America - Hurricane Lyrics

Sailin' down the coast of Mexico
With a person I loved since long ago
Into a place nobody wants to go

Into a hurricane
Whoa, hurricane
Some'll be taken
Some'll remain

Heard people screamin' and the sky was torn
I looked around and the faces were so forlorn
No relief, only scorn

In a hurricane
In a hurricane
Some'll be taken
Some'll remain

Hurricane's just another name
For the torment in a man's soul
His mind is gone
And he starts to lose control

In a hurricane
Oh, the hurricane
Some'll be taken
Some'll remain

How long will the wind blow?
How long will the wind blow?
Everybody talks; nobody really knows
How long will the wind blow?
How long will the wind blow?
Shoo-ba-ree-ba, shoo-ba-ree-ba
Nobody knows

How long will the wind blow?
How long will the wind blow?
Everybody talks; nobody really knows
How long will the wind blow?
How long will the wind blow?
Shoo-ba-ree-ba, shoo-ba-ree-ba ...

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America Hurricane Comments
  1. Grum Ma's House Cultural Center

    Thank God the storm did not reach Florida or other states especially the coastal areas. With the kind of devastation that we saw here in The Bahamas, I don't think many of the places would have feared any better and the damages would be even greater as more areas would have been impacted.

  2. Nirvana Nirvana

    crime and punishment

  3. adil mae

    that land is cursed forever

  4. K-Pop Reactions With BTS & BLACKPINK

    I am a child but, I wonder when they are going to be able to go to the Bahamas. Reporters are saying that it may be to dangerous to go report damge because of how much that has been destroyed. They say it might be months before they go. I live in Georgia and the weather channel said that tybee island would be gone...good thing i dont live in tybee

  5. Ahmad Bukhori


  6. V. Jeff

    That's not the damage that's abico

  7. Eagle Gaming

    Why you guys feel sad for people who died in the storm? It was their time as God wanted them. But US kills people in Afghanistan by their hands, not god

  8. Sara Salinas

    I hope my grandma did not died cause my grandma live in Florida ❤️😓🥺

  9. David Gluth

    Never underestimate the power of nature.

  10. Kaptain Krvnch

    Who chopping onions 🤧

  11. I AM THAT I AM


  12. Peter King

    Liars. The winds never went over 85 mph.

  13. Smokey Quartz

    ABC news didn't botherbto talk to the locals really that was in poor taste America needs to address climate change and stop procrastinating

  14. Mr. Nickolas John Krznarich

    Now have a 5 year old girl say this on a news station report. The parents: 'Ok Suzie...go ahead and say it'. And the little girl says. 'Our lives mean nothing...all we want to know is if Donald Trump's properties are ok'.

  15. Henrik

    I hate it when they say "ever." I guarantee you that in the lifetime of the bahamas, they've seen a storm with 250mph sustained winds with almost 300mph gusts

  16. Amrizal Agus


  17. Zuwala IdumeYah

    Visit Sekuma Lambew YouTube channel for details about the upcoming 2nd exodus out of America

  18. Gustave Mondestin

    I’m really so sorry about you Bahamas !
    May Heavenly Father keep you and make stronger than ever and He’ll grow up again just like you were ! So strongly to see that happening ! Mr Talmadge KNOWLES CONSTRUCTION in Eleuthera I will call you soon

  19. Paula Dee



  20. Cecilia Olivieri

    I heard, that 70% of the country had been destroyed, I really hope that is not true. My condolences from Argentina, now is time to be stronger as ever

  21. Cecilia Olivieri

    This shows how small we are, it doesn't matter how capable we are (most of the times, to detroyed everything and ourselves). MOTHER NATURE IS THE MOST POWERFULL THING

  22. John Brown

    that is my dream world destruction only thing that's not enough more father aka jah

  23. Jacky Hill

    Omw this is so sad n horrible to go through to those who didn't survive R.I.P from SA Cape Town..amazing work from Reporters

  24. MissMs Mrs.

    Prayers are going up for The Bahamas and its residents. God is good and HE is working. Thank you Lord for being with us all. Glory to God.

  25. Hasan Ravat

    England is lucky kinda.


    Keep thinking it’s Mother Nature 😆That’s y it’s more events happening the most high pissed off😡😤cause majority of the earth Don’t Believe In The Power no more And he is Sick Of the Foolishness that’s going on His Earth is out of Order This EARTH IS IN STRICT JUDGEMENT RIGHT NOW The Prophets Are Awakened To Warn The Earth But People Thank it’s a Game So Keep Beleiving In Mother Nature Cause Your Witnessing The Terrible😡🌪💨🌊YAHAWAH Work Right Before Your Eyes😳🥺Psa 89:8-9🤔—Psalm 29:10🤔

  27. Marcos Camargo

    Muito triste😩😥😥😥

  28. RootsExtra

    Don't ever give up...JAH guidance and protection everytime.

  29. Mr. McFlyy

    So a reporter can come and go freely on the island but the people affected can't...😡😡 BS

  30. Bradley Borg

    @3:41 I probably would have had to relieve that yacht of whatever fancy booze and cool stuff was being spoiled on board.

  31. Natalie Jorden

    My ??? are who is the most reputable foundations for helping to GIVE so these people may have some respite since ALL reporting has ceased re this catastrophic event. Not just someone with a 501c and the rebuilders with an agenda but those who sincerly give a care about loss of life and the living...

  32. Natalie Jorden

    Bahamas we pray and mourn and believe TMH God will lift you above your horrendous and tremendous devestating trials.

  33. Luis A. Irizarry Romero


  34. Nico Santos

    This is remind me of super typhoon HAIYAN/YOLANDA in the philippines

  35. Eddie Rabaya

    God's Spirit Gradually Withdrawn - The days in which we live are solemn and important. The Spirit of God is gradually but surely being withdrawn from the earth. Plagues and judgments are already falling upon the despisers of the grace of God. The calamities by land and sea, the unsettled state of society, the alarms of war, are portentous. They forecast approaching events of the greatest magnitude.The agencies of evil are combining their forces, and consolidating. They are strengthening for the last great crisis. Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones. - Testimonies , vol. 9, p 11. (1909).Spirit of War Stirring Nations - Fearful tests and trials await the people of God. The spirit of war is stirring the nations from one end of the earth to the other. - Testimonies For The Church 9:17 (1909). Ev 31.5 - Ev 32.2

  36. Joy Rhooms

    I am praying for those who lost their love one and God will strength them in this terrible situation.God keep you alive for a special reson.i hope and pray we all would repent and turn to God...God is moving a no one can stop him .God is the all powerful God.God is no respect of person you could be rich or poor. Jesus is coming soon.shalom.

  37. Robert williams

    Man made weather

  38. Houda Massis

    I hope that builders that are alive can make a new house for the homeless people with no money cause they payed with the other house that Dorian destroyed

  39. Антон К

    Thanks not to us. Thanks Igor Mikhailovich and ALLATRA, you very much for your efforts, for your love, for the knowledge that we all have the opportunity to practice. For help and a chance to humanity. And that saved millions of lives of USA☀️👍

  40. Soul Eater

    Where can you go to to help them?like go there and help

  41. Forwen Eymnorty

    Such a devastating tragedy on America's doorstep and the American media is focused on a fool with a sharpie and his mail order bride wearing an insensitive twin towers coat. Glad to see priorities are in the right place.

  42. maritza quintana

    Believe the Old , & New Revelation .

  43. Krewzin thru

    REPENT and give your life to CHRIST will never know when or how, but death is a gauranteed, and so is eternal life...The CHOICE has ALWAYS been YOURS but the time of death is NOT... Choose wisely cause it is really up to you but remember there are no take backs once it happens

  44. J'nai Thomas

    I feel for them... Iwillpray for them

  45. derek monrue

    2500 people are missing from abaco and Freeport because of this storm

  46. Susan hoyle

    I grew up about 30 miles from nyc.( new york city). Near the hundson river. Now i dont know when 500 war ships were lined up in the waters of the river. Where they stayed for yrs. Not only providing a spectacular view from scenic points along route 9w and roads that traveled right along the edge of the river. Over the yrs. I heard they were used for storage of many things. When the nam. War started it wasnt long when those 500 warships stated to be restored and moved out to needed locations. No doubt around the world. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people of the islands. Maybe??? Tourist ships war ships even cargo ships could be used to house the countless of people who lost everything to dorian. Words are hard to find and. Im in tears. I only hope that these people will find comfort and peace soon.

  47. Nahom Worku

    This will happen often in the future especially in the US

  48. Mohammad Ali

    I feel very sorry for Bahamas brothers and sisters. I wish I could help you. Very sorry and love you all from pakistan lahore .

  49. leon divers

    Sell Bahama..

  50. matthewhillofficial hill

    They didn't want to evacuate SO THEY ALL DIED BECAUSE THEY WERE EDIOTS

  51. RedSauce

    Nice to see the Coast Guard putting in work

  52. Shatzy 14

    Just to let you know,these types of destruction are happening every day in Syria..

  53. Abdullah

    ‎سَنُرِيهِمْ آيَاتِنَا فِي الْآفَاقِ وَفِي أَنفُسِهِمْ حَتَّىٰ يَتَبَيَّنَ لَهُمْ أَنَّهُ الْحَقُّ ۗ أَوَلَمْ يَكْفِ بِرَبِّكَ أَنَّهُ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ شَهِيدٌ (53)

    We shall show them Our signs in the horizons, [in all] the regions of the heavens and the earth, in the way of the luminous [celestial] bodies, [the varieties of] vegetation and trees, and in their own souls, in the way of the exquisite craftsmanship and unique wisdom [inherent in their creation], until it becomes clear to them that it, namely, the Qur’ān, is the truth, revealed by God, informing of the Resurrection, the Reckoning and the Punishment, so that they [realise that they] will be punished for their disbelief in it and in the one who has come with it. Is it not sufficient that your Lord is witness to all things? In other words, is not sufficient proof of your truthfulness that nothing whatsoever can be hidden from God?
    53 Fussilat

  54. Sharn Adela

    This is so heartbreaking, praying for them all 🙏🏾

  55. Troy T Rizzla

    No ones talking about the huge Oil Spill! Why this is almost just as bad as all the missing people.. oil kills everything!

  56. Troy T Rizzla

    1000s thousands of people dead and missing!

  57. Philis37

    Damn before the storm Give military high water vehicles to a few residents.

  58. Esmeralda Bonita

    The Air Force said they want to control the weather by 2025. Look up HAARP. Time to wake up people!

    jason Shores

    No one listens

  59. Oneil matthew Martin

    A noah hurricane bad were the hole world dead

  60. crystal sola


  61. bekri messaoud

    I speak on behalf of the Algerian people about the misfortune that has befallen the American people, especially the Bahamas District, with all the sincere condolences to the American people, especially the families of the victims.

  62. Luan Stephen

    People are struggling to live, and you’re talking freaking tourism numbers.... that right there should not even be mentioned... come on man!!!!

  63. Haeum Moon

    0:32 there is only one person there running

  64. Haeum Moon

    I am a student in 5th grade and our school is raising money for them beacuse our head of school use to work there as a teacher.

  65. Roxie Kelley

    Thank you abc news

  66. Tiger Cub

    Most of the Bahamas were built prior to their CAT 2&3 building code's. It's obvious the International Building Codes for tropical zone's need to be CAT 5 minimum code.

  67. Tiger Cub

    Don't bring the Bahamians to the USA!!! They are BRITISH SUBJECT'S! Bring them to shithole Canada!

  68. belinda afful

    Dorian go away!

  69. belinda afful

    Father, please take Dorian away. In Jesus name amen

  70. Dennis K F Davis

    Harp, Harrp Harrp if I'm wrong show me

  71. hussein waleed

    Why i love to watch when i can't sleep
    God save them ❤

  72. hussein waleed

    I felt sad for that dog

  73. Jamie Mccauley


  74. Jamie Mccauley

    No my cuz live there

  75. Acevez gus Aguilar

    Good one the devil and l approve this hurricane...

  76. Raphael Boucher

    bro it's a huge hurricane

  77. Christina Neblett

    This is very sad☹️

  78. Christian Williams

    Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Louisiana

  79. Azhar M

    They were warned weeks before but they wanted to die.. now the ones left are running out... they should stay those idiots

  80. love popovich

    Trump should make a state of emergency for them,they should migrate to the u.s and seek asylum,they can go to florida and go to georgia and other places,i mean still will be affected but not as bad I guess,#pray4thebaahamas #pray4porterico #pray4thedaminicanrepublic 💯💯💯💯hang in there guys👍👍👍✌✌✌,it's own 😎 !!

  81. riabeth Litusquen

    God bless you Bahamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  82. Jan Petersson


    This is activated of DEEP STATE, and their plan is, because this democrats stop Trump from building the wall and all other problems they have made for him and his organisation, so they know Trump can´t move all military from the boarder to this fatty crisis area, because deep state have planned to take in a lot of drugs and refugees that way when the military is gone, that is why the crisis is even worse, and people in Bahamas and along the coast to Florida and more up from there.

    Trump is doing what he can but are stuck in this situation like all the people are who suffer, because this deep state and their fucking democrats act for depopulation of their own people.
    Their desperation to lose the election 2020 has now gone into a war situation in USA, who can end with civil war like the american civil war 1861.

    I just inform You about the cold facts so You understand, and it is going worse than this, deep state and the democrats are willing to do everything they can to stop Donald J Trump to continue to make great things for his people, it will be a devastating time this time til the election in November 2020.

  83. NewWaveFan1

    Dorian figuratively means, "Child of the sea" in Greek..

  84. guitargamery

    end of times, please dear Friends you dont have nothing to loose, and come closer to God Jesus, His coming will be soon, these signs continually just show what is written....repent your sins and pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus. take care

  85. chop per

    GOD wrath not mother nature😢

  86. Clara Dsouza

    Time to turn to God.Pray to Jesus Christ for help and for forgiveness mercy and help for saving ⛪

  87. Random Person

    7:44 - Hey! Free Kayaks!

  88. hippyable

    I'm done! My heart is broken for these people. Please God help them! The people there have been so nice to us on our trip. Please God help them. Please God help everyone Globally!

  89. hippyable

    My heart my heart

  90. Ben F

    This is horrid Mother Nature isn’t happy at the moment clearly I’ve never seen su many palm trees snap and bend like that

  91. Ceicel Rockmonster

    Well i guess people know were they are not going on vacation

  92. smart cyber

    end of world is near

  93. Jack Paitan Carbon

    Let us not forget the Comparison Between the Deadliest Cyclone Landfalls in the World within this year of 2019.
    2013 🌀 Typhoon Haiyan's Wind Speed: 195mph Gust: 235mph A.P. : 895mb & Landfall (I.T.O. Wind Speeds): 190mph (in Tacloban, Leyte) says NOAA
    F13's CDPS: Possibly Stage 9 or 10 of 10 (Extreme)
    Movement: 30kph (17mph) per Landfall (Fast-Paced)
    Killed: 6,300 People
    Cost: 2B+ Dollars of Damage

    2019 🌀 Hurricane Dorian's Wind Speed: 185mph & Gust: 225mph A.P. : 910mb⬇ & Landfall (I.T.O. Wind Speeds): 185mph (Great Abaco) — 165mph (Freeport & Grand Bahama) says NASA
    F13's CDPS: Stage 10 of 10 (Extreme)
    Movement: 7-1mph per Landfall (Slow to Very Slow)
    Killed: 25+⬆
    Cost: Possibly 10B+ Dollars of Damage

    F13: ForceThirteen Channel
    CDPS: Cyclonic Destruction Potential Scale
    I.T.O. : In terms of...
    A.P. : Air Pressure

  94. Danny .W

    looks like a war in our cities

  95. Donald Sexton

    Are you a disaster capitalist or corrupt NGO? USA citizens don't owe Bahamas anything. Bahamas need take care of itself. He is dishonest & suppressing evidence of history. Another kleptocrat exploiting the climate con. Off-shore haven indulging banksters, corporateers, & criminals that can afford to finance own recovery beside more related to Canada & UK than USA.
    Never heard any concern or consideration nor provided any assistance from Bahamas when enduring catastrophe, injury, injustice, disparity.

  96. Donald Sexton

    Bahamas has plenty of funds to support own recovery. Beside part of UK, even Canada. An offshore financial corruption & criminal haven indulging kleptocracy, corporateers, drugs & criminals.

  97. همدان بن قحطان

    This is your sin that you wronged the Arabs with missiles Trump role Jay America soon

  98. Mya D

    I am in prayer for families in Bahamas and that God will restore and those who didnt know the Lord will now. Have Mercy Father God.