American Football - Stay Home Lyrics

Don't leave home again
If empathy takes energy
Cause everyone feels just like you

That's life - so social
That's life - so social
That's life - so social...

That's life - it's so social
So physical
So so-so
So emotional
So stay home

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American Football Stay Home Comments
  1. Cory Courtney

    The drummers face says it all. It's how I feel every time I hear this song.

  2. Dean Anderson

    Man, I wish they could play it again in the key of F

    Sam Verduzco

    Dean Anderson I like it half a step down

  3. Kyle Green

    How do you have an ad in the middle of a song? How is that ethical ?

  4. Juan Mercado

    why does every one but Mike look like the same person at different ages in their life? LOL

  5. madrubicon

    The 8 people who disliked this must be happy dads

    Sam Verduzco

    madrubicon sad dads upvote

  6. Surya Randi

    They deliver sad song with an beautiful emotion. Love yall 🖤

  7. 8milestreet


  8. Shatterthewaves

    Best live recording for the best American Football song. Thanks KEXP people for the amazing sound and video, thanks American Football for the feels.

  9. Ari Purnomo Aji

    American Football 😍

  10. Michael Yahner

    get out the time machine, take me back to the scene.

  11. Enzo Raffler

    the pinnacle of midwest emo

  12. Michael Warren

    this is lowkey one of the best KEXP recordings ever

  13. Zebast 182

    Creo que Necesito una telecaster pero ya :'v

  14. Samuel Thacker

    He didn't sing the last line "so stay home"!!!??

  15. Mark Servilio

    Why has no one described American Football as prog before? Prog Emo should be a thing. AF are heavily influenced by Tortoise which are influenced by CAN (a prog/psych band). First time I listened to AF I didn't think they sounded like an emo band. Something to consider while listening to them.

    MusicMan 655

    Math rock is the word you're looking for. Prog emo I feel is more along the lines of Chiodos or Coheed And Cambria or maybe even Angels And Airwaves


    this does feel like tortoise quite a bit now that I think about it

  16. Gustavo Mayorga

    Amazing brass sounds

  17. Karl Dgo

    Is this 7/4?. I love the drums

    Greg Greg

    Karl Dgo the intro: mike’s part does two measures in 4/4 and one measure is in 6/4 while Steve’s part is 7/4 throughout, then the rest of song, both are 7/4.


    that’s math rock for you

  18. Sentient Meat Computer

    That green Telecaster is beautiful. The color reminds me of the debut album cover as well.


    Sage Green Metallic or Jade Pearl Metallic Telecaster.

  19. SchizoidMan5

    Oh baby.

  20. Luigis Blood

    it feels like there's an elephant on my chest

  21. Michael

    This makes me happysad

  22. pablo binch calvo

    Tears were cried whilst watching this. One of the most beautiful peices of music ever created

    Sam Verduzco

    pablo binch calvo I’m literally in my car crying while listening to this haha

  23. Josh Battershell

    Nothing sounds better than 2 telecasters together in an open tuning

  24. Julian Nasserian

    At 9:27: The look Nate gives you, staring into your soul and giving a little smirk to say "Everything will be alright"

  25. Jorge Kinsella

    00:00 Stay Home
    7:40 The One With The Wurlitzer

  26. leon wilches

    reminds me quite a bit bolero of maurice ravel, im enjoying this song so bad!!!

  27. arQadda Re

    Офигительно, братан!

  28. Andrea Consonni

    I was twenty years old in 1999, escaped from university, shut up at home destroyed by depression and vices and with this album in headphones, I've been listening to him for twenty years


    Andrea Consonni how are you doing now doe?

    Andrea Consonni

    @BURNANNATOR SI SEÑOR always depressed and empty


    @Andrea Consonni I know I'm just a random dude on the internet and you might have heard it before, but Depression is an illness like a cough. You can treat it. Do get help when it becomes too much.

  29. dudemanduderson

    Needs more teles

  30. Vhego

    My god Steve.... He is so good

  31. jthreat

    dat xylophone tho

  32. jthreat


  33. Lost Gems

    Its not a phase mom

  34. Bradley Smith

    Perfection. So happy to witness this.

  35. Martin Pro

    Thought they sing "that's life, it's so so short" :) but love this song!!!

  36. Stuck in The 90s

    i listened them a lot in my teenage years on my mp3, feeling emo

  37. Jerf Tecimer

    American Football <3

  38. MooseMan

    Melencholy Magic

  39. TheAdebor6

    oh god this is even better than the original

  40. Washington Barbosa

    I didn't think it was possible for this song to get any sadder, but the echoing vocals makes it feel so distant, colder than the studio recording... I love it.

  41. Fiendish

    Ayyyyyyy the boyyyyyyyssss

  42. mrt kxv

    fuck yeah the band from memes

  43. Nick Sidiropoulos

    Such a great band. Americ always delivers.

    Darrien Day


  44. lacorde

    The extended bit at the end is a treat

    andrew van den oever

    That's the song "the one with the wurlitzer" one of my favorites by them :)

    Diva Iswara

    @andrew van den oever they do it without drums makes even better

  45. Archie Labordo

    7:45 The One With the Wurlitzer

  46. Archie Labordo

    Finally! Thanks!

  47. Jennifer R. Reid

    Ohhh man this is sooo sooo good! Thank you

  48. Garrett Kato

    Love this band