Amerie - Can't Let Go Lyrics

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Oh oh
Whoa yeah

I never knew real love, real love
Till you were mine
And I
And I never knew each touch
Between us would feel like the first time
The very first time, well
See I remember the days of hurt and pain
Just wouldn't let go, oh oh oh oh oh oh
And now every night shines so brightly
And I know, I know I'm not alone
Not alone no more, no

I can't let go
I can't let go
I can't let go, let go (I can't, let go, let go)
All I know
All I know, all I know
I know, I know
Is I can't
I can't let go

There's so much of you
Your love
Your love inside my heart
Words can't really explain
Explain and I
I just don't believe, I don't believe
That I can go on
If I ever let it slip away, slip away yeah

All I want to do is love you (All I want)
Everyday, Everyday (Everyday)
Now until forever
We belong
Your heart belongs to me
And that's the way it's suppose to be
Cause I won't let you go

I can't let go
I can't let go
I can't let go, let go (Let you go)
All I know
All I know, all I know (You make me feel so real)
I know, I know
Is I can't (yeah)
I can't let go

I can't let go (I can't let you go)
I can't let go (Or your lovin)
I can't let go, let go
All I know (All I know)
All I know, all I know
I know, I know
Is I can't (Can't let go)
I can't let go

oh oh oh
Yeah yeah
Whoa whoa whoa

Now ever since we first met
I knew that you were the one for me, for me
And I
I promised myself that I would never let you leave
no no no no no no

Never lettin you leave
Never lettin you go
Never lettin you be
Not ever until I know
That you (you belong to me)

[Fade out]

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Amerie Can't Let Go Comments
  1. Alexas Brooks

    One of my favorite ablums

  2. Marguerite Garrard

    This is one album that I play often. Almost every song touches me. Seriously talented.


    D. R ❤♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Sheldon Everything

    This was my driving song back when I had my Twin Turbo Nissan 300ZX matter of fact the entire album

  5. PurpleTips Live4Love

    Still fn this song up 2019....🔥💣

  6. Calvin Guy


  7. stephanie Mcleod


  8. glennspin73

    I got this on VINYL
    so smooth.. good memories😉

  9. soulavenue8

    I remember when she came out. One of high school class mates was feeling me and let me borrow the album. I heard this song with a few others and never gave it back lbvs. He basically let me have it, but used the CD as a way to keep flirting with me. Aaaah teenage life, high school daze, and the summer of 02. Was the bomb. I knew back then I was going to be nostalgic over this song.

    Angel Johnson

    soulavenue8 good old days

  10. Tiran Sims

    This whole album is dope

  11. swright4twenty

    takes me back to my FedEx days. I was a hard worker and this soothing music would calm me after a grueling 5 hours. I went to see her in concert in SF and she killed it.

  12. Tari Unique

    Love this album, always will 🔥

  13. Masha Gerald

    I still have this CD .the best album

  14. La west philly

    this album will never die ill always bang this

  15. Kimmica20

    Although this song is one of my favorites from the album, I still have to say that the entire album is fire 🔥from start to finish. Underrated!


    Good Music RT here!!

  17. Riki Tiki Tavi

    Mjb vibes all up in this song...lord knows i love amerie

  18. Dani Deloney

    Well I know I runs this on repeat...thts fa sho! She did that this is one of my fav Amerie songs hands down❤️❤️❤️

  19. Kamar G

    Summer 2002 Kadena and Yokota Air Bases Japan.... This was and is the best song she EVER made. I had this on heavy rotation.

  20. Ricardo MORA

    Wow!! Remember the best times of Uptown Records Style's, Congratulations!!

  21. Carletta Allen

    I have to agree this Entire CD is Hot!!! Amerie... come back with some new stuff... Where is she now???

  22. Candace Renae

    Amerie has such a beautiful voice!

  23. Georgio SupremeDetroit

    How beautiful Lovely

  24. Aminah A

    For u sadiq ❤️u

  25. Elle Deeyen

    America has new music...💖

  26. Kayla Sankey

    Still a bop in 2019 !!!!

  27. mrgoodbar001ful

    2019 & still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Dionne

    2019 and still🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Tamara White

    Used to Looooove this CD!!! Still fire

  29. Marvin Williams


  30. Rodtinae Jones

    Dedicated to my her!!!😘😍👑

  31. Mark Miller

    Amelie was on her way from this album alone.... The most slept on out that year.... From the first single off the jump instant. chart topper she kept moving until Beyoncé got hold of Amerie’s producer Rich Harrison and it was over.... She was a threat to all her competition out the gate... Mya, Lil Mo, Ashanti Mary, and whoever else....She should have done a song with Alicia Keys

    Calvin Harris

    Well put

  32. yvana marie

    Her and Aaliyah would've made a dope ass song together💜

    Nazareth Melson

    yvana marie I agree! Why dont they let the coldest collaborate?! It's disappointing 😫😫😫


    Aaliyah was dead before Amerie start her carreer but I agree

    Mikaela burrell

    yvana marie yess Aaliyah the heavenly angel 👼🏾

  33. Keelo Williams

    Still bump this one of my favorites😍

  34. tricksgrl2

    Beautiful song that never gets old

  35. SexyBrown Mocha CoCoA 2020

    This is the most peaceful song that I ever heard but I'm so in love with this song.🤗😘😘😘😋😋😎😍😘💯👌👍👅👅♥️💖😗😙😚😚💋💗

  36. SexyBrown Mocha CoCoA 2020

    Ever song on this album is absolutely beautiful I am so in love with this woman's voice she's so amazing in every breath that she takes I could vibe and listen to her music all day long.🤗😍😄😃

  37. Jamie Dupree Calhoun

    Love her life she was the truth was blackballed by that beehive bullshit thats out now copied her style factz

  38. IloveD

    Amerie where u at girl??!!!! We need u!!!

  39. Kendra Greene

    Classic ❤️🔥

  40. Justice Served

    Love this song

    Knight Hawk t.k.

    Justice Served this the joint

  41. Christina Glenn


  42. Terri Wright

    What happened to her?


    If you listen to awful actually music you can answer to your question....

  43. shon dunn

    Where are u Amerie? R&B need u

  44. isbadi herjupono

    nice ........

  45. Echad


  46. Pat Gwaltney

    This entire CD was hotness!!! She was underrated and a magnificent talent. The memories!

    Riki Tiki Tavi


    Tiran Sims


  47. MsSweetJames Jones

    Favorite song on the album

  48. Bethebest 1

    Can't let go and nothing like loving you were my favorite songs on this album. Time flies with this one.

  49. Del Scott

    This is a song for making love with a beautiful person that has a beautiful spirit and that adds beauty to your life.


    AMEN ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

  50. christinarichards6

    Loved this whole album I SWEAR

    moni luv

    christinarichards6 it's a classic for sure! from start to finish

    Juanita Martin

    @moni luv "Classic" is definitely relative. She was hot in the early 2000's - classic to me is late 70's and early 80's - old skool. And it's funny that you have the name of an 80/90's artist, which IS classic, but you refer to a much later artist as "classic". You must be a 13 year old.

    moni luv

    @Juanita Martin I'm wondering why you felt the need to make this comment. "Classic" is relative to MY taste and there are clearly plenty of other people who agree my opinion. You're not one of the and that's ok. No need to get nasty. And since you brought it up, I'm over 30 and haven't been 13 in decades :)

    moni luv

    @Juanita Martin ...and you might want to note that we referred to the album as classic, not the artist. Pay attention to what matters next time

    Marion Lewis

    Right pure press play

  51. Diamonds && Goldz

    Man I miss her music so much .


    she was the shit

  52. Lonzel Brown

    very underrated she go though this slap super hard

  53. marquia charde

    takes me back to 11th grade its over 10 years and i still love this

  54. Fatrail Lamont

    I love amerie this a nice song

  55. Kiara Jackson

    So underrated & so talented

    Jonathan Akerele

    Yep! Amerie is a diamond in the rough! You take that rock, polish it off, and feast your eyes upon it as it shines but gets little attention from the masses. That's Amerie. Extremely talented vocalist with music that speaks to the soul but is overshadowed by all the other more popular artists out there: Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Mariah Carey (whose comeback interestingly came around just as Amerie was on the up and up in 2005 culminating in her beating her out for a Grammy trophy I think for Album of the Year or something). Kind of sad since all those other singers I mentioned have done the rounds already but I guess since sales and popularity are what matter, new artists like Amerie have little chance to shine on the national stage. =(