Amerie - Gotta Work Lyrics

Sometimes it's gonna be days like this
Sometimes it's gonna be rain like this
Sometimes you're gonna feel pain like this
Sometimes you gotta work hard for it

Because when u feeling low
And u cant get no lower
That's when u know your close
Sometimes u gotta work hard for it

Woke up in the morning
It's another cloudy day
But that never mattered too much to me
'Cause it's still a new beginning
And I know I got it in me
Had my share of ups and downs
But now I know I can do anything

Some people think I'm aggressive
'Cause I know what I want
But that never mattered too much to me

Show me some body with no goal
Show me some body with no control
'Cause life is for living
So go and get it
When times get rough remember

Sometimes it's gonna be days like this
Sometimes it's gonna be rain like this
Sometimes you're gonna feel pain like this
Sometimes you gotta work hard for it

Because when u feeling low
And u can't get no lower
That's when u know your close
Sometimes u gotta work hard for it

Ohh gotta get it
Hey hey hey
Sometimes the road may seem too far
You never really know for sure
If you're ever gonna make it
Sometimes the end may seem so far
You never really know for sure
If u got the strength to make it

But u gotta remember

Sometimes it's gonna be days like this
Sometimes it's gonna be rain like this
Sometimes you're gonna feel pain like this
Sometimes you gotta work hard for it

Because when u feeling low
And u can't get no lower
That's when u know your close
Sometimes u gotta work hard for it

Days like this
Rain like this

Do it cause I love it
Feel like this
Gotta work hard for it

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Amerie Gotta Work Comments
  1. Thomas Moser

    This song this video knock me out !

  2. Poy TY

    Back in 10+ years ago my gay ass got goosebumps everytime when the song is on, still listen to these day

  3. Stephen Sam

    Beyonce stole her style crap ...

  4. Alyssa Suguitan

    I loved the makeup!! She's so gorgeous! That silver glittery eyeliner paired with black and a nice pop of pink on her lips she wore that look for sure. I love her hairstyle too. She really should come back all that talent gone to waste....

  5. j dominian

    Listenin to Amerie, I swear Beyonce jacked her whole sound a style. Early in her career

  6. Marco DeVito

    that's soooo sexy


  7. Marco DeVito

    She is amazing and beautiful

  8. funky enzym

    ayo b aint never had anything on you!!! You are the shit in my book!!!!!!

  9. Marshall Posey

    She is stunning and talented!

  10. Paran0i3dchick

    Her sense of fashion hair make up everything is timeless a true icon

  11. Loris Baruffi

    So much better than fake face value satanic Beyonce... Love this girl such a defined voice and style... Pity in 2019 is not a major icon because she should be but kudos to her for not selling out

  12. Speedy Arsenal

    She is so pretty

  13. Speedy Arsenal

    Best song I’ve ever heard of

  14. Shawn Shambley

    I've never heard this! Can't place the song atm, but this cover-sample beat is sick! Come with it Amerie!

  15. Carol Nash

    Do ur shit Amarie.

  16. reasy1978

    Sounds a lot like her other song 1 Thing.

  17. Brave Soul

    Amerie is the original. Beyonce copied her! Damn! I'll choose Amerie any day.

  18. Victor Jimenez

    She left the music industry all bcuz music producers were stealing her bodywork and give it To beyonce and she knew damn well that was amerie art Craft and she didn’t care So i guess karma will get her one day

  19. Red Bull

    Too much violating

  20. Marsha Julessa

    super underated, heard she's touring small venues, wish she would come here to toronto! love amerie!

  21. Cassidie Hailley

    She looks amazing her legs are gorgeous 😍 I wish I had long legs.

  22. AV Zhelanov

    RNB? RNB!!

  23. Maz

    O.m.f.g. Absolute fukn 🧨. 😍

  24. Hendrik Ottmann

    didnt bow to lucifer so career stopped

  25. Elif Pınar

    Mad Man?

  26. Ithaka Yakame'

    Love her 2019

  27. Geoff Harrington

    [ viewing may 14 2019 ] this good

  28. moni love

    Amerie is hott

  29. newbroken

    i need this energy, instead of all the suicide music they produce nowadays

  30. Jehoshan Peiris

    My big fat greek wedding 2

  31. Princess Matiea

    Her story is heart breaking. These record labels and these big artists have always been taking food out of deserving, hard working people's months.

  32. Selemawit

    A natural beauty and naturally happy woman 👌🏽☺️

  33. Queen SM

    Damn this my first time hearing and seeing this video.

  34. jerel

    This came from "Hold On I'm Coming" by Sam and Dave.

  35. Times Up 2U

    Damn! She came in the game with her own style (brains, beauty & beat) and got it stolen right under-neath her feet. That's so f'kd up! Years later and I'm still bumping this hit!

  36. President Stewart

    This song still sounds good in 2019. Great lyrics and production.

  37. Pavel Kto

    People wonder why Amerie is not on top of music charts? Well, maybe because she is not mason and didn't make a deal.

  38. carol nyaga

    listening and loving it 2019....Amerie come back please!

  39. Jennifer Harrison

    Gotta work Monday

  40. noura J

    2019 you gotta work hard boy 💃🏽

  41. superROTV

    Am i the only one who realizes the song is based of off "hold on im coming" by sam and dave?

  42. Крис Голе

    still love it in 2019

  43. Del Scott

    When you see Beyoncé are really seeing her.

    Queen B?....Nah Queen Thief.

    Bdi Derrick


  44. crimsonshadow42

    Why is the beat so familiar?

  45. South Standards

    Amerie... 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥2019 still...beautiful..she got that thang u just wanna Watch her.

  46. Tee New Orleans YnG God

    OmG, This video sound and GoGo style was stolen from Amerie.. smh

  47. Sannika Rhodes

    She getting it💯

  48. funny videos show

    A lot of people that are still relevant is because of black magic voodoo and dirty blood money and sacrifice if you don't bow down and sell your soul your so done and that's why Aaliyah not here they all replace look at Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj damn copy

  49. Big Boy

    Natural beauty. So sad nowadays we have plastic girls

  50. haleigh

    way better than Beyonce👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  51. Teo Tioliendo

    Amerie is my favorite* Artist in the Seventh Style, true originality, natural beauty, art in motion, tropical smooth style, unforgettable eyes, luscious glow to her essence of beauty in her hair and eyes, and great legs, lines and curves down to her feet. Grooving with serve, shaking those curves, sexy stepping and rocking beat catching hips. The most sensual dancer in R&B. Excellent, with a touch of the wild and intra-feminent*. Tioliendo

  52. ChiLL

    she literally had IT ! Natural beauty , vocals, the dancing, swagg, like bruh we didn’t deserve her yo

  53. beni kuzaya

    I love the energy!!!

  54. 두콩 두콩

    Love you from korea♥♥♥♥♥

  55. Cbaaa aa

    Not gonna lie, this song has helped me in the most harshest and darkest times in this song❤️

  56. Zora Lewis

    I love this

  57. Patrick Quinn

    Ameire the most sexiest weather for c

  58. Sudan ThaGod

    Y’all. Notice that original nose is gone...

  59. Yehor Kostornoi

    dota wtf...)))

  60. Maria Lugardo


  61. Harriet A. Welch

  62. Sounds of Norge

    This song always put me in a good and working mood :D

  63. Karaxg Hoog

    Irgendwer nach the voice (Laura Neels) hier

  64. Asering

    Just the kirk-squad rolling through


    *dribbles the ball* Congratulations D rose scoring 50 Derrick probably listened to this song a 1000 times after 2011...

  66. Mark Musial

    This chick is good, she should make more music.


    she did a week ago! she released two albums

  67. Patrick Quinn

    Amerie you are so goddamn sexy you're gonna kill me

  68. lambird treasure island

    Jamaican girls song

  69. James Calhounmobb

    316 hate that Beyonce copied her style lol face it

  70. Jennifer Leann

    Beautiful underrated Amerie🔥🔥🔥

  71. Mibuk Desjarlais

    This would've been perfect in Crazy Rich Asians.
    It really has that fun and upbeat vibe just like the movie itself. 😊

  72. Elsa Mae B

    Best legs ever!


    This song was still banging! Amerie was such a beautiful talented artist. She kinda reminds me of Aaliyah/Koutrney Kardashian.🙂

  74. Blasian Doll

    I miss my Beautiful Blasian sistah!! 🧡

  75. Lady T

    Yesssss still bumping Amerie #2018

  76. Vanessa Jones

    love her. I of my favorite artists

  77. кЪТргЪТз _


  78. Oc reed

    Beyonce stole everything from this girl from head to toe!!!

    Issac Wu

    Make me think of "Freakum Dress".

  79. Edward Turner

    Fighting (2009) brought me here :)

  80. Joe Knowle

    Looks like she had a nose job, I knew she looked different.

  81. Gina G

    Thank you Amerie for not selling out. We see you girl!

  82. Caroline Barrett Miller

    Amerie looks and sounds fantastic..I just hate this particular song...

  83. stela stelovs

    Amerie plssssss comeback music needs you

  84. ChastityChained

    I listened to this song a lot in 2017 after I lost my FT job and couldn't find any type of work for almost 8 months, despite having multiple interviews. I never turned employment down; I just kept getting rejected. I never give up, though. I'm in a PT job that barely pay bills. I just keep looking for a 2nd job and I know the right position will present itself.

  85. Gary White


  86. Andrew Lynch

    So much better than anything they're rollin' out today.

  87. Soukaina Dou

    2018 and still listen to her 😍😍😍

  88. 695 Recordings

    The horn sounds take me back to the '60s song "Hold on I'm Coming" by Sam & Dave

    Carlo Disarò

    exactly! thank you 695 Recordings! I became crazy to look for the musical theme of the song "Hold on" by Mako and the Hawk. In truth I was looking for what is here (min. 13:30):

  89. Estera Kowalczyk


  90. Estera Kowalczyk

    *_*'TASHE for my work on ma si._**

  91. Lindsay Amondi