Amiel - Lovesong Lyrics

Its one thing to ask why we break up
Have you ever
Wondered why it is we fall in love
Can you tell me
Do you know what it is you're looking for
What do we need
Can you tell me why I care
How is it that we hear
That voice that says i want you there

Thanks you've been fuel for thought
Now im more lonely than before
But thats okay i've just read and made another stupid love song
Thanks you've been fuel for thought
Now im more lonely than before
But thats okay i've just read and made another stupid love song

In a single moment you might be perfect
And sit
In a window of my life
But how much how much more will I get to see?
What would i strive to hide
Now there will be no compromise
So take it in your stride
I will leave you now with a smile

Thanks you've been fuel for thought
Now im more lonely than before
But thats okay i've just read and made another stupid love song
And thanks you've been fuel for thought
Now im more lonely than before
But thats okay i've just read and made another stupid love song

Look into my eyes
Our's is no love sacrifice
For it has helped us to grow
And im sorry i know just how far i have to go alone

Thanks you've been fuel for thought
Now im more lonely than before
But thats okay i've just read and made another stupid love song
And thanks you've been fuel for thought
Now im more lonely than before
But thats okay i've just read and made another stupid love song

I've just read and made another love song
Just read and made another love song

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Amiel Lovesong Comments
  1. Fleurs Sv

    Fun fact the girl who sings this is the main character from the movie the silver brumby.

  2. Peter Lonsdale

    Love this song been listening to it for years at work when I feel down this so cheers me up

  3. Stefan Pierick

    I'm more lonely than BEFORTY since 13th August 2019.

  4. パ・ブロン


  5. Lisa Barbato

    I didn't know this was Aussie

  6. Stefan Pierick

    What is the guy's name?

  7. tk hsmt



    tk hsmt 現在高一ですが大好きな曲です!笑



  8. Marko Milo

    omg it's Shaggy... lmao and he's using only 1% of his power.

  9. Stefan Pierick


  10. gummybear

    can someone please tell me where amiel is now? i really love her music n i hope she is ok

  11. Stefan Pierick

    I needed much time in order to find out this song's title.

  12. Emma Rose

    does anyone else think that from 2:36-2:38 sounds like David Dobrik's theme song

  13. Michael Henson

    Still a great song in 2018

  14. Zree Ram

    I prefer fucking over frickin'.
    Breakup songs are supposed to be swearing 😂

  15. なしな


  16. VodkaQueen2011

    Haven't heard this song in over ten years

  17. VodkaQueen2011

    Been searching for this song for hours

  18. Cooper Manning

    Does she kiss her mother with that putrid foul mouth of hers???

    Scentsicle Stylings

    Oh, grow up

  19. Plug Dj

    puretone - addicted to bass

  20. ma lu


  21. TheRealSomeGuy

    I prefer the "fucking" version. Makes it more impactful by deliberately making it more jarring

  22. Stu Pidity

    Some people wanna fill the world with "fucking" love songs. And what's wrong with that?

  23. Mary Jane Brucal

    Nakaka toch

  24. Stephanie Mander

    The guy in the green shirt looks like shaggy from Scooby doo

  25. Stephen Hess

    It's a store of flux capacitors!!

  26. Quicksilver1111

    The "fucking" is meant to be awkward. She's satirizing the concept of love songs.

  27. Caleb Twombly

    8 years later, this video still holds up and is really unique. Love the way it was shot.

  28. jml21000

    I love her outfit

  29. C R

    What's with the F Bomb?!!! Stupid love song sounds so much better!

  30. Nathan Punales

    does this song give you goose bumps!

  31. Chloë Bailey

    😂😂 i gor suspended for singing this
    btw thx for putting fuck in it and getting me suspended now i can relax and stop myself from my self hate for a bit 👍

  32. Princess Buttercup

    I've always preferred the fucks to the stupid. Stupid made it sound so watered down to how she intended it.

  33. Swarth2300

    i was so used to stupid love song i didnt expect to hear fucking love song

    Blood Angel

    Hehe, yeah. I'm not a fan of censorship, but I prefer stupid. It flows better.

  34. SreeRam Sreenivasan

    where is this girl??

  35. Aaron Wills

    Why does it matter if this has swearing in it? It is actually a beautiful song no matter what the lyrics are.

  36. NeeMiraiProject

    Wow this song started running through my head for no reason today. Good  memories I think I was 8 when the song came out (it came out in 2003 didn't it? i don't remember). been a while


    didn't know there was an explicit version (obvious reasons i  was pretty young and never actually looked up the song before). 

  37. Emily Dominko

    Amiel is awesome! She's the Australian take on Taylor Swift!

    SreeRam Sreenivasan

    @Emily Dominko goosebumps....

    The Infinity Light

    Emily Dominko You mean the past life reincarnation of of Swift.

  38. Tara

    I had no idea there was an explicit version :o childhood ruined. Well actually I was like 16. but um yeah

  39. mshara1

    This is the swearing version.


    mshara1 you don't say!?

  40. Negative-Octopus

    Such a beautiful song :D I love this so much even though it kinda hurts, kinda just a fucking love song I guess :P

  41. OoLoverOfAnimeoO

    Had no idea there was an explicit version. :O

  42. 666Silson

    Looks like she was out for a date with Martin Bryant.

    Alex Stebrew

    666Silson mate... too soon
    I know it's been over 20 years since but... still


    lol I wash thinking that

  43. labelfree904

    I shazamed a song on my phone and it brought me here >.> WRONG SONG v.v

  44. RinnysNot SoBlog

    i love thing song!!

  45. sgtdanny69148

    so all these years i've been hearing the F word in a song in plain sight? and i thought hearing a couple of black guys singing get low on Need for speed underground was a change......

  46. Jakeman250

    Why the fuck would you have to unlock a convertible ? Just jump into it

  47. Jakeman250

    God she's hot <3

  48. chrisalev77

    Does anyone know what Amiel is up to these days? Been trying to find anything online and can't

  49. JimijaymesGuitarist

    Its to bad the album itself didnt get more credit or Amiel and just looked like a random hit.

  50. masht11

    After years of listening to it on the radio as "Another stupid love song", now knowing the proper lyrics, I feel traumatized.

  51. Charles19588

    wow....i've only ever the chorus as "another stupid love song" but i gotta admit another fucking stupid love song sounds much :D

  52. insertrandomtext

    you want the radio edit, not sure if it is on youtube but that is what it is called on the single

  53. Ella Pattison

    bitch can eat

  54. frog9713

    my only problem with it is that i cant listen to it around my mum...oops...

  55. andrew lawrence

    it is a shame this song did not get the rec it deserves but unfortunately it is yet another song relegated to the one hit wonder bin

  56. lucyluwalker

    Axis of Awesome

  57. Faisal Ahmed

    @bgmix505 the girl is pissed off man.. dont judge XD

  58. Old Account

    WHY isnt it 'Full screen'?!!!!!!!!!! the video is WAY too SMALL!!! Outrageous!!!

  59. GF140477

    This is my favourite version. The use of a "swear word" is a non issue here, it adds to the contrast of the words in the song. But @ThePorscheAlexis put it better than I could, so I'll just say that those concerned about the use of a word in a song might want to direct their energies to something that actually matters. Peace out.

  60. 0dour


  61. Endelite

    The normal version replaces 'fucking' with 'stupid, which I think in this case was a GOOD change, the song is bittersweet and 'stupid' maintains the charm it has.

  62. MrEyebrowz

    she is so fucking smart =] unlike these shitty pop stars now a days lol.

  63. sanderqa241

    zajebista nuta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love;*

  64. Bearsca

    awesome song

  65. ManuK Bello

    yes, is another f**king lovesong.

    Scentsicle Stylings

    Self aware parody

  66. zapslice

    @bgmix505 its better when she sings stupid instead of the f bomb

  67. BZP

    I love this song.. Its kinda remind me of someone :)

  68. rulerofwtfproduction

    GOOD SONG!!! there did the swearing come in? :O makes it more epic :D

  69. kevin170388

    very beautiful song...

  70. Ida H.

    brings back memories =)

  71. Milan Georges Burovac

    mmm Amiel ♥

  72. marijuanahehi

    maybe the sink was inside the w.c :P

  73. ChristyG42

    they did. well at least he did. the sinks must have been in the cubicle, cas he dried his hands when he got out. lol

  74. latinoheat300

    look up the other version!

  75. Gabby Simeonova

    didn't expect to hear the f word in this type of song. It adds a touch to it i guess, makes it more bad not as sweet.

    Scentsicle Stylings

    Yeah but it's not a sweet song to begin with. She's angry lmao

  76. techking00107

    I came here just to verify that she was saying the f word. I find it wierd and new to hear someone cursing for a song like this.

  77. BilboNL

    lol one word, that totally changes the song!

    still nice tho :-)

  78. Kadiezi

    okay this one did... but usually any other one you find doesnt 0.o weird, must be a remix

    Scentsicle Stylings

    This is the original version.

  79. Kadiezi

    no one says the f word in this song, check the lyrics at some lyric site :) happy song :)

  80. Tintin8

    the f word totally ruins the song

    Scentsicle Stylings

    Well, no. Because it's the original version. Grow the fuck up lmao