American Nightmare - The Hell We've Been Living In Lyrics

Can't afford to lose my memory
I'm too in debt
Fear becoming fact
The years you miss aren't coming back
Guess I forgot
To keep my friends from falling off
You can't run away
From something that was never there
No one is starting to understand this
Of course we miss the faces
That we used to kiss
Cut yourself with the long hand
From your broken clock
Timing just nothing except wasted time
You say you don't understand
I say it doesn't help
I'm still fucked to death
It's still meaningless its still hit or miss
Its never making sense
It all went wrong in sympathetic song
Starting again
With broken hymns and limbs
I want star-bound feet
Far from the ground
This is the most intense thing you've felt
This is two hands
Ripping through your chest
To scrape the love from your heart

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American Nightmare The Hell We've Been Living In Comments
  1. Just some Random dude

    Rip Sammy

  2. Plymouth 1957

    goog ! ho year !

  3. Ozan GÜNER

    Old American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) was great. This is great too. If you don't like it don't listen to it simple as that. They don't make music for you assholes. Bands grow and change. Who the fuck are you to say that this is not real American Nightmare? Fuck off.

  4. me just me. me just me.

    This song makes me cry because it's about my dear friend and mentor Sammy.

  5. Rodney King

    R.I.P. STM


    bad ass

  7. none of your business

    is that the guitsr player(long hair). thay used to be in the hope conspiracy/true love ?

    Justin Sawyer

    Jim Carrol is his name. He's played with Hope Con, The Suicide File and Pure love.

  8. Jedidiah Bowman

    This isn’t bad, considering. This was my favorite band for many years. I really don’t know what people expected. Giving the New wave kind of stuff the singer has been into since they split, this isnt bad. If you expected it to sound the same after all this time, maybe you were hoping for too much.

    R K

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. IMO I think they've stuck quite faithfully to their 2003 sound. What band could come back after 15 years and produce a record that can say that? There's tracks on here that could easily have been taken from We're Down Til We're Underground sessions. Perhaps the only non-AN-sounding track, for me, is Colder Than Death.

  9. Marc Isenbugel

    How come AN sound like As Friends Rust now?

  10. GooBanana

    How is this the same band that wrote Please Die????????????????????????

  11. Tyler Aikens

    Let me be the first to say, as an aging hardcore kid sick of the same violence centric moshcore bullshit... Thanks for growing up with me.

  12. Bruce Wayne

    Weeeell, this is not the "American Nightmare" I expected.

    Jedidiah Bowman

    Bruce Wayne I dont know what you expected then. It’s definitely not the same, but considering what the singer has been into since they split, it could’ve been much worse.

  13. Brian Ashton

    American Nightmare come back to make a record that doesn't sound like American Nightmare? Well what's the point?

    R K

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. IMO I think they've stuck quite faithfully to their 2003 sound. What band could come back after 15 years and produce a record that can say that? Some people don't agree but considering the project Wes has been doing for the last ten years I dont think theyd have done it if it was going to piss old fans off - there's no real 'singing', there's no synths or super clean production.

  14. Florian Munkt

    fcking great lyrics, great one wes and an!

  15. Jayme Curtis

    good track, you guys need more views!

  16. gabriel chance

  17. Joshua Styles

    Love this tune

  18. Marco Gurriéri

    powerful song, but not seen in the video. they look bored.

  19. Moep OX

    Wow! Sounds good!

  20. 情勢国際

    This makes me wanna play Tony Hawk Underground 2 again

  21. david bartholomew

    From Toronto willing to drive to Buffalo with your fnas - how long is your set and $ ?

    Andrew Roby

    david bartholomew their set is about 35mins. Full live set are posted on YouTube. They are great live.

  22. Robert Gaudiosi

    RISE records let these old bands die in peace you fucking vultures

  23. aboutenough

    Favorite song off the new record.

  24. U Dub

    New rock n roll?

  25. Andrew C.

    Song's not bad but god the production done on this song makes it sound SO FLAT


    Yeah they recorded live to two inch tape instead of using bloated studio wizardry to make themselves sound better

    Tyler Aikens

    Metal4Life56 then punk ain't for you

    Jamon Kytee

    Yeah, this is raw punk. This is the sound they were going for I'm assuming.

    Chris M

    They were going for a very raw sound, its exactly what they wanted. Very few guitar and vocal tracks.

    ronny reagan

    Metal4Life56 ok. Thanks for sharing

  26. CoreJunkie

    Rules Wes....

  27. Slutdash

    Just what i needed to rock my week end ! Nice surprise

  28. José Augusto dos Santos




  30. alexmathwus


  31. Skeetopunk01

    Reminds me a lot of Crime in Stereo. Good stuff.

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  33. Mark Shadows

    So good!