American Head Charge - Song For The Suspect Lyrics

I can still watch those eyes
crawling over her dress until
I could show you everything
but I dont have to hear the words
cause I already feel your thoughts
so it comes as no surprise
that all the intent is real
all the suspects are right
if we stop
it all falls down
cover my eyes
obey my ignorance
to purify you
Ill only watch you rot
without malicious intent
your doubt resembles someone else
stick the needles in me
stick the needles in [3x]
if we watch
it all come down
breathe and let it go
dropped and winding
fuck your confession
fuck your confusion
dissolve my insides
make it hide
crawling on diginity
that which you do to me
hold on forever
the fair day we

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American Head Charge Song For The Suspect Comments
  1. William Endicott

    2019 and I'll never forget them... same as 40 below summer.

  2. Tyler Merlin

    Scabbard war torn wings barrelling down the highway, sun lit sore pouring blasphemy across the sky

    William Endicott

    Right on man.

  3. Omicron9999

    Always one of my favourites off of The War of Art. Not one of their more well known ones I gather, but awesome nonetheless.

  4. Franco Solinas

    Pezzo melodico fantastico

  5. Dominique Headcharge

    15 years and still on my best albums ever

    Eduardo Adrián Rodríguez

    A metal (add subgenre here) masterpiece

    Tyler Gibson

    Xavier Roberts Music is still good.

  6. Dan Greene

    This song is fucking awesome

  7. franco solinas


  8. tom harvey

    Kind of remind me of Killswitch Engage, the way they can go from brutal heaviness to more melodic singing almost out of nowhere. Great sound on this album.

    Jethro Del Fierro

    Exactly my thoughts brother 🤟

  9. Eldridge70

    stick the needles in!!!!

  10. Sr. Moreira

    Amazing song!!!

  11. Bruno Castro

    wow this soong is soooooooo old , how could i forget this awesome song ! \m/

  12. Michael C.

    Inadvertently finding out about this band on an NHL game ten years ago turned out to be a great thing.

  13. AHCDeathSquad

    Head Charge is BACK!! Visit the link below, pre-order the CD or other goodies, like, share, comment, whatever; every buck counts to make this CD happen!!

  14. 77jamess

    Can't wait for the new album this summer! Check out the American Head Charge (Official) facebook page! The band needs our help making the new album! 


  15. LaQueeta Beneetha

    Best fucking lyrics and song I ever heard

  16. anthony nigro


  17. anthony nigro

    Fuck your confusion.......cheers bitchesssssssss

  18. John Mckinnon

    Great Live!!! Loved these guys

  19. wearenowintheprocess

    should have seen em back in the day......

  20. alexanderbob44

    the only nu metal band still worth listening to

    isaac brewer

    alexanderbob44 nothingface is good to


    Primmer 55

  21. Jersey Ford

    This cd/band reminds me of my college days.


    How kind, thank you :) It does indeed.

  23. farty dollars

    super easy to play on the piano
    d# - d# e d# - d# - c# - f# - g# a# - a# a# - e
    play that in the middle octave and play the same thing on the lowest octave on your piano, you just play the c# the g# and the final e ahead of your right hand
    hope this helps.


    I want to learn the little piano tune...anyone know of where I can find a sheet? Guess I could just listen to it a shit ton of times and learn gradually. I'm not that great at piano but I like to challenge myself.

  25. Jacob Mariani

    y r both of the top comments 2 years old? holy shit lol

  26. cherry garcia

    Dope song, trepanation was the best album though.

  27. Azwethinkweizso

    Two people have dicks up there asses.

  28. Axel K.

    @Gypscrew I should randomly comment now saying that they're back

  29. sethcrouse40

    fuck your confession
    fuck your confusion

  30. rangerxlt3

    I first saw these guys with Slipknot on the Pledge of Allegiance tour in Hartford Connecticut, totally kicked ass!

    Gerardo H

    rangerxlt3 I saw them on the same tour but in Chicago!

  31. bi2solar

    they are back join their fb page to check out tour dates. LETS GET THESE FUCKERS MOVING

  32. Michael Baumchen

    Stick the needles IN!!!

  33. DerMetzger


    Nah, it was an awesome show. To be honest, AHC was the low point of the show if that gives you any indication on how kick ass it was.

    It was Spineshank and Mudvayne they opened for by the way.

    Back in 98 when Mud was wearing the original makeup.

    Fucking metal show.

  34. Richard Cupal

    fuckin sick

  35. Gypscrew

    @igloo50 It wasn't just Cameron, this entire breakup was inevitable, it was going to happen regardless. With Cam leaving, it just happened earlier, that's all.

  36. DerMetzger

    I actually got a demo of theirs in like 1998 when they opened for... Fuck... I cant remember.

    But, I did get it from their drummer. Great show though.

  37. damo169

    @lilbigginz aww shit really

  38. Shane Humphries

    Fuck your confession....

  39. BigginZ Art

    one of the best fucking bands wasted now due to drugs :(

  40. omenllnemo

    color my eyes obey my ignorance to purify you ill only watch you rot
    minnesota home grown

  41. Abart_NL

    more people should hear this, saw them in 2001 in amsterdam. they played before slipknot, actually liked them more.

  42. Amanda Rangel

    sick fuckin song!!!!

  43. Greg Nuttall

    hah best song ever