America - All Around Lyrics

I look to the east when the day
Is done and think of it all
All the thoughts that I've seen of
Satin seams and tide pool dreams
I look to the sun
As the day is dawning
I carry my dreams
From a moment before
I try to recall
But I find myself yawning
I guess they are gone but there's more
So I head out the door

All around, listen and you can
Hear the sound
On cloudy days seems like I
Always feel this way

First break in the day if the time
Is right and nobody minds
I stroll down the lane take a breath
Of air and drift on a dream
I look to the sun
As the day is warming
Consider the things
That have happened before
I feel like I'm one
With the wind on the hillside
I feel like I'm one with the
River that runs by my door

All around, listen and you can
Hear the sound
On cloudy days seems like I
Always feel this way

All around, listen and you can
Hear the sound
On cloudy days seems like I
Always feel this way

I look to the sun
As the day is dawning
I carry my dreams
From a moment before
I feel like I'm one
With the wind on the hillside
I feel like I'm one with the
River that runs by my door

All around, listen and you can
Hear the sound
On cloudy days seems like I
Always feel this way

[repeat and fade]

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America All Around Comments
  1. Loredana Crotti

    La sento passare in radio, vado in estasi e non ascolto bene. Passano 4 mesi, la risento, la ascolto come si deve e tento di indovinarne il titolo....
    Bingooooo! Grazie ❤

  2. 88feji

    Its a bit ridiculous this song was not their lead single from that album ...

  3. Alma Larrondo

    Una de las más hermosas canciones, tan sencilla y tan profunda

  4. haledragon1

    Hace casi 20 años que no escucho está canción, la última vez fue en México, aquí no la ponen por ninguna parte, que bueno que me acordé!

  5. JL RZ

    Rick Moralez, tampoco he encontrado la versìon en vivo, si alguièn nos puede ayudar por favor?

  6. Michela Giulia Iasilli

    It's a very beautiful song. Today there aren't these songs!!

  7. Seferino Herrera

    Cuando tenia yo 14 años la eschaba todos los días...todavía no sabía lo que era sufrir por alguien.

  8. Maria Rhona Sanchez

    this song gives so many bittersweet memories..

  9. Maria De Jesus Sanchez

    Hola buenas tardes esa canción está presiosa me encanta gracias por el vídeo saludos

  10. Robert DG

    ...we had the time of our lives when me and my colleagues caught them in a raw concert for American soldiers at the then Wallace Air Base Station in Poro, San Fdo. (now a city), La Union during the 80s...we had beers and singing our hearts out with every song they sang...too bad smart phones weren't invented then...not even a photo memory of that wonderful time, just plain great nostalgic memories...

  11. Genevieve Barcenas Matahum Ramilemmanuel

    Unique voice of gerry beckley

  12. Marc H

    I've been an America fan forever and I just recently found this song - GREAT!

  13. David Maholchic

    Good late effort From these two

  14. Genneva Blake


  15. Genneva Blake


  16. Logan McCarrell

    America is simply Amazing as they have been making great music and harmonies for so many years. They are still performing and making music that really touches your emotions. Thank You America.

  17. David Tosh

    America was a trio in the 1970s, but in 1980s it was a duo. Who left from America between 1976 and 1982?

    marissa huerte

    It's Daniel Milton "Dan" Peek. Left the band early of 1977 to seek a different artistic career in the Christian pop music genre and renewed his Christian faith. He is the successful pioneer of that emerging genre but remained friends with Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnel, who became the America duo after he left. Peek died in his sleep of fibrinous pericarditis on July 24, 2011, at age of 60 in his home in Farmington, Missouri.

  18. David Tosh

    I could have a song by America in 1985.

  19. Juan Gallegos

    Golly their bass player was amazing

  20. ulysses parado

    back in high schhol, one of the guitarists of the band became a priest till now!all around!


    No, not a priest. He just became a born-again Christian and wanted to do Christian pop music. He left the band in 1977, did Christian music for many years, and passed away in 2011.

    Jesus Cálix

    America lo mejor de lo mejor,estaba en el colegio

  21. thehoosierfortheUK

    I love America!

  22. Logan McCarrell

    Great song Thank You Gerry and Dewey.

  23. Rainbow Dash

    What's this song even about? I can't seem to see if it's about love or memories

  24. David Hidayat

    Salah satu lagu di kaset Prambors rest & relax IV

  25. ChuddleBuggy

    man, takes me back to a time I never realized I'd miss...

  26. John F.

    Thanks, John

  27. charlie david

    80's nice song and memories.

  28. Laura Estrada

    Qué recuerdos de mi niñez!!! Maravilloso tema!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alfredo Garcia

    Laura Estrada coincido contigo, saludos.

  29. Rick Moralez

    Existe una versión en vivo de esta canción? he buscado pero no la he encontrado.


    Rick Moralez ojala algun dia la encuentres y me la compartas, acabo de ir a un concierto y no la tocaron

  30. erwinrommel771

    Geez, stumbled on this America's song at You Tube. We used to sing this in high school and college

  31. Lendas ou Verdades Urbanas?

    quem quiser o album com as melhores musicas eu tenho.

  32. Michael Biedermann

    You wouldn't believe my story if I told you so I'll just say thank you so much!!!  I am so happy to have finally found this song again!

    Paul Luciano

    +Michael Biedermann haha i can just imagine

  33. Gil Caceres

    Hey Jokarilon, all your posts are really nice! You're a pro.


    this song have an a 10 of calification!!! is wonderfullllllllll!!!!!

  35. charlie david

    memories thanks jokarilon!

  36. Jesse Sanchez

    Great Bass

  37. londonblock

    Without a doubt their most underrated song.

  38. Pat Odrada

    tks joka for uploading this song, i know your also a fanatic of america :), hoping for more songs of this group.

  39. Starry&Bohemian

    what a song... they are not at the top of my list but ...they made some good albums... this song is really one of their best of the "Silent Letter" record...and the closing track "High in the city" is another height as well

  40. Milderose Jimeno

    Love this song so much! miz u apple...

  41. remar ramos

    COOL ONE..................

  42. whax89

    pagpinoy may taste sa music!

  43. ramgate1

    Good, when i've played this tune during 80's bihira maka recognized na America ito,from the album Alibis

  44. bonglove61


  45. Saucekay3

    do you speak bisayan or tagalog

  46. Pat Odrada

    hi tks for uploading this song. favor pls, upload the song 1960 by america from the same album silent letter. tks

  47. Jokarilon

    Welcome po !

  48. Ike Barile

    Hi Jokarilon, thanks for posting this, i've been looking for this song for many years, one of my favs from America. Is there a way to convert this to mp3? Thanks.

  49. GlorianaBanana

    Fantastic. Thank you for this.

  50. gulonyotalaga

    tagal ko nang hinahanap ang kantang ito, thanks kabayan



  52. lidertwin


  53. ambersalcove

    I love this band America the band Rocks!

  54. Offenbacher64

    Schönes Lied und tolle Gruppe!
    Machen einfach traumhafte Musik.

  55. moonie loonie

    Muchas gracias !!! Lo mismo para ti y tu familia !!!

  56. moonie loonie

    I´m from Mexico and I had the vinyl with these songs but I lost it when I moved to another flat many years ago...
    Such a great loss actually !!!!

  57. moonie loonie

    Anybody can post Right back to me from this band ?Haven't heard that one in quite a while ...

  58. allvro

    ke buena,buena recuerdo mi primera novia en la escuela gracias por la pieza.

  59. 94cadillacfleetwood

    Amazing...haven't heard this song since probably 1980!!! One of their best later tracks-barely got any radio play but it's stuck with me ever since...

  60. blokechap

    Pinoy ka pala kabayan.

  61. blokechap

    Thanks a lot Joka. I've waited so long for someone to download this track. And you've even provided the lyrics. Way to go Jokarilon.

  62. Angel Rodriguez

    excellente jokarilon!!! se ve que sabes de musica.