American Head Charge - Take What I've Taken Lyrics

This most unwitting occurrence
Is indeed about you
So take it
Or chalk it up
All the others before me
Can give what I doubt

Take what I've taken

The three of threes
Professes you to me
Challenging and the favour will be
Paid in full
Pounds of flesh
In perfect dress

Take what I've taken

This most unwitting occurrence
Is indeed about you
So take it
Or chalk it up
All these others before me
Can't doubt
What's killing you
Wells from inside
Atonement for the waste
Pleasure in one more accolade
Prehensive doubt prehensive ...

One day I know when I see you
Far from these days that beat us
Far from my habits perfect prison

One day, I know when I see you
Far from these days that beat us
Far from my habits perfect prison

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American Head Charge Take What I've Taken Comments
  1. CWeaveLyrical

    My dad drove me and a bunch of friends to see them live in 2002. He sat in the car for 8 hours during the whole fest. I didn't fully appreciate that at the time. Now that I'm 33 and he's gone, I realize what that really meant. I miss him so much. A KING among men. R.I.P Pop.

  2. Lukas Goj

    One of best nu-metal Bizarre band of the world!!!!!i love everything bizarre!!!

  3. Ani'z Korner

    This shit is just as phenomenal every time i hear it

  4. Anthony Rodriguex

    American Head charges , true metal hard core from these fuming alive in the nitrogen steam soul !

  5. Steven Banks

    God damn this song is the shit

  6. Cory Danrich

    Man if you haven’t seen them live you’re missing out
    No joke

    Liberi Fatali

    They used to tour with Soil a ex was (is) crazy about Soil thus we got to watch these guys a lot as a bonus, kick ass band!

    Jason whipe

    Seen them back in 01 at the boardwalk small venue great show

  7. Woody Woodpecker

    take what I'm taking...these mother fuckers are the baddest ever..or ever will be

  8. eradeziel

    "One day I'll know when I see you, far from these days that beat us..."

  9. twitchymus


    Misty Day

    twitchymus the best part, love it!!!!

    Cory Danrich

    Agreed epic eerie

  10. Your Mom

    one cock sucking, piece of shit, moldy cum bubble, of a person doesnt know what good music is

  11. Tristan Justesen #AHCcrowdfunding  

  12. gvelikova

    I love these guys!

  13. 8bitsorcerers

    fucking bad ass

  14. Wagner Rodrigues


  15. chewbaccaisnthuman

    this should have millions of views!
    they are back!

  16. MinneMaggot

    Thanks for posting this album!! Chad himself said don't buy it - they didn't receive one fucking dime of profit from it!! He said to go steal it :)


    Was SO SO happy to see you guys last night :) :) Your performance made me feel alive!

  18. belowtheforgotten

    Makes me wanna get lit and drive as fast as the car will go haha

    Ani'z Korner


  19. Dry My Tears

    @bushbaumf Yes but without Cameron...

  20. Dry My Tears

    @bushbaumf Really??? REALLY?

  21. bushbaumf

    Read on another page that AHC is playing together again!

  22. MrTestMusic

    @Restayvien Oops. My bad. Lol.

    But even so, only some of their stuff is heavier.

  23. Restayvien

    I know what genre Opeth are =P I was using heavy as an adjective, rather than as a genre.

  24. MrTestMusic

    @Restayvien Opeth is progressive, bro. you want heavy metal check out Septic Flesh, or bloodbath maybe.

  25. HysteriaDuzz

    @Ultraman725 I miss all of them equally they are amazing. RIP Brian. He was a great guitarist and he truely will be missed. He was an "artist"! That's more than I can say for 99.99% of the tools in the modern music industry today.

  26. Levi Stubbs

    music in any form can be influenced by AHC and how they put raw emotion in their lyrics. and the way the execute it is fan--tastic! They feel the music that is within them and they embrace it! True metal!

  27. Gustave Finney

    I understand what you mean, Rest...they have/had a certain fury to them that I rarely see any other bands emulate. This in turn makes 'em heavier, (for me, at any rate).

  28. Edward Alex Smith

    you can love metal and anything you want, - American Head Charge is one different band, love their heavy stuff and 3mins in,. "One day I know when I see you.... Far from these days that beat us, Far from my habits perfect prison."

  29. Restayvien

    to be honest 'heavier' metal (opeth, meshuggah, cannibal corpse etc) - even though i love it, this 'feels' heavier. It's more brutal. More savage, and less classical.

  30. humanpotential7

    This is industrial metal, it is meant to be not as heavy as other heavymetal subgenres. If your into alot of heavy material check out alot of thrash metal or grind.

  31. superlongistaja

    5 Stars!

  32. SgtSPheonix

    AHC, AILD, MRH All fucking epic bands!! They should all tour together!!!! :P

  33. HeavyMetalHearted

    Sweet guitar riffs!

  34. Restayvien