Amerie - 4TheLovers Lyrics

Ooh yeah, this is for the lovers
Ooh yeah, tell me there is no other in the room
I won't let go, let go all this feeling
All you know, this is for the lovers

Hush down, don't you say a word
We all got a sequenz
Don't now what you heard
But baby we should keep this on the low, oh oh oh
It's not like I don't want to wanna know, oh oh oh
It's in a long time (And I know that you are mine)
[?] by a wrong (And I know that you are mine)
[?] (And I know that you are mine)
(And I know that you are mine)

Ooh yeah, this is for the lovers
Ooh yeah, tell me there is no other in the room
I won't let go, let go all this feeling
All you know, this is for the lovers

This is for the lovers (this is for the lovers)
This is for the lovers (this is for the lovers)
This is for the lovers
This is for the lovers

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Amerie 4TheLovers Comments
  1. Dan Dan

    Yes, yes, Amerie. Once again!

  2. williedarko

    "Tell me there's no otha in the warrrrrr " 🔥💯

  3. Nyree Dix

    Different than her other songs I can dig it

  4. Tameca Davis

    I am loving this whole album!!!!!! My daughter is 4 yrs and she love her some Amerie!!

  5. music lover1984

    She looks like Gabrielle Union from that angle on the cover.

    TenRag Edispoid

    Gabrielle got absolutely nothing on Amerie

  6. Deun Scott

    This whole ep dope

  7. Tabooski M

    Her whole album is auto tuned 🙄

    Marzell Holbrook

    There's a theme she was going for

  8. Johlh,gg Kgogogl

    I really Love You Amerie Keep doing your Best

  9. Good Karma

    I’m feeling this song. Sounds better than a lot of other music that’s out. I will be buying some of your new music. I already bought a lot of your music. Ima always be checking for you. 💚💕

  10. quan'ton get into it

    Still here 2019 love this album ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️


    all day long

  11. Angela Mcgill

    Victuals! JOSHUA9.

  12. spaceboy3101

    2nd time I've heard this on KCOU. Got it written down and bookmarked this time. Great relaxing, mellow vibe. Wish it was 5 minutes!

  13. Kiel Li Mikal

    tell me there’s no other in a war

  14. Steven Fuller

    Instead of people listening to the arts, they'll rather critique. Shut up and be a lover!

  15. Suzette Daniel

    I don't wanna stop doing it

  16. Helplessshi

    Sounds like mila j im disappointed.

  17. Aaliyah Townsend

    Amerie got me dancing in my bed

    Princess Jasmine

    in the bathtub lol 😂

  18. MsStorm351


  19. cliff green

    She's back 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. The Line

    That's one of my favourites

  21. adoRebelstyle

    In one of Amerie's YouTube videos from her YouTube channel she talks about how this was one of the only or the only song she recorded after her son was born. She says you can hear him on one part on the record. I think it's at the 1:58 mark. I wonder if that's the part??

    Anthony Hale

    adoRebelstyle it is!!!!! I didn’t notice it at first until she said it.

  22. Jose Delacruz

    yo amerie what are you doing dont get it twisted i been a fam from your first album and i promise you i always will but you shouldve reached out to those old producers that made every track on your old albums fire you cant leave us with this crap im so happy your back ive been waiting but im only feeling 1 song on the e.p. cmon amerie we need you the old you please make some more fire not this e.p.

    TenRag Edispoid

    Go to ear doctor

  23. smithchild80

    This song is so sexy. Damn...

  24. Isheena Brown

    I love this album the album cover and the songs reminds me of ur first album been waiting for new music from you 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Lavone Cobb

    Nice. I think it’s a twist on the Original album

  26. Dequan DQ305 Allen


    quan'ton get into it

    Dequan DQ305 Allen exactly

  27. Ieuan Mae-Rose

    Yuck. Very synthetic.

  28. K Ford

    Very niceeee. 💥 Good to see her back on the music scene!

  29. Mike Stump


  30. Zainab Amina

    Amerie I love you but this new music does not do your talent any justice.

  31. Robyn Anunnaki

    ' Not Feeling It , Its A Comeback So Why Did You Barely Come Back On This Song ? I Love Your Music Girl So You Need To Do Better Rightnow


    Foh dis shit 🔥

  32. My yout

    I love her , and she came back great! Just too much auto tune and she sounds like every artist now 😕


    Issa vibe tho 🔥🔥🔥

    Michelle A

    that's true but I still love her music I like the fact that she's always had her own sound.

  33. Ceylon

    Hell yeah!! ❤🎶

  34. Bryce Holloway

    if she wanted it 4the lovers she can keep it that way its her life anyway

  35. oren615

    her voice is so pretty

  36. Allan D.

    "4TheLovers" (no space)

  37. StevenM801


  38. Kalia Faith

    Her new songs sound all the same?? Disappointed.

    JG Money

    I don't like her music with those trap beats. I love her but lose the trap

    music lover1984

    @JG Money amerie always had hard hitting beats but you are right this is a trap beat.

  39. Coconut Oil

    Her #ablibs 👏

  40. Gabriel Maaliq Official

    I love this one the most 😍

  41. Prince Von

    nice!!! song she's finally back

  42. Unique Long

    Love love love!

  43. frostysnow w

    Yessssssss all you're songs are good 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  44. C.Classic