American Head Charge - Sugars Of Someday Lyrics

I've lived with the pain I'm feeling
Sat out in the morning rain
You're betting the chase is ending
But there's something in the way

We all will swim forever
We all will swim forever

Swim in the sugars of someday maybe
Swim in the sugars of someday maybe

She keeps her dreams locked up tight
In a tiny matchbook house
There's no way to mend it
So just let it go

We all will swim forever
We all will swim forever

Swim in the sugars of someday maybe
Swim in the sugars of someday maybe
In the sugars of someday

This is the way to survive all of the lies they tell you
This is the way to survive all of the lies they tell you
This is the way to survive all of the lies they tell you
This is the way to survive all of the lies they tell you
This is the way to survive all of the lies they tell you
This is the way to survive all of the lies they tell you
This is the way to survive all of the lies they tell you
This is the way to survive all of the lies they tell you

I'm gonna dance with the devil hand in hand,
We're gonna paint this whole motherfucker red
I got all the time in the world,
So let's just dive right in and just

Swim in the sugars of someday maybe
Swim in the sugars of someday maybe
Swim in the sugars of someday

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American Head Charge Sugars Of Someday Comments
  1. Jeff Fagan

    i dont think that A.H.C. needs to cater to anyones liking but they;re own.. cus if you ask me thats what mainstream is, changing your shit up for the money or to get bigger or whatever... thats when a band is no longer feeling they music... I personally like all of A.H.C. and this is metal, no doubt about that!!! trust i know my metal too this is one of the less hard bands i listen too, considering im a big fan of Slayer, Devildriver, Morbid Angel, etc. A.H.C. is a good metal band, love the song sealess oh yeahh...whoever says this band aint metal is an idiot...

    Brad Brown

    Im sorry Jeff Fagan in respect ur wrong as a metal fan. I am a fan of old school metal like coal chamber, and mushroomhead and one of my favs... Mudvayne this style of metal is crazier and more unique then even primmer 55 lol please listen as much of amc as u can and come back to this !!! And look again its one of my favs 👍

    Brad Brown

    Look up writhe and fiend

  2. Ben Everingham

    I actually prefer the new sound, it still has the AHC vibe =)

  3. THC Music

    They are awesome musicians, and talented writers, and have more influences than just Metal. Personally, the first time I heard this song, I thought it was amazing, still has the classic head charge elements, ie.. Cameron... but in a slightly different frame. I co-produced it, and still feel that way. That's why Metal stays stagnant because people jump down a bands ass anytime they try and explore new ground. Head Charge isn't amazing because they are heavy. They are amazing in spite of being heavy. Anything they'd do would be amazing.

    sMEar 8

    THC Music well put. It's an elegantly articulated and polished profane. Too bad about their creative momentum after the feeding... They were on a good one.

  4. Steve Meade

    First time I've heard this band and I wanted to get something straight: Many of you guys actually consider this band heavy? Do you know what heavy is? This band is about as heavy as Nickelback. You guys need to add some Slayer to your shuffle and grow a pair.

    Steve Meade

    I guess when you don't listen to heavy music, it's easy to think a band is heavy bc they sound harder than most of the bands on radio. Trust me, this band ain't heavy. They are heavy in the same vein that Linkin Park is, which is not heavy at all. High On Fire, Heathen Foray, Amon Amarth, Kalmah, Lord Dying are some newer bands you guys should try, as well as all the classic metal bands like Slayer, Maiden, and Sabbath. You'll forget all about these wimps.


    @Steve Meade K, checked out High on Fire, sounds like all other bands like Iron Maiden and Slayer but with David Draiman on lyrics. Interesting, but no thanks. Heathen Amon Amarth, Dragon Force but with balls (by which I mean, not high pitched chipmunks). Kalmah...another demon growling voice deal, fuck. that. shit. The music was okay though. So there's that. Lord Dying...I actually listened to most of a song, ultimately came to the same conclusion. Boring. 

    The problem with many of those bands is a vast lack of substance. The lyrics are bland and uninspired. The music is repetitive. 

    Festering boils burst in the sun LIGHT! (guitar riff, riff riff riff, riff riffriffriff, pedal pedal pedal). I just wrote the first chorus to a metal song in under a minute. Probably already exists, because it's literally that fucking easy inane.

    But, whatevs, you're gonna like what you like, and I'mma like what I like. Just thought I'd share with you the reason I feel those bands are utter garbage.


     im a head charge fan i dont know what the fuck this is go listen to there other shit its just a lot better than this

    sMEar 8

    Steve Meade you don't get it

    George Nicula

    Ah yes, a metal elitist telling everyone else what "heavy" really is. How original.

  5. Anthony Wicklund

    This song is sick

  6. 77jamess

    They are recording the new album this summer! check out American Head Charge (Official) on facebook! The band needs our help recording the new album! 

  7. Emma Jordan

    First heard this at their gig last night in Southampton I liked it but wasn't sure on it got home listened to their EP heard it again liked it a bit more now I've listened to it again and I adore it! such nice guys to chat to all happy to sign autographs and hang out :)

  8. Parasitic Hunger

    lol @ you!

  9. EatenBy TheDistance

    cool song , something different

  10. Chris Hughes

    Qotsa meets faith no more meets muse. Mainstream,but good tune.

  11. mrgeebaby86

    Slipknot are fucking shit though, come on.

  12. Daniel Ribeiro

    this is not AHC, sorry dont like it, you can do much better

  13. daemion leyva

    I like it

  14. Thelema

    This is pretty boring, and I love AHC.

  15. aKitchenChair

    You should of gotten them back together sooner! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING SOLDIER!

  16. eva pronoun protection squad

    He's made the whole family pretty proud. I've known the band my whole life, they all are. ^.^

  17. kdf5017

    This isn't disappointing, but they're capable of putting out heavy/well-organized pieces like 'Loyalty'. I definitely hope they don't sacrifice that aspect of their song-writing abilities.

  18. Mis3ryMach1ne

    Justin is a super fucking nice guy. I've talked with him a few times at various AHC shows.

  19. Ronald Newkirk

    Couldn't be happier that after everything these guys have been through to still writing music and touring is saying something, Personally I like this song!

  20. Bastián Pinochet

    a new song? wooouu!!

    It's a new sound but at the same time sound like the old AHC,

    Cameron always had a great melodic voice.

    Great Song!!

  21. Cody Erb

    It's been a long effin' time!

  22. Joey V

    Cant wait to hear the new ep

  23. xxX Creepy Xxx

    I don't get it, why do you hate this song?
    My neighbours dont complain.

  24. kemorc

    Spiffy, thank you!

  25. Danny Bosty

    I wouldn't say when they "cater to their audience", more along the lines of when they try to reach out people who generally wouldn't listen to them through experimentation of other genres.

  26. taskmaster65

    Just posted on Facebook today: We are still alive and will have something to talk about, to talk to YOU about, soon. Hang in there with us, we love you all. AHC

  27. sroemerfu

    tkk 97ish

  28. Marlon X


  29. El Moose

    How is he shit-talking Slipknot? He used them as a point of reference for elitist cunts stuck in a time warp. Stop trying to invoke or stir shit.

  30. Mike Hall


  31. StaceyMissMay

    Of course this is not gonna be The Feeding - that was a different time, a different set of emotions and circumstances, not to mention dynamic within the band themselves. Change is inevitable - growth remains to be seen. This song was admittedly lack-lustre BUT there is promise in it - I think it just lacks the anger and energy we're used to from this band - I hope there's more coming.

  32. StaceyMissMay

    One of my all time favourite bands, and in my opinion, Cameron is one of the best vocalists of our time. What this band has been through, is nothing short of a rollercoaster. The fact that they got into a studio and did something after all this time is what counts. Music is not something you pull out of your ass on demand - it's a creative process and can't just be conjured up when it's needed for a new record.

  33. kemorc

    Anyone know if the silence from head charge is a good thing or bad thing? I haven't heard or seen much news since about May of 2012.

  34. Johnathan Thornsberry

    Bravo AHC... I enjoy the new music... Awesome take... people don't understand that if music didn't 'slow down' (or speed up) we'd still be dancing to good old 1800's folk music... I have GREATLY enjoyed this song... Bravo, Bravo...

  35. PopaGeorgio

    Groove Metal Children. Your supposed to Groove. =)

  36. RooCH

    D'awww, look at you and your inability to read. What part of that comment shit talks Slipknot? Please tell me. What that post does is indicate that posers who cover themselves in band patches and shit talk other bands are the worst. Says nothing of Slipknot themselves. Learn to read, please.

  37. 8SLAiN8

    Been waiting along time for these guys to get back together, too much talent to go to waste. Hell, this song may even get some radio play and bring in more fans that would otherwise not know of them.

  38. SKYRIM PC Skyrim darknightstalker TV

    Glad they are back about time Cam got his shit together

  39. Alan Yates

    i like this song!!! carry on ahc and bring tht new album out!! and come to fucking download 2013 lol

  40. chewbaccaisnthuman

    I'm with this guy

  41. sebasguzman23


  42. bleeddam

    Perfect lml

  43. -Stu-

    This track really has grown on me.

  44. Erin deBray

    Huge fan since the beginning. Very critical by nature, but everything they do is amazing! Not disappointed with this song. YEAHHHH!!! GRRRR!!!! Can't wait for more!

  45. Qjoety10

    I LOVE YOU, CAMERON!!!KISSES whereever u like(!!!!)

  46. Rippleshanks

    good song. Been a fan of AHC for many years, Loyalty is still my favorite song hands down

  47. VileInsomniaxe

    It is a bit more mainstream sounding, but AHC has always been kinda on the edge of it anyway.... YES THEY HAVE. But Im just ecstatic that theyre coming back. I gave my $ to iTunes (against my convictions) just to help these guys get off the smack and make great music for us. Im pullin for AHC to come back better than ever!!

  48. OlofDenOduglige

    If I only heard Just So You Know from The War of Art or Walk Away/Fiend from The Feeding then I might also think "oh, they are going softer". It is one song to raise money for the rest of the album! Anybody who complains, I understand you but this is NOT a statement that AHC are going in this direction exclusively. It's just one of the many crazy things they can do, and for my part they could do an album like this and it would still be better than most metal out there. Have faith fans!

  49. Qjoety10

    LOOOOVE IT!!!!!


    Fast / Slow / Soft or Hard....AHC rock!

  51. Karen Day

    Blasphemy sir pure unadulterated BLASPHEMY! slipknot did the same damn thing who the fuck cares like v said god forbid you don't head bang for 5 seconds

  52. Bryan Ragan

    Case in point (just listen to "Take what I've taken")

  53. Bryan Ragan

    Fuck all of you, This song has become one of my favorites, I saw H2H 3 and when Ryan got on stage to do backing vocals for this i was like FUCK YES! Just because a song is slower, doesn't mean anything, personally I think it shows diversity and talent. I've been with AHC for years, this still is VERY MUCH AHC. Because that's what they've always been about... being themselves, no matter what others think.

  54. Thrash&Burn81

    This isn't bad. I didn't even know they were coming out with anything new. Not to dog on the band, but I don't like this as much as The War of Art. Still, it's a good song. I'm anxious to hear the rest of the album. Sucks what happened to their guitarist too. Glad they decided to stay together : )

  55. Tom Joad

    This is what happens when the artist we love quit doing drugs.

  56. xbigtimx

    Def sounds like there taking a different approach. Cameron still sounds good if it wasn't for him wouldn't even think this was ahc. But sounds good. I can dig it

  57. Aaron Potton

    they where a more violent, heavy band when they where on drugs but i really like this tune. cant wait for the new album. them getting back together was the best news of my year

  58. Alan Yates

    i like this more i listen to it.hopefully other songs are heavier.glad they back though!!!

  59. Rob Von Dee

    doesn't sound like the old vocalist but thank god there back

  60. Dreamcast Enthusiast

    Aye, that's the one haha

  61. soldierside365

    @cammyiscute123 no wonder you love him then lol

  62. FragmanFC

    It sounds really good. I'm looking forward to hear the whole new album.

  63. Poeticjustice23

    From 3 minutes in that sounds more like head charge. Can see what people mean about it sounding like a wrestling song :/

  64. Namiko

    Im soo happy see this group again.

  65. nonamesoad10

    best part starts at the 3:00 mark. overall the song is cool. just glad to see they're coming out with some new stuff. can't wait.

  66. HysteriaDuzz

    Justin's one of my favorute musicians to date! This band would be empty without him. I met him after one of their shows in the tourette last October and had a conversation with him for about an hour. It was an honor.

  67. eva pronoun protection squad

    Why does no one comment about the pianist? Justin Fowler. I love him. He is my uncle :)

  68. TheGimp505

    man that fucking ending... love when these guys do that grimy sound.

  69. burningwind26

    This is not representative of where they are headed. If you check out all the new tracks they have done live they definitely live up to The War Of Art sound. This style was a one off and the band have even confirmed it.

  70. RooCH

    I think you misread my comment, please give it another shot.

  71. RooCH

    If one were to collect together all of the Metallica fans who felt Black sucked, you'd be in a room. Alone.

  72. korn74

    So glad AHC are back and i like this im sure there will be heavier stuff to come on the EP, maybe theyre testing the waters with this ?
    There was no Justing bieber when they stopped making music.

  73. MrTestMusic

    Why are people complaining about the song being slower/softer than what AHC did on other albums? God forbid you don't headbang for five seconds. :/

  74. K Wilk

    have to say . . i like this . . anyone for tea?

  75. amber howells

    fab song!

  76. Psyko Statik

    not what I was expecting, but it's starting to grow on me. mostly just glad these guys got back together

  77. IamConquistador

    good on you johnmccarthy64, good on you!

  78. iconoclastwar

    Well if you listen to american head charge albums theres always a variety in it so if this song is in it you might find a couple of tracks like cowards seemless and dirty. One track doesnt mean its like the full album.

  79. RooCH

    This is EXACTLY true. When artists begin to cater their music to their audience, they lose what made them great. Metallica being a PRIME example. When you're writing for love of the art, you get Black, when you're writing for the people who have already given you money? You get St.Anger. Case closed.

  80. RooCH

    For everyone shit talking this track, it was something made in the interim, and they have stated won't necessarily be indicative of their future work. Put your elitist metal-head bullshit back in your slipknot-badge-covered backpacks and shut the fuck up.

  81. Iozia88

    Need..... heavy..... music.... :(

  82. JT Hundley

    Why the fuck is youtube recommending I buy a different song by a different artist on this video? Also why is American Head Charge so slow now?

  83. starscream623

    the fuck is this crap i dont see cameron jumping from any balconies during shows playing this song

  84. Saehmpfei

    geil! da seit ihr ja endlich wieder! <3

  85. Probably Ben

    This is ok this is ok this is ok this is ok "IM GUNNA DANCE WITH THE DEVIL HAND IN HAND" this is awesome this is awesome this is awesome

  86. MrWincentyIgnacy

    Well I guess it's better than nothing.

  87. Reinis Meirans

    I like this, but hope that new stuff will bring some more teeth than this song have.

  88. RonRS2

    Love that song

  89. Grant Malcolm

    Seems really marilyn manson esque

  90. deepcreep98

    Cameron is an amazing vocalist. He gives us a tour de force of a full range of vocal styles through out this song. He lures us in w/some smooth clean singing then snaps & attacks us all in the end. Gotta love the guy.

  91. ProTw33ks

    I like this.. I was a huge American Head Charge fan and back then had they made something like this I'd have hated it, but they have grown up. I'm happy with this from these guys..

  92. IamConquistador

    thanks for the upload

  93. Monk3yB0t

    AHC is back and i am 1 happy mothaf**er

  94. HysteriaDuzz

    Chris Emery is the perfect drummer for them. No one can replace him.

  95. nameless989

    cant wait til they get in the studio n make an album.according to an interview this song was made on their day off and isn't high production or nething just an offering to the fans.

  96. Martin Jordan

    Love AHC. Stoked that they're back

  97. Ommet

    Sounds like it could be the new Smackdown theme tune. Not a patch on The War of Art :(

  98. Nathan Shorter

    okay to all you dips#$# talking down on this song . this song was written by several different people before the band got back together so calm the F$% down AHC will not leave u disappointed