America - Monster Lyrics

The monster exposed himself from underground
Burning his face as he ran through the town
Hoping the patrons just don't hear a sound

Heart, court and harmony just ain't the same
My black and their green playing some games
I've got all these pictures I just need the frames

These are the things that you'll never do
Feeding the wife on the phone
And there you are, all on your own

Red and blue, I want to like a hole in the head
It slopes in the middle and is stopping them dead
I'd like to help them; I've already said

These are the things that you'll never do
Running away from your home
And there you are, all on your own
Mm, mm. mm, mm.

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America Monster Comments
  1. Pedro Armenta


  2. Harry Hanslip

    Ok the main ship went underwater and healed itself that fast wow just wow

  3. Esperanza Soriano

    wuhuhuhuhuhuwuhu Green is winner

  4. rona abejo

    russia and usa vs aliens lol

    Fatema Zakia

    lolllll bang bang headshot headshot

  5. egor lo

    10onv lr

  6. Alexander Cabret _Mouse Kid, Read Bio_

    Of course none are in Florida. All of them were probably scared by the animals. Gators, giant snakes, mutant spiders, monstrous crawfish…not to mention us Floridians!

  7. Subianto Arhanud

    Vahalla toons nice

  8. Subianto Arhanud

    KB 44 is nice and Good job

  9. Marjete Rüpp

    Too much monsters noooooooo!!!!

  10. Ben Throl

    richtig schlecht

  11. Exileant Chimara

    4:00 Is this how KB-44 used to look, or is this how he looks now after being pushed into Hell? His missing neck protector has me confused... I have been trying to watch the series in order, but as I do not speak Russian, I am at a loss at to where to start.

  12. Сава TV

    Я крутой

  13. Addy's world

    I love watch Valhalla toons

    Valhalla Toons

    Thanks, this is really good choice

    Сава TV

    Addy's world тан

  14. Haikal Rayyankamil

    God job

  15. Hendra Heen

    KB44. Drogo

    henry bay

    Hendra Heen fhvhnb

  16. BRAIN cfc

    good job

  17. BRAIN cfc

    I like this film

  18. C toshi Phom

    I LiKe This video

  19. Nico Martelo

    I really like it!

    Michele Goes


  20. Håkan Andersson

    Love your videos

  21. Paul Celetaria

    Who's talking through the battle?

  22. Mohammed Sy

    خرايعليك انت وهيك فيديو نشالله تفهم يلي كتبتو

    Bong Nan

    Uh Mike ee svm


  23. jimmy jia

    I love this video

  24. jimmy jia

    I’m joking

  25. jimmy jia

    At 4:49 is when good guys come to save the other tanks

  26. jimmy jia

    I’m also happy the good guys won 😄

    Valhalla Toons

    Me too :)

  27. jimmy jia

    I’m happy for the brave warriors

    Мария Жигарова

    jimmy jia яТт Как папа котёнка он все знаю

  28. Данил Игры Ткаченко

    Кв-44 кв-6 кв-44 м дора 2.0 СССР Савецкие танки блогиат😠😠😡😡👿👿💢

  29. ghanshyam kumar


  30. Nguyen Do

    If you watch Gerald then there kB-44 is stronger then this one

    raileyjay gamad

    not gerald its gerand

    Ahmed Amuizz Khan

    @raileyjay gamad okjjjk

  31. Shu Qiong Lin

    The boss is to strong

  32. Neeraj Tripathi

    I have this tank

  33. Preman Baik

    enemies shits


    Фуууууууууууууууууууууууууу фу фу лох

    Poonam Yadav Yadav

    Especially ujjkojhhj photoshoot sleep is Woolworth's

  35. Rafa Gilang

    Tank vs tank

  36. Rafa Gilang

    Tanks de power of canon

  37. A Dhillon

    Thanks so

  38. Sam Sung

    Класс бро, like bro

  39. Даметкен Каюпова

    Почему у всех танков есть рога

    Valhalla Toons

    They are Viking Tanks

    K7I - LonelyBs

    Кто-то спалился 😂

  40. Edwin Castro

    I like your videos

  41. John Carlo Malaluan

    Alien invasion dosnt exist
    But when it exist
    It always starts from america

  42. Asriati asriati

    Filem nya seru

  43. точка 007


  44. Ххх n.


    Савва Соснин


  45. Sander Cargando

    I like this Video

  46. Dee sivixai

    ออดๅนกทืแยไวาป้ดนไสลสแทไยื กว

  47. Widya Jasmine

    Inifelemya bagus🌞😍🚂🚂🤗❤❤❤❤😂

  48. Traci Haynes

    Please make a season 2

  49. Traci Haynes

    The sheriff's voice is super cringe

    De’Avion Frias

    Saying something is cringe is cringe itself

  50. alen demirovic

    Bro make video soviet dora pls i subscribed and liked your videos 😁😁😁😁😁😁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 thx for comment again

    Duong Tiet

    Ydfssdsaqm,.khkuuopg🐢🐍🦕🦖🦎🦂🕸🐞🦗🕸🐜🦟🕷🦖🦑🦕🦐🐢🐙🐙🐠🦎🦞🦞🐠🦐🐡🦑🦀🐠🐳🐳🐬🦈🐟🐅🐋 🦓🐆🐘🐅🦍🦛🦏🐑🐎🐎🐎🦒🦘🐂🐃🐄🐃🐑🐄🐑🐑🐑🐏🐎🐑🐏🐑🐃🐏🦘🐖

    Duong Tiet


    Duong Tiet

    alen demirovic 🤣😅😄😃😀😆😁😂😊😇🙂☺️😌😉🙃😘🥰😍😚😙😗😝😛😋🤨🤪😜😎🤓🧐😏🥳🤩😔😞😒😏🙁😕😟🙁😕😟😖😣☹️🥺😩😫😤😭😢🤬😡😠🥵😳🤯😨😱🥶😓😥😰🤭🤔🤗😶🤥🤫😬😑😐😦😯🙄😲😮😧😪🤤😴😪🤤😴🥴🤐😵🤧🤮🤢🤕🤒😷😈🤠🤑👺👹👿😈👻💩🤡👽☠️💀🎃🤖👾😹😸😺😽😼😻😾😿🙀🎃👽👺👻🤕🤕🤧🤕😈🤠🤡☠️☠️👽💩💀☠️👹💀😺👾👾🤡👻😻🙀😿😽🎃

    Duong Tiet




  52. GliTch

    Animation is so baad, omg, moving of kv 44's mouse is so fucking bad, my eyes, help. You just copy one tank many times, it looks very bad, can you paint their more different or u are ultra lazy?

  53. Caryl Tapel

    ay love jeryl tank gren tank


    ТЫ РУС!?!?!?!?

  55. Marilou Manantan

    Your videos are very cool man keep it up

  56. чарли Браунд

    самая хорошая серия в мире

  57. Boudrun Sudha

    Xhxffcfgggggggggggggrrrrrrreeww On1 Plusone+2+2 is

  58. Russell Chan

    7:21 floppy guns

  59. WannaBe

    You need voice actors, the voice from the commander is kinda cringy. But otherwise this is pretty good.

    Valhalla Toons

    Ok, I will try


    Nice! Keep creating these great vids.

  60. SeveR

    Ты рус или амерекус?

    Ольга Леонтьева


    Руслан Загибайлов

    7:21Мне одному кажется что только я задаюсь этим вопросом: почему у т-34-85 гибкое дуло?

    Данил Игры Ткаченко

    Америка гвооооооон!!!

    Савва Соснин

    @Руслан Загибайлов нет не один

  61. Gabriel N

    cool video

  62. Mane gud


  63. Сергей Залетин


  64. GD Graysen

    Thanks for the show it is cool

    Valhalla Toons

    Thank you too!

  65. GD Graysen

    Okay I did a week ago

  66. макар чёп


    Mane gud

    Ты издеваешься!?

    макар чёп

    Мамай Мутагиров ты очом Бро

  67. АЛЕНА Бичерахова

    Охринери гадый

  68. Hasnain Imza


  69. Michael Gunawan


  70. Michael Gunawan

    meanwhile OH F*CK L*KE THAT

  71. NevexGameZ

    how the hell the ship got

  72. NevexGameZ


  73. Jayavarapu Sridhar

    Good luck with your chanl

  74. Ethan Rosales

    I knew it l knew it l knew it l knew it l knew it l knew it l knew it l knew it l knew it l knew it l knew it

  75. Cresente Lazo

    The heads of the aliens are waffen tanks luv it ur videos

  76. Andy Yau

    Kill them

  77. รุ้ง จูนคําพันธ์

    I saw a skulls from the head of the alien

  78. Wolfy Playz

    *slides secret plans* you forgot the secret plans of the wolf mech

    Wolfy Playz

    If I were to sketch it it would look nothing like your style but here is a description
    It has multiple turrets as it has 4 anti air with 5 double barrel turrets and then a turret that over heats sometimes called the ultima laser plus it can cut any metal it is also very big bigger than Dorian like 3 times larger and is not able to be pierced or exploded nothing works on it even the ultima laser so unable to be destroyed

    Wolfy Playz

    Also it has an elavater for the tanks to lift them into the tank also the ultima laser is greatly protected by the mouth as it will cause a gama ray burst strong enough to wipe out a contanit so it is greatly protected so it won’t be damaged but just a little damaged will not hurt the ultima laser so barely a chance of that

    Julia Noemi Taccari

    In what episode the secret plan is shown?

  79. Ivan The Gacha Tuber

    Hey man! Have you, forgotten about me already?

    Valhalla Toons

    Never, mate! :)

    Dibakar Maity


    Ivan The Gacha Tuber

    @Dibakar Maity 👍👍

  80. boss gamer

    Gis gis ko tank pasand hai like. Mare