Amerie - Like It Used To Be Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ....

Our love what we once treasured
Your ways what I remember most of all
Can't quite get away from the days we love so heavenly
Your kiss such a sweet surrender
That day when I let my temper get the best of what we used to have
Now I got to ask you can you make it

Like it used to be
Bring back your love to me
I remember when our love was new
And all I needed in my life was you
And baby it felt so right to me
Please make it like it used to be

Now I won't usually pass (?) nobody
But why can't overses (?) so hastily
Before God had forgiven me
Thought the love that we had count for anything else
Only one way to find out how and you know how

[Chorus 2x]

Ohhh, don't wanna lose your love
And I can't stand to lose your touch
Ohhh, I can still remember when our love was strong
But I don't know where we went wrong


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah .....

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Amerie Like It Used To Be Comments
  1. Cynthia A

    She is just so dope. Her songs will never get old💜

  2. Kyahna Gibbs

    2019 ... still a vibe 👌👌❤

  3. Mekah L


  4. Wealth Coach Kahnju Ecleo

    What happened to Amerie is happening to Kimbra atm.

  5. Gabrielle Elliott

    This album is dope asf

  6. a.l. zacharia

    fuckin amazing

  7. Casey Paige

    All time favs

  8. Lulama Mtshali

    2018 man shit still goes in..

  9. Free Flow

    She is the closest to Aaliyah. Both incredibly soulful!

  10. Tye Blk

    N all those days......2018

  11. DJ Tim space King

    She's my favorite artist I remember I was in the shelter and all I have was it came out 2002 I'll start being a fan of her I didn't care about Beyonce what Beyonce bite her style on it's this one thing and that album is a classic to touch and everybody start copying her sound but she's a good artist I love her alert for voices touch my soul like I have to repeat all the time

  12. daniel ferreira

    She’s the fucking queen!

  13. Ramon V

    such a unique R&B sound!

  14. Sacaria Sears

    Uma buy this album again as soon as I get sum money it’s a must have

  15. aspiringcreative 1

    Good Amerie music.

  16. Gabrielle Elliott

    I had this song on repeat i miss you amerie

  17. Yo Ma

    No one can rock a soprano beat like Amerie! Love and miss Ameri's music and her love of go go.



  19. B. H.

    love this entire album! Ameriie doesnt get the respect she deserves

  20. alexander brown

    cd 🔥🔥🔥

  21. C.J. Bates

    this is my favorite track off the album

  22. Neo

    Used to blast this tune everyday. Memories. Amerie is very underrated

    Murda Marv

    This a great song to get ya day started 2005 was really a underrated year for music

    Gabrielle Elliott

    She is so talented

  23. telephoneguy08

    I swear, Touch, Chain Letter (Brooke Valentine), Tasty (Kelis), Afrodisiac (Brandy) were some of the best albums by the R&B girls of the 2000's.


    Amerie & Kelis

    Gabrielle Elliott

    telephoneguy08 kelis is bomb

    Brandy Gee

    Tasty was that ish

  24. Rissa Baby

    she stayed r&b the whole time and i loved it!!! she needs to come back ftfr

    Rw's Random Life

    She is working on a new album called Cymatika vol 1.

  25. Syrika Powell

    I can listen to Amerie albums from beginning to end Beyoncé not so much she may be talented but her music does nothing for me.

    Percy Sherrod

    +Syrika Powell why do u have to post up amerie and put down bey...they both are great in their own right

    Syrika Powell

    +Percy Sherrod I dont like beyonce style not over monica not ocer brandy not over Total not over SWV nor monifah sorry..she not all that to me.

    Percy Sherrod

    @Syrika Powell see...not that's PERSONAL....I have never purchased a beyonce album in my life but I STILL recognize greatness...she is an entertainer and they don't call her queen for nothing....but u are entitled to your opinion....but anytime an artist puts out a SURPRISE album with NO promotions AND IT SELLS OUT IN ONE DAY THEN.......................................numbers don't lie sweetie

    Syrika Powell

    And I care about her music because, again I am from the 80's and Beyonce is just a performer, in which I prefer Janet or Ciara over any day.  Yeah she has a nice voice but I can care about who sells what, its about who I am listening to late at night in the morning and for years to come sorry boo beyonce aint it..try arguing with someone who gives a shit. Thanks 

    Syrika Powell

    And my first comment was directed to someone asking why ppl put her down, well she aint bad but she aint in my category. 

  26. SherylAnj Pugh

    it applies to my life before everything the way it used to be Amerie is a talented singer as well as very beautiful sexy surprised she hasn't landed a man to marry her & have Beautiful babies !

    Kelle Nicole Smith

    she is married, she married her manager 2 years ago and is currently working on her next album

  27. Rambunctious Scales


  28. love tiera

    I use to play this CD EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!!!

  29. Divaliciousmakeup

    Love this song !!!!!!!

  30. Xavier Talbert

    Ughhh this album is classic. When will she get her dues???!!!

    des ray

    NEVER lol sorry. sad

  31. daniel ferreira

    this is fucking fire!!!

  32. Rambunctious Scales

    Amen! & BTW I just gave your comment it's 100th thumbs up!

  33. Aj PoliMusic

    This has been MY ALL TIME FAVORITE ALBUM BY AMERIE!!! I remember when this album came out and I was only 12 years old! I remember how I used to travel with my choir in school on a nice coach bus, and I would be so into my Amerie (Touch) CD! I LOOOVED ALL OF THE SONGS ON THIS CD!! The beats on this album were HOT!! I STILL LOOVE THIS ALBUM 'TIL THIS DAY!! You GO AMERIE! lol. =)

    Rudolph Manor

    Aj PoliMusic I was 16 in high school bumping her music back in the day. I miss her music.

  34. Alyssia Gonzalez

    i was 17 when this came out i am 25 now and i still love this song

  35. wildjuniper1

    I remember when our love was new , and all I needed in my life was you, and baby it felt so right, baby it felt so right to me, please make it like it use to be. Loveeee it.


    Amerie goes hard, so misunderstood....

  37. Songstressat19

    Like it use to be you want it to be like that with that special someone and you realize that it may never be that way again so u listen to this song and dream but when it's over u repeat it

  38. 1fnfigi

    that album was slept on hard core!!!

  39. Terrance Prescott Barnes

    ...i had Amerie on random earlier this week. replayed "Hate 2 Love U" all day one day once it randomly got selected. tonight; it's "Like It Used To Be"... plays it majority of the time i was at the hospital too... :|

  40. Laura Miller

    My joint!

  41. Baynard Marcus

    idk why amerie gets no love in the music game smh


    Baynard Marcus because she intelligent and beautiful

  42. Klass Act

    This whole album is just a 100% perfect work of art! She is so underrated! But I'm just grateful that her music brings a joy to me! :-) Baby it felt so right to me........dont wanna loose ya love and I cant stand to loose your touch.......


    she is soo unique and beautiful,,love her!!

  44. Chanyah Garnett

    This song is sooooooooooo awesome this is why Amerie is one of my Top artists i just wish everybody else would see it that way

  45. wildjuniper1

    Oh and cant forget 1 thing, that was another favorite. With this cd you have a new favorite each time you listen to it. ok no more comments :)

  46. wildjuniper1

    This song and Can We Go featuring Carl Thomas i think were wat i listened to mostly. But The Whole CD, is Bomb.

  47. wildjuniper1

    I gotta get this album again my other one was damaged. Her best in my opionion. Theres always a certain feeling i get when i listen to her music. Her style is in a league of its own, you can't compare her to anyone else. I remember this cd came out around the same time as lyfe jennings, i had purchased them both at the same same. I was really listening to some good music then.

  48. wildjuniper1

    I loved this album, and this song i played it repeatedly.

  49. nubianbeauty_

    F*ck rihanna..... this is REAL talent non of that auto tune shid ; )


    i agree b etter range beyonce

  51. bleudiamonds

    @mellotv Thank you for reassuring me that they're sane people on Youtube ^_^ Kudos to you

  52. onelinkarmy

    @magicafterdark true. beyonce is just a PR product, like iPhone. Amerie is talented.

  53. Justin Nieves

    I agree Amerie is so underrated! I f you like A then you should def check out Teedra Moses

  54. Junior Djan

    The arrangements are amazing

  55. Deezy94

    While Amerie don't have the singing chops of Beyonce, her talent IS there and uniquely combined with the efforts of Rich on this and her 1st albums. She needs to reunite with him as her 1st 2 projects were REALLY good, and didn't get the credit they deserved!

  56. Deezy94

    While Amerie don't have the singing chops of Beyonce, her talent IS there and uniquely combined with the efforts of Rich on this and her 1st albums. She needs to reunite with him as her 1st 2 projects were REALLY good, and didn't get the credit they deserved!

  57. Chris Seward

    wERRD same here!

  58. Joy Ogeah

    omagosh! this is the day when i actually realise how much of an amerie fan i really. i like her more than i thought. weird.

  59. Spade2o2

    Son i dont care what no one say she got the best beats on all her albums yo i copped all them this is by far my favorite female singer

  60. Van tRoyal

    This a tight beat.

  61. Phalinda Jaxn

    That's right.

  62. TiniTaylor

    YEA! I KNOW! And Amerie WAAAY more talented! I don't really like Beyonce. I hope Amerie comes out with a new CD! Touch was AWESOME! Money well spent!!!

  63. blackbuddafly8701

    yes!!!!!!!!! finally the original, much luv!:)

  64. XxpotatoexX

    like it used to be .... bring back love to me.....

    oooooo beautiful....