American Head Charge - Fall Lyrics

pathetic sympathies
left for the bloody at heart
everything fades to shit
evertyhing tears me apart
caustic insecurities
surface above the witheld
every time I need
everything I want
aesthetic disguises
underlying doubts
my direction dies
everythings right up in your face
everythings right up in front
push me against the wall
but still you cant make me
you cant make me
seperate your mouth
scrape away
prosthetic misery
pushing me to never
hold my breath
everythings right up in your face
everythings right up in front
push me against the wall
but still you cant make me
you cant make me
seperate your mouth
scrape away
I dont like you at all!

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American Head Charge Fall Comments
  1. Tom Millard

    Baby makin music

  2. CWeaveLyrical

    Best song ever lol

  3. Cory Danrich

    How can you not love this ???????

  4. LifeIsPeachyNow

    The soft vocals sound SO shit

  5. Ian Salvisberg

    This is like if Snot went heavier 🤟

    Cory Danrich

    There is a connection some how shape or FORM

  6. Matthew Seledic

    R.I.P. Chad Hanks

  7. Ivan Edwar

    This track it's so much better in trepanation :)


    Fuck off hipster!

    David H

    As is seamless ... I like the WOA version , but the trepanation is way better

  8. ufopulse

    I got a demo of this track back in 2000 or so by a guy named Jess Redmon who ran Shoutweb... I lost that demo and contact with Jess but it blew this version and the trepanation versions AWAY...

  9. Eduardo Hernandez

    husk for the Deftones.

    Cory Danrich

    I͞I͞ f͞e͞e͞l͞ y͞o͞u͞ o͞n͞ t͞h͞a͞t͞.

  10. Doug McPhail

    Korn is a band. If you like this check them out.

    Jeremy Foos

    WHAT KORN IS A BAND!?!?! I am sure anyone that knows AHC knows KoRn..... Just saying....

    Eduardo Hernandez

    For me This band is similar to the Deftones,
    because of the verses and chorus and the breakdown especially the guitar riffs and the vocals.


    Korn is mainstream as fuck, everyone knows korn but not AHC, so not valid vice versa

  11. Aramis Sinister

    Oo0h Fuck I love this song.

  12. 77jamess

    American Head Charge are recording their new album this summer! Please check out American Head Charge (Official) on facebook or follow this link to their indiegogo campaign! Thank you!


    +77jamess Thanks dude :)

  13. Doug McPhail

    Fucking beautiful. Husk of Korn.


    What is Korn?


    @cavegoat24 i hope you joke xD


    @vasilij zajcev Of course lol. I just don't like to put them in the same category.


    amen ;)

    Eduardo Hernandez

    husk for the Deftones

  14. keeganshigh

    Saw em in Omaha back in the day with Mudvayne that was a good show.

  15. RagingBROnorable

    False, As of September (2011) they posted tour dates.

  16. mma0tomars

    I love getting unprovoked insult comments on youtube. Thanks.

  17. Lifter85

    shut up gay boy.

  18. mma0tomars

    I remember back when I really discovered them back in '02. I felt the same way - AWESOME! Still feel that way today... I'm only 23 and I feel old when I read comments like this :/

  19. John Krause

    I just discovered this band, right now. Its AWESOME!

  20. Joseph Fryer

    I saw them open for Slayer and Chimaira in DC years ago. Never heard of them till that day and I was blown away

  21. JWise

    Just saw em in Portland, awesome show! They made a new fan, I just wish I could find a certain song they played last night...

  22. Josh Griffith

    Their best album!

  23. bobstheman922

    bad ash in person shotguns and all

  24. D'Ronn Garnett

    Under rated band! They definitely bring it

  25. Shawn Herlihy

    Saw them in Hampton, NH, and this was in the set. I still can't believe it, after all these years.

    But still you can't make me FALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! \m/

  26. gijoe146

    just saw them last night in Auburn Maine

  27. Chris Diamond

    Tis really toooo bad they fell the fuck off after this album, which I love by the way

  28. Axel K.

    @AnarkyBorat Gee that's awkward seeing as Can't Stop the Machine came out in 2007 hahahaa

  29. Brittany Beck

    My absolute favorite track off this album

  30. MadMoogle Gaming

    @AnarkyBorat They got back together.

  31. snupcho

    @bigbluevioIence You lucky american. I hate you :P

  32. Kevin Sundby

    @snupcho fuck yeah. show in Fargo next month!

  33. snupcho

    @AnarkyBorat They are back now.

  34. jamie vistoso


  35. Martin Nielsen

    this song kicks ass