American Football - But The Regrets Are Killing Me Lyrics

Fools leave too soon
Built to fill roles and fall
Standing alone again
Distant and dissatisfied

These four years
And how we say goodbye to these four years
A long goodbye with mixed emotions
Just fragments of another life

I'm not dead yet
But the regrets are killing me

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American Football But The Regrets Are Killing Me Comments
  1. Aya Afterlife

    Who needs therapy when American Football (1999) is free?

  2. Maxim Vandaele

    This song really is it....

  3. Richard Fortin

    Imagine if the very first album your band made was this one. Holy shit.

  4. Roger Rojas

    See you again

  5. Andreas Benesch

    2019 anyone? 20 years are gone...still love this song!

  6. A.K.

    This song showers me with comfort and the capacity of feeling every emotion out there

    Recorded in 1999, uploaded 10 years later, listening to it 10 more years later, will be a classic for wandering souls forever.

  7. AT-AT Chat

    this band is going to be something I listen to forever. somehow it will never be old.

  8. Macarena

    But the regrets are killing me But the regrets are killing me[...]~

  9. Casey Addington

    Okay but what the fuck. I had ZERO clue this csme out in 1999 WHAT THE FUCK. I thought this came out between like 2010 and 2015. This has me fucked UP

  10. MegaMitchell07

    I'm a half bottle of vodka in and I just can't handle this depression much longer.


    MegaMitchell07 I hope you’re okay bud <3

    Eli Nathan

    it's been nine months, hope you're still there

  11. AvalonsMessenger

    just when you think you're going to die
    the regrets keep you alive

  12. Jesus Cogger

    Alaverga me wa cortar las venas con un mazapan de tanta depresion.

  13. PJ Moreau

    I feel like this song was already written, but American Footbal had ''found'' it

  14. rose knows

    The pain of this song will forever be ingrained in my brain . It still feels like 15 yr old me hearing it again 15 yrs later thanks ❤

  15. Paranoide Schizophrenie

    its funny how i wrote "awesome!" 5 years ago. this song never gets old


    Hope to see you in 3 years, champ. And myself as well in 5 more.

  16. Kendall Watts

    The epynomous indie post math emo rock jazz album with trumpet thrown in for effect.

  17. Kendall Watts

    Mike voice throughout the album just seems so honest and sincere. The bridge is so melodicaly complex and interesting that I'm convinced there was a third guitar.

    Théophile Phanoune

    Where ? I don't think so, the tunings enable them to make their guitar rings. Are you talking about the end or about the "these 4 years part" ?

    Kendall Watts

    +Théophile Phanoune I'm talking about the bridge.

    Théophile Phanoune

    Ok, but it's not really melodicaly complex. I mean, nothing is "complex" about AF music (but I love it don't get me wrong).
    And for the guitars, I think there are only two, but Mike overdub his one during the bridge, with some light alterations :)

  18. Facundo Castelo

    Estoy hecho pija

  19. TFH FIFA

    the main riff sounds so johnny marr-y, or is it just me?


    It does

    Ivan Lendl

    I hear it.

    Adrielle Joseph

    As a Johnny Marr fan, i completely agree!


    If you speed it up to 1.5, it definitely has that feel. Maybe pitch it up a little bit as well

  20. telenofunken

    Fools leave too soon

    Built to fill roles and fall

    Standing alone again

    Distant and dissatisfied

    These four years

    And how we say goodbye to these four years

    A long goodbye with mixed emotions

    Just fragments of another life

    I'm not dead yet

    But the regrets are killing me

  21. Pagandaddy

    i didnt sign my permission slip to go on this feels trip, bro


    Same 😔

    I am Ghostie

    Best comment. XD

  22. aaroninky

    this album still fucking crushes me

  23. Francios Hoover

    reatest album ever for me

  24. jaynizzy1993

    Almost cried to this song one of my favorites to listen to when I'm feeling very sad


    I'm going to listen to it soon


    F E E L S

    Mauricio Cardd

    +jaynizzy1993 You have good taste


    @Mauricio Cardd thanks


    @Wretched yes

  25. Haiku

    Alta banda, alto tema

  26. j bannon

    I wanna give mike a good hug

  27. Janis Muchks

    Great band. Great album. Great song!!

  28. dreaminginnoother

    holy shit. When he got to the "mixed emotions" part, I realized I know this song well. These guys were in my playlist like 10 years ago and I had completely forgotten. I shouldn't have.

  29. Jon Benham

    thats technically 17/16,


    it switches between 4/4, 3/4 ,and 5/4

  30. Pry Therch

    This song pretty much summarizes how I feel about my teenage years, I look back and its regrets all the way to the horizon.

  31. Joshua Alverson

    This feel.

  32. Knox Fundamentals Sports

    Competition.. SEC!

  33. SitarKnight

    I feel your pain man...I really do.

  34. Contrariwise37

    First time listening to this band! I've been having a really bad day and finding this is making me feel so much better. No idea why- the music is so sad, but it's calming too... like a bittersweet journey to another world.

    Juan Mercado

    Contrariwise37 replying 4 years later but I think this is still relevant. Music like this makes you feel good even when it makes you feel bad because it let's you know someone else out there felt the same way you do/did and better yet, so many others relate as well. It's comforting. I think it also let's you channel that emotion into something else.

  35. cbr0oks

    things you find underground sound like mainstream music because recording and editing have gotten so good, so fast and easy, so quickly. i don't think that's a bad thing at all, and i don't think music has gotten any worse or better over the past few decades. you always have to weed through the shit to get to the gold.

  36. Aruced

    I think many of you are interpreting my comment wrongly.

    When I say music today sucks, it's not toward to Mike's solo work or his old band.

    If I say music today sucks, I mean anywhere you go, there's barely any variety to even listen to, even stuff you can find underground sounds like the mainstream music today.

    That's why I said music today sucks.

    And there will be never any other bands that would write like this band or Mike.

  37. Aruced

    His solo work is great.

    I'm just talking about music today being generated so quickly sucks.

  38. pestopartyy

    What about Mike's solo work?
    Or most post-rock and emo?

  39. Christopher Best

    every 4th measure is:


    then later they switch to 6/8

  40. Aruced

    There will never be music like this ever again.
    Music today sucks.

  41. Islingtonians

    I can't actually get over how good this is.

  42. Islingtonians

    exactly :) somehow seeing this post made me happy...


    This album is helping me get through so much in my life. Thanks for the upload.

  44. SitarKnight

    fools leave too soon
    built to fill roles and fall
    standing alone again
    distant and dissatisfied

    these four years
    and how we say goodbye
    to these four years

    it's a long goodbye
    with mixed emotions
    just fragments of another life

    well i'm not dead yet
    but the regrets are killing me

  45. Cameron Gunter

    @phenethylaminedreams Right, I know that concept, but 12345 22345 32345 42345 would still be a 5/4 time signature. That's four measures of 5/4. Yes, it adds up to twenty, but it's not 20/4. 20/4 would be 20 quarter notes per measure as in 1234567891011121314151617181920 2234567891011121314151617181920. You see?

  46. phenethylaminedreams

    @lespauldance Usually musicians would count 12312 22312 32312 42312 to add up to 20 beats. Like when you're counting out rests, 1 2 3 4, 2 2 3 4, etc, so you know how many groups of 4 you have counted.

  47. Lexi da neko

    i never got to see these guys live. The regrets are killing me!

    ...not that i would've been old enough to, anyways

  48. will smith


  49. Cameron Gunter

    @zekiel777 No, I'm sorry, I should have been more clear. The first bit of the song is a repeated 4/4 for three measures and a change to 5/4 for one measure. Eventually, there is a change to 3/4. Besides, I don't know many musicians who would count to twenty every measure.

  50. Dirk Betzer

    @lespauldance that adds up to subtle 20/4 ;) lol i kid

  51. Kyle x

    btw to answer some of your questions, the song is played in DROP C!

    Ya welcome

  52. Kyle x

    It's 2010,

    10 years

    Tupac is still being bumped 10 years after. AND SO IS AF!

    HAHAHAHA goes to show you how great of a band they are.

    IMO they are appealing to anyone.everyone because they dont have profanity and lyrics that we can all relate to. The guitarists have done an outstanding job and same with the vox - I'm really stunned.


  53. Kyle McGandy

    @notyoursavior78 owen is fantastic

  54. Cameron Gunter

    So, 4/4 for three measures, a change to 5/4 for one measure and then an abrupt change to 3/4.

  55. parkerkillsppl

    1999 really???

  56. jazzyboops

    im pretty sure they didn't mean the starting line song hahaha

  57. notyoursavior78

    haha that's great. Yeah I listen to American Football or Owen a whole lot.

  58. notyoursavior78

    This band will never get played out. Sooo good!

  59. Mike Thomas

    no that was The Starting Line

  60. cmmndrblu

    Did these guys write "Best of me"?

  61. notyoursavior78

    I'll see you when we both aren't so....emotional.

  62. notyoursavior78

    Great song. Good upload!