American Football - Doom In Full Bloom Lyrics

Doom in full bloom
I'm kerosene, you're burning bright
A dull guillotine, you're still alive

Doom in full bloom
Only you know me

I've learned my lessons late, I'm out of time
I can't see straight, you're out of sight

Only you know me
Only you know me

We got married in the garden that you grew up in
I've never seen so far ahead of me
Been so blind
You're buried in the library, just you could hide from me
I've never been so alone, so desperate to be home

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American Football Doom In Full Bloom Comments
  1. K.E.C. Records

    Why does it feel like I hit my head and forgot I loved this song?

  2. [broken machine]

    This has got to be my favorite song by them.

  3. Pixu SSB

    This is like the ultimate American Football song, it literally has a bit of every AF song and manages to unite them perfectly

  4. bobgray666

    This song makes me wanna live in a warm wooden cabin on a never ending winterday.

  5. Aya Afterlife

    If the twinkling of stars had an audible sound, it would be American Football's instrumentals.

  6. JD233 Joel

    What’s the time signature because it feels like in the beginning it alternates between 11 and 12 but I know I am wrong

  7. Jhead bomber

    One of the best albums of 2019.

  8. Marshall Fehr

    One of the greatest outros ive heard to date!

  9. James Parker

    10 people have no reason

  10. Simon Barnett

    American football is utterly shíte.

  11. Simon Barnett

    American shíte,the world watches proper football, because we love real football.


    Simon Barnett hell yeah brother

  12. is this shoegaze?

    Best song off the album hands down.

  13. Axel Rmz


    Thank you American Football. <3

  14. Tristan Rodriguez

    This is a reprise of The One With The Tambourine off their 98 EP

  15. Pilotman Jim


  16. Kieron Schenkel


  17. Skull Songs

    Ah the good old trumpy :))

  18. Suicidal Grooves

    Great song!!!

  19. iamdoriian

    AF is definitely moving I'm the direction of a magnum opus with this heart-wrenching, tear-inducing liquid gold. This song is a masterpiece

  20. Pleb Plebeian

    Sounds like Thundercat - Tron Song at the beginning

  21. John Glynn

    not a good song on this whole LP ... they're all great

    Marshall Fehr

    Heir Apparent is the only weak song IMO

  22. Ben Funk

    3:28 to 4:07 Amazing.

  23. Jaldskif Schrödinger

    Best from the record. Because of the trumpet.

  24. Michael Jones

    Dot Hamn! So good!

  25. Ronaldo De Azevedo

    The trumpet 🎺

  26. Geoff Tenth

    fucking doomers

  27. Massive Douche

    Whoa, am I really listening to a new Americ

    anfootball album?

    Blake Dietrich



    Devon DeMarse



  28. leisure.

    one of the best track on this new LP

  29. pleasure.

    *so beautiful*

  30. Ryan Jones

    So dang ol good

  31. Karam Dabagh

    Isnt sad enough

  32. Some weird Shit ma dude

    Who’s here from hayleys instagram story? :)

  33. honcho emoji

    THIS was footballthony headtano's least favorite track on the record?

    fullskapunk alchemist

    American Footballthony Headtano*

    Nathaniel Mauro

    The dude's overly critical of all things emo, he's admitted to it in previous reviews.

    Brianna Slaton

    dude's over critical in general, I take everything he says with a grain of salt

  34. Grant Lunstedt

    The most patient fans out there.

  35. r r


    Mark Barrios

    Of course

  36. josh rondar

    I like this

  37. Crystal Shannon


  38. milque toast

    wtf these chords

  39. SuperChampionRocker

    Thanks Mellon!

  40. uh huh



    great song

  42. Max Hibler

    when doomers become bloomers

  43. William Alarie

    This song makes me want to see a chill emo riffs channel, with a loop of an anime boy on a train or something

  44. TheFallOfManbearpig


  45. Kyle Stephens

    Pleasantly surprised by this song. Now need to check out the rest of the record.

  46. The Technostate

    Honestly this might be the best song they’ve ever done

    Marshall Fehr

    its really really good :)

  47. spaghetti antichripes

    The Original Kakariko Forest Sad Fathers! Back at it again with another wheater!

  48. Marcelo Andreguetti

    Well, I think it is safe to affirm that this is the best American Football song


    The One with the Tambourine shall never be beat

    Shinichi Kudo

    Up to 2:17? Yes, it's so far above their usual quality I'm gobsmacked. After that? It's slightly better than most, but not the best. 3:35 to 5:00 drops to a little below their usual quality. 5:00 to the end is their usual quality.
    Their usual quality is fucking amazing though, so

  49. Bucc Music

    Last record sounded like an owen solo with accompaniment, this sounds like the band got back together

    William Alarie

    Exactly this

  50. Jerf Tecimer

    summer ends vibes <3

  51. Francesco

    sounds like old porcupine tree

    Shinichi Kudo

    Fuck, you're right. It's beautiful. I miss them.

  52. YUNO Chance

    "see 20 years after, i told you it was not just a phase mom!"

    Official RXO

    fuck yeah

  53. Calvin Yeager

    Allusion to 'How to Disappear Completely' in the bass?

  54. jλcob

    the trumpet that leads into 0:47 and everything from then on out gives me goosebumps

  55. Eric McClung

    Couldn't help but smile when the trumpet came in

  56. Isaac Shrum

    Zero dislikes, because anyone listening knows this is about as beautiful and perfect as music gets. American Football with another masterpiece album.

  57. Bel Vermillion

    At last, another great album

  58. TheGrandOptimist

    The virgin Doomer vs the chad Bloomer

    Foamy Donnelly

    Jamie kk

    Foamy Donnelly

    TheGrandOptimist kk

    Real rain

    @Jamie who cares? the song is just from nazi germany, but it has nothing to do with nazism. it talks about a girl


    Real rain dude the meme came from /pol/. The song itself might not have any bad meaning but clearly they interpret it that way. Also it says shit about the bloomer’s love for his people.

  59. Andrew Watson

    Hearing 4:07 live would be the death of me.


    Or 5:17.

  60. Ben Smerglia

    Doom in full bloom
    I'm kerosene
    You're burning bright
    A dull guillotine
    We're still alive

    Doom in full bloom
    Only you
    Know me

    I learned my lessons late
    I'm out of time (doom)
    I can't see straight
    You're out of sight
    (in full bloom)

    Only you
    Know me
    Only you know me

    We got married in the garden
    That you grew up in
    I've never seen so far ahead of me
    Or been so blind
    Now you're buried in the library
    Just so you could hide from me
    I've never been so alone
    So desperate to be home

  61. Dendy setiawan

    tour SEA 2019 plzzz

  62. Mikko Angelo Agas

    This is sad life at it's finest.

  63. Michel Temer

    BRAZIL 🇧🇷

  64. Phoenix Thomas

    I put this song on and my wife thought it was Seal hahaha. Great album.

  65. Tender Games

    From discovering your first Album to this has been an awesome three days! Late to the party but since you just came back not soo long ago it´s all good <3 Such good production, songwriting and overall mood!

  66. Mondie.

    Let's keep the dislike button untouched.

    Impetuous Spirit

    As a parent, the only way I can rationalize down votes is that some mom or dad left their phone out while this was playing and their toddler hit the thumbs down by accident. Given the age of the average AF fan, I'm wagering my stake on that possibility. My kid did this to Matt Pond...and she loves him. Lol

    Massive Douche

    God forbid someone disagrees with your opinion

  67. Adi Fikri

    i'll be here in Indonesia waiting for you guys to come, i hope so

  68. Haziq De Souza

    finally the trumpet is back!

  69. dude555413

    thank you mike, very cool!

  70. The Guy

    This is so good it's almost unbelievable.

  71. Brady Myers

    Ahem, it's 2019...Lyrics... does make a difference to have


    It’s current year

  72. eddmnd

    Toot Toot

  73. Rishi el paisano

    This is like American Football's odyssey <3

    Massive Douche

    You mean Americ

  74. Derk Ender

    those harmonies though

  75. Sean Cadieu

    New American football and new pup on the same day? What a fucking awesome Friday.

  76. mylifeintheknifetrade

    I'll listen to this on a commute home on a breezy summer night with the windows down.

  77. Omar Mendoza


  78. Corey Jones

    The Summer Ends... or The Spring Begins?

    Der Kritiker

    The title "The Spring Begins" wouldn't be sad enough.

    Pixu SSB

    Ryan Gleason A massive wave of sadness hit me just by reading this

  79. F xx

    im having a very bad day, so i decided to listen to this while eating cake in the dark

    John Glynn

    careful with the fork

    Andrew Wisecarver

    this is such a mood

  80. Medha Khanal

    loved the trumpet

  81. Chris Di Vitto

    Biggest fucking nut

  82. DJWreckAlot: Slowed, Wrecked, DJ, and A Prick :3

    The Trumpet!! <3

  83. Débora Castro

    Trompetinho aaaaaaaaaa 💙

    Tiago Schmidt

    ó os BR aí !!! som top memo

  84. Sagnik Bhowmik

    *#emo** jazz*

  85. Sagnik Bhowmik

    Ooooh the trumpet

  86. Afif Sulaiman

    midwest emo never dissapoints

  87. Majora



    legit chills when that came in

    Blake Dietrich


  88. MCpjm2

    oh cool