Amerie - Hatin' On You Lyrics

Nah nah oh
Nah nah oh
Nah nah mmmm
Yeah yeah

It's been on my mind, on my mind
It's just a matter of time, cause I
No matter how hard
How hard I try to hide
I still be want you
Inside, inside my arms
And even if you said you would leave
Cause I ain't ready, ready
Would just give me the need
Give me a meaning to leave
And my heart would belong to you
Before I would even know
Damn if you stay
Damned if you don't
Cause baby I

oh oh (yeah)
I be hatin on you
Hatin, hatin on you
You, you
Every time it feels so right
Cause of the things that you do
Do, do (oh)
I be hatin on you, Hatin
Hatin on you, You
You, you
Hating on you, oh
You, you, you
Hatin on you

And I
I don't wanna believe
That we could live the life I'm dreaming of
Cause I don't wanna be in love
So I'm fightin all the tenderness
And the moment that I can't forget
Oh it's irrelevant
Cause it's just a matter of time
So baby I

Oh oh (oh, oh)
I be hatin on you
Hatin, hatin on you (on you, ah ah)
You, you
Every time it feels so right
Cause of the things that you do
Do, do (Every little thing that you do)
I be hatin on you, Hatin
Hatin on you, You
You, you *yeah, you, you)
Hating on you, oh
You, you, you
Hatin on you (oh)

I be hatin on you
I can't get away from you
I can't get away
Every little thing that you do
Every little thing that you do
You make me wanna be so close so you
Hating on you (oh, oh)
Hating on you (yeah)

Why do I feel this way
Why do I feel this way
It's more than I can take
It's more than I can take
But I ain't ready for this love
No, no
But you're all I'm thinking of

And I
I'm just tryna live, live everyday
Like everything's so cool
But I ain't a fool
Cause it really don't take too much
One look
One touch
And baby I'm through
I'm though
I'm hating on you

Oh oh
I be hatin on you (yeah yeah)
Hatin, hatin on you
You, you (oh)
Every time it feels so right (you make me)
Cause of the things that you do
Do, do (you make me)
I be hatin on you, Hatin
Hatin on you, you
You, you
Hating on you, oh
You, you, you (I be hating on you)
Hatin on you

Oh oh
I be hatin on you
Hatin, hatin on you
You, you
Every time it feels so right
Cause of the things that you do
Do, do
I be hatin on you, Hatin
Hatin on you, you
You, you
Hating on you, oh
You, you, you
Hatin on you

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Amerie Hatin' On You Comments
  1. Durrty Hanna

    Still a bop in 2019

    Carlyne Jean Jacques

    Durrty Hanna Hell Yea!!! It creeped up on me on Spotify shuffle 🔥 🎶 2019

  2. ReShaun Groomes

    Great R&B album.....cant help but catch the "feels"......way way under the radar.

    Tr Tr

    She is the best r&b singer too me

  3. jwill

    love her so much man

  4. Atiya Fields

    This is the most underrated song on her album ! But the whole thing is straight fire 🔥

  5. Sidney Starr

    Still bumping in 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Tameka Shelton

    I Remember Me Buying This Album She Had Good Songs On This Album..

    Angel Johnson

    Tameka Shelton yes

  7. Durrty Hanna


  8. Atiya Fields

    The whole album was ahead of its time smh. This will forever be a classic and hating on you is my fav off the album! Love you Amerie 💕

  9. eric gray

    Came out the year I graduated HS. C/O 2002

  10. james bondero

    I had my grandma listening to this

  11. Lonnie 1Love

    The most underrated chick in the game. Facts

  12. Christina Glenn

    I memba this song stayed skipping 😭😩❤️

  13. DJ Apocalyptic

    so sexy one of my first celebrity crushes

  14. MS Love

    whole album fiyyaaa

    Tr Tr

    Yessir 😤

  15. Trizzy Garcia

    2017 still 🔥🔥🔥

  16. Sharmel Mitchell

    I still play this song out! I played this album until it was scratched all the way up!

    Taylor Downing

    Sharmel Mitchell I did too. I brought this album about 4 times

  17. ZAIYE Sings

    Every bit of All I Have is flawless, but if I had to choose a least favorite song (like really, really had to), it would be this one.

    Motorboat Jones

    I was thinking something very similar, that this is my 12th favorite track on this album. That being said, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

  18. Trina Triniy

    I can't believe this album is almost 15 years how time flies


    Dammnnnn! I still have this cd!

  19. Pretty Poison

    So so soooooooooo underrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Shakia Frasier

    this is how I feel thanks amerie this is hot

  21. 313deecee28

    2002 Music blast from the past I wonder if the girl from my past think about me when they here this L . Reese From Detroit Baby underground Street Music 4 your 1 chick.

  22. Mani

    this song puts me in a good mood all the time

  23. Lionel Rawlings

    This song takes me back. One of the best R&B albums

  24. L.J. Bailey

    College Days!

    Phillip Meadows

    L.J. Bailey. yep reminds me of university of west georgia. freshman 03

  25. Kawanza Billy

    Still one of my favorite albums ever

    Wise Wayne / Wikkid Wayne

    I love Amerie! Her and her music rocks! :) She is a beautiful person inside and out! :)

    In The Beginning Was The Word

    +Kawanza Billy Mine too. There is not one track I have to skip past which is very rare for me.

    Coco PR

    Timeless album... I was a college Freshman!

  26. Ivana Daniels


    Ivana Daniels

    @Keon Kinard YUPP

  27. double back

    you gotta love the way she spills her heart on the some females may not know how to express how they feel...amerie clearly doesn't have that problem..thats whats up

  28. Tiffany Morris

    whole cd is a banger

    Frank Vacio

    i feel the same way

    Naturally E

    Tiffany Morris You ain't never lying!!!! I still dang this cd

    MsSweetJames Jones

    Yes ma'am it is!


    Honestly, it's so good!

  29. Brooklyn Cole

    I love herrrrr!!

  30. Rambunctious Scales

    Well it's a funny coincidence since Mary J. Blige did a song on her "Reflections" compilation album called "You Know" that sounded like something that Ms. Amerie would sing and/or write. & on top of that they're BOTH Capricorns!!!!! <3


    Rambunctious Scales Amerie worked with Mary early in her career. That’s why you hear that Mary influence in her music and even in some of the ad libs and nuances.

  31. Yashira ameriaz

    This is my shit ♥!!!!

  32. TaMurda

    I love this record. It has that 90s feel to it

  33. Zay Momo

    Loooooove this lady, where is she? I need more of her!

  34. Sophia Taylor


  35. Tiffanysmith21


  36. Cailan J. Garrett

    This was her best album!!!! I soooo love this whole album 3

  37. jamaicanlover90

    @offthemap7 sooooo fuckin agree..she was soo slept on when this album came out........the album was good and soo is her RAW vocal talent most "singers" cant sing live with there natural voice.... but she sure can and thats a quality i look for when it comes to good r&b music

  38. kreep2nite

    All I Have may just be the best r&b album of the 00s! There were some good r&b albums/songs/artists in that decade but they didn't get as much air play and sales as those in the 90s. in the 90s, on some weeks, all songs in the billboard top 10 were r&b (of which 5-6 were babyface songs).

  39. TheGarry827

    @Iamthebirdmanjr i love every song on this album also and i went through a break up when it came out also and i'm mad people were hatin on here and the don't understand her as an artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  40. AntsAfan301

    Love it...this my girl for real! She better pop them notes!

  41. Brenda Sue Sandoval

    "Fighting all the tenderness..."...I'm soo feeling this song right now...

  42. Phalinda Jaxn

    @bxcutie4life2007 LOOOL She looks a bit like Kourtney Kardashian

  43. bxcutie4life2007

    @SholaMind21 lol u crazy i don't think she looks like them she's prettier

  44. Mzcrazigrl12

    wowwww i rember this whole album it came out i waz like 6 0r 7 lol i feel soo young

  45. Phalinda Jaxn

    @bxcutie4life2007 You don't know who the Kardashian sisters are? lol

  46. bxcutie4life2007

    @SholaMind21 ......huh


    Love Amerie

  48. Phalinda Jaxn

    SHe looks like one of the Kardashian sisters!!!!

  49. irisprincessmey

    My fave song on the track.

  50. AdorzAaliyahSince94

    when I first heard her sing , I thought she was Mary, so You're not alone :)

    Angel Johnson

    AdorzAaliyahSince94 yeah

  51. asiaqueen4ever

    2002 idk her age

  52. luloumcshane76

    thankx for the upload ~ needed to hear this today and the CD is at home ~ soooo love Amerie

  53. Richard West

    wow i thought i was the only one who thought she sounds ike mary on this album. i knew i wasn't crazy!

  54. Edward Lohr

    u're not wrong at all.. matter of fact, when i first grabbed her album, someone remarked that the only reason why i bought it was because she sounded like Mary..

  55. Static Shocks

    Why was this album so good but her other stuff mediocre at best? The industry frustrates me with what they do to people.
    I hope these people realize where their quality is when they do these things.

  56. Brook ,Bastards & Broken Things

    im always talking about this album it really was underestimated and unappriciate but i loved evey song on this alubum it helped me throught the worst breakup ever and i will always love her for that besides she sounds like mary j am i wrong?

  57. Micheal Trambles

    dang yo dirl this song is very hot i like this song it makes me sing every day it's just asome i love amerie she is the best. you go girl

  58. Kevin Wingate