American Head Charge - Pushing The Envelope Lyrics

an overwhelming understanding
of chaos brings you to your knees
impurities make me the way that I am
the dirt in my veins
the games on my thoughts
the stains on your face
they break it apart
pushing the envelope
life sets me off
pushing the envelope
hate gets me off
pushing the envelope
gets me off
pushing the envelope
your face it sets me off
Im curled up inside myself so
I wont imagine the pictures
If I had prosthetic eyes I still
think that Id see the same
satisfy retribution inside
subsequent afternoons turning out seared
bothered by fallacies everyones scared

pushing the envelope
life sets me off
pushing the envelope
hate gets me off
pushing the envelope
gets me off
pushing the envelope
your face it sets me off [2x]

killing myself like a tool in wrong
disquieting changes in direction
just keep on pushing

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American Head Charge Pushing The Envelope Comments
  1. James Toth


  2. Normage Inc.

    Every fucking word of this album was written for me..

  3. Johnyevil

    Just a massive wall of sound, incredible, awesome production on this recording

  4. luck gun

    the song american head charge ,time sig is pretty sick ,sometime 5/4 to 3/3,4/4 but still groove & easy listening

  5. Mabus Magog

    Best damn show Iv'e ever seen, singing into a tennis ball and shotguns going off randomly during their set with kick ass ammo guitar straps and a carefully orchestrated stage performance from hell! Honestly when I saw them for the first time I hadn't ever heard of them. Was there for other bands. At the time they were in a tiny ass camper with all thier stage clothes air drying outside, a row of combat boots on the ground I thought about taking a pair, young and dumb yes, but every since that show I've religiously enjoyed the WoA album, going on almost 15 years. The fact they met and created that album in rehab gave it deep heart and soul! Bryan Ottomom, I can't believe your gone. I suffered a 10 year stench with oxy 80's so as a survivor, I'm sorry you were robbed of your time here. It's not your fault! You fought hard! R.I.P brother.

  6. Alexander Weiser

    I love that punch of the snare drum

  7. Nacho ClIpz

    theres this kid at school man do i want to knock him out

    Mostly Monkey

    Nacho ClIpz



  8. aPhizzleDrizzle

    This band makes me want to fistfight communist velociraptors.

    Simon Elof

    Don't mention the C-word sir, there might be children present.

    mike tant

    +Simon Elof velociraptors starts with a "V" 😉🤘🏻

    A Guy

    What's wrong with communism?

    Danny Krrio

    it is Forced equality, if you have any fire in your spirit you would rebel from such a hollow ideology

  9. man wolf 79

    Sadistic Malicious Electric Evil hardcore isnt negative if it has a powerful message behind it that isn't particularly Evil... That's why I  Dig AHC deep hardcore Shit....

  10. FraRu b

    PUNCH fire with fire!!!

  11. 77jamess

    American Head Charge are recording there new album this summer! Please check out American Head Charge (Official) on facebook! And follow the link below! Thank you! #AHCcrowdfunding  

  12. Enem1c0

    i can reloop "YOU DONT KNOW WHAT PAIN IS!" a hundred times... Silence of the lambs! :D

  13. SpriteZilla

    My guess is Drop-D tuning. Just a guess though.

  14. stewy1897

    Saw them once at a mushroomhead show. They have tons of energy. I'm going to be seeing them again in 2 days.

  15. Punky Brewster

    this is just what I needed this morning!!

  16. severed321

    fuckin brutal

  17. GenXBeholder

    @PhuckenSchwasHere lol like everything off trepanation was redone on war of art. noob.

  18. yeahsee33

    Memories of this album!!!

  19. yunus1338

    @PhuckenSchwasHere Its on the war of art too. Listen to the album u'll find it there

  20. Alec Dickson

    @PhuckenSchwasHere incorrect.

  21. Rhyss Drake

    This off Trepanation not the war of art

    Alexander Weiser

    Rhyss Drake its on both actually

  22. Dustin Gray

    fucking EPIC so happy theyre back together!

  23. theevildead96


  24. ironfist133

    Doctor who teaser trailer comes on bbc1 and this song is playing (lets just say it went well:D!)

  25. adon

    @RMURILLO45 And I love all! x)

  26. Creepzza

    @igloo50 Why what?

  27. Creepzza

    @irishred1684 Sure, will upload it now. But imo this version is better =p

  28. Creepzza

    Sooooo epic. And I have another version...."You don't know what pain is!" says a guy and then someone says: "I am pain." somewhere in the middle. Anybody knows why? =p

  29. Ian D

    fuckin love this song!!!