American Nightmare - Flowers Under Siege Lyrics

Flowers grow from the underground
To be stared at and stepped on and sold
Until what's beautiful is too old

Been under siege since I was a seed
And I'll be under siege 'til they re-bury me

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American Nightmare Flowers Under Siege Comments
  1. ScottVeggies

    Made me think of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, "It's not a race guys!"

    cameron humphries

    legit why i came back to this song

  2. Andrew Ry

    fav band ever

  3. Cesar Alejandro

    cold cave and noise rock, and dark wave and hardcore punk......masters

  4. NeoTheOne

    Glad you're back, I was honestly scared, but I like the new album. It's better than expected honestly.

  5. Chad M

    I still don't get the whole under 2 minute songs for Hardcore Punk acts... like Expire, Rotting Out, American Nightmare, Terror, First Blood, Lionheart... I find it hard to remember anything from them.

    Jedidiah Bowman

    Chad M Yet all of those bands stick in your memory for some reason. Could be because subconsciously you love it. If you find it hard to remember anything by Terror , I’m not sure your memory is that good.

  6. harmano Chesspa

    Aaaajb la wea!!!

  7. nyx


  8. Jams

    Wes still looking like yer mate whos been asked to cover vocals in the band and has no idea what to do to this kind of music.

  9. siti khairunnisa siti khairunnisa Love


  10. Valeriy


  11. oxtavio

    Too long.

  12. Derk Ender

    Best min of my life

  13. Andrew Roby

    Fuck yes

  14. αndrσvα


  15. Joshua Rosenberg

    Rad song, but a pays pretty heavy homage to Minor Threat's "Look Back and Laugh."

  16. Jan Luis Aguilar

    My Chemical Romance 2.0

    Andy Pandy858

    They've been around longer than My Chemical Romance. Also...what?

    Jan Luis Aguilar

    Andy Pandy858 I didn't know, Thanks

    Philip Whitehead

    Ew no. MCR ain't got shit on American Nightmare. AN released their first album in the late 90s


    They toured together actually.

    Joshua Estrada

    +NeoTheOne guitar player of my chem was in ANs first line up.

  17. gotanerve zine

    1 minute video, 30 sec the actual song that's rather punk, no?

  18. poetic asshole

    This must be what God was talking about when he said "art"

  19. Filip Ivkovic

    Well...I don't know what to think about new album. I dig fast songs, but this slower tracks are...meh. Sure, it can't be Backround Music, but...

  20. Joshua Garcia

    Nice and simple. I dig

  21. Ryan Douglass

    hahaha fucking hell that was over quickly. I love that these guys made a video for a 35 second song. Can't wait to get the full length in the mail today.

  22. Stan twentythree

    The greatest hardcore band in the world.

    Stan twentythree

    totally, you're right, who am i?

    Andrew Roby

    I agree that they are the greatest. They're my favorite hardcore band along with have heart and ruiner.

    Philip Whitehead

    >thinking hardcore bands actually make money in 2018

    Jedidiah Bowman

    Andy Pandy858 Im on your side with defending this bands integrity. I have always loved them. But to say they have been back together since 2011 is just bull shit. Playing a reunion show isn’t being back together.

    Joshua Estrada

    +Andy Pandy858 7 seconds and hot water music and many other great bands are on rise

  23. Jerry Serrano


  24. Sean Thompson

    yup I like the punk influence

    James Murray

    So you’re saying you dig the “punk influence” of this hardcore/punk band..?

    Sean Thompson

    James Murray Exactly it's not totally punk so it's punk influenced get it? what don't you understand?

    James Murray

    It's punk, you just have a weird idea of what punk apparently is. This band has always been a hardcore punk band since their inception.

    Sean Thompson

    James Murray So you know them cool. I don't and I'm sure a lot of other people don't either. That's why I was surprised to hear the punk even on Rise.

  25. Marco Camargo

    Comment #3 hi