Amerie - Can We Go Lyrics

Let me sit down and tell you how this thing has really started
When I come around you act like loving you is under audit
So baby can you give me just little more (time)
Cause I'm having problem's trying to read your (mind)
I really don't know what to do with you
I was too into you now I'm through with you

Can we go
Can we go back (to where love is)
Can we go
Can we go back (to where love is)

Pretty memories coming back to me but I remember
What you said to me when you walked away the other day
Is what I remember most
Trying to get past the things you said
Holding on to all the love I thought we had
Wishing I could just replace
Trying to erase all the pain


Girl you know I can't forsee this
I wanna try but I can't deny this feeling

Baby think of what you're saying
Can we try cause I won't stop believing

[Chorus 2x]

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Amerie Can We Go Comments
  1. David

    First music I heard after hurricane Katrina in 2005... still doing the same thing jamming fifteen years later

  2. Nyree Dix

    I own this album it still bumps

  3. renee vaughan


  4. Shannon Cunningham

    2019 and I'm still bumping this, like everyday!!!!👍

    Jay Hi5

    Me too! Love this song!

  5. Debrina Mitchell

    Ever since me n hubby started working I be feeling like this when it just me and him 😫 searching for attention..but at the same time resenting him cause he hasn't proposed to me . Smfh itz just too much..

  6. EyeZ of Tha Moon

    DELICIOUS ASS BEAT. I wonder why parents didn’t play this growing up.

  7. Angell Williams

    I wish there was a video to this song.

  8. Dennis Shorunkeh-Sawyer

    Still can't get over how good this album is now. Stands up to most of the rubbish made today.

  9. Casey Paige

    Touch my soul

  10. SMGaming

    Definitely one of her best songs. Love this woman lol

  11. Love Happiness

    Loooove the beginning

  12. ricey Veli

    My favourite classic

  13. Nana Abena Darkowaah

    Listening in 2018. I remember this was the third album I bought as a teenager

  14. Kelvin Cornish

    LOVE this song!!!

  15. Lisa Rochelle

    This is music real talk we're is the old school at im old school real talk Ms Lisa from the hood 36st between Market and Duncan

  16. J' TRAME

    One of my favorite artists.. but sooo underrated

  17. Robb Fraction

    Sighs I miss these days 😊😊😊🤸‍♀️💳

  18. mary burrell

    I love me some Amerie I love this song my jam

  19. the bronxite

    That beat, tho.

    Her and Carl were crazy underrated. They are both KILLER songwriters!

  20. ninimoe1

    love this song

  21. Ken Konami


  22. Dee Musa


  23. Tolulope Lewis

    I would love to here jada and styles p on this beat,would suit them perfectly .Love this song by the way,amazing Amerie & Carl's incredible vocals.

    Robert Charmers

    L.O.X in general would kill this beat in my opinion, Jada, Styles or Sheek. Chorus sounds great on this, Amerie seems to always stack/layer her vocals perfectly since "why don't we fall in love" days lol!

    Tolulope Lewis

    Yeah she does. The chorus is amazing,I just love the beat and the song

    B Butler III

    Tolulope Lewis I was JUST thinking that!

  24. Agape Love

    Amerie, shout to your team of writes and producers for putting together a classic

  25. DJ SMITH

    this song is hott...

  26. Maura Burleigh

    anything she does I love!

  27. Ruby Stargell

    man. I am a fan but I played the silver off this CD back in the day. So appropriate for the "love affair"at that time.

  28. Rayshawn Harris

    Produced by BINK! WOOH

  29. Sekushii _Lee

    This song always makes my heart hurt idk why

  30. cjay G.

    what happened. to rnb music like this?

    Nyree Dix

    What I said hunny I stay n the past music wise the so called rap now a days is awful.

  31. Mimi shawi

    Boy has music changed.

  32. Mani

    got this song on repeat now

  33. Mani

    I would dedicate this to my future bae lol

  34. Allan Alston

    Good song right here. I used to rock this hard...

  35. Anderson Cardoso

    Excelente Música. Excellent Music!!! WOW

  36. Ozzida Wiggins

    OMG my eeshh remember this song I used to bump this in my room

  37. MrsJazmine87

    YOU CAN FEEL R&B in the air

  38. Breed X

    Red Spyda's sound back then was straight fire! I always expected him to become hit level go to producer.

  39. Dyami Dyl

    Can you hear that? thats the sound of no one caring.

  40. Yo Yo

    Oh get outta here! Amerie is extremely talented, that's a fact for sure. She writes, co-writes and co-produces her own songs and sings, acts and dances her ass off. Ain't nobody can tell her she ain't got no talent! Pretty sure she wouldn't "steal" any people's hard work

  41. P-Dog

    Love this song. Best song on ''Touch'' next to ''Falling'', ''Come with Me'', and ''Just Like Me''.

  42. Keta J

    Fn loved this album, listened to it everyday, I was pregnant, when I was in labor this album kept me calm lol

    Shanda Oates


  43. deeteedub

    This is crap. I came here to check out this song because someone told me that she "sampled" Earth, Wind & FIre's "Evil" for this track. This isn't sampling. This is downright stealing an entire backing track that real, talented people wrote and produced, and then laying your crappy drum track over it.

    Stop stealing other people's hard work and true craft and learn to actually compose and play your own music. Until you do that, you're nothing but a talentless hack.


    So nice this song!!!

  45. Tim Brown

    This is a good album

  46. StephonST


  47. India Rose

    deff @ planeto flce35 .. r.t

  48. India Rose

    real music!!

  49. PlanetofIce35

    Both underrated artist and it is a shame!


    my shit

  51. Nicole Horton

    I lover her so much she is so underrated!

  52. trezz18

    This is niceeeeee [:

  53. Odidi Mfenyana

    Wow such hot bumpin n grindin slow jam, diggin it. Eish! Kodwa what happend to Miss Amerie

  54. Bxcutie718

    my jam! thank u !

  55. Amina Maina

    u put it so well!!! its such a shame talent is no more recognised


    i want this beat :/

    mike jones

    ALIENSHADZ 13 amen to that

  57. enigma2488

    EWF's Evil sample with fantastic remix of a twisted Whimsy.

  58. HotacidVN

    Both of them are sadly very very underrated.................. My First Love from Carl will always be my jam and this is such a sexy song and their vocals are on point!

    Miss Jay Leigh

    HotacidVN that's not carl Thomas you're thinking about its Avant

    Moj!tto Official

    no, it IS Carl Thomas, beat was produced by Just Blaze...that track is simply amazing!

  59. A V

    The only people you need in your life, are the ones who prove they need you in theirs! stop tryina go back to those who ain't worth you being there. let them prove it to you, then proceed..

    btw, amazing f*cking song!! even better beat

  60. DEATHGOD198255


  61. MissRoyalDoll

    HAWTEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. polynesiandove


  63. Kairen Green

    this girl is fffiiinnneee! i would go with her

  64. joannabolden

    Thanks for posting - always loved this song!

  65. Ikethe5

    I love this Song!