Ambrosius, Marsha - With You Lyrics


[Verse 1:]
When I look at your face
I know what I'm feeling
Can't nobody tell me nothing
'Cause I know what I'm doing
'Bout to grab my coat
Put the keys in ignition
Can't tell you how long
I been wishing for this moment to

Uh uh uh (with you)
I wanna uh uh uh (with you)

[Verse 2:]
When where on the phone
Your giving me direction
Can't even hold the pen straight
Such anticipation
Hundred miles an hour (hour)
Can I go any faster?
Can't you tell how I've been waiting
How I've been waitin' for this moment to

Uh uh uh (with you)
I wanna uh uh uh (with you)
that I wanna uh uh uh (with you)
I wanna uh uh uh (with you)

[Verse 3:]
In my head I can see it so clearly
Thinking about all the things I wanna do to you (babe)
Do to you (babe)
Right now (right nooow...)
Feels like I've been waiting for a lifetime
To find someone that'll want as much as I want you (as I want you)
Right nnooowww

(You know just how much I you baby)
Uh uh uh (with you)
I wanna uh uh uh (with you)
Said I wanna uh uh uh (with you)
Uh uh uh (with you)
Uh uh uh (with you)
I wanna uh uh uh (with you)

I wanna uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh.....
I wanna uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh.....
Just let me uh uh uh uh-uh-uh-uh uh uh uh....
I wanna uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh.....

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Ambrosius, Marsha With You Comments
  1. No Name

    Still my song ❤❤

  2. Robina Brady

    November 2019

  3. The Legendary Shogun

    I wonder how many people had kids to this song? 😆

  4. Toija Sutherland

    I want to know who are the 125 people that didn't like this song because they need help

    Jessie Potts

    Definitely need help and prayer

    Toija Sutherland

    Most definitely

  5. Donald Spellman

    Donald got all y'all single women's facts

  6. Pretty Keyshia

    Song makes me wanna take off my clothes lol she sung this so sexi🙌🏾👌🏾💁🏽‍♀️

  7. William Estrada


  8. tee nic ray

    Song just oozes sex!!!

  9. Pamela Jones

    faith evans

    Donald Spellman

    Pamela Jones just for you do you already

  10. Beverly McFadden

    Feel ♌...

  11. GBody Rob

    I die inside everytime she makes that noise 😍😵😵😂😂😂

    No Name

    Me too 🙆😬

  12. cherry9951

    I'm in LOVE❤

  13. Karen Payne

    This is such a Sexy Song
    been here done that..bout to grab my know the rest of this grown folks.

  14. Billy Larkin

    Leo Star Power....natural lovers , loyal, transcending, and transparent.

  15. Tiffany Thompson

    This album I tell ya.. oouu Marsha , she can just sang!! I seen her live in 2016 in the Love Jones play... Can I  say goose bumps.. Play it in the car all the time

    Donald Spellman

    Tiffany Thompson facts

  16. alexis akins

    Damn bring back Vh1 Single ladies....

  17. Sylvia Foster

    love this song😍

  18. Alvina Easton

    I love this album

  19. Sieara DeLone

    honeymoon anthem


    Wowwww. Alicia Keys made the lyrics. I can definitely hear it.

    Cynitha Phillips

    Heard this a million times. Never noticed. Now I can't unhear it


    She sings backup on it, too.

  21. Rachael Parker


  22. Tanaya Laing

    hands down best album

    GBody Rob

    Tanaya Laing i agree and thats coming from a straight man 😂😂..jazzy album.. Bedtime playlist

  23. Felicia Parker

    One of the best songs on this album... sooo sexy!!!

    Donald Spellman

    Felicia Parker facts baby

    Unique Peach

    yess👄👄❤️ wine

  24. No Name Needed Here

    I love this album