American Football - The Summer Ends Lyrics

Thinking about leaving
How I should say goodbye
With a handshake or an embrace
Or a kiss on the cheek, possibly all three

Well, maybe I've been wrong
Maybe my intentions are irrelevant
But honestly, it's not just for me

We've both been so unhappy
So let's just see what happens
When the summer ends

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American Football The Summer Ends Comments
  1. -blank

    I wish i would have known what love felt like when i was a teenager, maybe it would have made an impact and i'd be somewhere els right now. Then again.. maybe not.

  2. Quill Inkwell

    Reminds me of Red House Painters

  3. Quill Inkwell

    This is so beautiful.

  4. Mary Joy Umbaña

    Hello ang sakit po

  5. [broken machine]

    Dang, I hate how summer always goes by so fast. This year it felt like I fell asleep in May and woke up in August.

  6. Lorelyn Riley

    Love u Kenzy!!! Just wanted to say thank you for all the memories! Love u miss u so much oh my. :(

  7. Zaphyra

    RIP summer of 2019

    please lovell

    Worst summer yet

    Daniel Teichler

    please lovell every summer is the worse summer ever

  8. sadboi international's, whatever, ya know? Nothing matters cept my ❤️. And that's all I got to give now adays.

  9. MF DOOM

    That soft rattle of the symbols at the end gives me fucking goosebumps.

  10. Arief Nafly

    I miss the chance to play this song on my High school graduation. Fuck.

  11. Vince

    A week after my 24th birthday in July my ex had called me at 2am. It was almost 3 years since we last spoke. While we were dating she was getting on her feet, and I always did my best to help as much I could. I loved her, but I was never as invested into our relationship as she was, but if I had been, things were lining up for us in such a way that we could’ve spent the rest of lives together. But i wasn’t happy with myself enough to commit to that and i knew that i really needed to figure things out on my own. I didn’t want to waste her or my time, so i broke it off. She was blindsided and crushed by that.

    When she called me 3 years later, I’m at a profoundly low point in my life. It led to a fling that had lasted for maybe 3 weeks. A lot of old feelings resurfaced for me, but she kept her cards close to her chest the whole time. Can’t blame her, honestly. She reminded me the thing was purely physical since she no longer cared for me in that way. And it hurt like hell to hear that. It was much easier for her than me when she broke things off. She is in a much better point in her life than me; so when it ended she went back to the fiancé she was having problems with, an they continued living their lives.

    It’s been hard for me, but the whole thing has been a wake up call for me if nothing else. Ever since I’ve been pouring a ton effort into actively trying to enjoy life again. It’s been the only way. 100% my emotions would eat me alive otherwise. But yeah, on to the next thing. Im happy the seasons are changing. I have high spirits for what lies ahead.


    all the best Vince, good luck

  12. Nash

    Summer is ending this september

  13. Antonio Vecchio

    Today’s the day :(

  14. Natsukashii Atsume

    summer's over, again.

  15. nate coombs

    September 1st, I guess summer is over.

    Luca Ambrosino

    hello friend, i'm here with you

    Yassine Ben cheikh

    Man fuck it.. Every summer is shorter than the other

  16. Foamy Donnelly

    Listening on September 1st

    Maxim Vandaele

    Same here, much love <3

    Foamy Donnelly

    Maxim Vandaele back at you !

  17. Aljaž

    Listening to this on the last day of summer, sad on a bench after work. Thinking about all the previous summers that ended. Too soon.

  18. Jimmy Bob

    And we're back!

  19. Luigis Blood

    Metal bands wish that they could make a song as heavy as this

  20. fernandez

    I love this but 00:21 will always sound a bit off to me


    Its called dissonance. Tension then relief.

  21. Jakub Stanek

    i dont know why but its so nostalgic

  22. melonlord58

    I have never seen such love and friendly replies in a comment section before. AF brings people together

  23. litzenva

    i graduated high school today ! <3

  24. A Gelak

    2019! This album is everything.

  25. David Rakva

    Summer 2019?

  26. Kris Dyanto

    This song is achingly beautiful. It reminds me of fall, having a crush on someone when you're young, missing people and I don't know what else.

  27. Mr. Axis

    beautiful song, amazing band.

  28. who knows

    I hope I'll get to see u in the summer

  29. litzenva

    it aches

  30. Luigis Blood

    god this song hurts

  31. Dan Morris

    I actually discovered these guys like 15 or so years ago on a snowboard game for the original xbox, amped 2. Immediately fell in love, and now this record hardly leaves my player

  32. Rodrigo de Lima

    T R O M P E T I N H O

  33. TRHenry Vlogs

    I can’t believe I’m just finding out about this song and this band, 23 going on 24 man. Better late than never I guess.

  34. Arthur Oliveira

    Painful. Just painful.

  35. Bill Cosby

    This album sounds like what I envisioned high school to be like when I was a kid... if that makes sense


    Bill Cosby I know exactly what you mean man I thought I was the only one

  36. annucado

    to my love i found and lost last summer

  37. Emanuel b

    Maybe I should learn to play the trumpet 🤔

  38. gonzalo curiqueo grau

    Lo encontre en un mix emo y pense esto es math rock no emo y me llamo la atencion. Espero que alguien me responda en español algo de ingles se, pero me gustaria saber si alguien aca habla el idioma.

  39. Bordo The Schemester

    That fucking trumpet.

  40. lil sleepy

    i like a lot of music genres but i have to admit music like this touches my soul in a way nothing else can

  41. Idiot Kings

    I didn’t discover these guys until I was 21. I could have really used it many an occasion before then.

  42. Fifi Wecudai

    I fuck with this band so much 😭 i hate high school but this song make me feel like im going to miss it

  43. Phen Extreme

    feeling it today

  44. Chris Glass

    If you can only relate to this song because you have to go back to thankful.

  45. ASMR For Dogs

    come to brasil

  46. Onat Önol

    Here for the same reason as everyone else

  47. Filip Lekić

    <3 please no likes

  48. [ALEX]

    00:00 September 1

  49. Alexander Chernienko

    i love start of any season. it's like a start of something new/

  50. Aya Afterlife

    School starting soon, September is on its way. And the summer ends...

    Eska HD

    Never thought I find a recent comment and fuck we have the same situation. School starts again in a couple of hours and I am returning from therapy and hospital. I am so nervous!
    Let's grow up peacefully and wrong, learn from mistakes and enjoy every single moment while we can

  51. Sara G

    I'm so damn anxious and the lyrics doesn't event match with the situation but this song helps me so much and thank you

  52. Jackson Valentine


  53. Jimmy Bob

    What genre is this? It's great!


    Brandon Bush mathrock Midwest emo

    Zachary Jones


    Jimmy Bob

    @Zachary Jones jajajaja

  54. fang over fang

    hey bitch dont mind if i cry here

  55. Filip Lekić

    wata shiti song (eno)

  56. Marcos Matheus

    Acabou o verão.

  57. Glokib

    ....Maybe all three.....

  58. cooza

    I always find a way back to this album. Just the best... it's like everything you remember from high school, good and bad, put into an album. It even feels like high school sonically, I don't know how to explain why, but it does.


    CuSa same feelings here, bud. this album is probably the most special one to me. i love so many albums from so many different genres for so many different reasons, but this one puts me in a zone no other is/will ever be able to. the only other album that trasnports me to another place is casualties of cool self titled album, another gem that doesn't really belongs to a single genre, it's its own thing. but this shit, man. this is the one ❤

  59. Food Police


  60. Benjamin Martin

    Dylan Ross tho

  61. Nocturnal Productions

    This was my emo song from the buzzfeed quiz, it was so right and this song was so relevant to me a few months ago, I'm late on the discovery but it's definitely relevant to my graduation and breakup with my ex gf

  62. Poliszynel

    It's happening again

  63. Elvis Shelton

    It's 1 am the night before sophomore year high school starts I wanted to hear one last song before I fell asleep and I knew the perfect one


    Elvis Shelton even though it hasn’t ended yet, overall how was your sophomore year bud

    Jimmy Bob

    Dude literally in the exact same situation right now

  64. ToxicTon

    high school starts tomorrow... R.I.P me


    enjoy it while you can.

    Chocolate_and_Cheese 97

    Itl be over before you know it. Thats both a good thing and a bad thing

  65. D666M


    Josh Noodles


  66. codmaster456

    It's August again. Holy cow, time flies


    codmaster456 and again

  67. Kimberly Marreros


    I'm thinking about leaving
    And how I should say goodbye
    With a handshake
    Or an embrace
    Or a kiss on the cheek
    Possibly all three

    Well maybe I've been wrong
    Maybe my intentions are irrelevant
    But honestly it's not just for me

    We've both been so unhappy
    So let's just see what happens when the summer ends

  68. F o x t a y a m e

    please play this at my funeral and cry a lot, it won't stop the worms and centipedes but do it just because

    Imported TV

    Gotchu fam

  69. Rainydaywriter23

    I'm moving states in a couple of months. My crush showed this to me and said it made him think of me.
    I'm really going to miss this place.

  70. th3FT pUnK

    This song melts my heart 😥😥

  71. jake cdg

    i wanna make out with someone in a car to this song

    Poltergeist Official

    jake soiled it

    James Shen

    jakecdg id probably end up crying lmao

  72. Voidfucker

    This entire album makes me cry like a baby. many feels

  73. Evan Keen

    Only god knows how many times I've cried to this song. Always drives me so emotional

  74. Aya Afterlife

    This band is just amazing. Their music is so unique and it makes me feel so blissful and calm. This song gives me a sort of "summer feel"

  75. Viviana Bonura

    makes me think about my last relationship...we broke up before the summer, it was very painful for the both of we secretly waited until the end of summer to see if we would ever be able to be around each other again. when we met months after the lie that we mended our wounds fell apart, we fell into the same habits, we didn't even know how to say goodbye, so he touched my hair, so bittersweet...we haven't see each other since then

    Adrian Castro

    Fuck... same

  76. Joel Wright

    I hate to admit it... But this is way better than anything on LP2 ..

    Alex Seibel

    lp2 is still pretty good tho

    Michael de jesus

    Alex Seibel ha no

  77. Niño Poderoso

    Los conocí gracias a un programa de deportes extremos en fox sports =D

    Ángel Gabriel Meléndez Villanueva

    En que programa bro? tienes el link? me dió mucha curiosidad tu comentario hahaha

    Lucas Smulders

    también quiero saber jaja

  78. Chris Ramirez

    Does anyone else hear the hissing in the background of the song?


    yeah man sounds a bit like a tape hiss, probably just to create that ambient atmosphere

    Chris Ramirez

    @SeanFinlay64 Yeah, that is what I was talking about. I got a DAC and it still seems to be there. It was definitely placed there on purpose and it part of the recording. Thanks.


    SeanFinlay64 Lel our Avatars

    Lucas Pfaff

    Visual snow

  79. Blonde Ambition

    This sounds like something I would have listened to in high school/college, I'm not sure how I am just discovering them, but they are beautiful. Reminds me of crushing on guys, parties with friends, heartbreaks, and waitressing tables just to put gas in my car and buy a concert ticket <3

  80. animatedastronaut



    dis my fuckin roots. got me lookin at life at purdy n shit. thx AF

  82. Alexander Colter

    the best song.

    I will listen to then when I am 50 and all the memories of high school and summer are going to rush in. thank you American Football.

    a fellow central Illinois kid ready to leave.

  83. Ryan Moss


    Bill Cosby

    How bout now

  84. DancesWithMetroids

    This song is achingly beautiful. It reminds me of fall, having a crush on someone when you're young, missing people and I don't know what else.

    Brandon Valle

    Buddy, you don't know how on point you were with that. Goddammit. She's gone now though and it sometimes feels like a past life.

    Punk Drummer - Ram Esmael

    Damn, I feel this too mostly when going to bed before going to sleep

    theonly stoner

    DancesWithMetroids ):

  85. mule solo

    i walked out of my house toniiiiiiight
    i didnt know what i forgotttttttt

  86. stephanie

    I used to listen to this song on repeat during my freshman year, and I recently found it again. Now I'm a senior and I've realized how much I've changed and grown, and it makes me happy to know I used to listen to this beauty when I was 13. I forgot how much I loved this, now it makes me genuinely happy, as if I were re-living a dream. I'm bad with words, but what I'm trying to say is that this song/band makes my heart feel warm and cozy

    Wojtek The Swindler

    Same age as you, and freshman year is when I got really into emo too :DD This album got me through some turbulent times in early High School...

    Brandon Valle

    I barely started getting into American Football. I am truly jealous of that connection you have to this song and band.

  87. WithASideOfFries

    Anybody else binge-listening to their discography in anticipation for their new album?


    JSINERF yeah I went to see them in new York when they had their first three shows and they played everything including the ep and songs like the 7's all the unreleased stuff. they unfortunately didn't play that during the album release show. only the first album and new album

    Théophile Phanoune

    I think they should still at least play Five Silent Miles as an opener, it's so great.


    Yeah dude they did when i first saw them than they played the one with the tambourine i was a little upset they didn't play either.


    JSINERF just on this video or on all of them?


    Just on this video
    Hmmm strange

  88. massiv pp man xddd

    maybe my intentions are irrelevant.

  89. One Rooting Tooting Motherfucker

    I want this played at my funeral

  90. emoooly

    i need the trumpet music so bad figuring it out is sooo difficult

  91. massiv pp man xddd

    Every August the 31s, I play this.

  92. N G

    this song reminds me of whitney houston so in peace, baby girl

    Aya Afterlife

    I miss her too :(

  93. WarhawkLieutenent

    No song captures the emotions of graduating high school better than this one does.

    le anonmoose

    The night before I moved across the state for college, I stayed up till 5 am spending time with my girlfriend. This was the last song that played before we eventually fell asleep in each other's arms.

    5 years later, it's still one of my most bittersweet yet happy and hopeful memories

    Edward F. Pignataro IV

    spaghetti can I use that comment as a song title?

    Arthur Oliveira

    I've never thought about that. Now i'm crying.

  94. &thenIwokeup

    I wonder if they got any influence from talk talk's last two albums?

    Francesco Brett

    Same thing I was thinking! This trumpet reminds some "Spirit of eden" and "laughing stock" atmospheres

  95. Neverbloom

    so goddamn beautiful... this album is a masterpiece.

  96. fauske

    today in Brazil :)

  97. ItsLetterP

    reminds me of when i had to say goodbye to her last year... that summer was great