American Football - Give Me The Gun Lyrics

Give me the gun
I don't care if it's not loaded
I'm not here to question your motive
But I'm scared
For us both

I know
That your mind goes
When you're left alone

You're so delicate
Admittedly, sometimes I forget
You're made of wet paper

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American Football Give Me The Gun Comments
  1. Mrinmoy Saha

    "You’re so delicate;
    Admittedly, sometimes I forget,
    You’re made of wet paper."


  2. La cueva de Revan

    Give me the gun
    I don’t care if it’s not loaded
    I’m not here to question your motives
    But I’m scared for us both

    I know where your mind goes
    When you’re left alone

    You’re so delicate
    Admittedly, sometimes I forget
    You’re made of wet paper

  3. D R

    joan of arc riff at 1 06

  4. D R


  5. Nathaniel Pena

    17 years is a super long time to make a comeback. Of course they sound different. Who the hell wouldn't? They are still themselves just matured. Love it.

  6. Tom Stepp

    So the young dumb heartbroken and horny teenager from LP 1 grew up to be an older wiser intoxicated and still heartbroken adult. It feels natural.

  7. Jeffrey Justice II

    American Football instrumentation upgraded, with Owen(mature Mike Kinsella)vocals. I'm 100 percent down. Please stop crying. This is 1,000,000 times better than so much other bs out there...

  8. Sebastian Lock

    Sounds great

  9. Eric Ball

    Can everyone shut the fuck up about if this is album is more Owen-centric...and acknowledge the stellar drumming on this track? Great stuff!

  10. window

    I want to "Like" this, but also do not want to ruin the current like sum.

    This drummer is so good! This band rules. Thank you.

  11. flyingfishsurf

    This is the music austerity breeds.  We're fucked.

  12. Novaki

    I've pretty much had this exact conversation with someone before.

    thereisnohappyhere music

    i hear that.
    fuck brains, man. fuck mental states.

  13. Harry Dempsey

    The development of the lyrics from asking someone not to hurt to you to you being the one hurting that person, along with the music, is beyond beautiful

  14. JasonTheWorldisYours

    I really like the bass line


  15. Lulu


  16. Trevor Ambrico

    not sure how i feel about this. sounds too clean and polished for me

  17. MattySchaps

    If you ask me, the outro was the closest they came to their old sound.

  18. Starryhooter

    this is a remix that was done right the fist time. sad.

  19. Swatchlineart covers

    I can't get over how beautiful 1:23 is.

    César Ventura - Kilroy FN

    It's impossible, best 30 seconds of the album

    Jason Durham

    Reminds me a lot of Jackson Browne for some reason

  20. Nick Demarco

    What does one expect a voice to sound like 17 years later? All these guys are in going into their 40s soon do you really expect them to write and sound like their old selves? Nah man! this is a matured AF and I love this sound and the album.

  21. Oscaracer

    That feeling at 1:23 till 1:48 uffffffff! <3

  22. Michael Brown

    I'm really digging everything so far, personally, especially this song. It's like Owen's new record, which is fantastic, but coupled with the backing of the full band and their new tricks along with the solid and nostalgia inducing dynamic they form as a whole. I dig them. You can never top something as timeless as the 99 self titled, so why try? I like that they didn't want to do that judging by how these songs sound, it just seems like they went back into it wanting to write together again and finally play a bunch of shows supporting the new songs. They can't always be a reunion band, guys. And if new music was inevitable, I think this is the perfect representation and outcome of that motive. I appreciate the fact that they even wrote a new record, that in itself is fucking amazing. If there ever was a follow up album to American Football, I really feel like this is everything it needed to be for this time right now. All just my opinion, though, I get why a lot of people aren't totally on board yet.

  23. tyr

    Diggin' the vibes - vibraphone, that is. It's a nice jazzy touch for their already jazzy emo and reminds me of Jimmy Eat World's Table for Glasses.

  24. BEATmyguest31

    No wayyyyyyy, YAY !!!!!

  25. jeromeislegend 05

    it sounds like owen than american football.

  26. Luca Vincent

    5/4, 6/4, 5/4, 4/4, 4/4

    lottaray keener

    Luca Vincent the last ones actually 3/4 but thank you so much i wouldn't have even payed attention if i didn't see this comment


    Nope, op was right.


    @TerryBabbins Well, kind of. Makes a lot more sense to count it as 5/8, 6/8, 5/8, 4/4, from a drumming perspective at least.

    Robbie Torres

    didnottakeplace that doesn’t add up

  27. Scott Phillips

    for once, a band who made legendary music way back in the day has released new music that satisfies our longing for those qualities that made them great to begin with, while showing maturity. I hope you guys know just how much this album means to the millions who consider LP 1 to be one of the most influential albums of all time...thankyou

  28. kumbaya shit


  29. bridges

    ooh my god this is so amazing omg what ong ogn omg i love it

    ^My actual first reaction to 2:04 while in the middle of typing

  30. skinnyman

    Brand New vibes

  31. cjam496

    This sounds like Owen.0. I'm fine with it, but I honestly was expecting American Football and not Owen

  32. Riley

    musically this is solid

  33. Jeff

    Wether or not this sounds like Owen or American Football, lets just appreciate the beautiful music Mike Kinsella writes.

  34. jotazetzet

    American Owen

  35. Anfa S

    this bring me back to 14. what a revive.

  36. Ben Funk

    Awesome. Can't wait for the new record!

  37. Vitor Jabour

    This is a full band Owen.

  38. Sean C

    actually after listening to this a lot, it does feel like a nice continuation of the old stuff. The lyrical stylings are really different but the twinkly guitars and THAT SOLO and the FUCKING VIBRAPHONE ITS SO NICE

  39. Dan S.

    When this video starts up with the "Polyvinyl" logo, I think the music is the jingle for Polyvinyl. Then I realize it's the actual song.

  40. notyoursavior78

    I liked it. It does seem pretty simple and I suppose people are right about Mike's vocals being too upfront, but it's still good.

  41. Ruben Torres

    Compare yourself 17 years ago.


    underrated comment ^

    Luca Vincent

    ahh, life as an embryo


    same mang

    JD233 Joel

    Wasn’t Alive. Maybe I was an idea. Maybe I was a mistake. Maybe I might have been A mistake that happened to have talent and a passion for that far surpasses any of my old friends.

  42. ken3609

    bald gay guy sent me here, its pretty good track

    Will Eyre




  43. Evan .Elliott

    i can twerk to this


    i just spat water all over my fucking keyboard

    Derk Ender

    Please do. That'll be amazing.

    Jordan Butler

    DopeSoul post a video of that and your my dream girl.

    Jordan Butler

    Or guy.

  44. Kevin Schmidt

    Such a let down after so long

  45. Abram K-J

    Who would've thought an AF song led off by drums and bass? Love it, though.

  46. usedfuzzbox

    \\\liking the new and the old :D

  47. Kendall Watts

    I must also add that I am not mad about the changes. It's more of an attempt at modernizing American football. So far they're doing a great job of doing so.

  48. Kendall Watts

    Why does everyone think the only reason that it sounds like Owen is mikes voice? There are many other reasons why this isn't American footballs classic sound? For instance less experimentation/ movement in the songs given so far. Since when do they echo their guitars? Where's the trumpet? Listen to letters and packages and you'll know what I mean when I say movement and experimentation.

    Théophile Richart

    The problem is also that the production doesn't put forward the qualities of the band. You almost don't hear the guitars

    Kendall Watts

    When you preorder the new album but don't know if it will pop like the first one.

  49. fewicharlie

    this song would be perfect if the vocals were removed

    Gracee DeLoach

    There's a place in hell specifically for saying that.


    Long life to Mike Kinsella fggt.

  50. Sandy Putu

    aw yeah

  51. Peter Haight

    Sounds like 1999. Love it.

    Josiah Luck

    It sounds like four guys in 2016, trying to recreate 1999

    thereisnohappyhere music

    and succeeding

  52. paul tucci

    this would sound so much better if it was mixed like the 99 album. vocals kinda overpower everything. still sick tho. :D

    Chris Krieg

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Vocals are too far upfront and some of the guitars feel too far back in the mix. I think having the less present vocals is fairly core to the identity of what American Football was.

    isaiah heinze

    this. i need someone to remix the whole album so it sounds like 1999 :p


    I think it just sounded like that from lack of experience in the studio. I think they just got better at being in a studio and mixing their music.


    You're just a hipster.


    This is funny because I actually really love the vocals in this song and the last 3, the mix sounds very different from the first half of the album lol

  53. Renato Fernandes

    Great work, i loved this drum ;)

  54. Joe Bailey

    I love American Football and Owen. Have for a LONG time.. but... I just want Mike to change his vocal melodies and the rhythm of how he sings. He sings here like he has done in most of his later Owen albums. Still. Love the music. So good.


    Joe Bailey his voice just changed. but listen to the song desire gets in the way. he sings differently in that one

    Ayana J

    Joe Bailey yes he's not 23 anymore.

  55. fuckedupwithvita :c

    Love this shit.

  56. 樽沢ロバート

    So bad omg someone please stop kinsella

  57. Raffy Rillo

    Lovin' this.

  58. Henry M

    This is so good. 2016 is killer can't wait for the new Jimmy Eat World either

  59. massiv pp man xddd

    Fuck. This sounds alot like Owen.

    Jayce Espino

    It only sounds like Owen because of Mike's mature voice delivery. If the vocals were less upfront and maybe a little lo-fi, it would sound closer to old AF. Still a great song though!

    jeromeislegend 05

    it sounds more like owen because its not 1999 anymore. its freakin 2016.

    Daniel Caden

    djentalicious Owen feat. members of American Football. At least his brother Tim still sounds as angsty as he did 20 years ago.

  60. Mahal Tehas

    It's meh.

  61. Zakk2Gud

    Sounds different from the 1999 we all know and love but I still get the same vibes from this song. Great work American Football :)

    isaiah heinze

    @Scott Phillips oops wrong person i mean to + edd

    isaiah heinze

    @Knappyhead Edd also sorry for having an opinion that differs from yours


    @Stock Image Guy I don't think you have very good reasons for your opinion that the new album sucks, you just bein a hipster "back when I listened to murican football the production value wuz bad"

    isaiah heinze

    @Zakk2Gud i just think that this new sound is generic and overdone

    Sage King

    i feel ya that this is different than 1999, i liked the garage sound more too, but to call this trash is simply stupid. if you want to be in that year, figure out time travel, otherwise open your mind a bit and take what an amazing artist has given you for what it is. if you r here, im assuming you liked/listened to the older stuff. theres many ways to say you dont like something, if you are going to have such a strong opinion then explain it better, otherwise you just sound like a jackass. sorry, i dont normally comment like this, but you drew me out. open up a bit bud.

  62. Bagel

    I t ' s l i t

  63. Elliott Barletta

    wish I could write these kinds of songs, what a great talent

  64. Antonio Mello

    Owen is basically american football who evolved when there was no AF around. Now AF is back and that's it. They don't sound like kids from 90's anymore and it's a good thing. Never will get why people get too emotionally attached to small shit!

    Théophile Richart

    No and NO. It's like saying AF is only Mike, it's non sense...

    Antonio Mello

    That's what YOU are saying. What I was is since AF didn't come up with any material at the time, Mike was the one working on AF's legacy. As the lead singer in both projects it's pretty common to associate with one another. I never said AF is only Mike, that's pretty stupid. To be honest I like it much better now that I know Steve Lamos and Nate are around.

    Mercury Adams

    I'm a fan for 15 years and agree. American Football's new stuff is much better than their old and since I've met and seen Nate live, I'm glad he's come along now!

    Théophile Richart

    "American Football's new stuff is much better than their old" seriously ? yes, the new LP is quite good, but nowhere as good as the first one. I mean, you can't say these guys do this better in their late 30's than in their early 20's.


    I like the new record better. I loved the first when I was growing up but I'm older now and I vibe more with the sound and lyrics of this record versus 19 year old college kids.

  65. BadSodaProductions

    same vibes as the first record, i love this

    Josiah Luck

    Are you broken


    still brings me those 90s feelings

  67. Nicolas Nazor

    new song?


    yes, second song released off the new LP so far.

  68. Aurelio Nino

    yes yes yes yes yes yes !

  69. Tomás Polich


  70. DJ Gilberto

    Coucou Ben

  71. César Ventura - Kilroy FN

    That was perfect, exactly what i wanted

  72. synthesizerneil

    I hope this album is as good as The King Of Why's


    is it me or does new AF sound more like Owen?

    Wonder Bread

    I feel bad for the rest of the band because to me it pretty much is just that, the vibe/ tone/ pacing/ lyrics/ everything besides the twinkle is owen af

    Cartel Jameson

    The vibe, tone, and pacing are clearly jazz influenced. Owen is just sad dude on acoustic guitar music. The lyrics are obviously like Owen since Kinsella writes lyrics for both.

    Owen has always been a more stripped down version of American Football anyway, and a worse version on top of that. I'd take this over Owen any day of the week.


    People, why are you comparing Owen to American Football? I simply said that I hope the QUALITY of this album is on par with Owens recent album - the production quality, the content of the songs, were all very good. I'm saying that I hope this album is as good as The King Of Why's - not the same as hoping they sound the same.


    also lmao @ how this dude had to throw in the "lol AF > owen" at the end there. besides, whenever people describe Owen as "sad dude on acoustic guitar music". not even half of Owen songs are just acoustic guitar.

    but yeah, I'm hoping for the same. I absolutely love King of Whys...from these two singles so far I think I'll like it just as much