American Football - Born To Lose Lyrics

Born to lose
Prophetic tattoo
An animal in a zoo
You won't get out anytime soon

Dead eyes and a mouth that can't speak clean
I can only imagine where that dirty mouth is when it's not on me

Animals know not what they do

Dead eyes, why such vulgarity?
I often imagine drowning in your skin,
exactly where you end and my faults begin

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American Football Born To Lose Comments
  1. Corey Jones

    I love their beautiful use of 7/4 time signature. Seriously talented band, still after all these years. Their new music is criminally underrated. I can’t wait for the release of their next LP this March!!!

  2. Majora

    can anyone confirm what time signature this is in? i swear it's in 3/4 but i'm probably being dumb there.


    Majora 69/420

    Tobias Pace

    In all seriousness, it’s 5/4 with the use of triplets for the majority, till the “dead eyes” sections(chorus?), which coasts in 4/4 then ends in 5/4.

    Corey Jones

    Tobias Pace It’s 7/4


    @Corey Jones if you count 6/8 + 9/8 in triplets its like 2/4 + 3/4 =5/4
    I don't understand your 7/4 I got really confused with this :D

  3. Jack Wolfe

    Best song on the album, it's so musically technical, the drums make absolutely no sense I love it

  4. Phillip hacek

    For some reason, this song reminds me of Braid. "Never if you're out there, come along and save us from ourselves."

  5. David Dangerfield

    I just found out they released this today and oh my fucking god what a wonderful surprise this was worth the 17 year wait