American Football - I Need A Drink (Or Two Or Three) Lyrics

I need a drink... or two or three
To fall asleep without you
I've had the longest day
I'm as blue as the sky is grey

I need a drink or two or three or four
To spend any time alone with me anymore
Every day, a chance to change
But the devil will find a way
As sure as the sky is grey
I'm gonna die this way

Oh, how I wish that I were me
The man that you first met and married
I'm tired of fighting
Endless thunder and lightning
I can't break this bender
To it, I surrender

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American Football I Need A Drink (Or Two Or Three) Comments
  1. Juan Ramon de Castro

    Fuck my life....

  2. Josh Sparks

    This really is a beautiful song... Currently on a bender..

  3. Patrick T

    Possibly my favorite song off LP2...I Love this band

  4. Epilu

    Gr8 song

  5. Keith Porteous

    Crying a little..

  6. DinosaurSuccess

    this is cringe

    Wyatt Earp

    Please drink bleach


    @Wyatt Earp lol wtf

    Chad Moore

    @DinosaurSuccess hang yourself idiot

    hebi alzas

    Yo nigga need to suck up cardi B's stinky ass..

    Oofer Gang

    who tf asked you

  7. Armando Menagarcia

    Nothing ive ever heard hits quite like the off mic wailing at the end of the song

  8. Der Kritiker

    Nice 15/8 time signature. <3

  9. Walter Clements

    i want an instrumental version of this song

  10. Mohammed Jihad

    Its OK. Animal Crossing is better.

  11. Stand Still

    This is heart breaking

  12. itsnicksharpbro

    How can you dislike something as honest as this? Maybe it's because this is my life right now, and has been, but this is amazing.

  13. Richard Fortin

    I'm gonna die this way.

  14. twitcher73

    "I'm as blue as the sky is grey..."

  15. Théophile Phanoune

    My favourite song from the new album. I'm still not ok with that agressie mix, that why I would like to see these songs performed live. Don't know why there's 0 video of their live at Vic Theatre, Chicago on YouTube.

  16. Joel Wright

    the devil will find a way......

  17. Rose Anne

    love this,..