders to this
To him she reveals
the secrets
To him she reveals
the Wine Ham secrets
for a time
Fire and frosted marriage
Through a midwinter clearing
a forest greets the snowy evening
Year after year, the holly king
passes the torch as it was intended
through a midwinter clearing
a final kiss and a new beginning
kiss on queen wearing his wreath
soon with the sun she will reascend
through a midwinter clearing
the forest greets a snowy evening
with wands of yew, the holly king
passes the torch as it was intended
passes the torch as it was intended
A winter's carol
the song of the robin
the sun is reborn
from the starry heavens
A winter's carol
echoes the sound of wonder
and I can hear it
ringing out
Ringing out,
From pine to oak
Bringing out, with the December snow
Ringing out
A gift of old
Wrapped in ribbons of gold
For the whole world
For the whole world
For the whole world
Ringing out,
winter's carol
Ringing out,
winter's carol
Ringing out,

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Amos, Tori Winter's Carol Comments
  1. Jarame Torbjorn

    The Snow Queen is my wife guys, back off ;)

  2. Curt J

    Hey random person scrolling threw the comments hope you have a good day😀👋

  3. Rickus Kruger

    Tori herself reminds me of the Snow Queen. Beautiful but aloof

  4. Phoebe devries

    Made a decision with going

  5. William Hampton


  6. Hunter

    Esse filme é MUITO BOM!
    E a música combinou perfeitamente com as cenas desse filme.

  7. Gina Zoe

    pretty always so pretty. buttface.

  8. Циля Борщ

    Tori is the most talanted and beautiful musician on Earth!

  9. Steven Russell

    I so love this video interpretation. I've never seen the Snow Queen movie but I love the story you weave.

  10. Kimmi the Engineer

    I like how the film and the song were put's a beautiful piece of music. Just LOVE Tori.

    Gian S.

    Could u tell me the name of the film, pls? I've been watching this video for the music for years, but now i wonder where the images are from.

    Kimmi the Engineer

    The film footage is from a movie called "The Snow Queen" from 2002, starring Bridget Fonda. I had wondered about it too, but someone was kind enough to post further down thread.

    Gian S.

    Oh thank u very much for spreading the kindness then :D... I'll try to watch it maybe sometime.

  11. S. Nero

    I guess if the cover wasn't so embarrasing and ugly, people would've liked this album much more.

    Snodge Kat

    What was wrong with it?


    This is not a cover

  12. glynna schmehl

    Seasons pass. And so does time people.

  13. pig willnot

    WOW sensative!!! arent we..... i actually own toris cannon (all her albums) and also kates and after over 20 years of listening to both i can say this song TOTALLY reminds me of kate its NOT a bad thing !!!! you would HAVE to be def to not hear the similarities. sure toris aresenal is bigger and broader but BOTH LADIES ARE AWESOME and i feel very fortunate to have discoverd them!


    They do not sound similar for me.

  14. thyczko2

    remake of winter

  15. Tiff Jimber

    Love it! Keep em' coming

    Tiff Jimber
    Indie Musician and ewok lover

  16. Stacy Burnett

    He can rescue me any time! Nice pick Tori!!

  17. Carlos Recuerda Ruiz

    Delicate music . . .

  18. Sean O'Reilly

    Good Stuff! I have a Sam Smith cover that's worth a watch as well. Much appreciated.

  19. Jenny Brown

    Woot for the most blatantly and unashamed Pagan Yuletide carol ever!  xD  Love this song.

    Elfego Chavez

    Jenny Brown yessaid yes!

  20. Melissa Denby

    The Snow Queen.  That was a really good movie!

  21. Melissa Denby

    Love Tori Amos.   Love Bridget Fonda.  What an excellent combination!

  22. Philip HENRY

    Her style and her voice look like Kate Bush a lot, even if they have each a different personality, with so much talent.
    Musics, words, clips, which make dream, which make cry, which take us somewhere else, beautiful and magnificent.

  23. Mike ATMV

    Doesn't this sound like Kate Bush? Not bad for a Grandmaster! Love Tori, just love Kate more. They are about the best it can get, in this kind of music ...

  24. Roland Omisore

    Can't believe this is still here :')

  25. Cristina Crisss

    i know this film waatch it on hallmark beautiful

  26. mohamad abdillah


  27. mohamad abdillah

    what the movie????????
    and what the movie can watch in Indonesia ??????
    where is country the movie???????
    the movie tell about ????????
    who is main actor?????
    and once again       who are you hikaru nogo ??????
    your last name " nogo " in my traditional language ( javanesse, java ) have main dragon. are you like dragon ???????
    maybe your face or your breath or your behavior

  28. Sava Stamenkovic

    ''Snow Queen'', 2002. Director is Simon Wu.
    Snow Queen - Bridget Fonda. :)

  29. mc23243

    I watched this movie when I was kid

  30. kuelomisli

    What movie is this video from?

    Snodge Kat

    The Snow Queen

  31. boudicca storm

    This is beautiful <3  I have to admit though, around 1:30 or so, all I can think of is "THE BEACONS ARE LIT!!! GONDOR CALLS FOR AID!!!!"

  32. Mike Burns

    I always wondered what a Tori Amos cover Radioactive by Imagine Dragons would sound like. What you'll find on my page is what I came up with.

  33. Orsi Toth

    This is the song from The light princess.. slightly different, not a Christmas song, but a happy-love song. I was lucky seeing one of the first shows in London's National Theatre. Do the same if you have the possibility, it's beautiful!

  34. katraylor

    I had the same thought. : )

  35. mohamad abdillah

    SALAM. i like this song . it's so.............. beautyfull. with lovely atmosphere. and i feel magic in the song. by the way i love flower. flower it's god's way to shows lovely everything.

  36. Debra Ová

    yep why download for free...when you can just buy it and pay for thinking :P

  37. John Soto

    I just ordered this movie on Amazon so I can watch it This Christmas!

  38. Irene Klofa

    I have no words to express what I feel when I listen to this song and watch this video... they're just perfect...

  39. John Soto

    This is one of my favorite music videos, I had no idea it was from an actual movie. I just found out and I'm watching it right now.

  40. Christine'sTruthScoops

    sorry...i love Torri but she needs to let it go

  41. Alberto Gallo

    thanks :D

  42. mood ff

    called '' Snow Queen " its a great of my favourite.=)

  43. Alberto Gallo's a movie? anyone knows the name?

  44. rubius0

    I'm going to go ahead and agree that there certainly is a difference to her recent music, but I think my appreciation for it has changed also. Have you really really listened to Curtain Call? or the end of Star Whisperer perhaps?

  45. rafpac6

    So how would define a serious musician? Would that mean you are serious about writing and composing? So you write music to please yourself only and not for commercial success? Which is fine, no respect lost there so then why do you need funding? Wouldn't commercial musicians need funding? I don't quite understand.

  46. drew studied where exactly? Did you know Tori studied at Peabody Institute (starting at 5...when did you start?) until she pushed the limits with her professors by playing things like the Beatles and stuff? That's what i consider the top music school....
    You want respect from others so show some yourself!

  47. modarXmodar

    I can't find new songs by Tori where she sings with suffering !! , lately she seems like she only uses her " Bright side " of her voice ! , there is no struggling or sadness in her sound ! I'm talking about that tone in songs like ( sugar , putting the damage on , pretty good year , time , bells for her , hey Jupiter , smells like teen spirits , strange .... etc "

    I know that it's not artistic to say that , I like her recent songs but they sound so robotic ! you know what I mean ?

  48. Fëto Tolkiencito

    Go and say that somewhere else...

  49. Miriam M

    Thank you! I'll try to find it.

  50. Miriam M


  51. 1silvergirl2

    It's called the Snow Queen dear.
    I think it came out in 2002.Someone said they watched it on the Hallmark channel, I seen it online. ;D

  52. Matilda S

    Miriam, it's Snow Queen, with Bridget Fonda.

  53. Miriam M

    I'm sorry what is the name of this movie? I have never seen it but I want to it looks really cool.

  54. Miriam M

    What movie is this?

  55. Jennifer Rivera

    This is a VERY Pagan song. Speaks of the Holy king and his Summer queen.

  56. Lara Of Bosnia Save Our Planet

    Fantastic !

  57. moderndancer63

    oops. i meant THAT'S what i thought.

  58. moderndancer63

    ghat's what i thought! like, the evil queen whats-her-face.

  59. 1silvergirl2

    This song along with the movie has been my muse for three years. Both are one of the reasons why winter is my favorite season. <3 Happy Winter Solstice!

  60. padlock23

    I mean this when I say this: I don't think there is anyone else on the planet with a talent like Tori's. This bitch has been bringing me to tears for the last 15 years.

  61. Monkof Shadows

    never seen it...any good for a dude :)

  62. mistersaul

    from around 1:22 I thought Kate Bush from 1982 had rocked up and joined in. Never have I heard their voices sound so exactly alike until this song.

  63. October12308

    this makes me think of my Grandma and spending nights a her house as a kid . She would reaf this book to me everynight . Now 2 of my favorite things combined : Tori and this book. Just wonderful !

  64. maxamanda23

    reminds me a lot of Narnia...

  65. Jocelyna st-love

    i love tori, but if this is a movie its dumb as hell.

  66. Mauricio Mendoza

    It look like a movie... which movie is it???

  67. Shiro

    omg i thought it was gandalf for a second untill the closeup

  68. TheTimeRocket

    DMT behind her eye? 00:16

  69. lurksindarkness

    Lovely. This is one of my favorites from that album and the way this video was put to it was captivating!

  70. InTheirImage7

    That woman with the white hair isn't Tori is she?

  71. 12349victoria

    love that song

  72. Noa Holtzer

    @bakoyma The snow Queen 2002

  73. JohnnyJaySlickster

    Wow , Tori Amos You Rock . . .

  74. BakoymaTravels

    @TildaSwintonFan1 :: Thanks! <3

  75. BakoymaTravels

    @888keyla Which movie is it from?

  76. Snodge Kat

    @milazanco Sorry! I responded to something I misunderstood.

  77. Snodge Kat

    @milazanco ?

  78. Snodge Kat

    @milazanco It's been a year since your comment. Did you like what you found? Tori is amazing! I hope you are enjoying her :)

  79. HarryPotter87

    @sweiland75 She does!

  80. sweiland75

    she sounds like Kate Bush in this song

  81. MySensualWorld

    This song would be even better if her lovley vocals were not buried so low in the mix in places, under such dense noice. Beautiful Song, that was badly recorded!

  82. Brian turner

    midwinters graces is a fantastic album......

  83. 888keyla

    Snow queen, 2002

  84. Carlos Allstar

    @888keyla Its from the album "Midwinter Graces" a beautiful album! =)

  85. 888keyla

    From what album is this song?? It's so beautiful, but I can't find it!
    Great video!!!! Love that movie.

  86. blackmelee

    weird in the good explanation of the word so thumbs up!

  87. BeeUndercover

    @shauninfl28 I'm sorry for you but don't be too sad, I'm sure there will be vids of her concerts here on YT in no time, although I must admit it's not the same as really being there. We Europeans got lucky when Tori became half-European...she never misses The Netherlands now ;-)

  88. Shaun Todd

    @777dasar I've seen Tori live about a dozen times. I'm saddened that I won't be able to see her on the Night of Hunters tour as she isn't coming through my area for the first time in years. Regardless, you are right. She's phenominal live.

  89. Shaun Todd

    @777dasar You should seriously check out Tori's holiday album, Midwinter Graces. I find myself listening to it throughout the year.

  90. Melanie Heim

    I have not seen this movie, but I am a huge Tori Amos fan, so thanks for putting this together. Helping get her name out to people that may never hear it. thank you

  91. 1silvergirl2

    @PreciousEarthquakes2 Oh my goodness! REALLY?!?!? I love that story! ^.^

  92. Jacqueline Brunson

    @1silvergirl2 I fell in love with the movie because of this vid too !!

  93. Salvationschild

    I remember this movie from when I was little! I've been looking for it for years and I finally found it! Thanks guys! Tori is truly amazing, I love her

  94. 1pianochick

    Being a pagan, I love this song! The movie is nothing like I have seen before as far as the graphics. Not a bad movie.

  95. joel tutwiler

    I CANNOT WAIT FOR HER MUSICAL "THE LIGHT PRINCESS" THIS YEAR!!!!! This is one of the songs in the production just so some of you know :) AWESOME!

  96. 1silvergirl2

    This music video would have to be my most favorite on you tube. I watched the movie because of it, and fell in love with that too. My fav part is 1:06 to 1:21.
    If you want to watch the movie, just ask i'll give you the website. It's free, legal, and no download.

    -Million thanks for posting!

  97. Kea Rose

    i love the song and the movie

  98. joel tutwiler

    @xtina23230 Well she is 47... and has been singing and touring extensively for over 20 years.