Ameer Vann - Emmanuel Lyrics

It's so hard to say, "I'm sorry"
It's so hard to self reflect
Make the world a better place, I put a bullet in my head
I'm still running outta friends, steady running from the past
Ain't no lil' piece of heaven, all these demons that I have
I am broken, I am tired, I am lonely and depressed
I am made up of mistakes, I'll start going down the list
I'm a product of my father, I'm an addict like my sister
I'm so sick, I need a doctor
Spent some time in institutions back at home with my mama
Had to run away to Houston
Had a girl, she was a goddess, I fucked up and had to lose her
I see darkness all around me, put my soul into the music
I am always fucking doubting my every single movement
I saw violence in my home, I seen shit I can't forget
I got anxieties and tendencies and memories repressed
Rip this shit up off my chest, put these bullets in a clip
Press the muzzle to my face and pull the trigger, now I'm—
It's so hard to end it all, I wanna try to make it right
It's so hard to live at all, all these obstacles in life
Make it hard for us all, made a fuck-up of my life
I'll give anything at all to take back a little time

I'm a beast, I'm a dawg, I'm a runaway slave
I'm like Malcolm, I'm like Martin bein' locked in a cage
Tell Jesus, "Come and save me, I got goals and a pager"
Misdemeanors on the papers, El Dorado's on the dayton
See me float above the pavement
I'm a fuckin' mental patient, that's my fuckin' mission statement
I've been sittin', waitin' patient
I can hear what niggas sayin'
Send me curses, see me prayin'
I can sell a blunt to Satan, all these trenches that I lay in
All this chaos that I stay in
See my fate and know it's waitin'
This a new beginning, call me Jesus, king of niggas
My sermon is delivered, rollin' swishers, writin' scriptures
Many pains and many issues, this my written crucifixion
I'ma sing a song of David
I remember Wayne and Baby
I done seen them niggas leakin', screamin', "Jesus, come and save me"
I don't know if I'ma make it, I just know that life ain't easy
Gettin' harder while I'm breathin'
Niggas die inside of Beamers, they don't even need a reason
Guns clappin', get to squeezin'
Niggas killin', it ain't easy
Rent due and it ain't easy
Call his name but he ain't breathin'
Momma cryin', it ain't easy
Hard times, it ain't easy
It ain't easy

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Ameer Vann Emmanuel Comments
  1. Marcus Phillips

    all the emmanuel visuals hard af

  2. Dean Papadopoulos


  3. jerrypaws

    did he direct this? it's super nice!

  4. streetbeds

    Is the store from this video the store from Boogie?

  5. Tiarnán

    I know they were brothers but part of me wishes there was beef between Ameer and BH. Dom would be the the only one who could maybe go toe to toe with Ameer lyrically

  6. SWOOSH!

    God damn ! , ¿How this dont have million views?, Ameer keep run your game

  7. LUIS

    So fye 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Milktraap

    Virgin Brockhampton vs Chad Ameer Vann

  9. derekBBFcotton

    Pretty excited to see what sort of producers he'll be working with next :)

  10. rufino mitchell

    Yesssirskiii, hard

  11. Cam Olson

    We love you, Ameer.

  12. jazzy j

    My man snapped, leaving the boys was the best thing for his career

  13. sophie

    god i missed ur music

  14. Gabriel Safar

    This goes so fricken hard

  15. Harut Makyan


  16. Nick Torres.

    ayyo is he burning the car from saturation ii cover??

  17. Darky Beats


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    kanye is that you ?

  19. NutBurg


  20. momoownsmyass •

    Fireee 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Izaac

    hell yeah

  22. me who

    Very good broo keeep it up i fuck with the vision whole ep was fire i can see you become a hip hop legend

  23. First Name Last Name

    The video kinda gives off sicko mode vibes. Really dig this new ameer vann excited to see what’s in store for the future 💯

  24. PeDzzz

    I just wanted to listen to puppy

  25. Time Sample

    The music video is well made

  26. King Of The Bees

    BH needed Ameer more than they knew

  27. Mrs.Pablo

    if you go in tour PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE come to ORLANDO

  28. Aman Chopra

    damnnnnnn...stay creating !!! loved it !!! subscribed instantly !!!

  29. J H

    This guy was the only reason I was listening to that boy band

  30. Xavier

    “I just want somm snacks”

  31. Black Jesus

    You should remove the mustache. Great song thoug

  32. bihg bohdee

    which one of u bh members are watching?

  33. butterNIC

    I'm glad I could see those head wrinkles again

  34. Ed Diaz

    Is the car burning at the end the same car he was in on Saturation 2?

  35. treakzy_

    Yea. Your music is just insane!Keep iit up :) Great Videos! :)

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  39. Ryan Noble

    Thank you YouTube for recommending some absolute fire.

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    Why is he a supervillain now

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    Ameer give for us the best videos

  43. Bitch Fuck Meeee

    Can't wait to see what Ameer does next. Keep goin bruh!!!

  44. Samantha Rodriguez-Carmona

    Heart still heavy, I been lookin for my friends. Everybody leave everybody in the end. 👀👀

  45. Slug Doom

    Visuals fire tho 🔥🔥


    That ending has Rick and Morty vibes


    Just feeding the Algorithm

  48. Nes Paul

    its crazy how this video describes his trip to los angeles


    Explain fam

  49. Theresa Akubuilo

    This went waaay too hard 🔥

  50. Nguyễn D Anh album

    i really like this ameer

  51. Aditya Parama Hadi

    this was the littest song out of the album imo. so fucking good

  52. Angie

    protect mr vann at all costs

  53. Thisara Silva

    after seeing the sway interview, i have a lot more empathy for ameer now. i’m glad he’s doing better but i seriously hope that girl is doing better as well. you cannot forget that irrespective of his motivations or his past (which i gained insight to from that interview), that there was a victim in this situation as well, who does not have the same voice and may not have the same support. just wanted to acknowledge that, but in any case, sincerely hope everyone involved in that situation is doing better, including ameer

  54. iamar Grood


  55. Rezwan Ahmed

    'Im not a boy in a band im more than a man'

  56. stopcryingalready

    Lmao the fucklyft cameo made this 10x better

  57. Natalia Kruschev

    To create something new, your must first destroy. Ben Taverniti was right.

  58. jom gamp

    Ameer's new shit is fire. Brockhampton are less fun in the new album but it's not intriguing. This dude is unhinged and it's intoxicating.

  59. Uaint Shytho

    aight he just proving he was the best one in BROCKHAMPTON. he dont need em fuck em

  60. saahil

    ameer looking like evil zach fox

  61. Arlond Ponsohrj

    Why did he leave brockhampton??

  62. Bop

    fire song, video kinda wack doe

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    So glad to see that wavy ass head again!!!, big ups Ameer spread those wings and fly🤘🤘

  64. Brandon Martinez

    i hope you’re doing alright man! also to every person reading this, and to all my fellow students with finals this week good luck we got this y’all

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    So much better than anything that boy band put out

  66. Matt Italiano

    This song alone is better than 95% of GINGER, just saying.

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    Good shit

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    Rise Ameer. Rise.

  69. Awesomeaaron2000

    Whoever directed the music video did a great job

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    He needed to be independent

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    Bruh this video is top quality. Felt things. Am high. 💫🌔

  72. AngryTurtles

    Algorithm comment


    enjoying this in secret because I would be ostracized by my peers (brockhampton fans) if they knew I was supporting ameer

  74. Sam Clay

    he didnt have to snap so hard

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    i love this, holy shit

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    Love you dawg

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    Ayyyyyyyy the ending is like the one from Empty that’s cool

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    My frame rate on cool math games on my school Chromebook be like 0:48

  79. Sal Paradise

    the entire EMMANUEL ep was flame but this ... this shit right here is one of the best songs of 2019


    it's my third most listened song this year

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    this song/video gives me an anti-villain type style

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    take this crown 👑

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    was excited for this vid but there's to much going on lol

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    Absolute banger this EP is fire. Keep doing you bruh

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    Ameer always kills it

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    thank you ameer, very cool!

  87. taide rubio

    he has the potential to go down as one of the best


    taide rubio not disagreeing but what about him makes u say that? And who are some of the best to you?

    andrew donaldson

    He’s a little too one-sided to do that I think... he’s good but not great

  88. Samhain

    Los Angeles video now, we need to keep stanning

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