Amerie - Just Like Me Lyrics

I've given up on love
But I gave up on the chance
That I'd ever fall
Head over heels
And all the stars
I wished upon
I never thought
That one would fall
Down on me
Ooh, it's good to know

There's somebody
Somebody who feels like me
(Ooh, tt's good to know)
There's Somebody
Somebody who loves like me
(Yeah, I waited all my life)
For somebody
For somebody who can do
It like me
(And ooh, tt's good to know)
Found somebody
Found somebody
Who's just like me
(Somebody who's just like me)

Now here we are
And I wanna
Make the most of tt
Wanna hold you
And get close to it
Baby, let me love you
Don't let go
And promise that you won't forget

I want you for myself
Better know I'm not gonna share
I wanna feel you
Deep inside of me
I'm so happy
That you came to me
And ooh, I can't believe

There's somebody
Somebody who feels like me
(Whoa, that there's somebody who can do
It like me)
There's somebody
Somebody who loves like me
(I've been waiting all my life)
For somebody
For somebody who can do
It like me
(Who can do it like me)
Found somebody
Found somebody
Who's just like me
(Somebody who's just like me)

Everytime I look
Into your eyes
(When I look in your eyes I)
I just think of
How you changed my life
Every kiss
Every touch
Even scent of you
All over me
When you leave
(When you leave, I can't sleep)
Til your back in my arms
(And I need you)
Can't you see
Before you babe
I wasn't living
But now

There's Somebody
Somebody who feels like Me
(There's Somebody Like Me)
There's somebody
Somebody who loves like me
(Said you know, didn't know somebody)
For somebody
For somebody who can do
It like me
(Waited all my Life)
Found somebody
Found somebody
Who's just like me
(Somebody who's just like me)

There's somebody
Somebody who feels like me
There's somebody
Somebody who loves like me
For somebody
For somebody who can do it like me
Found somebody
Found somebody
Who's just like me

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Amerie Just Like Me Comments
  1. arron baker

    I ain't heard from this woman in years😃 nobody want that ole slow shit tho.

  2. Summer Lyric

    Best song of the album ❤❤❤

  3. Jasmar Bennett




  5. J Moore

    This should have been the 2nd single

  6. Likedbymany

    2019. Man I love this song. Give Amerie her credit!

  7. Bvlgari Mosa

    So bomb 💣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Freda Saunise

    First heard this song in 2005 and I'm still bangin this in 2019 💝💝

  9. Love SickMisfit

    When you find that one for you.....

  10. EJ Jackson

    Still hit banger in 2018.

  11. Bowllegged40 Rochelle

    This give me chills

  12. Bowllegged40 Rochelle

    I will never forget the day i proposed to my now husband 7/4/13.

  13. cash Boyd

    Omg this song brings me to tears I love this song still in 2016❤❤❤

  14. Maurice Thompkins

    Still listening to this album since the day it came out.......

  15. Renee Honey

    I fell in love with the man of my dreams to this.

  16. Janay Denise

    One of my favorite songs. Cant explain the feeling I get when I listen to it but it's beautiful ❤

  17. GaPeach2001

    One of my favorite Amerie songs!




    oh my gosh!! brings back memories with how i felt with my ex....

  20. Myra Gomez

    I hear this album all the time its GREAT 👍👍👍 in 2018 and many more years to come

  21. myawri

    I love this album even in 2018😏 she was so underrated. I hate that😣

    Kayy Snow

    So underrated it makes me sick.

  22. J' TRAME

    This is real r and b.... underrated but always in my heart Amerie

  23. Mz Sweetz

    2018 & still listening, anyone else!

  24. Amy Lyric


  25. Shonda Falls

    Still 2018🔥

    Marston Creates

    Real music! 💫💫💫💫💫

  26. herseyden biraz

    I usually find this nonsense aongs🤣

  27. Raina Marie

    I listen to this song at least 4 times a day in my feelings, I love this song.

    Damaris PIerce

    Raina Marie year later I hope you still listening 👂

  28. Mz Sweetz

    So underrated artist yet, she’s fierce & Organic - not hollyhood

  29. Val Shelby

    I can relate to all her music

  30. Raina Marie

    I love this song

  31. alec brown

    For a young woman like her to bring out a TUNE like this!!!!...…. PURE CLASS

  32. Taliyah Johnson

    this has always been one of my top 5 favorite growing up.

  33. braxkins

    i hate how underrated amerie is... shorty, gave us some timeless music for real.

  34. Dee Musa


  35. Lulama Mtshali

    I love her still... 2017. Man why isn't she as big as she should be?

  36. Shanna Davis

    They really slept on her

  37. Miss Chay Bella

    My life rn

  38. Clinique Sadity

    1 of my fav artists

  39. Cynthia Thomas

    Just hearing this on Pandora got it on repeat

  40. LaTonya Houston


    Ivory E

    on divorce Bronx HD CBS

  41. ray ray

    my favorite song by her, so underrated. luv you Ame

  42. Mimi Dudley

    I absolutely love this song. I swear people slept on her.

    April Stanton

    Mimi Dudley rite dumbasses

    Black GOD

    Mimi Dudley her albums were low key classics. they slept on her BAD...smh

    Arnold Banks

    exactly I vibe with her🤗

  43. Julo

    I love this song . " There is somebody who loves like, I've been waited all my life, who can do it like me"

    Mz Sweetz

    Julo AmenRaPtah

  44. Enheritance Derrico

    OMG amerie those vocals were amazing !!! those high falsetto notes tho <3 she is too underrated this is definitely her best album . please come back and make more music :(

  45. Jennifer Goudeau

    Happy valentines day

  46. Ms. S White

    thanks Percy!!!

  47. Taylor Downing

    She is so underrated....she should be much bigger. she has some of the best songs.

    90's Supermodel

    Both her albums are R&B classics

    Char J

    90's Supermodel yup I bought both the day they came out and have her other ones and her redrum EP is beast

  48. wr513


  49. Sharon Modest

    Favorite song! Memories.

  50. Ms. S White

    my eyes always water to this song....classic

    Percy Sherrod

    +Thanks alot giving u a hug thru the screen

    April Stanton

    Ms. S White mines 2 thought i was the ONLY 1

  51. Rissa Baby

    this was my mf song!!!

  52. Nikki' Nicole

    😍Such a BEAUTiiFUL Song, ESP. iif Yu w/ Urr SoulMate** Repeat tyype iissh

  53. Kev JB

    This song is OMG. Reminds me of my first love when I was 19

  54. Nikki Smith

    So love this song... My time is almost here... Just when I was giving up on Love.. I can listen to this song over and over and over again!!!

  55. Alexis Flowers

    This song is the one♡ takes me back

  56. Tasha Schneider

    Amerie's voice is so beautiful, she is a songbird!

  57. jermaine Coates

    Really love this song

  58. Nicole Campbell

    Xoxoxo Amerie pls comeback xxx

  59. Shaketia Santiful

    Best song till this day !

  60. Dat Barber Jaxx

    come da fuk thruuuu!!!!!

  61. Gabrielle Rivera

    This cd is a CLASSIC

  62. Preston Simpson

    There is somebody that loves like me

  63. King Tavarius

    I dedicate this to the most beautiful woman in the world - Ebonie - you shine brighter than glass baby!

  64. cherishdeb

    I luuuuuv amerie

  65. cherishdeb

    Luv amerie

  66. Briendz81

    Beautiful song

  67. lashawn king

    wanna get married to this song one day.......#meandmythoughts

  68. Sydney Reid

    A friend of mine suggested this song and I love it!!

  69. Tristian Dior oats

    loveeeeee ♥♡ this song :)

  70. Regina Lavonne

    I LOOOVE this song! Makes me feel some kind of way:)

  71. Hakeshi


  72. krystal Fernandes

    On repeat

  73. Nikkie NikkeL

    love this song!! found it mad late.., ughhh hate when that oh well, def a fave. and yes AMERIE is sooooooo underrated.

  74. slingeerulz

    for some one who can love just like me? still waiting :|

  75. Lisa Cash

    love her! wish she was more popular

  76. PrincessPrecious17

    @mosescooley yeah? where are you all hiding?... :/

  77. Moses Cooley

    @TheWowwa ....yeah? SOME OF GUYS FEEL THE SAME WAY.....

  78. XOxm1axOX

    She makes good music just the way she is. Maybe it's good that she's underrated, because too much media might actually change her music to main stream stuff. And I'm glad she has her own style.

  79. amateur at everything

    this is now my anthem! it defines me, all i ever wanted is to find a guy who like me. who just like me.

  80. martinez scott

    The reason "WHY" this girl didn't take off isn't because of bad enginering; it's because of BAD productionship ! ! !

  81. 91Realest


  82. SavedSMVElove

    This is a beautiful song!

  83. Nikkie NikkeL

    everyone is sooo right UNDERATED.. and then you think of who is OVERRATED...WTF? AND HOW? THATS SOCIETY ..HUH. GOTTA LOVE IT.

  84. Jimmie Wells

    It's a shame that great talents like Amerie go mostly unnoticed until they aren't in the mix anymore..I.E Marvin Gaye, Luther, Biggie, Pac, Aaliyah, let's not let Amerie go unappreciated mopre so than she already has, If you are with me than make sure you click thumbs up!...after all she deserves it !

    Char J

    Jimmie Wells she drops music all the time and go to her beauty books Ameriie (Yes 2 i's) channel ....she has been putting out albums and EP' s like ...just dropped a new EP called RedRum

  85. misskataye knight

    Her voice and range is amazing she gets credits from the people like us who appreciates her real talent a real song tress she is one of my favorite R&B singers Ever!

  86. TYRONE1222

    she is so underrated


    she stright broke it down 2:30

  88. Darell Mclendon

    i agree with everyone been oved her and her music

  89. Lion Queen

    I been feelin amerie for a while now. I too agree she don't get the credit she deserves, but I still listen to her music all the time. The fans need to demand good music don't just settle for industry standards. Stop buying the other crap and they will get the message we want real music.

  90. Mo Merrell

    man this song is....absolutely great!!!

  91. Tony Stark

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! SHE IS SO underated.

  92. Junior Djan

    I never knew she played the flute throughout this too!

  93. asiaqueen4ever

    I love dis and Amerie she seems so true and underrated

  94. TheDIMOSI

    This is exactly the way I feel... She makes her music relate-able to her fans!

  95. Jimmie Wells

    With the right PR team she would have been a grammy winning artist by now, its such as shame she has been so short-changed, But her music is still top shelf to me !

  96. Van tRoyal

    Good love song.

  97. Daniel Porter

    Amerie plays the flute in this song.

    Kayy Snow

    Daniel Porter wow, amazing I had no idea.