American Football - Life Support Lyrics

I'm looking for the words
That I've lost on you
Been digging in the dirt
And rewind every day, reminiscence

I can't breathe on my own
(I can't breathe on my own)
Life support
Such a bore

I've cried for you, for me, a stranger
I've cried in every room
When will it end, relentless adolescence?

Disappointment and grief come easy
Forgiveness is a mystery
Forgiveness is a mystery, a mystery
Forgiveness is a mystery (Remind every day)
A mystery (Adolescence)

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American Football Life Support Comments
  1. Milos9

    Sounds like Let Down from Radiohead

  2. [broken machine]

    This band really makes me feel like everything’s going to be alright.

  3. Aya Afterlife

    4:05 <3

  4. imeggscellent

    what an absolute successor this album was. truly remarkable after so much time has passed, we are blessed with such passion and care from these musicians. there is not a second in this record you will not get a hint of distaste in your ears. this is a band that has aged like a fine wine. you take a gratuitous sip when you first aquire, note the taste, then years down the road you appreciate the moderate changes over time. not everyone can see the value, but to those who do...cheers fam!

  5. My Chemical Republican

    Sounds like Let Down by Radiohead. Great track though.

  6. reljasaurus

    is this tuned in DADSAD?

  7. didier andreu

    Superbe morceau merci

  8. xyza.

    I swear that intro felt like a cross between Let Down and Chasing Cars

  9. Tiago Dias


  10. Der Kritiker

    Intro in 10/8?

  11. Adriano Gonzalez Esquinca

    Let down! hahaha u.u
    But their other songs are nice (y)

  12. Tetra Urban

    This needs to blow up.

  13. Marcelo Oliveira

    My favourite!!!

  14. Thomas Fontaine

    Beautiful step forward in the American football story..

  15. Jeremy L

    Vocals ruin the song

  16. Mary Joy Umbaña

    Ugghh ❤️

  17. Vitor Eduardo

    L i n d o 😭

  18. Matt


  19. Richard Fortin

    Mike's lyrics speak to me.


    guitar is great

  21. giacomo tiberia

    if you don't cry hearing this you are dead inside


    Not really... duh


    It's because I'm dead inside that I cry.

    John Glynn

    I am but I did.

    Karl Dgo

    I am so sad that I can't even cry

  22. Jerf Tecimer

    22.04.2019 I was here <3

  23. spaghetti antichripes

    Not Yet Woodland Fathers Perchance Bands of 4

  24. spaghetti antichripes

    Life suppot? I've never even heard of the forest goblins!!! Attributed to highway sadness!

  25. Dan Lebofsky

    Is it just me, or does this album cover look like a Japanese woman's asshole, a testicle silhouette and a pair of frog legs?

    I'm asking for a friend.

  26. Dan Lebofsky

    Rock hard emo penith

  27. Bel Vermillion

    Such a Life Support. Thanks American Football.

    Marshall Fehr

    It truly is.

  28. Ben Smerglia

    I'm looking for the words
    That I've lost on you
    Been digging in the dirt
    Now I'm buried in reminiscence

    I can't breathe on my own (can't breathe on my own)
    And life support
    Is such a bore

    I've cried for you
    For me
    For strangers
    I've cried in every room
    When will it end
    Relentless adolescence

    Disappointment and grief come easy
    Forgiveness is a mystery
    Forgiveness is a mystery
    A mystery
    Forgiveness is a mystery

    Now I'm buried in (a mystery)

    Mark Lacheta

    I've cried for you
    For me
    For strangers
    I've cried in every room
    When will it end
    Relentless adolescence :((((((((((((((((((((((((

    Richard Fortin

    Disappointment and grief come easy. My life.

  29. Patrick Bernardo

    Todos os álbuns são maravilhosos.

  30. Patrick Bernardo

    Aaahh, esse som é maravilhoso.

  31. prateek kelkar

    My heart literally skipped a beat at 0:52

  32. Victória Almada

    Nunca pensei que veria tantos comentários brasileiros aqui ;-


    acho que graças ao Júlio Victor que apresentou o AF num vídeo de 10 bandas de real emo, haha

    Marcelo Oliveira

    SubIMersØ será???

  33. Mikko Angelo Agas

    Your daily dose of new medicine.

  34. Michel Temer

    Fico tão feliz ao ler os comentários, tantos brasileiros aqui, chego até a chorar, esperei tanto por esse álbum, tenho esperança que eles possam vir para o Brasil, moro em Curitiba torço que possam vir aqui.

    Marcelo Oliveira

    Nunca iria imaginar q Michel Temer gosta de American Football! Que pena q na cadeia não tem Wi-Fi!!! Kkkkkkk

    Felipe Neves

    Conheci essa banda do nada, fui escutando aleatoriamente. A primeira que tocou foi Summer's end.
    Rapaz, o cano do meu olho estourou na hora kkk.
    Essa banda é foda demais

  35. Mondie.

    Let's keep the dislike zero.

  36. Calvin Gomez

    Favorite song from Ok Computer

    4WURD Productions


    Edson Escalante

    Let down 😎

    Mr. Reich

    Edson Escalante And hanging aroooooooound.


    Electioneering!!! That song doesn't get mentioned enough.

    Todd Marshall

    Silly, this song isn't on Ok Computer!

  37. bouncy jelly

    GOD i love Americ anFootball

  38. Ollie Todd

    Cries in FACGCE


    @Adrian G calm down, it's a popular tuning in math/emo

    Adrian G

    Conurbano I was never that good at math.

    Gabriel Ekoputra

    cries a lot in DADF#AD


    Very fun and different tuning to play in!

    Prasanna Dahal

    cries in DADSAD

  39. Helio Vinicius Dias

    Só obra prima essa banda faz
    Eu amo de coração essa linda banda ...
    Que eles venha para o Brasil...

  40. Crippling Depression

    Americ antfootball with album of the year, hands down.

    Mr. Reich

    Crippling Depression this

  41. clay brooks

    Let Down by Radiohead


    came here to say this too lol the first 5 seconds threw me off

    4WURD Productions

    Yeah de facto 😂😷😬

    Akira Kurosawa

    Funnily enough, the drum fill of Never Meant sounds a bit like Lift, lol

  42. Mrinmoy Saha

    We're listening to the album of the year, people. Cheers to us. (:

    Mr. Reich

    Mrinmoy Saha We’re eatin

    John Glynn

    It's early in the year, but I agree.

  43. Philosophia

    I was going to say this is my favorite song off of the entire album, but then I realized the entire album is my favorite song off of the entire album.


    @2sacks1 You're not wrong.

    John Glynn

    @2sacks1 I have no cats but I still hear the meows of a thousand whiskered voices. This album is so good.

  44. Aglahe Diaz

    Una razón por la cual vivir :') 💜

  45. Red_Elephant

    Received my Early Bird LP the other day, can't wait to see them on tour again!

  46. Conurbano

    thank you

  47. Sagnik Bhowmik

    best emo album since Science Fiction, *and you can quote me on that*

    I don't want to be a part of this BUT

    Idk if you heard Nearer My God by Foxing, but that is up there too for me.


    For one Science Fiction sucked, secondly Science Fiction is not emo. But you're right about one thing - this is a pretty good record

    Sagnik Bhowmik

    @IMACKS31 Science Fiction sucked?? Are you fucking kidding me??


    mylifeintheknifetrade people need to get the fuck over that already.

  48. Rafael Alves

    Rapaz, eu to feliz demais

  49. Daniel Rodrigues

    Uns arranjos desses bicho

  50. Débora Castro

    Mano, que álbum! 💙

    Shooting Guard

    AF NUNCA decepciona

    Marcelo Oliveira

    Massa demais!!!

  51. Michelangelo

    First chords reminded me of Let down by radiohead!

    Brandon Briers

    I can't unhear this now haha

    Lars Faye

    that is VERY accurate. And awesome, that's my favorite RH song

    Mr. Reich

    That seems to be the meme

  52. Brandon Briers

    This is my favourite song from the Minecraft soundtrack

    Aegyo Bot1

    You are a boring person

    Brandon Briers

    @Aegyo Bot1 That's the nicest thing anybot has ever said to me

    Chris Di Vitto

    @Lobster Theorist Don't talk shit on Minecraft

    Mark Lacheta

    @2sacks1 did you just compare american football to owl city... I'm guessing your musical knowledge flows deep

    Todd Marshall

    Silly, this song isn't on Minecraft!

  53. forbidden404

    Album of the year, dont @ at me

    Luca Vincent



    @Luca Vincent ABSOLUTE MADLAD

    Rishi el paisano

    to me, IT'S the album of the year