American Head Charge - Reach And Touch Lyrics

Ive seen it turn from white to red
Ive heard you talk about how
you bleed and it doesnt mean shit
until I see some action a hint of
rose and a mountain of garbage
leaves me for dead and nothing drags me from
breaking myself
breaking myself to try to keep everyone
from walking over me
smell the burning wreckage of even you
all of your perfection lets get inside
the bag turn it 180 degrees
forget we even met cause it all comes
down to this the good ones always
leave in the end
breaking myself
breaking myself to try to keep everyone
from walking over me
I see the world and it all looks blue
I kiss the world and it all tastes true
The blurry eyes make me appealing
In a normal fashion another 2 or 3
you will become very friendly
your liquidation is a siren song
you swim I follow Im feeling my head sink
so as to reach and touch what hurts me
still I try to reach and touch what hurts me

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American Head Charge Reach And Touch Comments
  1. Alexander Aviles

    Drunk as fuck right now ready to punch holes in the wall fuckkkk ittt rage brutal mothafuckin song blow the motherfuckers cause they getting louder

  2. casey leedham

    if you are wondering my best friend was the guitarist during 2006/2007 and meth destroyed this band

    João Pires

    That fucking sucks. I guess it's hard to put brakes on yourself when the temptation is there.

  3. Fenrir World-Eater

    this versions good but i like the ozfest 2001 version best

  4. keeganshigh

    this song used to remind me of an old ex i was finally able to drop completely. You're not Portuguese man!

  5. RichyJam2011

    How can anyone dislike this? Absolutely epic. Damn I miss this band 

    Tristan Justesen


    Your liquidation - like a sirens' song - you swim I follow... Im feeling my head sink - So as to REACH AND TOUCH what hurts me

    Dakind brew


  7. wearenowintheprocess

    its pretty gay when you listen to a "trepanation" play list and it has songs from "the war of art"


    what's wrong with that? both albums are fucking awesome!


    Because that was almost a demo album and self released. TWoA is a fleshed out studio album with a label behind it, songs are reworked to a higher 'standard'.

    Just like Slipknot with Mate Feed Kill Repeat.

  8. Joshua Ripka

    i heard they are getting back together....FUCK YES!!!

  9. wumpascott

    whooaaaa i used to listen to this song 11 years ago!! I was 14 and I bought the album off of hearing this one song on ozzfest 2001. ended up being the best decision ever. I ended up getting everyone i know hooked on AHC. so awesome!!!

  10. bi2solar

    They are back together folks. Get to a show, get some merch WE NEEED another AHC cd.

  11. piya krish

    cant stop head bangin :)

  12. aircorps1

    i wanna see you kill the person next to you

  13. Kenneth Wayne

    great bassline....

  14. buickman350

    i have this album i have all of there albums witch i think is two or three

  15. imsouthy

    Yeah you showed him...

  16. imsouthy

    It starts off really good but I dont like how it slows down after 1:20

  17. Purity2806

    Totally agree with you there.
    But then again...

    Think korn just had to readjust to their newbie hence their loss of direction.

    American head charge totally fuckin' rock.
    Its nice to go back and listen to stuff you haven't heard in donkeys years.

    AHC make me smile.

  18. Woj Ra

    sounds like clawfinger