American Football - Never Meant Lyrics

Let's just forget
Everything said
And everything we did
Best friends and better halves

And the autumn night
When we realized
We were falling out of love

There were some things
That were said
That weren't meant
But were said

Like we never did
Not to be

I just think it's best
'Cause you can't miss what you forget

So let's just pretend
Everything and anything
Between you and me
Was never meant

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American Football Never Meant Comments
  1. Drozos

    i’ve never been in a relationship but this song still hurts so much

  2. Max Theawesome

    Being young is really just being alive for the first time. Before you get used life, it's ups and downs. Romance; In all facets of life.

    Growing up, really is just falling out of love with that romance. At least that's how it seems to me. I've heard becoming a parent sort of jumpstarts that life again; Living again through the kid. Life is romance again.

  3. June

    I wish I had a childhood.
    My teen years were stolen from me.
    Now it's nothing but a fantasy...

  4. Steven Newcomb

    i am an old man, but i know this is horrible and beautiful...we all deal with it, nothing makes it better.

    Steven Newcomb

    thanks, i remember this part of my life...very fondly.

  5. nym5qu17

    this is from 99? sounds like it came out yesterday

  6. thatguyonstage

    This song on 1.25 speed is incredible! I can't even listen at normal speed anymore 😆

  7. VIRTUA ฅ'ω'ฅ

    this hit me hard. I was with her for seven years. the words "never meant" being repeated kinda stings but also confirms that we can't keep lying to each other. Now I'm looking for a new place to stay, a new job, a new life. I'm losing my best friend. I cherished every moment and wouldn't change it. I will always see her as the most special person in the world. We traveled up and down California, Florida, Japan. We played in the same band. she was there after my suicide attempt. I was there for hers. We worked on our cars together. we sat on the carpet and played video games until it was time to see the sun setting. We cooked together. We had a love that means more than two people "in love", we just innately had love. And that will never fade. This week has been rough, and all our friends are here for us. she stopped by last night to pick up some of her things. if feels like she never left. We both feel like that. I instinctively held her hands in front of me, pulled her in, and put my chin on her head. But I wasn't happy. for years. We tried so hard, constantly patching holes in this half- sunken ship.
    it was never meant.

  8. Chaka from land of the lost

    at 0:45 you can hear the feels spirit

  9. Rohan Jangam

    Wow, I just came across this masterpiece. I realize how much I've missed out on good music. Fans out here, please recommend me similar kinda music. Thanks a lot.

    An Intellectual Top Hat

    Parking Lot by Mineral is kind of similar

  10. R Keyes

    Haven't heard this remix yet

  11. joy

    love where you never meet, speak or even look at eachother again really fucks with you sometimes....the memories eat you alive.......even though it was never meant

  12. Alex Mata

    I want to puke. We aren't supposed to feel this way

  13. Panzerfaust

    crying in the club atm

  14. Billy Moon

    I only heard this song for the first time yesterday. Yet it feels like it's been with me my whole life. It reminds me of every moment.. Every love lost, every friend I'll never see again, every year that passes away..


    que mamón

  16. Tasin Rahman

    Since no one saying this so here it goes,

    Anyone here in 2019?😍

  17. deminori

    I cant believe I found this through a fucking super mario 64 recreation of the song

  18. DabbingSquidward

    Over ly

    Over ly


  19. William Bay-Kramer

    Oh goodness. This song brings me back to the early 2000s.

  20. hammerheaddummyface

    im gonna fucking kill myself lol

  21. Alejandro Arévalo

    What if we kissed in the americ anfootball house 😳

    Robério Filho

    Hahaha... Unless?? 😳😳

  22. BoiiWander

    i dont get the video but this song slaps

  23. speedingchimps

    there's this girl, she's 2 years older than me, but i like her, but she also doesn't know i exist, we had a chat, but i know that she forgot about it, i don't know what to do, i don't want to look like shit while trying to talk to her

  24. melanie

    let us just forgettt

  25. bmans1

    So fake no one dances at parties anymore

  26. Andrew Sanger

    This song makes me nostalgic for a past I never had.

  27. snoop dogg dank kush


  28. Luke Moran

    Not to be that guy but this song literally describes the relationship I just got out of with the girl I love . I will always still love her somewhere but it can’t work out cause it’s just not meant to be I guess according to her and we’re better as friends to her but it hurts too much for me . I just hope she finds what’s she’s looking for . I love this song .

  29. Music Loser

    im not crying you're crying

  30. dead_again

    i seem to be the only one who thinks this isn't depressing and instead just an incredibly beautiful song

    Twitchy Mang



    I think it has sad undertones, but is overall beautiful

  31. Adam Burke

    Favourite song and video of all time. For me this is perfection.

  32. bobo flores

    I'm almost 30 and have never been in a relationship so I'm completely unable to relate to the lyrics but the music helps me imagine what it's like to be a broken-hearted teenager lol

  33. Bad Guy

    Let's just forget
    Everything said
    Everything we did
    Best friends and better halves

    And the autumn night when we realized
    We were falling out of love
    (There were some things that were said that weren't meant)
    But we never did

    Not to be
    Overly dramatic
    I just think it's best
    'Cause you can't miss what you forget

    So lets just pretend
    Everything and
    Anything between you and me
    Was never meant

  34. James Clifford Frederick Welch

    I wonder if Japanese fans call them Amefuto「 アメフト」。

  35. Pliskin

    What car is he driving?

  36. ugly boi

    i am so alone

  37. Claytronimus

    I imagine the words to this song being written on the note

  38. Nolan Martin

    Hmm. American Football kinda reminds me of Modern Baseball

  39. Christopher

    Man this hurts. You're only young once.

  40. Degenerist

    the Mario 64 version was better

  41. Mr. Joestar

    I didn't cry.

    How tough does that make me?

  42. Chaka from land of the lost

    legends say the stone is still there on the roof

  43. Chaka from land of the lost

    this made me missed what i forget 😫

  44. patrisco

    im gonna fucking throw up

  45. reignofrock

    Boring AF. Rock some Cursive.

  46. pwnedeful

    who /emo/ here?

  47. taylorm

    Man, Richard Ayoade does everything.

  48. August Riti

    This is exactly what I pictured the music video would be like if there was one lmfao

  49. Kuancho

    iDubbbz seems really sad

  50. mrrabis

    Remember that girl you planned to marry? I do. it still hurts, even now

  51. elly. lmao.

    im here from a meme-

  52. Dean Anderson

    For once in my life, I don't have a girlfriend. But this song really hits me hard, because I experienced friendzones and it really hurts that I don't have the guts to say to a girl I've been fallin in love with.

  53. henry jv

    I wish I could feel identified with the feeling of breaking up because I don't have a girlfriend :(

  54. jared eklond

    I'm just upset that it took me 19 years to discover American Football.

  55. Clef Airy

    I never had a gf


    Clef Airy *plays never meant*

  56. Mizza G

    *wistful, overlong comment that sounds like a white dude from the suburbs talking about his personal values and nostalgia*

  57. Joel Laverty

    What if we were never meant to kiss in the American football house😳😳

    Alex Wondero

    R u in the vid

  58. Emmanuel Goldstein

    He's a social guy. Not emo.

  59. Kristian Milan

    You thought about them didn’t you , you said you wouldn’t , but you did

  60. Maspur Mashman check this out

    Maspur Mashman

    this version hits me hard :(

    Sayoganata Nur Alam Rakhmadana


    Triska Prakasa

    peach why you leave me.. :'

  61. Lucas Albuquerque

    vsf essa musica é linda demais

  62. Meada

    emo music at its best form

  63. scheddoc

    why do people like this dumbass song so much lmao

    fucker mcfuckface

    Well because it's a good song. It envokes a lot of feelings, The instrumental is unique and honestly just nice, and the lyrics are things anyone could feel.

  64. Vududru

    This is the saddest song I’ve ever heard and I can’t even explain why

  65. Sanjaya Clan TV

    Can someone told me how to cure the depression?

    Mister Myself

    Just remember than nothing is permanent, and neither is that pain of yours, nor peaceful things.
    First, you need to accept it, and keep in mind that everything will eventually be worse, or better, and that only time will show this to you.
    And then, you must focus on three things.

    The first one is about you, right at this moment. Where are you ? Are you happy with what you got ? If not, what went wrong, and what went right ? If you are, don't let your guard down and keep on improving, what's your next goal ?
    Basically, try to situate yourself where you are right now, while thinking on the journey that brought you this far, and also while keeping in mind that this isn't iver yet, and everything else afterwards is a mystery you'll have to figure out with the willingness to do so.

    The second is about that last sentence. Now that you thought about your journey, and accepted that what's done is in the past, what do you want next ? What do you NOT want ? And what can you do, on what can you work on the long run to get what you need ?
    This can be seen as a philosophy, or discipline. A bunch of tools you'll have to work with to keep on improving.

    The last thing is this.
    In the cosmos, life is chaos.
    You can only pretend, or work really hard on a project of yours to insist that there's order in your life, but despite your laborious efforts to build something that colossal and meaningful thing that you cherish, that's not true.
    If something has, one day, to come right of the blue to mess with it, so be it.
    Nothing truly works out as intended. And that's alright. Can you imagine living a life where everything is completely uniform ?
    That's death. That's a story without substance. A forced relationship. A blank canvas.
    You can idealise things, as most people do, but this is a great source of suffering, as nothing's guaranteed to happen according to your own desires.
    Instead, start to do your best to enjoy the smallest things life brings to you. Enjoy the present, as that's the only thing you truly have. And if you desire so, focus on something greater in the future, and start working on it now. Just remember that there will be an outcome, not necessarily the one you expect.
    Relationships and love are also as random as this.

    Accept the past. Accept your mistakes. Accept that nothing is truly over as long as time goes on, and accept that things will happen, despite not knowing exactly what, when, and how.
    Everyday is an opportunity to do what you need, so let go of what hurts and embrace what's given to you as it happens, while being careful for what's to come, and while working on it and yourself with discipline and open-mindedness, as unforseen, many possible things could happen. The only real thing you know is where you stand as you're reading this, and that depending of what you do, you'll end up somewhere else.

    Do what's right to end up somewhere nicer.

    Sincerely - somebody, somewhere, that acknowledged your existence.

    Take care.

  66. Julia Jensen

    this is the song you're silently crying to at 2am while you sit outside on your porch alone on a summer night smoking a cigarette

  67. Isaiah

    Dammit I didn’t get to experience the corny teen love in high school

  68. Aya Afterlife

    Autumn time is sad midwest emo music time.

  69. Maccabyable

    So I've met this girl, like 5 years ago. I've fell in love instantly, we've spent a lot of time together, it was pure joy. We were always laughing, I was thinking that everything would be great. But something wasn't alright, maybe we were younger, or something (I was 19 at the time). She left the city, and I've never seen her again. I've kept listening to this song, thinking that we were never meant, too. I thought about her so much, I was thinking that I'm gonna carry it, and I've carried everything to this day.

    She texted me a week ago. Asked me how I am. Something sparked. I've thought "Fuck it" and came to her city next weekend. She said "Hey you can stay at my place". Next night we spent kissing and sharing personal things. She is strange. But I'm so excited to see whats next. Hope I'll never truly relate to this song.

  70. Matthew Sommerville

    This song and video just makes me so proud to be Midwest. Its hard to describe to someone not from here and susceptible to these types of feelings, but this all just screams of my tribe, Midwest.

  71. Jawn Domingo


  72. luckythewolf luckyowo

    did anyone come here because of a I'm boutta head out meme

  73. YNW Smelly

    Came here from a meme ngl

  74. Christian Rivera

    I have to commend SwaggerSouls, this band is amazing.

  75. Uninvited Cactus

    vibe check

  76. Sckupz

    good dogs for old people

  77. Back In Town Productions

    This is the first time I've ever seen this video or heard this song and my heart and soul ache after watching this. In a good way I think. Instant favorite.

  78. GhoulioCoolio

    My Ex and I just broke up, I have a feeling I’m going to be listening to this song for a while now. 2 years are gone and I just feel so empty now.

  79. Antoine Millier

    Big titty emo gf

  80. Keel 0

    White people be like

  81. Flowboat

    one day he's just gonna say fuck it and cum

  82. Expert Cypro

    Why is this coming into my reccomendations now? Good thing i got this in my spotify

  83. Quill Inkwell

    Who thumbs down a humans efforts?.. and who thumbs down art in general.. who has the right to hate when they themselves don't have the guts to create. 99 thumbs up from me. Love your sound!

  84. XxxSwegMachinexxX

    American Football sounds like what growing up in the Midwest feels like.

  85. Isaac Royle

    Damn this cuts deep

  86. Luke Moran

    It’s October and my gf and broke up , she had bad issues and we both have lots going and she moved away and we tried long distance but it was too hard for her . The summer of love and times I had with her were amazing and I was truly in love with her and I always will love her but it won’t be the same . I just hope she’s happy . This song hits right in the feels man .


    I came from the meme of the dude fixing the tv

  88. Owen Hornung

    i was pretty specific on my criticism of emo bands that are trying to ripoff american football. i'm aware there are bands that aren't doing that. i grew up with emo at it's peak of popularity, and was listening to rites of spring before you had internet. don't emo-splain me kid.

  89. Peter Brooke

    Everyone comenting about youth and im just over here with nothing waiting to die tbh

  90. Baked Shoe

    Fuck Rantoul and Mahomet

  91. Isaac

    Fuck my life man

  92. MJ's Two Cents

    tfw no lahori gf

  93. Daisuke Young

    'member MySpace?

    *I 'member.*

  94. J Mc

    Why am i still crying

  95. Cherri Kola

    I actually believe this to be the best song ever written. It's just too damn good.

  96. Morgan Kim

    The perfect song for sitting in your 1994 Mazda Miata at the Denny's parking lot at 2:00AM and crying your fucking eyes out because Jessica left you in complete emotional shambles

  97. Kudo

    Fat Nigga Toilet Take Off

  98. Polyvinyl Records

    September 14 marks the 20th anniversary of LP1. In honor of this special occasion we're sharing a collection of previously unreleased and newly mastered instrumental demos. Year One Demos – 12” vinyl, one time pressing, limited to 2000 – is available for pre-order now in the Polyvinyl Store (out 12/13).The recordings are a glimpse back at that inauspicious time, and according to Steve Lamos who recently re-discovered the original tape (labeled with the date May 31, 1997), it's the first proper set of demos the band ever made:

    Fabulous Killjoy

    I never knew they were that old


    Hey cool, that tape is labelled 10 days after I was born

    My_Panic! _At_The_Romace

    @Fabulous Killjoy same lol

    Fabulous Killjoy

    My_Panic! _At_The_Romace Wait a minute where did I see you last? I think I saw you yesterday, but I don’t remember where
    Edit: OHHH I saw you on that Epitaph community post about Christmas a few days ago!! Then I believe I saw you again on ARTV’s video I think. Thanks for the sub btw