American Head Charge - Dirty Lyrics

It's been after me
In this place
A pleasant threat perfect void
Stuck in modality
With all this damage beyond repair

When all our time fades away
Just like everything else
That proves that we are


Now just in case
Selfish trials
Keeps stopping to
Drag me down
I'm losing bliss
As if all your hands
Could keep me clean

When all our time fades away
Just like everything else
That proves that we are


I can't see where I've gone wrong
All our times fade away
That proves that we are

If all our times fades away
It's proof we're dirt

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American Head Charge Dirty Comments
  1. Jack Thomas

    Still listening in 2019 love these dudes!

  2. River Sutcliffe

    Best fucking shit

  3. JnM

    Loved this band way back in the day

  4. Bobby Willingham

    After losing my friend Oli Herbert I stay listening to the things that led up to me liking the heavy technical stuff in metal. I miss him every day and wish I had someone to help me finish our demos.

  5. MonsterSlayer

    So Dirty

  6. guitargodthor2

    A promoter stuck a demo cd for a label on my car so when I got out of the Sounds of the Underground '05 I stuck it in the cd player and this was on it. I was blown away!!
    Also, Devil Driver and Lamb of God kicked ass in concert!!

  7. Dakind brew

    c'mon 420 likes!;-)

  8. Carboncrossroads

    so amazing!!

  9. TheRockerStudios


    Sergio Medellin

    TheRockerStudios its Dirt. So Dirty Dirt DA-DA-Dirty Dirty Learn The Lyrics You Fucking Poser

    XxMLGSwaggy NoscopesxX

    Sergio Medelin holy shit you don't like jokes do you lmao


    It's a reference to IHE and Cool Cat.


    @Sergio Medellin r/whoosh


    Lol holy fuck this was hilarious 🤣

  10. Grumble H

    They are back!! Give them your support by grabbing some perks..


    do you mean merch?

  11. 77jamess

    American Head Charge are recording their new album this summer! Please check out American Head Charge (Official) on facebook! The band needs our help recording the new album! 

  12. kayfaceisthebest

    oh man, love these dudes

  13. Krzonkalla Sébastien

    The chorus is WOUAH ! Fuckin good song, listen this when i'm training, it motivates me so much !

  14. Whitney Gonzales

    amazing fucking bad horns up I miss this band

  15. hannys1


  16. TheElectricThought


  17. rynojerky val

    dirty bastards .

  18. Tuorlo Duck


  19. deathscreton

    You're all going to hell for listening to this music.

    I'll see you there.

  20. kylejkais

    we are a bunch of dirty bastards!

  21. Katie K

    @scarletmisfit i wanna be a camgirl...i need money for much do u make approx?

  22. MolesMakeHoles

    This song broke the bass on my speakers from playing it too loud...


  23. scarletmisfit

    @EscpdFrmPsykward I'm a camgirl, not a stripper, but this would be a good song to dance to...thanks for the idea. ;)

  24. EscpdFrmPsykward

    If I was a stripper, this would be the song I'd swing on the pole to. Unfortunately, there isn't much demand for over weight male strippers with back hair like a wookie. FYI, ladies, I'm available for bachelorette parties and birthdays. And don't worry, I have my own thong.



  25. Nikki b

    Amazing band..Saw them in London quite a few yrs ago on a spur off the momment kinda thing an it was my first time seeing them as my friend booked tickets an 2 this day we both agrea this was up there with the best nights ever,,Now im always up 4 a spontaneous night out as thats how i found AHC

  26. Emzee Beamosheraboutit

    This song makes me feel Dirty... Sexy dirty :D

  27. ranXerox09

    @dustynutz82 you are never too old to Metal... presuming this is metal

  28. WhosSherbet

    This song is b-b-badass.

  29. Forest Marsh

    @avantgardeAleyo fuckin right man!!!! Very awsome underated band!!!

  30. Nerijus Montautas

    best ahc song along with loyalty

  31. Damien INSANE-O

    Too bad these guys couldn't communicate a bit more. Martin was a good singer. Really an underrated band. It's just a cryin' shame. And they were from my home state.

  32. NonZero

    @eoj019 Oh yeah, it's a crisis. It's right in the midle of your life, and it's hitting you hard.

  33. dust mataint

    @eoj019 fuk yea bro

  34. dust mataint

    @blaize122 ur never 2 old 2 the metal

  35. eoj019

    @dustynutz82 & traderfreak .... I'm 41 and I'm still rokin with my cock out too! I don't know if it is mid-life crises or I just woke up from my slumber! rediscovering all the music I missed while I listened to pussywhipped Indie Rock with my wife! No more, no more...Pulling out my old 80's doom and thrash stuff too!

  36. dust mataint

    @traderfreak fukin a buddy im almost 30 and im still slammin 2 this shit an rokin out with my cok out.

  37. dust mataint

    any 1 no were 2 find the lyrics at

  38. chaka smash


  39. chaka smash

    @blaize122 dude fuck age u better enjoy this shit while u can... fuck what others think i have a 40 yr old cousin......he got me into these guys as well as other fucking awsome bands ...age and being old dont stop u from rockin out so ROCK OUT

  40. Creepzza

    Awesome tune, but this album scary xD

  41. robster71cr

    this album makes me feel like its summer and reminds me of school :) those were the days

  42. Matt Bellamy

    Used to listen to this album all the time in my friend's car when it came out.
    Now I am old.

  43. james carter

    f-ing awesome song!!!

  44. CRX_00

    Honestly, probably one of the best songs i have ever heard.

  45. Dave Adams

    raaaaaahhs forgot abotu this band lol. bosssss tunes yea boyy

  46. DJDannyIntro

    D D DIRTY!!!!
    AHC absoult smashing songs, this ones sick!

  47. Dirk884

    amazing, so amazing mazing, m-m-azing

  48. Finn9001

    I wasnt really paying any attention so I thought he was saying "Daddy" for the whole song.

  49. jasmine borland