American Nightmare - The World Is Blue Lyrics

Still on the cross I am waiting
At crossroads deciding to stay
From a nowhere town to the center of the world
This all could collapse in a day

Hell is hot but I'm keeping cool
The fire of youth burns in a world that's blue
And if a bridge don't support our weight
First we cross it then we burn it down

Knives out in the fucking shadows
Thieves seem to seize all my days
And those who claim loyal to the grave
Will be the first to die alone

Hell is hot but I'm keeping cool
The fire of youth burns in a world that's blue
And if a bridge don't support our weight
First we cross it then we burn it down


I see the sun shining down on me
I see the sun shining down on me

We've lived our whole lives
On one road
Now we are here
Now we are nowhere

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American Nightmare The World Is Blue Comments
  1. I'm Old Enough To Remember

    This would have meant more to me 15 years ago

  2. Jared thrash

    His voice sounds way to high not hearing  the hard sound they used to have

  3. Krystian Jones

    1:25 - Josh Scogin?

  4. Zorch Martino


  5. WckdLttlSnnrs 28

    Frank.... Ireo

  6. Darthchopper

    Is Wes getting tired of ripping off New Order so he is returning to what gave him a name in the first place?

  7. Adam C

    Seeing them for albums release show in Philly next month. It's gonna be amazing once again

  8. Cyclea

    A little baffled by people comparing this to Metallica...but sounds amazing

  9. Johnny Amok

    put speed on 1,25 and you'll get a really good song.

    Bio Parco

    true! the normal version is a little too slow

    David Ricci

    NOW this sounds like AN.

  10. Basham86

    Sounds incredible.

  11. Jubei Sarutobi

    Punk is not dead.

  12. shawnye west

    I dig it reminds me of some girls and i like thwy finally got the AN name back

  13. Ryan Pelaez

    I don't understand why everyone is surprised at how this sounds. To me, it sounds like a likely progression from We're Down Til We're Underground.

    Johnny Amok

    It misses the blasting energy of previous records a little but it's still very trademark AN. I also liked his voice on "we're down ..." better. Sounded more desperate. More urgent. This is a little more whiney, dragged out. The other song "American Death", which they played live already, is pretty similar to this one, so I hope the other 7 songs will catch up a little on the aggressiveness, except for the one odd obvious slow song :D

    Dude Dude

    I mean its all subjective but how do you not perceive aggressiveness from this!?

    Johnny Amok

    I think it does feel aggressive but also quite laid back. Progression and all, the songs on "We're down" had a really pressing urgency to them, which this song is missing. It is more punk than core and I'm getting used to it. I'm not saying that this is bad by all means, half of the views are probably from me :D

    Dude Dude

    Right on.. Its funny how the song does such different things for everyone. To me this seems like a good next album from We're Down, but it actually feels more of the words you use to describe the previous record ("urgent" for example). Beauty of music man, its what you take from it. Either way this album is going to be great I think

    ronny reagan

    Ryan Pelaez people are not very forward thinking and respond to change with confusion or criticism

  14. John Nicholls

    Came for the comments, not disappointed.

  15. Sleepwalk Capsules

    Is it true that Tim Cossar is no longer a part of American Nightmare? That might explain the difference in sound with this latest track.

    Ryan Douglass

    Doesn't look like it. He's not in their new promo photo and isn't listed in the articles I've seen on Pitchfork and Consequence of Sound. I haven't been able to find any info on why, though. It worries me that his absence might hurt this album, I always thought of him as a big creative force in AN.

    Sleepwalk Capsules

    I agree about Tim being a significant creative contributor to American Nightmare's sound. To be honest I am not overly impressed with this latest release; stylistically speaking his absence makes a huge difference in the group's sound. I guess we will have to see what the full-length album sounds like in its entirety once it drops next month.

  16. stereoccult

    Yep. This song jams!!

  17. Brian Ashton

    So I guess they allowed to use the "American Nightmare" name now? I like Give up the ghost, but they were still always American Nightmare to me

  18. Anthony Carey

    Reminds me of old Rise Against


    Anthony Carey hahahahahahahahhahaha

  19. Robert Ojeda

    Album of the 2018, period!

  20. Ryan Laing


  21. Javi G.

    Nice copy of Bane or Refused

    Dude Dude

    How in god's name does this even in the smallest way sound like BANE?

  22. Johnny Hanel

    getting Some Girls vibes

    Johnny Hanel

    Johnny Amok i’m actually bummed they’re doing another record. they had 2 perfect full length records. and then called it quits. a perfect legacy in my opinion. i feel like they’re about to hurt the legacy. we’ll see tho

    Johnny Amok

    Wes is a great lyricist and the musicians are all very good too. the record will be good no question, it simply cannot be bad, but i agree that it's risky business what they are attempting to do here. Judging after the two songs we already know (This and american death) the new record will not be as "i don't give a fuck" as the previous ones but that is to be expected. Did Refused or At The Druive-In destroy their legacy with their new records? No, I don't think so, both records were damn solid but not TOO great either. Still, I'm more than stoked to finally hear new stuff!

    Johnny Hanel

    haha i actually was pretty disappointed with that At The Drive-In album. i dug the new Refused record though. so i get where you're coming from. and yeah, Wes' lyrics are the highlight of the band for me, so i'm sure that' aspect will be top regardless if the music isn't stellar. fingers crossed

    Pinebox Doggo

    Johnny Hanel I totally understand where you're coming from i felt the same exact way for refused but im loving this new track so much so im certain im going to love this album

    Scott End

    "Did Refused destroy their legacy with their new record?"


  23. John Leschak


  24. Christopher Bivin

    this song is friggin good

  25. Antlion161

    fuck can't believe they made a new album

  26. なんとかなるさ

    Its not Background Music, but Its not bad!


    This is punk hardcore at its finest.

  28. Tokio

    Awesome punk rock band.they need more views because they sound good

  29. Penguinssss

    Fk yes.

  30. Bradley DiFoggio

    what year am in?


    two thousand eighteen

  31. xmikeywarriorx

    Ryan Gosling is stoked

    ronny reagan

    xmikeywarriorx ok

  32. Pizza Chit

    This made a bunch of late 20s tough guys wana break out their girl pants again.

    Me included.

  33. Jake Waltham

    Now all the people here for shitty metalcore bands get to hear a good band lol

    realest realist

    this band fucking sucks lol

    Chris Easton

    realest realist WRONG!

    ploob man

    realest realist they clearly don’t lmao what are you talking about?

    Marc Spector

    This is not a metalcore band tho

    Jake Waltham

    German Dash I never said they were. Metalcore

  34. David Wallace

    Now when’s the tour

  35. Sarah

    <3 <3 <3

  36. GodsColdHands

    happy that they are back...but it could be a thousand times better..!! and the vocals are just damn shit...

  37. Edson Etian

    0:40 at 0:53 Sounds a little like Trapped Under Ice but I'm okay with that, keep making some good music, guys. \m/


    You spelled BANE wrong if anything :)

    Stephen Bush

    These dudes never listen to tui

  38. Ima flex on yo

    Where is lil pump ? He should be here.

    Drive off a cliff

    Ima flex on yo What

  39. willylowman99

    I wonder if they have calmed down a bit in their old age and finally admit to people that they are from Maine.


    Better yet. It would be cool if they actually ever did a show in their home state.

    Thomas Bowen

    They actually mention Maine in one of the new songs..forgot which one tho.

  40. Brian Burdzy

    fuck yes.

  41. ogg future

    whoa, way better than i expected.

  42. Cody Fry

    It’s fun to hit pause at see what photo it lands on

  43. Suvam Mukhopadhyay

    good not great..almost like the Stooges+early metallica

    existential. anarchist

    its called hardcore xD


    Suvam Mukhopadhyay You retarded or something? How did you end up here, especially so early?!

    Pizza Chit

    Yes hardcore is American punk mixed with trash metal. What an amazing revelation.


    You’ve clearly never ever listened to music before.

    Fake Train

    No it isn't lol

  44. Eric B

    I like this a lot.

  45. riserecords

    first post

    Johnny Amok

    AN is NOT a metallic hardcore band. It's just an extremely good hardcore/punk band.

    All Tatted

    Johnny Amok I'm sure we're all on the same page here

    Fake Train

    Eh, they have the "deathwishcore" metal tinge on a few songs. They still have nothing to do with most of the other acts on this label.

    All Tatted

    Fake Train lol true I love metal in General I love playing guitar more than anything

    Chris Easton

    All Tatted what happened to music? Literally every one of those bands that you listed are pure garbage. You say you are tired of bands going soft, yet there are records that came out in 2017 that are 100 times heavier and more authentic than any of the bands you listed lol.