Amerie - Heard 'em All Lyrics

It's Amerie, I took a little time out
Took a vacation but boys, I'm back
Pardon the interruption but we got a news flash
Someone in the buildin' said Amerie's back

I done heard 'em all talk 'bout how much they want me
But ain't never had nobody put it on me
Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me
Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me

Some of them wonder what it take to be my lover
First you gotta be my drummer, don't move fast
You can pop tags on the Louis bags
But it won't get you under my covers

I done heard 'em all talk 'bout how much they want me
But ain't never had nobody put it on me
Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me
Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me

I done heard 'em all talk 'bout how much they want me
But ain't never had nobody put it on me
Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me
Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me

Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me [x4]

You asked me to let you explain, I done that
Same talk, same game, same thing, I done that
I need a Kingston feature
That will never run when the dance floor, heat up, heat up

I done heard 'em all talk 'bout how much they want me
But ain't never had nobody put it on me
Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me
Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me

I done heard 'em all talk 'bout how much they want me
But ain't never had nobody put it on me
Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me
Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me

Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me [x4]

I wanna a man to make me feel
What I really need to feel
But do you really know what I want this time?

But sometimes
I wanted you to know what it is
'Cause lately what I've been gettin'
Ain't so real, so real, so real

Keep Doin what chu doin 'cause it ain't been done to me [x4]

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Amerie Heard 'em All Comments
  1. Gold Akudu

    Who is watching this in 2019🔥

  2. Pablo Vargas

    Amerie you are the best singer I like your songs very much your songs are very good your songs are nice Amerie I recommend that you go ahead in your musical career that you continue to release more new songs and that you continue to release more new music videos and that you continue to release more simple new ones and keep on getting more new albums.

  3. Pablo Vargas

    This November 9, 2019 is already 10 years since the singer Amerie released her new album called In Love & War that was released on November 9, 2009 and this November 9 will be 10 years old Singer Amerie released her new album that was last November 9, 2009.

  4. Daniel Figaro

    (When Asians don't need to have bleached-white skin to be hot)

    I remember this when it came out. Even recorded it with my flip-phone (yeah, it's was a long time ago) to listen to. Wish people stop sleeping on her. She's on of the most unique artists on the whole industry imo.

  5. bkfinest006

    i love amerie, she is so underrated. so before her time. music industry sucks.

  6. MetaTripping

    She has a genius sound. A pity other artists ripped it. The real ones go through it in that industry... #StayShininAmerie 💖💫🌟

  7. MSG.M

    Ok, i am so sure somebody didn't want her in the picture and decided to promote other female artists instead...
    She is so so so talented. Her music so ahead of her time. Her looks flawless and fresh. I mean... couldn't they just promote all female artists? There's market for all.

  8. Racquel Whitous


  9. Keisha suber

    amerie I like your video at is so and you are so pretty and my name is Keisha s😍😍😍

  10. Folasko Music

    Which one was first released? PCD's "When I Grow Up" or this?

  11. smartflo

    Still my Fav Amerie song #2019

  12. CreativeToMakeup

    Still my favorite video, artist and song💜


    good song

  14. Rezyon

    Here because of 4Minute!

  15. Dominio Effect

    Pussycat Dolls and Destiny Child ALL IN ONE #TotalPackage #Legend #Unstoppable

  16. Dale McDougall

    I still do not understand why this wasn't a bigger hit! This song is DOPE AF!

  17. richard green

    I love her

  18. Dani

    Happy birthday! Favorite song by you

  19. Just Saying

    The dancing during the first verse was all the way sexy.

  20. Lady Vibe

    Dec 2018

  21. Tommika Dugger

    She looked like a man for a second oh sorry!!😧

  22. Helplessshi

    Official Beyonce & Jlo Diss

  23. Lyon Islanco Squall Shiar-Triton


  24. Aushai McCraney

    That break down part at the bridge tho!!! 3:00 my fav!!

  25. Stephanie Currie

    She was always ahead of her time! How many female artists of color are dancers, vocalists, writers, instrumentalists, AND engineers?

  26. Detrice Haywood-Moore

    She can fuckk with Beyonce she will give her a run

  27. naenae

    I wasn't rocking with this when it came out. Idk what I was on? I kept saying she's not being herself but this is still so her if you listen to the beat. She just switched the flow up. Listening now this is sooooo dope.

  28. Valter

    I don't know why, but this video reminds me Resident Evil 3.. It's crazy lool

  29. atlnikka

    This song reminds me of ashanti

  30. Day C

    This was EIGHT YEARS AGO??? Bring this back. Bring Amerie back.

  31. Stephanie Brown


  32. Keisha suber

    I love your song at is so nice and you are so beautiful😀😁😁😍

  33. Kandi KoatedLove

    She was always so underrated. Love me some Amerie

  34. Candy Dulce

    Anyone else hear Trey Songz in this song

  35. BCKingz

    yo i didnt peep this was made in 2009 lol video and sound, sounds like its made in 2018 she needs to drop more music :P

  36. D Canyy

    Call your local radio station and request this song.

  37. Nolan Lee

    One Her Best Tracks!!!

  38. Sheep Dog

    Amerie is on....2018.

  39. Beyunka Sanders

    Miss her music

  40. jj Smalls

    Sound like a Missy Elliot Track...

  41. Stephen The13th

    Blazing. Baby girl keep working.

  42. lauren Richardson

    Wish would come back ....

  43. AmiaRancetta Ali Greer


  44. Audioplugg Music Productions, LLC

    THE most underrated female artist!

  45. MissCoco Bulls

    Damn i forgot about this song

  46. Ithaka Yakame'

    I love her she will always be ...because she naturally have her own sound.

  47. airmix08

    She decided to try a new sound because the "Go-Go" sound and beat was her theme sound until Beyoncé stole her sound on her B-Day album.  So Amerie is very creative and writes ALL of her own music.  This song was the shit, but not too many people was feeling it.  Man I miss her

  48. Patrick smith

    She's an awesome dancer and a unique singer she has one of those voices that stands out its not strong but it demands attention.

  49. Dex J


  50. maya

    starts 0:35

  51. vampyr zireael

    Still so fresh

  52. Anjola

    Amerie, they steal your destiny and shine and you let em. Thought you were stronger than that.

  53. Shireen Joseph

    I dare somebody to tell me she don't look like Kourtney Kardashian when her hair is pulled back wearing that fur.

    Christina Polonia Polonia

    Shireen Joseph omg i said the same

    remy mUAH


  54. LaShannon Hinkle

    2017 and still listening to this song 😍😍

  55. Dynish Watkins

    first time I heard this I loved it. totally different from what everyone was doing at the time.

  56. taylour rae.

    If you'd never danced on a stage, in a music video, TV show, movie or you are even not a professional dancer at all... Please don't comment about the choreography in this video because simple choreography can be hard.

  57. Tinky

    Even now this still looks good!! miss her so much..

  58. airmix08

    I remember when this song first came out, I was living in South Korea and was at a club when this banger came out.  I miss Amerie

    Domonic Walton

    ironically Amerie lived South Korea and her mom is from South Korea


    yes, i'm tracking that, cause I know that her father was in the military some years ago.

  59. ZaZa S


  60. 234 Lemon

    Does this remind anyone else of beyonce's "Run the World" ???

    Claire Ajibola

    234 Lemon Nope

    Ithaka Yakame'


    Melanin Enriched

    It does

  61. Denny Robey

    Loved this video when it first came out but she was a threat and all I know is when she took a break and went into acting Beyonce went solo and stole Amerie's dances but we all are use to Beyonce doing that. Yes, Amerie was and still is ahead of her time, at least seeing her videos bring me back to what's missing in music today.


    @Denny Robey

    Here are some Facts about Beyonce's Crazy In Love (2003) which came before Amerie's 1 Thing (2005)
    Also Amerie's first album sounds more like Mary J. Blige's No More Drama album, check for yourself. (PROVE ME WRONG)

    Also, Amerie's song Heard 'Em All (2009) sounds like Beyonce's Single ladies, (2008)
    Single ladies came out A year before Heard 'Em All, which means once again, Amerie has A song that copies A song Beyonce did first.

    Timothy mccallum

    Lol beyonce did steal something for crazy in love from amerie, then her bday album was totally copied from amerie so do not try and say beyonce did it frist when she did not.

    V Barle

    Okay you're all wrong

  62. Nabintu77

    I love her SO much!!

  63. JSvengali


  64. lilfancyb nb

    mastered that hair swirl. favorite song 💓

  65. pheonixphire

    how dose she spin her hair like that

    I Am I

    pheonixphire: Because she's on another level 🙌

  66. Courtney Browning

    she looks a little like Kourtney Kardashian

    La'Tasha W.

    She does! I never noticed it until you pointed it out!

    roger robie

    fuck no....


    Her and Moniece also look a like

    V Barle


    Steven Kyle

    I was literally just thinking that and then I saw this comment!

  67. d mac

    Sean Garrett is written all over this...I remember not giving this much of a chance...but it's not bad at all.

  68. a_tamara

    my shit💋

  69. Nikaule Norwood

    She was always kind of ahead her time


    Nikaule Norwood how?? This video effect and song is similar to what ciara did in 2009 before Amerie dropped her video and album

    Anelisa Rwexu

    Nikaule Norwood this is true.

    Therese Ayo

    So much

    amunet maat

    Nikaule Norwood definitely

  70. Ashton Wills


  71. airmix08

    This was my shit back when I was living in South Korea from 08'-10

  72. Tiffany Mcmurray

    I love her songs all of them

  73. Ljj277

    I love this side of her

  74. Dee Musa

    Love her music

  75. Matt. 11:28-30 saved my life

    where are u my rebell lady? :'( miss her so crazy

  76. JusTyree

    When it first came out ppl ain't like it, but now ppl love it! I love it ever since it came out


    same, I remember watching the making of the video.


    It's crazy. Didn't like it the first time. Youtube re-recommended: digging it more this round. Weird.

    Char J

    JusTyree I loved it as soon as i heard it, doing my own routine and all Lol! Have y'all seen the remix with Korean girl group 4minute? Ameriie upstaged those girls lol!

    Kattelina Lace

    So did I.

    Ithaka Yakame'

    I loved it from day one i had the cd go watch she performed thos on Wendy i seen tht live ..i woll always love her she was robbed to we all know from who..

  77. Tyler H.

    3:01 is my favorite part 😍

    remy mUAH

    Tyler H. SAME

    Bray Jay

    Same Here.

  78. Polker Hauntus

    She looks so much like kourtney kardashian :/

  79. Irasen

    This vid should get 1 000 000 000 views. It's perfectly amazing.

  80. S S.

    Please go work with Pharrell Williams.

  81. ButterflyFeatherbear

    Daaam <3

  82. Collin

    I remember when I wanted to be this woman's love slave

  83. King Jarrus Rico

    This is a mf hit

  84. Nina Sky

    reminds me of beyonce and rihanna lol love dem all tho

  85. Hot J

    luv Amerie

  86. MoonScar

    Did they recycle this set from Disturbia?


    @MoonScar I was thinking the same thing. maybe a Rihanna leftover... hey they both were signed to island def jam at the same time.


    @deangelo brown Well the, maybe it really is XD


    This came out before disturbia


    I like this song but I didn't hear about this till like 2013 by accident. I love amerie


    @msnywoman23 No it didn't... 

  87. Yo Yo

    She's a singer, not a dancer, but she is willing to take challenges. None of y'all could have done a better job so hush!

    Natasha Loveable

    I think she did good

    Dee Musa

    I think she's a great dancer

    Kattelina Lace

    She did great.
    And, no one said anything.

  88. Jasmin Smith

    I like the song and the riddim the video is ok

  89. Lyrical A

    i couldn't help but laugh at the dancing lol song is ok though

  90. She-Ra Princess of Power

    This is a terrible song.

  91. Billy Larkin

    Sean Garrett wrote this.

  92. Jessica Griffin


  93. Britt J

    I Need More of Her in MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  94. Primie Rose

    female singers need to rock their videos by themselves. 

  95. GigiM2014

    Amerie said in a old interview that it takes her a lot longer than most to learn dance moves because she doesn't have much rhythm, so that's probably why the choreography is so simple. This album was slept on. It's actually pretty good


    Makes me like her even more for bring that honest, most artists front.

    Miss Jay Leigh

    She did pretty good in 1 thing also


    SIMPLE??? I can't even do it! lmfao!


    simple but dope

  96. Havana SS

    This is probably the only song I don't like from her.

    Idk. It just doesn't sound like her. But I won't judge cause she's a more of a Dynamic Artist. She changes her style every album.

    I mean I love this album it's pretty good.
    It's just this song sounds "Trashy" like modern washed out garbage they call "Pop" today. She sounds like modern Beyoncé

    I love her. But i don't like every song from her.


    True I like every song but this. This ain't her


    3:02 is though, the only part I liked.

  97. Jenny Whoa

    This video features some of THE LAZIEST "choreography" in the history of humans having limbs. Absolutely terrible. It's actually offensive how bad it is. Like, I'm watching it and getting angry. 


    Wow U weren't kidding about the Choreo. Absolutely horrible and she can do better. I don't blame her, but her choreo team needs to get fired asap!! The song allright but certainly not a banger.

    Aisyah Padzil

    who cares about the choreo..she is a singer, NOT a dancer..but of course it is not wrong if she decide wants to dance better..

    Jenny Whoa


    marcel hunt

    It reminds me of diva by beyonce so her dancing is bad too