American Head Charge - Drowning Under Everything Lyrics

I see your mask
It makes me start to believe
Why do you ask
Because you're prone to deceive

I see your mask
It makes me start to believe
Why do you ask
Because you're prone to deceive

Once I start I won't stop

I want you to really need it so bad
I want you to really need it so bad
I want you to really need it so bad
I want you to really need it so bad
So bad
So bad
So bad

It's just a taste
Spread right across both your lips
It's just a waste
Because your grip always slips

It's just a taste
Spread right across both your lips
It's just a waste
Because your grip always slips

Once I start I won't stop

I want you to really need it so bad
I want you to really need it so bad
I want you to really need it so bad
I want you to really need it so bad

Swimming in desperation
Drowning under everything
Ignore the expectation

I want you to really need it so bad (Ignore the expectation)
I want you to really need it so bad (Ignore the expectation)
I want you to really need it so bad (Ignore the expectation)
I want you to really need it so bad (Ignore the expectation)

Everything (so bad)
Everything (so bad)
Everything (so bad)
Everything (so bad)
Everything (so bad)
Everything (so bad)
Everything (so bad)
Everything (so bad)

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American Head Charge Drowning Under Everything Comments
  1. Alas

    Sería una banda top junto a Korn, Slipknot. Una verdadera lástima el final

  2. Logan Harris

    Sometimes rehab can bring together great things

  3. Peter Presser

    RIP Chad. Miss you, sir.

  4. Christopher Owen

    I prefer War of Art but this is cool though in my opinion.

  5. nicholas eachus

    Just found this song glad there coming back or did!

  6. Frank Gonzalez

    RIP Chad

  7. Franciscool

    What happened to AHC? Does they broke up?

  8. Ritchie J

    Still rocking AHC 2019

  9. Paul Wayne

    Just a hater dislike this, fact

  10. Никита Лужецкий

    YOU deserve a better place
    hope you are rocking out in heaven.

  11. Ilkka Saarinen

    Even the video is awesome!

  12. 40brew68

    Great video and song but I kept getting distracted by ...that...damn....dirty...fingernail.

  13. panda adnap

    lol I see ppl compare to slipknot and virus of life but that money factory circus sucks, AHC is waaay better.

  14. Cultus Black

    Such a sick track, Miss these guys.

  15. Kryptor360

    This is a virus a virus of life!!

    Liam Ward

    I can only hear it in the intro tbh, but I don't think it was intentional

  16. battleforutopia 124

    This band is the best! Been listening since high school, now im 34.

  17. J.W. Abbott

    I met the band in 2001 I believe. We played football in the fuel island at a truck stop outside Shreveport LA. They were playing 2nd stage at ozzfest. Hadn't heard of them before that. We hung out on the bus, acted plum stupid in the truck stop. LoL. I still have the CD and shirt they gave me. Invited me to ozzfest to come hang out with them. Freaking awesome guys, awesome band. Fan ever since

    Mike Paul

    Damn random. Played a show w em in Shreveport on a Wednesday in a venue that didn't have electricity when we showed up. Ended up being the bomb.

    Jason whipe

    One of the reasons AHC was so fucking great their great musicians that really gave their fans something no other band does being human goes a long way in a world of shit.

  18. Damien INSANE-O

    This is actually a really good song. I never really gave their newest album a fair shake.

    Damien INSANE-O

    just cuz I figured nothing could live up to war of art

  19. Don Keedick

    First ave. & 7th St. entry MPLS- SHOUT OUT!!! R.I.P. Chad


    Fala ae galera

  21. Al Bino

    Just came across this song again and yet again it’s on repeat 😂

  22. richyricardo13

    Dope as hell man! It sucks they weren't well known, one of my top bands. Mushroomhead #1!

  23. Paul Laplante

    I love you always and forever 💘AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE 💘

  24. Marauder623

    RIP, Chad Hanks, and Brian Ottoson... 'Head Charge won't be the same without either of you.

  25. Kalè C.

    This band got me through life. Listening to them for years, finally saw them a couple years ago, and met them. Dream come true. RIP Chad 🖤🖤🖤

    Damien INSANE-O

    Minnesota metal, my neck of the woods. Miss when these guys were in their prime, those were good years. They had a really loyal following around here.

    Illud Divinus

    Me too Kate, had a chance to shake Cameron’s hand and thank him on their last tour. Poor guy was out of it after his show lol, but I bought him a beer and got it off my chest. Felt cathartic af. “Just so you know” and the entire (Art of War) was my anthem for dealing with a million things in my youth.

    Damien INSANE-O

    @Illud Divinus great album

    Illud Divinus

    Damien INSANE-O yeah man, those harmonies and bass lines were ridiculous at the time. And even now have their moments. I only wish Cameron stays around and cleans up his act a bit. So much fucking talent.

  26. Alex

    American Head Charge at their best. You are my favourite band of all times and your music saved me countless times. I will always be grateful to all of you guys, I really hope you will be back someday because I miss you.

  27. Morgue Original Music

    I will always wonder why Chad never got splashed with water in this video! Amazing song, amazing album, RIP Chad & AHC. One of my top 10 bands!

  28. stonerdemon

    In my humble opinion, the best band to come out of the nu metal wave.

    pipi dans mon popo

    @Thholyghst   I saw them in Paris, in 2002 ; Slipknot were after them, and Pantera wasn't here. They were the best that night, so powerful, like a big war machine.

    Paul Gibson

    I couldn't agree more. It sucked their set got screwed over when they were touring with Slipknot (a long time ago), a dodgy drummers stool, still, I got to see them and that was my only ever gig I've gone to. I love everything they've ever made and hope they can keep going, even after Chad r.i.p. but totally understand if that isn't going to happen.


    @Paul Gibson I was just showing this band to a friend and just learned about Chad's passing. Does that make two band members who passed away now, am I right?

    Nick Hall

    @stonerdemon Yes the guitarist Bryan Ottoson passed away in 2005. Shit sucks. I only found out today that they got back together and released this new album in 2016. I grabbed my copies of The Art of War and The Feeding today to listen to in the car and decided to check wikipedia and was happy to find they released a new album but saddened to hear the band lost another member.

    Frank Gonzalez

    I was lucky enough to ride with motograter for a couple stops with these guys. Chad was awesome. Karma was awesome too. Justin was amazing Chris was amazing Ted was amazing and Cameron Heacock was the best. He only spoke one word tho. Lol

  29. Navid Khan

    I like it! fukin badass! get the guitarists to go djent it will go with the amazin vocals!

    Thomas Grahn

    What the fuck are you talking about?

  30. \m/ \m/

    Before I say this, let me set the record straight by saying that this one of my favorite bands of all time. With that being said, this song sounds like a rip-off of Slipknot's Virus of Life.


    I dont hear it

    Alexander Williams

    Hmm...agree on the intro dude, but not the rest of the song

  31. Jens Mathiasson

    Needs more likes!

  32. Andrew Haffner

    Did these guys call it quits after chad died? RIP CHAD!!!!!

    David Wahlstrom

    no but probably did
    after Cameron got arrested in Cali for theft...

  33. sMEar 8

    This music meant so much to me ... RIP. Thanks

  34. MetalHeadPriest

    R.I.P. Chad Hanks

  35. Alex

    This song makes me fucking emotional every time. I hope they will continue making music. Rip Chad, it's been amazing meeting you at a bar in Italy in 2014.

  36. Craig F

    What a voice 😁

  37. Paul Gibson

    Awesome song, i thought they may have lost it. Awesome album too. Killing joke hey.

  38. The ARMS Collective

    Deepest condolences to the band and R.I.P. Chad Hanks. This is an incredible song and video and I'm so glad we got another album. Seeing AHC in Amityville when they came through was a dream come true, and due to an unfortunately small turn out (fuck Long Island), the show ended up rather intimate and the band seemed to have a lot of fun fucking with each other onstage. At the beginning of All Wrapped Up, Cameron (I believe?) unplugged Chad's bass without him seeing and the resulting laughing and shoving was nothing short of beautiful. Love you guys.

    Paul Gibson

    First i heard, i'm in shock. Love this song and was relieved to be happy to say this album is awesome. The E.P. turned a few friends off but i stuck with them. Damn. Best wishes all.

  39. Salvador Orozco

    Im so glad i got to share the stage with AHC at the whiskey a go go a couple years ago. Chad and cameron where super chill dudes!

  40. Marlon X

    Rock in Peace Chad!

  41. Ryan Bowser

    Last time i saw this band I told Cameron during a signing that he has one of the most underappreciated voices in the business. This song really shows it off. Great song.

  42. FatherSludge

    rip chad hanks...the head charge family misses u dearly

  43. Brandon Lund

    We miss you Chad!!

  44. SPIT - Snails With Nails

    You guys are great, Please hold strong.

  45. Juao Walker

    bass died?????

  46. Johnny Vegas

    R.I.P Chad Hanks

  47. Ryan E

    RIP Chad Hanks. Thankfully I had the pleasure of meeting you. Such a great guy. My friend had too much to drink at their show and he got him a water and sat with him showing concern for him as if he was related to him. Thank you for all of the beautiful music over all the years.

  48. Michelle Barnes


  49. Anthony Bonnici

    R.I.P chad hanks.



  51. Kimberly Koob

    RIP Chad Hanks! You are greatly loved and missed!

  52. Rilyn666


    sMEar 8

    Rilyn666 saddest fucking shit, I'll never be over this...

    Scot Van Rice

    Wait, what's happened?


    i got his autograph on a white tee the show before he died its a shame he was one of the coolest musicians ive ever met

    Phoenix Pruett

    My dad played many shows with these guys.

    Mad Goat

    Fuck Cancer !!

  53. Paul Laplante


  54. Creepzza

    Incredibly skilled musicians, often recommend this band to people who like metal and want something unique :)

  55. Hedra Metal

    Great tune dudes, when you come to the UK get us on a support we'd love that!

  56. Andrew Johnson

    I was trying to figure out what he was working on....but I love how when the water comes his cigarette stays lit :)

  57. D Santana

    Perfect. More of this please

  58. Monk3yB0t

    Yes! Thank u

  59. Sheri Fernando


  60. MoonstruX

    Great song and video \,,/,

  61. andres sanchez

    Tremendo tema

  62. abus0cular

    It totally was worth the wait. Awesome!

  63. Paul Gibson

    You know, i don't think they need the makeup, the hair treatment, but they need to keep existing. Seriously, that break was worrying times. Pardon my opener, joke. AHC are like no other and i wish fate had allowed you to do what you did then, so well before your drummer fell off his seat (Manchester techs was it?). Past, now present, pls keep producing music. When with good health as for any musicians.

  64. Wayne Clayton

    Saw them live last night in Scunthorpe. Sounded epic. Heavy and intense. Seeing live is a must.

  65. Sean Ratkovic

    fuck yea glad to see you guys back.

  66. DJVapour

    Tango Umbrella is a fantastic album. American Head Charge go from strength to strength. It might have taken them an awful long time to get 4 albums and an EP out but they're all quality.

    Avery Whitehead

    American Head Charge need to come out with another album

    Jacob Joyett-Mackie

    @Avery Whitehead They are and they've got the drummer from Hed P.E and another guy to replace Chad

  67. Sean Young

    I caught a stick from the drummer yesterday

  68. Combo Link


  69. Junior Ramos

    Ansioso pra ver esses caras no Brasil ! Sou fã! Banda mais que foda!

  70. Juice Ingot


  71. E opti

    I'm loving this track!!!!

  72. Mike Ratherson

    Karma's maniacal stage presence has never been captured in an AHC video. OTEP's "Ghost Flowers" is the only video that captures it. Otherwise this video is great.

    Henry bobbit

    Mike Ratherson. Loyalty video too

  73. Moos

    I saw these guys live last night, it was fucking amazing!

  74. Vikingsandra

    Love these guys so much

  75. Marc Rees

    Absolutely fucking phenomenal! See you on Tuesday in the Bristol Bierkeller! I'll be the one in the center of the pit going absolutely fucking wild!

  76. alan conroy

    Best metal band ever! Please tour UK ?

    American Head Charge (Official)

    12.09.17 UK - Bristol / Bierkeller
    13.09.17 UK - Manchester / Club Academy
    14.09.17 UK - Newcastle / O2 Academy
    15.09.17 UK - Glasgow / Audio
    16.09.17 UK - Scunthorpe / The Lincoln Imp
    17.09.17 UK - London / The Dome
    18.09.17 UK - Milton Keynes / Craufurd Arms
    19.09.17 UK - Bournemouth / Anvil Rockbar

  77. Luisa Lopez

    Love it!!!!!! Made my day!

  78. Roosevelt


  79. Пётр Кузнецов

    Красавцы, чуваки 🤘

  80. David Machado

    Broo, i'n from Brazil, come to see us! hahah

  81. Shiny Daddy

    Got it piped in the Basement Dungeon; Got the Andrews Crosses ROCKIN!!!

  82. Lu Ann G Collier

    Why is Ted not I this video but Chris is....They both equally quit in a shitty way...


    Lu Ann G Collier Chris was there from the beginning would be my guess.

    muz c

    Lu Ann G Collier how did they quit? Is chad gone too now?

    Geeb Beegen

    @muz c Chad passed away

    David Wahlstrom

    you have no idea what its like to play with AHC, they are lucky Chris ever came back in the first place. I know Chris.

  83. kalden360

    Love it

  84. Synthgrrl


  85. Noah Robertson

    I've always loved this band, from the first moment I heard them. One of my favorites of all time. <3 AHC

    sMEar 8

    Noah Robertson right? Agreed.

    battleforutopia 124

    One of the best!

  86. kostas konstantakis

    <3 no matter how many years/centuries shall pass us by,you'll always be 1 of my fave all time bands! \M/

  87. Dmitry Kireew

    Awesome video guys! Keep it up

  88. Johnny Vegas

    Love it. About time you guys finally released this!

  89. theworthlesslifeform

    way to start the day! AHC ... if I love you!!!

  90. Jei Cynth

    I don't understand the treatment of this vid...

  91. Ramon Fernandez

    Funny, I just got done listening to the feeding. A 10/10 album. Not sure I'm into this song. Sounds like too much is going on at once. I like layers, but this doesn't blend well. Maybe with a few more listens


    WickedlNl I disagree with you about the band killing their career. Getting out of the spotlight enabled them to make much more creative music in my opinion. And with Tango Umbrella and the underrated Shoot EP, the band were able to create something that wasn't influenced by a record label in any way shape or form.


    Oh I agree on that but what I meant was that they literally went on hiatus for 10 years. When if all went well they could of had who knows how big of a career by now. Im glad they are back, if its one band that should of never left was them but you cant expect the unexpected in life.


    i agree with the layers


    Give it a few listens. I didn't like the new album at first, but it grows on you.

    lawrence shadow

    I was at the release show for war of art. Fucking awesome. More energy than anyone at the time. First Ave was stuffffed

  92. The Game Grinder

    This is awesome, but I'm confused. Was this recorded before Chris left? No Ted in the video either though, and they quit at the same time. Lol at the water splash and Chad with the cig.. boss.

    Jacob G.

    Apparently the video was recorded a year ago or something.

    The Game Grinder

    Ah, that'd explain it.


    It was recorded soon after the release. They've been holding on to it for a while. I wouldn't doubt they edited Ted out. They planned on giving him the boot before the original tour was even over according to Cameron.

    The Game Grinder

    I see, good to know!

    Steven Doering

    That looks like Chris in the video so yeah think it's before he left.

  93. FatherSludge

    this pleases my ears

  94. Steven Doering

    Man! This band just never ceases to amaze me. Love this video!

  95. Marcelo Túlio

    What a great surprise! This song kicks major ass!

  96. Brandy Thacker

    I absolutely fucking love it!

  97. Waas

    American Head Charge. Bringing Minnesota metal to the masses one amazing fucking song after another. Makes me proud to call MN my home.


    The music video is also from a MN company (us) with nothing but local crew and talent. Just sayin'.

  98. Noley Noelle


  99. Dereck Coleman


  100. Jack Brandt

    Where is Ted? I see Chris!

    Nathan Stone

    Jack Brandt this might have been after Ted left.