Amerie - Not The Only One Lyrics

Huh, huh, huh, huh ....

Why can't you just tell the truth
Why is it so hard for you
Tell me what you think when you mess around
Do you see my face when she's going down

If you really knew what I know 'bout you
You'd be surprised couldn't look me in my eyes

Sitting home alone waiting by the phone
Oh no, not me.
You're not the only one creeping

Not the only one
Don't know why I'm messin' with ya
It's why you do the things you do
But I can't help but love ya
I don't know why I'm messin with you

Why can't you look me in my face
Why can't you say that you've been at her place
You hurry wash your clothes, the scent of her perfume
I already know 'cause I do it too

If you really knew what I know 'bout you
You'd be surprised couldn't look me in my eyes

Sittin home alone waitin by the phone
Oh no, not me.
You're not the only one creeping

Not the only
I don't know why I'm messin' with ya
It's why you do the things you do
But I can't help but love you
I don't know why I'm messing with you

(you) you say that you love me but you're lying to me
(you) you know that I love you but you're sharing me too


Huh, huh, huh, huh ....

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Amerie Not The Only One Comments
  1. Cynthia A

    Love me some Ameriie 💜

  2. Shereen Harrison

    Classic tune 😊

  3. Durrty Hanna

    Still A Bop In 2019

  4. Paid Aleady


  5. Casey Paige

    Before all this extra shit came along this it's result real music. People don't listen to the lyrics now.. where fucked. Well at least we not the oldies

  6. MJ wiggins


  7. Diane Pierce

    I love love love this song

  8. Raeza Olivia

    1 of my favorite songs of all time.......

  9. Christina

    👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽 👽👽 👽👽 👽👽 👽👽 👽👽 👽

  10. Christina

    I'm enjoying my time off. Let the govt give a lil cash thank you.

  11. Christina

    Hell the PT job that hired me last week is trying to figure out when they can train. Idk...a FT job, a PT job, School FT in the Fall...I definitely won't be sittin around eating PHO!

  12. Christina

    VA all day.

  13. Christina

    MD all day.

  14. Christina

    DC all day.

  15. Christina

    🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  16. Rudolph Manor



    Naw... This Was Produced By "The Buchanans."

  17. Solar T. Tauri

    You're sharing me too. :D

  18. J. Vishae


  19. J' TRAME

    Perfect pay back song .... love you Amerie

  20. LionHeart Official

    Ha ha ha haaa
    But I can't help it cuz I love ya
    Ha ha ha haaa
    I don't know why I'm messing witchuuuu

    Amerie OD'd on this. Rich Harris too! 🎶🔥🔥🔥

  21. Nesha Lanae


  22. Likedbymany

    Someone else sampled this melody. I can't remember what song it was. I think it was a female singer feat a rapper

    Krista Stallings

    Yeah if you listen to the beat.
    It's wait a minute by Ray J & Lil Kim

  23. Ithaka Yakame'

    2017 come thru Amerie.

  24. Felicia Anthony

    My shit 💓💓💓

  25. Nicole M

    2017 and still jamming. People slept on this album

  26. Crystal Golden

    This song was my anthem in 2005. How life has changed. Pregnant with baby 2 by a mentally and physical abusive lying cheater and then never seeing a way out. So young, niave and spiritually broken... so happy to be over that painful but educational life lesson... But this song and rolling down my face got me through alot of days I never thought I would survive...

    Loreal Moore

    Crystal Golden so happy for you! I've been there too.

    Erica Woodard

    Crystal Golden thank god you got out! And this song is the best. I use to have the album. It help me get over my ex boyfriend.

    Andrea Manley

    Amen knowing is half the battle

  27. Taurus Lange

    touch, moodring, emancipation of mimi, confessions and all of desinys child cd's were G.O.A.T at this era

    aspiringcreative 1

    I can probably agree with all of those except "survivor".

  28. cjay G.

    the beat was off the hook🔥🔥🔥they don't make R&B like this No more.

  29. PrincessPeach

    this blessed my 13year old ears back in 05, this whole album was constantly on repeat on the highest volume 👌😄

    Dee Jay

    oneinamillion I was 13 when “Touch” era went on too

    Wes Craven

    I love this album

    Ellise Walton

    I was born in 05 and now I'm 13 listening to this 😄.

  30. Asia Scott

    that beat is fu***** crazy!!!!!!!

  31. CEDL4072

    Ah high school days lol

  32. Chelsea Powell

    They don't make music like this anymore!😂😂😂😂

    Glitterbox Glitterbox

    Chelsea Powell yeah; no shit i wonder what happened?

  33. Rosie 87

    I just love Amerie! She is so beautiful and her voice is amazing !

  34. Tim-Tim M

    serious throwback..I totally forgot about this song.. still love it.

    Wes Craven


  35. zendaya collinser

    My heart goes out to amerie, still listening to this song in 2016

  36. InfernoD26

    1 of my favorite songs off the album this was truly underrated

  37. Benjamin Hey!

    Bryce from Groove Theory produced this! Still knocks. One of her best songs.

    Brandon S.

    Still knocks in 2019!

  38. ayomide loye

    Sounds like a Neptune's beat. I love Neptune's they were my favorite producers.

    Ronald Elston

    ayomide loye Not The Neptune's Some one else They Damn Good Though 😀

    Koko Dizzle

    Rich Harrison did this he is a genius

    Cedric Odom

    Yea if I just heard this on tha fly ,I would say Pharell did this Neptunes


    The Buchanans Produced This

  39. Johnny Blaze

    "Do you see my face, when she's going down"  LMFAO!!!!!  Amerie went in on this track tho.....I love it!!!!

    Ruddy Anschutz

    zero chill!

  40. Good deeds girl

    Touch- One of the best Cd's I've ever owned!

  41. sourire sucré

    very sexy playing driving to work, i could have ***with everybody @work

  42. Paula Noonan

    I get into the music with acid and dancing

  43. Paula Noonan

    I drop acid to this album straight dancing all night strobe light made it all better

  44. MsBREE inabox

    Always has been one of my favorites! 

  45. Rambunctious Scales

    Amen Sweetie!!!!!!

  46. Makaveli456

    lol @ using firefox and complaining about ads

  47. 11940ful

    Real talent is never acknowledged

  48. cocochanel00

    Still love this track... -3

  49. AyushmaGrg

    Freaking Adverts, all I wanna do is listen to Amerie.

  50. Bryce Landingham


    In The Beginning Was The Word

    Why would anyone think you're gay you idiot?

  51. Liyah Harmony

    is this produced by pharrell sound like his flavor...

  52. Shymir Plummer

    Love Amerie :)

  53. trezz18

    This beat is NICE & the song <3

  54. KpopRookieJeslynR

    I love this song

  55. meria05

    lmaoooo Daaauuuummmm im going through this right now haha n*gga dont know he not the only one hahaha

  56. Terrance Prescott Barnes

    ...her best jam; intro is blazing, verses are stupendous, chorus is dynamite, vocals are cosmic & the track is perfect...

  57. bork976

    super!!!!i lov this song!!!

  58. Rebecca Domain

    thats right so for all the dudes thats cheating on thier girl ha ha you thought you where the onlty one ....

    tony smalls

    Rebecca Domain women cheat lol when they cheat its called having a spare tire. when men cheat they are considered dogs lol no we got spare tire also

  59. bleudiamonds


  60. ponycoko

    my fav song

  61. Lonelyeco

    @lynica777 You're right it does deserve a video. I'm a try to make a smv to this song.

  62. AhktaneEntertainment

    still a classic. ur not the only one creepin

  63. thepostlady1

    dis my cut man! man 05 wuz a good year!

  64. shaneequa dixon

    lyke da beat my fav of ha

  65. shaneequa dixon

    lyke da beat my fav of ha

  66. shaneequa dixon

    lyke da beat my fav of ha

  67. shaneequa dixon

    my shyt

  68. rorychoc

    love the beat!

  69. Van tRoyal

    This was a bangin' ass cd love love love.

  70. enslavedbylife

    yes, yes it does!

  71. lilacDisaster:3

    LOv3 iiT @ Th3 fiiRsT Tiim3 I LiiSt3n 2 iiT !! xD

  72. Queen Bee

    Haven't heard this in a while! one of my faves by her!

  73. Chris Reflections

    brings back pleasant memories...