American Football - The One With The Tambourine Lyrics

Days, weeks, gauge years
Always just enough time to lose
The memories
Of spending 17 with you

Those red strings
Our insecurities
How everything moves

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American Football The One With The Tambourine Comments
  1. 12g

    this song simply touches and warms up my heart.

  2. Paul Jacobson

    the opening of "doom in full bloom" off the new LP is a reinterpretation of this, like how "the one with the wurlitzer" off LP1 is.

  3. Max

    i have a love hate relationship with af, as i love their music but i hate how nostalgic it makes me:(

    riley b

    Max enjoy the nostalgia. memories and experiences are what make life. cherish them whether they aren’t that good or bad because at least you had the chance to experience them

  4. fiz

    anyone care to join me in this lonesome comment section?


    Yes please


    Let's cuddle on a cold night. I'll be the girlfriend you lost...


    ...or never had...


    Not trying to be insulting. Seriously. Let's cuddle. I'm cold.


    @FΞVΞЯD ЯΞДM lmaoo