American Football - Home Is Where The Haunt Is Lyrics

Home is where the haunt is
Those wounds won't lick themselves
So good thing you're not alone
He's been here all along
You can't see him, but you know he's there

The ghost in the corner of the room
Knows what you sleep in
When you're dreaming, of who
Some things never change
Maybe that's okay

Home is where the haunt is
The past still present tense
Need more time to mourn
But you shouldn't sulk for too long
Because you look like hell
An accidental version of yourself

You can't just forget all the other lives you've lived

The ghost in the corner of the room
Knows how you're feeling
'Cause you're dead to him, too
Some things never change
Maybe that's okay

'Cause I know how you hate to sleep alone

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American Football Home Is Where The Haunt Is Comments
  1. Cinta Dwi


  2. Chris Voluntaryist

    This song is obviously about sleep paralysis

  3. Jojje

    Sad boys grew up to be sad dads

  4. TheFallOfManbearpig

    just mike and the boys playing sad dad basketball. perfect

  5. erik f


  6. Mysterious X Filming

    God I always come back to this song

  7. Elin Linawati

    Damn I like this song

  8. biggtk

    I was just about to say that this band sounds like Owen. Looked up American Football on wikipedia, now I know why they sound like Owen lol. <3 <3


    @Shinichi Kudo Owen is a band.

  9. Jeremiah Fernandez

    Cause I know how you haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate
    to sleep alone

  10. hebi alzas

    Lay on my backyard listening to this and pretend I was again a sad sixteen I tried but it's not the same anymore..this song always keeps bringing out the phase,im crying😢

  11. RacoonCH

    2:33 That moment American Football turned into European Football.

  12. harist sandhy

    Something never change

  13. M P

    Short shorts

  14. Setyo Pambudi

    "americ anbasketball"

  15. Socially 4wkward

    Explain the video and song?

  16. Gestalt Erza

    so i just break up with my girlfriend and today this song came into my yt recommendation, cant stop this tears man..hold me

  17. enzo nuestro

    Their music fits so much better with the modern indie math rock emo music of today, than it did back then. Can i say theyre too modern for their time? I say yes.

  18. Pat Kelly

    Its cassidy from preacher !

  19. sound and vision

    Hayley Williams


    Ah good ol melancholy.

  21. Daniel Perfetto Chaim

    ol brasileiro

  22. Erin Clifford

    canadian softball is better

  23. jonathan Wirth

    Mike Kinsella looks like he doesn't want to be there.

    Will Jones

    "describe mike kinsella in one sentence"

  24. francislan pereira

    you are the new pink floyd

  25. Jonathan King

    I'm not crying you're crying

  26. James Mclaughlin

    It's sad human rock sexist.

  27. Tiago Leonel

    Kinsella, I love you

  28. smash bash

    Can anyone explain to me what the last few seconds of this video mean? Im really curious as to why that woman looks so distraught

  29. CreatveMnds


  30. Aaron Hattier Training

    Blew my face head in 2002 and still amazing

  31. Romulo Ferreira

    Honest, heartfelt, that's where it's at. Thank you guys.

  32. Thurnis Haley

    God I wish the vocals sounded more like old Owen

  33. Dan Queensbridge

    Wtf how dare you steal 'Mike Kinsella's' "never meant".. Jesus christ write your own music.

  34. Bayu Aprilia

    look like hell.

  35. sexbad

    This song is, fittingly, absolutely haunting.

  36. Iron Shaft

    listening to this with my sennheiser momentum 2 is an amazing decision

  37. Matt Sem

    Thought provoking song👍🏻.

  38. the sleeping bag

    2nd album sucked ass


    the sleeping bag Eh, it was still pretty good. Just not as good

  39. David Grim

    *_right in the feels._*

  40. Ichabaud Craine

    Easily the best tune off LP2. I've been dipping back into the record here and there, it is different but not in a way that offends me, I sorta like that it's not an attempt to recreate 1999. Put it on my phone coming back from the shops and this one snuck up on me big time, it's brilliant.

  41. yasuhiro n

    Home is where the haunt is
    Those wounds won’t lick themselves
    It's a good thing you’re not alone
    He’s been here all along
    You can’t see him, but you know he’s there

    The ghost in the corner of the room
    He knows what you sleep in
    When you’re dreaming, of who
    Some things never change
    Maybe that’s okay

    Home is where the haunt is
    The past still present tense
    Need more time to mourn
    But you shouldn’t sulk for too long
    Because you look like hell
    An accidental version of yourself

    You can’t just forget all the other lives you’ve lived

    The ghost in the corner of the room
    Knows how you’re feeling
    ‘Cause you’re dead to him, too
    Some things never change
    Maybe that’s okay
    Cause I know how you hate to sleep alone

  42. La Mort Orgasme

    I'm a metalhead but I love American Football <3

  43. Lulu


  44. Scott Sonnenberg

    is that Rob Schrab's wife?

  45. cedubeton


  46. superbleeder98

    S A D B O Y S

    HaiL Phoenix

    superbleeder98 dat yung lean album tho

    watch cats

    S A D D A D S

  47. Filip Firulovic



    10 years later still rad

  49. Danilo Neves

    Tão linda essa música 💙

  50. lucho calamar

    come to argentina!!!!

    Lucas Smulders

    yes please!

  51. Randhelle Dy

    this feelings seems to haunt me in a good way

  52. Sergei Brit

    Amazing videos! They remind me little films about different people.

  53. akahige

    hey, the dude with the grey hair doesn't look like a great passer to me. maybe he should go, i don't know, play bass?


  54. Nocturniquet

    fuck everyone who hates on LP2

    definitely one of the best albums from last year


    the only people that hate LP2 are emo elitists who drown themselves in 90's nostalgia and thus can't stand the slightest bit of change.

  55. Alejandro Cisneros

    Someone likes more this album than the first one? :/ or just me?


    Just you


    i think it's just as good as LP1, but not necessarily better. both albums have their own qualities which make them stand out from eachother

  56. Kris_

    Canadian Softball <3

    ☢ Rectoplasmic ☢

    This video was on my sidebar while watching Your Validation


    it is hilarious, really. He's done so well

  57. Rehm

    Some things never changed... maybe that's okay..

  58. autumn experimental

    Never meant,

  59. DreamComa

    Fucking beautiful!

  60. - Mankind Official -

    Lets Pretended its 1999

    kind kid

    Bayu Azwardie please


    Bayu Azwardie I'd rather 1999 the shit show 2016-2017 has been

    Jeremiah Fernandez

    this decade has been shit for me so far

    Karen Sanders

    Back to 1999 please

  61. saudade1000000

    this is nt American football, it's just a full-band Owen


    JohnDoes GetHigh na


    not even her, thats sad man..


    JohnDoes GetHigh not really, what is sad are your childish comments. How old are you?

    Elijah Dement

    There was almost 20 years between the albums; you can hardly expect them to sound the same. Bands evolve and mature, it's life.

    Atomic Elbow

    It's a shame you're still alive.

  62. Addil Anara

    Another one...

  63. Hlib Bondarenko

    My favorite song from their last album

  64. Arthur Tayt-Sohn

    American Football is one of the few things that make this world worth something.

    An Humble Messenger of the Law of One

    "Whoever has come to know the world has discovered a corpse, and whoever has discovered the corpse, of that one the world is not worthy."


    what a fucking ignorant ass comment

  65. Gesit Mutiarta

    There's no place like home for collecting burdens and conjuring Ghosts that don't know they're dead

  66. pleasure.

    i hope every song from the album will coming out with Official music video like this

  67. Zach Helton

    "Some things never change..maybe that's okay.." Emo lyric of the decade.

    Ryan Oats

    So simple.

    Danylo Fedorov

    For me its
    "Because you look like hell
    An accidental version of yourself"

    watch cats

    for me
    "You can’t just forget all the other lives you’ve lived"

    Вячеслав Калинин

    @watch cats come on, guys

    I just think it's best cu
    z u can't miss what u forget

  68. Jessie May


  69. Liam Maher

    This made me so happy! Ugggghhh I love this song!

  70. brick 413

    wish I could see them... glad they are back..

  71. Jorge Hernandez Basilio


  72. Furizu

    sad dad rock


    Said the ageist manga fool


    this isnt dad rock, they just look like dads who enjoy dad rock
    also nice trap pfp ive read all the doujins with that character


    what the fuck go back to posting memes on your sepi serangga page

    Brett S.

    Better than immature empty-rock

  73. DENSKY9

    Damn, recommendation always came on the right time and mood. Thank you

  74. Spo Cant

    Looks like it's set in the 1980's.

  75. ohno

    fuckin josh

  76. Jacob MacDonagh

    Another video with gorgeous cinematography, your music videos are so beautiful and cinematic in an intimate way

  77. Jacob MacDonagh

    Where's my boi HelloGreedo at?

  78. Sanctioned Taco

    Fuck yeah. When I hear this I think of the band when the were younger, the time span during the EP and then the LP, sitting in their houses thinking about the problems in their home life. I think of myself in my old house before we moved.

  79. João Pedro Gomes


    ☢ Rectoplasmic ☢


    rafael dj


  80. Alex P

    От души, пацаны

  81. Lil Ugly Gibrane

    American Basketball?

    Jacob MacDonagh

    Omar Gibran Modern Baseketball


    c'mon bois


    *americ anbasketball

    Hearse Bus

    sleepy dog

  82. Adam Haj-hamad


  83. Mateo Ruiz

    No entiendo porque hubo tanta gente a la que le disgustó tanto este disco, es cierto que el primero es una obra maestra pero este no se queda atrás, tiene cosas muy hermosas como ésto.

    Luis Pérez

    fue porque el primero salio en el momento adecuado, al ser una banda de chicos hablando de sus amores fallidos, con una producción casi casera. Ahora con una producción mucho más limpias, y siendo cuarentones hablando sobre lo duro que es ser adulto, como que no genera el mismo sentimiento. Por si acaso, amo este disco, pero hay que tener las cosas claras


    "My instincts are the enemy" is the first song ive heard from this band. I have now been listening to both the old album and this new one for about a month and can say that i enjoy both but absolutely prefer this new album :)

    Bora Kesal

    LECKMICH ...said absolutely no-one ever.

    Ethan Schwartz

    Bora Kesal If you like Owen, you like EP2. I started listening to Owen and EP1 without realizing it's the same dude. EP2 makes sense in the context of Kinsella's musical development, if you listen from EP1 through every Owen album in chronological order.

    akhmad alfan

    i second this, LP2 of Americ Anfootball is definitely Owen made into full band

    Mr. Reich

    I disagree. It's not a bad album but 1 is definitely better. I actually think this new one was almost as good as 1 tho. Really damn good.

  85. Brandon

    i was just jamming out to 'honestly?'. seeing that this was just posted made my day!

    Mr. Reich

    Brandon Cohen Productions All the whooOOoo's are there


    Mr. Reich but the whysssssssss are unclear

  86. Riley

    I was hoping for born to lose to have a video

  87. notyoursavior78

    My favorite is still My Instincts are the Enemy from when I've played the album on here. This is still a pleasant listen, who would have thought after all these years there would be a new album.

  88. MattStevens_x

    I gotta say, for a sophomore album, American Football really did a fantastic job; lyrically, sonically, emotionally, every song carries weight and beauty unlike many others. So happy they created this art for the world to enjoy :)

  89. Gary

    LP2 nigga that's the shit i don't like

  90. loser

    This is honestly one of the best songs from the album

  91. K PAD

    my favorite song on the album

  92. Alex Seibel

    Every song off LP2 is amazing in it's own way but this one is probably my favourite

    M K

    Alex Seibel my favourite from lp2 is waffle ;p

  93. Brent YGO

    kinsella no basuke

    Toilet Paper

    Brenty Brent YAMATE KURUSAI!


    Amerikan Basukeboru

  94. Paddie Corley

    This is fantastic

  95. andres santana

    no importa cuantos años pasen , siempre disfrutare cada canción como si fuera la primera vez llmll