Amerie - Come With Me Lyrics

Look, you don't have to take this
You can come with me

So hard to believe she left you alone all alone
I know babe you can come with me though
So hard to be strong cause she left you alone all alone
I know babe you can come with me though
I know you're alone you can come with me though
I know you feel pain you can come with me though
I know you feel hurt you can come with me though
It wouldn't be the same if you come with me though

I just couldn't believe, believe it babe
That she would go and treat you that way
Especially after all the craziness you took
It just ain't necessary
I can feel the tears that you're crying tonight
'cause I know what love is supposed to be like
Every little hug and kiss that she put aside
Baby if you want to I can make it right


If I could ever find the words to tell you babe
How I felt so deep inside
Didn't want to be too bold, didn't want to hate on your girl but now I
Can let you know that its wrong what you're going through
You deserve the same love I see in you
Given back a hundred fold baby I would do
Show you love that you've never seen, never knew


It won't be the same
If you come with me [4x]
You won't feel no pain
If you come with me [4x]

[Chorus 3x]

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Amerie Come With Me Comments
  1. Cynthia A

    She never made a bad album and was terribly underrated. Sounds like Ryan Leslie touched this song, too!

  2. ohandza jean

    Don’t know why she didn’t make the video of this song!
    It was the best of this album

  3. Carlyne Jean Jacques

    1:48 That 2nd verse when Amerie took her vocals UP AND EXPLODED on the beat 🔥 🤯🎶 2019

  4. Marv' Less

    Imagine Usher Featured on this smhhhh would be classic

  5. Emanuel Flores santiago


  6. Bluebagg Bluebagg


  7. Shannon Cunningham

    2019, it still sounds good. Listen to the beat in the background, damn.

    Carlyne Jean Jacques

    Shannon Cunningham ikr? The beat is a like seeing a massive Ocean Wave 🌊

    Mekah L

    @Carlyne Jean Jacques Agreed

  8. Mekah L


  9. Robert Pitts

    Love this joint. In love with the hooks!!!!

  10. barbie. butler

    Still listening to this groove in
    2019. Let's dance Girrl! Family
    Matters People. PEAce and Love

  11. mario king

    2019 💪🏾😜

  12. Mahlia Young

    My shit 🔥💃🏽🤸🏽‍♂️🥳 Happy New Year 🎆 2019

  13. Andrea Brooks

    This whole cd was straight fiiire!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. MrsDenise83

    Thx for posting. This is one of my favorite songs by her

  15. ThursdayLane i1 boulevard realtv

    I love his song !

  16. Casey Paige

    My favorite album.. vocals were everything

  17. D M

    2018 still bumping

  18. Shannon Cunningham

    This is my song, yeeeeees💜💜💜💜

  19. Tennille Genise

    This was the song !🎤💯🔥🔥🔥

  20. Isheena Brown

    I I I I LOVE DIS SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    2018 anyone????

    Shirl Steele

    2019 still going strong!

    Mekah L

    @Shirl Steele Right

  22. Gabrielle Elliott

    Amerie is so bomb

  23. CANDYSOULonline


  24. ThursdayLane i1 boulevard realtv

    I love this song

  25. Slayer


  26. MiQuel Quiles

    2017 Still A Hott 1!!

  27. Dano83

    Wow this sounds like Kelly Rowland's Can't Nobody. Was this out first?



    Alpy Eagle

    i noticed this too and can't nobody is my fav on simply deep

    Ľuboš Búžik

    No, "Can't Nobody" was out first. "Come With Me" is the only song off the album that Amerie didn't co-write. I really love Rich Harrison signature sound, but melody wise I feel like he was sometimes repetitive with lead vocals he wrote.

  28. BizzyMc True God

    Music is sick!!

  29. Wealth Coach Kahnju Ecleo

    This should've been a single.

    She was so ahead of her time. This is some hypnotic beat. I remember just forgetting about everything else while listening to this.

    Love you AMERIE!

  30. Roderick Strachan

    My jam!

  31. Coco Bunny

    My gooooooosh the beat to this song take you into a different world. Great song. I wish she can make another album.

  32. Paul Donovan

    STILL got her first cd I bought years ago,and still LOVE it!! Actually misplaced it a week ago,and it's driving me CRAZY that I can't remember where I put it!!! After ALL this time I still love the tracks on that disc!!

  33. Paul Donovan

    Look,you don't have to take this;you can come with ME.

  34. jj Smalls

    so serious damn this shit knocks hard

  35. Dee Musa


  36. Jam Wein

    I love this song!!! Amazing!!! I love Amerie!!! this song very mysterious....

  37. Tamara Bitter

    hahahaha I like this song

  38. Iam Mz juicy

    amerie still that chick in 2016 I still bump this 💯💯👏👏👍😘

    Iam Mz juicy

    @Paul Donovan I listen to her music everyday . Her voice is amazing. She doesn't get the credit she deserves.

    Keyanahh Mochi


    Nijee Vaughn

    2018 now =)


    I still bump this now Juicy Lipz....I looovvve Amerie!! One of my male friends introduced me to her music I have loved her every since.....Sad she did not get her complete reward in the music world ....this is tight!!

  39. wr513


  40. Daryl Smith

    i agree 100 percent. The thing is the business is all about the 💰 Can she sell out an arena??? I do love the 🎶. my all time favorite is i just died. A plus plus plus

  41. Mani

    amerie really my gurl she need to make a big comeback & shut these new peeps down

  42. Syrika Powell

    Maybe if you guys feel that way...speak out on it until something is done until now we just have Youtube, her Albums and shit like Spotify... to enjoy.

  43. Ruhul Ali

    One of her best songs

  44. FideTheProducer

    Fucking RNB flame....fucking bullshit how she is so underrated

    Cryztal Claire Beads

    Not a flame.. this is fire...I miss rnb like this..

    Cryztal Claire Beads

    Not a flame.. this is fire...I miss rnb like this..

    Aisha Diallo

    FideTheProducer yes I love her and still do

  45. Guy Andrews

    why wasn't this song a single?!

    Ľuboš Búžik

    Like why the most of the songs from her first two albums were not singles! lol!

    By Any Means Necessary

    It went too hard.

  46. T R York

    Everything she does is EVERY THING! So underrated! This is the type of song when you seductively grace the dance floor and sway your hips side to side while dropping it!

  47. sonealize

    Critics even said Beyonce was imitating Amerie's style on Touch when she dropped Bday.


    Crazy In Love was originally written for Amerie.

    Belinda Barton

    #FORK Beyonce! Overrated! Amerie is all that!

    Casey Paige

    I knew I wasn't the only one who thought that. She completely bit off of her whole style. Honestly I think it was her team

    Cheetah Baby87

    @Jazzmine Shakur ain't nobody copying jlo,hoe can't sang but dance. Beyonce copied Ciara,Aaliyah,Tina Turner too.

    Carlyne Jean Jacques

    Yup 😤

  48. CallMeLum

    Who is this Rich Harrison? This nigga don't play daym! Beat is faya!


    Rich Harrison is a real dope music producer from DC. He produced Amerie first two albums. He gave her a unique sound for the streets. It was rumored that Matthew Knowles Beyonce Dad paid Rich Harrison a undisclosed amount of money to give Beyonce that Amerie sound. That's why Rich and Amerie wasn't working together anymore. This was around 2005-2006. Amerie was a big threat to the industry cause the streets was fucking with her sound and Beyonce wanted that sound that was taking over the clubs at that time. That Crazy in Love beat was a beat that was for Amerie and he gave it to Beyonce. I like Beyonce but i honestly believe when it came to the music, Amerie was her competition cause Amerie was sexy, slim, and all the rappers wanted her. She was the knew girl on the block and Rich was the new producer on the block. Greed is a mutha.

    Anthony Pendergrass

    @enzigenes somehow, I do believe that, cuzin. Amerie very underrated...


    A year too late but this is why I hate Beyonce. She's a she devil.

  49. T #DeterminedB

    I still love this song!!!!! #2014

    Abbas Khan

    ILoveME #NoTime4FairyTalez tv bt


  50. christopher simmons

    so ill. the game misses her.

  51. Briana B

    the ones who knew it when it was out are the ILLEST.

    In The Beginning Was The Word

    Day one.

  52. King Alejandro

    I never realized how good her album was back then.

    Terri Belford

    King Alejandro shame on you for that lol

    Alee Opuiyo

    King Alejandro yep #fiyah

  53. MrUinfo

    Where can I find an instrumental ?

  54. Joshua Afrifa

    Amerie's right-hand-man Rich Harrison definitely produced Kelly Rowland's "Can't Nobody" lol cause can OBVIOUSLY hear certain elements of "Can't Nobody" in this song

  55. Sophie Elwell

    i Love this song! need to buy the CD again

  56. Jason Mills

    it's 2013 but I'm here lol

  57. Aj PoliMusic

    THIS SONG IS HOT!!! The words....AMAZING!! And the beat....OUT OF THIS WORLD!! The hook is the BEST part of the song of course: "So hard to believe she left you alone, all alone, I know babe you can come with me though. So hard to be strong cuz she left you alone, all alone, I know babe you can some with me though..!" =) LOOVE THIS SONG!!

  58. Shabana Kumar

    thumbs up if you just found this in 2013?! and love it too

  59. Kami G

    Don't know what to do, what to say I'm not sure what to tell you Confused, which way do I Take your hand or let go Take your hand or let it go? #Usher

    Chance St.Thomas

    Kami G Oh...damn U right

  60. Kami G

    how about 2013

  61. Kami G

    haha what can i say i love my music!

  62. martinez scott

    Sounds better on 7.1 dolby surround at 200 watts !!!

  63. Piney Pie

    You have a good ear =) Thats cuz Rich Harrison wrote/produced both of them ...I always said that too

  64. Kim Reese

    two people now

  65. Alexander Hughes

    sounds like take your hand by usher

  66. circasurvive04

    never gets old! her music is timeless

  67. coalunderpressure89

    i dont know why but i just love this song

  68. s3v3np01nt62

    I like music that sounds sexy like this to be chopped and screwed i guess but yeah the song already sounds good but i guess its in everyone's own taste in music.

  69. Kami G

    She kinda flowed like usher did in "take my hand song" on the confessions album haha

  70. s3v3np01nt62

    all i need to do find a chopped and screwed version

  71. wr513

    This joint right here is hot!!!

  72. T #DeterminedB

    man, love this song!

  73. Terral Williams

    @drbayoms she really does.

  74. vikki12307

    This is too perfect for words! <3

  75. AntsAfan301

    @realOGfromthahood ? lol

  76. AntsAfan301

    @kellz2o10 lol dont sleep on A

  77. AntsAfan301

    @Dablkwid0w2008 no sadly..this is one of my fav tracks on the album love it

  78. AntsAfan301

    @nykia007 Amerie used producer Rich Harrison to produce this album (her 2nd one) and the 1st one (all i have) back in 2001/2002. Beyonce worked with him after on her dangerously in love album

  79. Monique Nykia

    @kreep2nite a lot of these tracks sound exactly like B. I'm a fan of both :-)

  80. Dablkwid0w2008

    Amerie is sooo sooo sooo underrated

  81. Dablkwid0w2008

    was there a video for this song? I never heard this song before

  82. wr513

    The truth!!!

  83. Kelly Randall

    that "yeeaaa" at 3:17 sounds a little like Beyonce lol

  84. ilabloom

    Thumbs up if you're listening to this in 2011!!!

  85. kreep2nite

    @Chani14922 rich harrison - amerie's producer also produced some tracks for B. so they may be similar. haven't heard B's song....not a big fan of hers.

  86. Neena

    I uuuuv Amerie....but y is she so under rated...u can relate so much with her music...she is beautiful,talented,and she has a great voice

  87. amber holmes

    she is under rated and is one of the best

  88. tubechiq88

    she is underrated

  89. Push Jones

    Talent and beauty...

  90. dicky johnson

    when im high and parinoid driving this album helps me drive and chill out

  91. haleyunderrated

    @Chani14922 you mean geenlight by beyonce? that song also samples ameries chant in one thing.....

  92. R0YALT1

    TOO NICE!!

  93. cn2579

    this beat is crazy w/ her voice love this

  94. sweetbabysophie

    Amerie sings with swag. love it.

  95. Back To Life

    How did I miss this track???? Niccceeee

  96. Sean Vann

    one of the fattest jamz out ,production is fresh 7zark7

  97. TejasLJ

    yeassss. love it!

  98. dogsarebetter

    better than 1 thing i think