American Football - Every Wave To Ever Rise Lyrics

Forever has to wait
I can't face another day
All the flowers you brought me
One by one
Fell asleep without me

Truth or dare
Love is the cross you bear
J'ai mal au cœur
C'est la faute de l'amour

You're every wave to ever rise
Your slow retreat is no surprise

Forever has to wait
The clock on my wall
Is stuck on yesterday
All the ballads you sing to me
One by one
Slip into a minor key

Truth or dare
Love is the cross you bear
J'ai mal au cœur
C'est la faute de l'amour

You're every wave to ever rise
I watch you peak and then subside

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American Football Every Wave To Ever Rise Comments
  1. Ryan Hogan

    This crew is just friggin amazing. Those not privy to their sonic majesty are missing out


    That intro 😍😍😍

  3. Marlon-Daniel Roma

    Sublime melodies

  4. Game Formol

    real emo

  5. [broken machine]

    How do they manage to make every song they release just fantastic?

  6. Aaron Lindsey

    Timeless song. Hear a bit of IVY band....which is amazing. Also, the guitar runs are spot on. Nice work from one of my all-time favorite bands!

  7. ggthewhale

    The opening is fucking euphoria

  8. Kira

    Epic new song by americ

  9. Hip Hop and Sports fan

    This mopey goth loves emo music yo yo yo

  10. Astro Apollo

    sitting in a hospital room an 12:22 AM with my girlfriend and 1 day old son while they both sleep.


    Astro Apollo bless

  11. shawn vogt

    Does anyone know what the guitar is tuned to?


    They're both tuned differently. This is what they're tuned to on their Instagram

  12. Angus Thermopyle

    Dude tears

  13. Alex Bielovich

    Good listening on a long run. But feel like I'm one of the few people who would think of working out to American Football (despite the name).

  14. OALM

    You can sing the French part in Spanish and it would still sound good :)

  15. biggtk

    For the love of God, Elizabeth Powell please bring Land of Talk to DC!!!!!!

    Tim Perdue

    Yes!!! Drove up from Roanoke to see them last time they played @ The Songbyrd Cafe. Sounded great! But only did a
    1 hour long set?? Kinda pouted for about a week

    Tim Perdue

    9:30 Club would be valid!!!

  16. Magnus Ricochet

    What's the time signature confusing...


    3 bars of 4/4 and one of 3/4, or 8/8 and 7/8, or 15/4, or whatever else you wanna call it


    @Sanctum let's refer to it as the meshuggah time signature, if you like metal too that is

  17. Shaw Thom

    im blessed to have heard this, thank you.

  18. Don Wilson

    LIZ!!!!! Land of Talk is my favorite band

  19. Farroxi

    Amerimath Footgaze

  20. 米民_Ai_





    ストームサンダー おお!

  21. きなこきのこ





    powerful track

  23. Andrew Amirzadeh

    Not my favorite but any new American football is 😍😍😍

  24. N I G H T T I D E

    Ok this song is good but it's more of a pop rock than emo.

  25. Mexican American

    Sounds like Steven Wilson's side we all loved..

  26. thumpdragsounds

    Probably my favorite AF song tbh. Breathtaking.

  27. V Gorp

    This is math rock done well. A lot of math stuff, even a lot of their own music, uses odd time sigs and weird syncopation almost only for the sake of using odd time sigs and weird snycopation and its just sort of needlessly exhausting to listen to.The way they use it here it's actually creating something. The sound is very watery, almost like you're softly tumbling around in it like the wave he references. It isn't jerky or "mathy" sounding. It just grooves in the way a wave would without being predictable in the way a wave isn't.

  28. kind kid

    haven’t been able to stop listening to this...

    too beautiful

  29. Blaver

    Cheeky bit of 7/8

    CTF Official

    listen again, it's 15/8


    CTF Official even more sexy

  30. Christopher Underwood

    I don't like this one as much as the other two singles but still fucking hyped for the new record

  31. MrBigSkizz

    Can’t wait for the new record

  32. K Richards

    So freakin beautiful.

  33. Krejerk Liu

    AF China tour 2019,still waiting!

  34. Vickih Worsnop

    Enak enak

  35. Phantom Thief

    I wasn't prepared for this ♥️
    s a d b o y z

  36. Trvp visuals

    LP1 - Emo/Math
    LP2 - Emo/Folk
    LP3 - Emo/Post-rock


    Anthony how is this ever remotely close to shoegaze

    guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways

    @Anthony the closest thing to gaze on this album is the Rachel (Slowdive) feature. This album is strictly post rock with emo influence and nothing else.


    @ingmarbirdman most owen albums are full band.....


    LoveArise I think Mike does all the band parts himself tho, for Owen. 🤔


    @skaterdude10107 I guess what I meant was - a lot of people think Owen is just acoustic guitar, when most of it has other instruments too.

  37. Jorge Farias

    hermoso weon

  38. Scam

    Love it

  39. Luis Faraudo


  40. Sydney Pettitt

    This year has barley began and the music coming out is fucking awesome, yes!!

  41. mfdebian

    My body is now ready, pour the new LP all over me. (That finish, OMGGG).

  42. cruhg

    i really really want to see yvette young collab with mike

  43. Zephyr Anarchist

    At this point theyre straight math/prog rock. Not even emo anymore lol, but still great.

    jacob minnish

    Wouldn't say prog nor math actual

  44. Vape Naysh

    please, keep making music with this band ...don't do other projects for some time.

  45. Macaroni

    Can't wait!

  46. Adorável Clichê

    just cant wait for the [full album] to come out

  47. pleasure.


  48. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Every Wave To Ever Rise" debuted at #22 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!


    Oh man, if only anybody knew what the fuck the New Alternative 40 was!

  49. Josh Gon

    This album is shaping up to be fucking amazing. I generally think it might be the best American Football album.

  50. Justin Laurente

    One of the reasons I always watch AF videos: peeping through artists associated with them by the band themselves or the comments section. Always a great way to discover new artists!

  51. Tyler Smith

    finally. an absolute captivating song. idk about anyone else but i'm not a huge fan of the first two songs released for this album; but if the album has stuff in this sorta direction then i am G A M E

  52. ADV

    *f* *e* *e* *l* *s*

  53. Joseph Baker

    Won by one.

  54. Myotic Tesseract

    American Football and La Dispute me are about to spitroast me on the same day and I am so fucking ready for one of the most (mature) emo experiences ever


    That's a massive mood

  55. Eduardo Hiroshi

    ******COME TO BRAZIL PLEASE ******

  56. harist sandhy

    Oh my oh my, pure my ear can cry

  57. luzo cairo


    Rique González

    Tá foda né non?

  58. pixie queen

    Hell yeah! Actually I prefer 'Uncomfortably Numb' but this is so good to omg <3333 I love you guys.


    josefa chandia I did at first (I still think it's better from a lyrical perspective) but I adore the mood this song creates, especially when you're in between sleep and awakening

  59. Filipe Portela


  60. Ayy Yiss

    I absolutely love how people here talk about the song and the guest who is featured. Everyone likes the band, and suggests things from the other artist. Completely different from the song in which Hayley Williams is featured, where all her fans just came drooling over her and criticized the band by saying that the only good thing about the song was Hayley because they weren't even fans of the band to begin with.

    Myotic Tesseract

    Did that actually happen? I must've not noticed since both Paramore and American Football make me so happy yet depressed inside and I wouldn't have it any other way

    Ayy Yiss

    @Myotic Tesseract Well... I guess it's nice to know all of that...
    But anyway, that happened.

    May R.

    @G Reggie alot of them are for sure. I'm a big fan of Paramore and went to see em in Texas last summer and there were a bunch of screaming teenage girls, such a turn off. Anyway, I'm glad hayley was involved in this song because I've discovered a great band in the process 👍

  61. Dwi Chandra

    Time to relax with this song 🇫🇮

  62. Ruok


  63. Bel Vermillion

    What a blessing

  64. Evil John

    Fans from Philippines

  65. guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways

    I have a feeling this will be one of the best post rock albums of the year, if not of the last couple years. Every teaser track thus far has been gorgeous.

    Mike King

    this sucks

  66. punpun

    can't wait to have a coke comedown to this

    Connor Nash

    Lmao spot fucking on

    Dila Tenan

    I am as we speak 🤒

  67. Petit


  68. snowbullet

    I can't face another day

  69. Aden Fabianto

    liriknya tidak emo bapak bapak

  70. Will Slawson

    I feel like the first two had a unique sound to them. This one feels just like LP2


    Will Slawson its way more sleepy than anything on LP2


    This sounds totally different from LP3.

  71. Liam McConnell

    yuh' I'm feelin' it

  72. oxwilder

    is Owen still a thing though?

    Polyvinyl Records

    yes, boo. always ~

  73. ehhhhhhhhhh



    euuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii real emo

  75. Aan Dhaniyanto

    Love the beats!!

  76. onoda masato




  77. Ardy

    i can feel the warmth inside my chest

  78. Nidelimit

    this band is 20 years old and they continue to sound with the same essence as when they started back in the day but with an incredibly better production


    shit production is what made 90's emo so good though

    jacob minnish

    @TheNagisa24 true it was raw

  79. PioneersTV

    I was lucky to hear this song in advance over 1 month ago, I personally like the direction they’re taking 😍

  80. Derk Ender

    this is going to be a great album.

  81. Nick Sharp

    Each release just warms my soul that much more. I'm so stoked for this album.

  82. notyoursavior78

    Yeah this upcoming album has been sounding great. For some reason I have mixed feelings about LP2, I wanted to like it more than I did. It has a couple great songs, but otherwise it's just kinda there.

  83. Roniele Oliveira

    Musical perfection with touches of freedom and solitude.

  84. Matheus Santana

    Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Angus Thermopyle

    Matheus Santana come to Brazil

  85. Alejandro Barahona

    I want a ft with Natalie Evans too!!


    D E P R E S S...M E...D A D D Y

  87. fernandez

    why does this remind me of Covet

  88. fernandez

    american progball

  89. Pedro Yuri

    It always hits me in my f e e l s s s s s . Thank you guys so much for doing this.

  90. DallengerCheapBand

    If this is anything in the direction of the full album, it’s going to be amazing.

    Lars Faye

    I agree. I really didn't like their latest effort, it sounded between worlds. This one is really embracing a more ethereal direction. A lot more production, but I think we're all used to that now, although it was hard to get used to after having only LP1 for so long. This is barely reminiscent of American Football any longer than I think that's a good thing in the long run, because they are clearly very talented, and inspired about this new music they are making.


    Agreed. This makes me really excited about the release of lp3.


    @hserokdivad It's been leaked for a couple days now, I guess.

    John Glynn

    @guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways I love it. My favorite of 2019 so far.

    guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways

    @John Glynn had to get the vinyl it was too good haha

  91. Alán Estrada

    Not bad... I guess?

  92. Tre Moo

    Superbowl halftime show 2020, make it happen

    Aegyo Bot1

    @Justin Laurente it would be the best halftime in history

    Thomas Huynh Bach Sac

    apparently, some didn't get the joke


    To be honest Metallica shoulda played Half Time by now. Aren't they popular enough where it's like it wouldn't be too hard for normies and it's still like ya know it's football. People crashing into each other, why can't we get a heavy band to play the Superbowl.

    William Alarie

    @Zakk2Gud this guy

    Florian Pagerit

    American Football playing "American Football" in an American Football game wearing American Football shirts, make it happen

  93. Débora Castro

    American football eu te amo

    son gustavo

    @Débora Castro n acredito q tem uma mina q ama americ anfoot tbmm sz

    son gustavo

    @punpun lindo

    son gustavo

    @felip etambs vdds

    Débora Castro

    @son gustavo amo demais demaissss

    Felipe Neves

    Amo a musicalidade desses caras, salve brs

  94. cirrusweaver13

    Americ an you pass me that tissue???😭😭

    Orlando Barrera

    Americ an you not make me feel so sad?

    De B

    cirrusweaver13 you’re gonna make it kid.

  95. PazzaTV


  96. Jaxon Lindsey

    This is americ