Amerie - You're A Star (Interlude) Lyrics

You make me feel real good
And it's too good to be true
'Cause I can't seem to get enough
I'd do anything just to have your love
I can't get away from you

You make me feel real good
You should be here with me
You make me feel so good
This is where you need to be

You must be the endless thing around
Yes, you are, you are
Heaven lost a star when you came down
You're a star, yes, you are, you're a star

You should be here with me
You should be here

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Amerie You're A Star (Interlude) Comments
  1. Jo-Lynn's Expressions

    always on beat!

  2. barbie. butler

    Still like this beat, still here feeling like
    dancing. Reminds me of the Neptune's
    grooves back in the day.

  3. atlnikka

    I wish this was a full version 😫😫

  4. Alexandre Klein

    I know it probably wasn't her intetion, but the part at  0:22 - 0:28 sounds a lot like Beyoncé's Déjà Vu. Not a knock on her, this similarity just amuses me.

    Shanice-Rochelle .J

    yeah!!! im a fan of both but i do think she coppied the riffs in the voice etc...

  5. musiclove101

    I really wish this was a song

  6. Aleph1022

    She is so beautiful...that's all I can say right about now

  7. E Lamar

    @Kandi305 I thought I was the only one that notice how dope those three tracks flow together!!!!

  8. vincent sims

    @Kandi305 i so really agree she's really my fave artist

  9. Kandi

    you Have to listen to this then Red eye, then the Flowers!! the compliment each other sooooo well # shes sooooo underated

    LaChant Tyson

    Kandi Yams i agree I like amerie. production Song writing Overall she's a pretty good Package

  10. Kandi

    Soooooo upset that this wasnt a Whole song!!!! i want at least 3 1/2 4 mins!!!! Damn it!! lol

  11. Reavenn Bray

    Das the interlude to "Red Eye" i got dat song as my call tone lol. It sounds a little bit like here other song " Hate To Love You". Jus the begin part . Dis could be a potential sequel to the song . Like how her song "Talking Bout' was a sequel to "One Thing" but then they decided to give it that name instead of "One Thing 2"


    Heaven lost a star when you came down

  13. MrAkoob

    Yeah, Jill Scott has some good ones too.