Amerie - Why Don't We Fall in Love (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: Cam'Ron]
Yo this is the Roc-a-Fella remix
Killa Cam man you what it is, Dipset

[Verse 1: Amerie (Cam'Ron)]
So many things I'm goin through (What you goin through?)
So much that I wanna do (What?)
It's startin to become so clear to me (Uh huh)
Tomorrow ain't really guaranteed (Right)
So many days I've thought of you, It's about time you knew the truth
(Holla then) Got to act quickly you and I (Uh huh)
And fall in love so many reasons why

[Chorus: Amerie (Cam'Ron)]
Why don't we (So why don't we) don't we
Why don't we, why don't we, why don't we fall in love
(Slow down ma) Why don't we fall in love
(I got to get to know you first you know) It's so many reason
(It's alot of reasons) It's the only thing that matters to me
Why don't we fall in love (Holla at me though!)

[Verse 2: Amerie (Cam'Ron)]
It takes such a load off to let you know
That your the only one I never want to go
Things I never did now I want to do (That's sweet)
A love I never felt now I feel for you (How cute)
Why dont I just swallow each and every ounce of my pride
(You know what you gettin into right?)
Everything you do I wanna feel again, ain't no use for us to pretend (Ok)

[Chorus: Amerie (Cam'Ron)]
Why don't we, don't we, why don't we (You asked for it) Why don't we
Why don't we fall in love (You know what you dealin with right?)
We, we can't we fall
Why don't we, why don't we (Yeah, yeah)
Why don't we fall in love
Oh! Fall in love......Yeah
Come with me, tomorrow we're guaranteed, love, baby let's be
Baby, let's be
Why don't we, why don't we, why don't we fall in love
(Killa, Uh, Holla, Uh, Uh)
Why don't we, why don't we (Oh!) why don't we fall in love
(Fall in love, I don't even know you, what's your name?)

[Verse 3: Cam'Ron (Amerie)]
Fall in love why cause you see the Florida plates?
Explorin the states, seven forty five a quarter to eight
Nah, not that Accord to the race
Enough malt liquor I'm cordial with grapes
You still get slaughtered and raped, camcorded and taped
Come uptown see the dogs and the apes
All the nasty little heffers with sores on they face
We keep the base in the Ford's and the safe
But everything will pour into place, forget your tour and your dates
Hit Greyhound with raw on your waist
Now your seemin leary, but your jeans are theory
Sweatsuit juciy ma your mean ya hear me
Wanna fall in love, well install the plug
Dope, I sold all them drugs
Hollows, cop killers, seen all those slugs
East, west, south, seen all those thugs
(Why don't we why don't we)
Just slow down a bit, hit the town and split
And dealin with Killa that mean you dealin with killers
My hooks are bananas the team is gorillas, holla!

[Outro: Cam'Ron]
Dipset, Killa Cam, Amerie, Taliban, R-O-C, get your boy man

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Amerie Why Don't We Fall in Love (Remix) Comments
  1. AprilDaKrystal

    Love the original version 1st then this one 2nd but there both fire 🔥

  2. ariana336pm

    When i first heard the remix, i was sooo amazed it reminded me of the boy i was i love with

  3. curlslegit baby

    Baby baby baby baby

  4. Lance Thomas

    I've been looking for this version for years. Thank you!

  5. Kenya Floyd

    This is the best version/remix.

  6. Elohim Payso

    This Was My Coke Song

  7. Baptist Blak

    Sick! That break though..!

  8. The last Daydreamer

    throw back. remember when I first heard this. it was amazing!!!

  9. mariefrancoise12

    2019!! still listening to this JAM!!

  10. Trearjnp Prangley

    My song forever 💕

  11. noradenise


  12. Damien Saunders

    I looove Amerie. Please come back. We need you.

  13. ChiLL

    Never knew this had a remix, I feel played 😭😭😭

  14. Setse Divad

    This was definitely a jam in my younger days ❤️

  15. Lexi Myhand

    Still 🔥 in 2019

  16. Dee Dee

    Nah,Rubens velvet teddy bear sampled it better

  17. Tony D The Original inda mix

    Don't you just luv Amerie?

  18. Keith Marshall




  19. Shaikira Calloway

    It’s sooo hard to leave you alone

  20. Andre Jackson


  21. Dillon Eason

    Dang this a sleeper right here don't nobody know how fire this joint is

  22. Celestine Meyers

    This whole album was dope so underrated

    Azule Android

    Celestine Meyers your telling truth

  23. Taelor Alexander

    This has to be one of the greatest songs crafted by mankind


    Omg been looking for this remix forever.. thought it was 9th wonder initially

  25. Sharita King

    still playing this in 2018 #dmv baby amerie come back

  26. Syke Crew

    Dammn Homieee... Let me remix this ? I got bars for this.

  27. Marilyn Wood

    From TOMMY wood best song sound good like jazzy I like your song from TOMMY wood my daddy name Sonny love

  28. Jay Bee

    This was Black girl magic b4 the phrase was uttered. 💪💯


    This was always my shit i used to sing this abt my crush now he my husband

  30. Blue cotton candy Blue cotton candy

    This should've been the original song 👌🏽💯💯💯

    drown deep

    No its a night time mixxx. More romantic. The original.... Oooh baby CRUSHED THE RADIOO!!! 🎼🎼🎶

  31. D best

    Wow...this is a bad remix...👐👐👐🌷

  32. Dante Brown


  33. Taurus Lange

    ohhhhhhh the memories that come back when i hear this song from jr high!!!!! omg TAKE ME BACK

  34. Melanin Goddess

    Not feeling this.. As I heard all the raves about this. Nothing tops Original

  35. ELI MARS

    She had the right idea...not the right voice.

  36. Tray Reynolds

    my bad 9th

  37. Tray Reynolds

    my ex use to sing this song to me in 8h grade , love it so much, and love her , she still my girl, I'm 29 now lol love her

  38. Ron Smith

    Amerie is wayyyyy underrated. This track is a decade and a half old. Sounds better than ever. Love how she layers those background vocals of hers, and that production is ridiculous fire. "Fall in loooooooove..."

  39. Kaitlin Dabizzness

    Dude this was my work out song 💯great beat just dopeness at its finest

  40. Lamar AC West

    That church organ goes hard!!!!! It's like something from a game show.

    Kaitlin Dabizzness

    Lamar West uh huh u sick for dat 💋 1 got me dying

  41. RVMJ

    When the remix is way better than the original. Superlative!

  42. dmackdman

    Dope Track!!!!!

  43. Agape Love

    Wow, love is hard to find and it is something people envy? sad but true . We all can get it....why envy?

  44. haiderodes

    I've always adored the harmonies in this version

    Agape Love

    Say that again! Her and Brandy have some amazing harmonies....

    drown deep

    @Agape Love And JANETTTTTT!!!

  45. Le Foreign

    She killed this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. KJ Williams

    there's another version of the song I've been trying to find for years now !!! its not the Luda remix now is it the original ! help please

    Christopher Taylor

    Is it 3:18 minutes long? It's labeled "Exclusive Remix" and it must be because there is no YouTube version. It's the best one.

  47. Jaliyah Mcroyal


  48. TheOMasterJ

    Summer vibes!

  49. N Warburton

    this is my jam

  50. Liota Rose

    i like this version better

  51. lifestraight

    I don't know which version is better.


    @lifestraight Real talk, I think Amerie is one of the most underrated singers in recent memory. 

    The Gooch

    +bandoogiemanz same here


    The original could have been if it were not ran through the ground by radio.


    Both versions are straight FAYA but this one is just so gutter and street. That bass though...Jesus


    Feel like the original version would be better if it was LONGER !

  52. Marvin Dickens

    Didnt kno wat version dis was..i love it..what happened 2 Amerie

  53. Nessa F

    I been looking for this version everywhere! this was on the album I had I love it 

  54. CallMeLum

    That bass at 54 sec. Damn it!

  55. Octavia Course

    I keep asking him yyyyyyy fuck than wants me but wanna take it slow im not giving up

  56. Eireee17

    the beat is sooooo NICE


    9th wondre remix is much mo betta like

  58. 1974cfjl

     the original version is AWESOME but this Richcraft remix is so much better.


    Damn Amerie is soooo fine

    D best

    I can't sleep because of BTS
    Aint she tho

    Brandy Flynn

    This is so much better. I didnt care for the original one

  59. Jessika Harleston

    I love it

  60. keiar951

    Philly DMV NYC

  61. Sean Thomas

    I love this remix

  62. Misz Monroe

    Loved this song. My sister got me into Amerie :)

    lovely kiyah

    Misz Monroe everbody sister got them into amerie😂😂😂

    kori waldrip

    lovely kiyah I know right! My sister got me hooked on Amerie as well

  63. tweetylns

    Fall in love fall in love Ahhhh loved this remix omg I just can't believe this was what 11 or 12 years ago. It reminds me of being in bmore wit no worries no stress

    Earl Schaffer

    tweetylns BMORE STAND UP! This joint used to bang in my COBY CD Player waiting for the bus!

  64. gomoochie

    DMV HOLLA<<>>

  65. TheChinadoll1988

    it feels so right,cant be wrong now baby baby baby fall in love my favorite part

  66. BurbKnight

    I've always liked this version better than the original

  67. Monica R

    Love the beat...great to ride to also.

  68. mike ashworth

    Rich Harrison is the man!

  69. Brianna littlejohn

    I love this song so much

  70. ThatLadyDray

    STILL LOVING THIS...thx for posting!

  71. ms81

    this is still my joint!!!

  72. Queen Bluntress

    so what! damn keep that shit to yourself

  73. ericaj175

    Better than any other remix of this song this amazing

  74. Lala Ubeezy

    i had my 1st lesbian experience to this album... haa

    Kaitlin Dabizzness

    Lala Ubeezy dope

    brea artist

    Lala Ubeezy 🙄🙄🙄😤

    Elohim Payso

    That’s Gangsta

  75. Clarence Mccardell

    I know what you mean this song kept me up many night when I am driving at night

  76. Tonya Freeman Brown

    And, the Dude who remixed this hit is a genius who knew how to blow it up again on a new level.

  77. Tonya Freeman Brown

    OMG!!! Ask me how many times I've hit repeat in my truck? On YouTube? Amerie is vicious with day she will be recognized is a formidable artist. Love her!

  78. ShAySlIm130

    My best summer ever!

  79. Natasha Okpala

    love dis song

  80. Alaysha Stalling

    my shit

  81. ladigirl

    This is the best remix to "Why Do We Fall In Love" hands down. I listen to this everyday

  82. Makaveli456

    Summer 2002 bitches

  83. Terrance Prescott Barnes

    ...but where is the instrumental to this one?

  84. Slim DaTrakman

    Rich Harrison.....where iz dude.....this nigga beats are crucial

    Kaitlin Dabizzness

    Slim DaTrakman ikr

  85. Shanea Jackson

    this beat hits hard

  86. internetfan2005

    REMIX, better by a long shot!

  87. Veon Ray

    Thanx 4 This.....You Happened To Have The Mix With Whodini's One Love Sampled, Would You?

  88. Carmen McRae

    luv this song

  89. Eireee17

    dis beat is indeed tight!!!

  90. trooper40below

    @BLureece Indeed, I do mixes of songs and blend them with the original samples. I did this one about 2 years ago with the Ebonys.

  91. trooper40below

    @ptmakesmooves True dat. I was just saying that Philly is a city known for soul music. Many artists that are considered "soul" were generally mainly from there.

  92. leelee modee

    wayyyy better than the original

  93. trooper40below

    @ptmakesmooves No doubt. Philly has it going on with soul thats for sure.

  94. LeeAndrew

    Classic Remix

  95. trooper40below

    Sample is from The Ebonys "You're The Reason Why" 1972 Philadelphia Soul Music. Just thought yall should know where this came from. Philly Soul music.

    Keir Anderson

    thanks for the info. i went to listen to that song and I have something new for my playlist. Thanks

  96. Noah.T

    THIS IS MY JAM!!!!!

  97. fuck1nigga1


  98. TheEnri4

    damn this be the sheit whhaaaa i alway lived for this remix damn amerie yout the best missy always in there n my book child