American Football - Uncomfortably Numb Lyrics

Sensitivity deprived
I can't feel a thing inside
I blamed my father in my youth
Now as a father, I blame the booze
I have become uncomfortably numb

(Whose ugly side is the ugliest?)
Sensitivity deprived
All my sympathy prescribed
(Whose hands are tied to a contortionist?)
I used to struggle in my youth
Now I'm used to struggling for two
I have become uncomfortably numb

The lessons
The lessons
Are so much
Are so much
Less obvious
The further you get from home
The further I get from home
How will you exist
How will I exist
Without consequence?
I'll let you know

We were gentle to begin
When I pushed you around to break you in
Now whenever I try to be clear with you
I only end up feeling see-through
I've tried, but you've won
Comatose, like father like son

The lessons
The lessons
Are so much
Are so much
Less obvious
The further you get from home
The further I get from home
How will you exist
How will I exist?
I don't want to know
Blacked out, protected
I just want you home
I'll make new friends
In the ambulance

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American Football Uncomfortably Numb Comments
  1. delugesofgrandeur

    God this sucks. Should've quit while you quit.

  2. Jordan Adams

    Omg Hayley Will Yams

  3. suaryps

    for some reason this collab reminds of the song from the movie bolt with john travolta & miley cyrus

  4. Stayinalive

    Yeah man i really love pink floyd

  5. Dean Anderson

    Call this real emo or whatever, this song is good. American football is good, mike kinsella is good, Cap'n Jazz is very good.

  6. Hugo Zaanen

    Sounds a lot like no surprises from radiohead.

  7. Michael Enlace

    Here fo hayley williams 😍

  8. Chazzy Chazz

    It's cool that you need to watch the MV to completely understand the lyrics 🖒👏

  9. magicspells

    im addicted

  10. Sherry Ann Estacion

    Who's here because of Hayley Williams? 🙋

  11. OscarTheGrouch

    All this time and I just noticed everybody is emotionless in the video because its representing the idea of being numb to something.

  12. Em Klebold

    10 months later and it's still my favorite song

  13. Rumpel Foreskin

    Am I the only one that thinks of pink Floyd?

  14. Danial Wang

    This music video deserves more views!

  15. niko f

    From indonesia

  16. Boop Coop

    Beautiful song, never gets old. The guitar parts blend so well over that addicting drum part, and the violins! It’s so good.

  17. Ismael Freytes

    Just boring

  18. Greg Gotti

    Converting a fleet of ambulances into a tiny house village is the most hipster thing on this planet.

  19. qualix7

    This song is great. Whenever I find myself making excuses, or feeling miserable about my situation, I remember the line “I blamed my father in my youth, and now as the father, blame the booze.“

  20. Marc Meier

    *You trying to make me cry, bro?!*
    *Don’t make laugh.* *I ain’t no pussy!*
    (whole face wet)

  21. Vlad Q

    So derivative

  22. Devin Grace

    sweet child o' harmonic

  23. bobgray666

    This is... kinda gay. But in a good way.

  24. Austin Starke

    I'll make new friends in the ambulance... I do enjoy that line

  25. Amlink

    Good music :d

  26. Diana Lizarraga

    Hayley williams 👑💕

  27. Devin Giddens

    I believe this song was made to portray how truly sad addiction is.

  28. Eldo Pereira

    This song touches me so deep

  29. José Carmo

    This song is so fucking good!! <3

  30. Cornell Smith

    Reminds me of Radiohead in some way

  31. kEbeen


  32. Marc Angelo Chiapco

    underrated song

  33. Raymond Acosta

    why called american football? is it anti mainstream?

  34. TheFallOfManbearpig

    "I'll make newwwww frrieeenddssss in the aaaamberlampsssss"

  35. Kimberly Cherena

    Someone give them some water cuz this is straight fire

  36. deadeyes

    you can literally copy paste the vocals for misery business ontop of this, its even in the same tempo

  37. MF DOOM

    Fucking Mike Kinsella

  38. E A

    American Football is such a cool band even mainstream rock singer wanna sing with them

  39. Softboy_Supreme

    comatose, like father like son... what a bombshell

  40. Tedfordshire

    Can't believe this came out in 2019. It sounds like a classic. It sounds like something I've heard for years.

  41. Niko Popovich

    jesus christ this music sucks

  42. Lucero Taylor Sebastián

    This is my favourite song for this summer

  43. Jay

    A formative part of my high school and college days involved a Kinsella or two.
    My niece loves Paramore. I'd knock it. We'd pick at each other's bands.
    We both sent each other this album in the mail. Arrived at each place, same day.
    The phone call afterwards was just two people laughing.
    My brother (jokingly) says: "You see? That sad bastard music is genetic!".
    AF was on his Spotify top list the next week. 😂
    And my better half let my niece have her old Rainer Maria shirt.
    Polyvinyl is for the family.

  44. Ryan's Rants

    Like father, like son...

  45. Bejito Figueroa

    1:10 A Littman 👌👌👌

  46. Drew Akens

    Is that Blake at the start of the music video??


    Yep! x)

  47. 8milestreet

    such a masterpiece

  48. boz

    i'm so glad to finally meet you guys in Bangkok, Thailand ♥ (Aug 3, 2019)

  49. JohnWaynesPistola

    What is the paramedics name? Such an intense face.

  50. Meg Marshall

    k floyd

  51. Fritz X

    I think that David Gilmore is proud of this.

    Btec Bolshevik

    Gilmour *

  52. Larry Solis

    no longer like paramore eversince they turned pop but since it was by american football, I'd listen to this one.

  53. HOSTL Music

    We need American Football like American Football need God

  54. Amélie

    hand over the TUNING

  55. Jim Dayne Ramos

    Who's here for Hayley Williams?

  56. Quando você estiver comentando eu estarei lá

    Cadê os brasileiros

  57. Angel Face



  58. NubainRN

    His voice sounds like anberlin. These kind of music always calm my anger towards life.

  59. yag mi

    came for hayley stayed for the great song. def checking out the rest of the bands stuff.

  60. Kristal Campbell

    So stay home was always on my "play this as I'm dying" playlist and I think I need to add this. Also why do I have a play this as I'm dying playlist?

  61. Brad D.

    Thanks SuperMega, now I have a new favorite band

  62. Elaine Berces

    They are so underrated.

  63. Conscious Robot

    This song is just so damn perfect. This should be the number 1 song in the world, but the masses don't know what's good.

  64. Yonatan Satriyo

    Fuck you and your happy music-Mike Kinsella

    Em Klebold

    This song is nowhere near happy lol

  65. Doug Neilson

    I wish Scrubs was still on the air. If anyone has ever listened to one of the shows soundtracks, this is a perfect fit.

    Jack Marsho

    Damn, never thought about this but you're absolutely right

  66. HalteForbidden Shop


  67. Franco Cordini

    Make emo great again!

  68. Kie

    A-flat Major 7 chord, second inversion, harmonics, reverb, one beautiful guitar riff

  69. Graciela Maranto

    My jam <3

  70. Elias Rosales


  71. nathan novak

    What tuning y’all think this is in?

  72. Conscious Robot

    272 people apparently need their ears checked

  73. Conscious Robot

    This song is orgasmic

  74. Rubens Assis

    aaah I love this riff combined with this bass line and this drum

  75. Der Kritiker

    One of the saddest music videos i've ever seen...

  76. Rubens Assis

    I saw Hayley Williams I clicked but what an awesome song I will check this band out

  77. Scott

    The crossover we never knew we needed.

  78. Jimvinsky

    American Football always finds amazing film makers to shoot their videos! ❤

  79. Ridwan, MA Net Media

    nice sharing

  80. Nan Sutejo

    Finally a decent Pi nkFloyd cover.....

  81. dimas pradipta

    when i googled about this band, all i got was hand egg

  82. felipe

    Hayley do a never meant cover plz

  83. Maya's Corner

    He really sounds like Chester here. He should fill in for him with linkin park shows

  84. Aisha Abdella

    This just butters my crumpet.

  85. Bjørn-Gunnar Lunde

    How could possibly someone not love this? I don't get it. The vocal harmonies are sublime.

  86. Graciela Maranto

    vengan a México!

  87. Jonathan Mendez

    So y'all just gonna ignore Prod huh

  88. jared eklond

    This song makes me feel some type of way that i can't explain. All I can say is wow. Fantastic record.

  89. dogboy0912

    This song is peak "wish I could go back" mood. Makes it quite appropriate that Hayley Williams is on it. Naivety ruining what should've been lifelong friendships. Feel like shit just want Josh back.

  90. Positive Nostalgia Facility

    FFO American Football -

  91. Matthew Herman

    blake Anderson wtf

  92. John Glynn

    "I'll let you know"

  93. madeleine

    this woman was in the purity ring fineshrine video

  94. Jamie

    Damn, hearing Hayley's voice on here really hit me. I've never been a die hard Paramore fan or anything, but I remember a guy who lodged at my family's house when I was small had a Paramore CD and he used to let me borrow it. It was the first time I'd ever really got into music, and I played it over and over again until he would ask for it back. Since then I've listened to more music than I would have dreamed existed back then, but unexpectedly hearing her distinctive vocals on this album when I put it on hit me like a ton of bricks, with the childhood nostalgia.

  95. John Pullano

    great song. video is very boring. they should of just showed the band playing the song..... like in black and white or some shit.

  96. Kimberly Garvey

    Every time I listen to this song, I love it more and more. And I have played it many many times today. It might just be the most beautiful song ever.

  97. Yung Cobalt

    they start their songs with drums now cuz so many goth bois been sampling them

  98. fran

    judgy eyes from a failed suicide

  99. Jeffrey Jara

    This is an American Football song. Not Paramore or Hayley's. Won't take it away from her, her voice is beautiful. Appreciate her contribution, yes, but American Football is timeless and beyond beautiful.

  100. perry

    this shit fye