Ambrosius, Marsha - Run Lyrics

Run away from all the pain I feel now
Now that you're gone
I been so alone
So I run away and then you followed me out
Out of the dark

Tried to catch my breath
If only for a second
Just a small confession
Straight from my heart
I break

Couldn't talk
Couldn't sleep
Didn't know
What you need
Got me feeling so weak
Cause you came in too deep
Wanna stay
Wanna leave
I'm so caught in between
Now I finally see
That you just weren't the one for me

Run into the new and better you oh how
How did I let you go
So stubborn so cold
Wanna see the sun
Wake up early morning
You can keep me warm

I look at you and choke
The words caught in my throat
I never even wrote
And we came so close
So close to love
Tried to catch my breath
If only for a second
Just a small confession
Straight from my heartbreak
I break

Couldn't talk
Couldn't sleep
Didn't know
What you need
Got me feeling so weak
Cause you came in too deep
Wanna stay
Wanna leave
I'm so caught in between
Now I finally see
That you just weren't the one for me

Run through the storm
Summers too long
These tears will fall
My tears will run

Couldn't talk
Couldn't sleep
Didn't know
What you need
Got me feeling so weak
Cause you came in too deep
Wanna stay
Wanna leave
I'm so caught in between
Now I finally see
That you just weren't the one for me

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Ambrosius, Marsha Run Comments
  1. shan stewart

    2019 october 5

  2. Ishekaguugiy Byfield

    Blhlh mj hny OP yoy9

  3. andrea smith

    Strong still

  4. Aldon Tate

    Love the energy in her blessed voice. The hurt, the pain, the strength in her soul at 2:57❤. The drummer, and pianist. The lifted emotions.

  5. phoebe De Monte Falcon

    Grey's anatomy brings me here

  6. J Fuller

    Marsha, we miss you. Need to hear new music.

  7. Yasmina Berrabane

    🇫🇷PARIS : 2019

  8. Vicky Noneya

    Marsha is so pretty and beautiful. Both of them.

  9. Meme176 MemeMeme

    I'm here from Brian friedman

  10. Scarred 4 Life

    U just weren't the 1 4 M3

  11. loving life always

    I love this song❤

  12. Miriam Diaz

    Greys Anatomy brought me here!😍

  13. Dorothy Peterson

    Particularly Upset that I'll "Never Be at One of Your Concerts". As a "Honorably Discharged- Disabled Veteran of the U.S. Air Force", My Travel Avenues are Rather Limited. So, Please keep Your CDs COMING. Thanks!!!!! 🎤🎶🎤

  14. xxxflavia

    grey's anatomy!!!! 💕

  15. Marisol Pendley

    Beautiful song

  16. TL R

    Accidentally found this video and, well... WOW 👍


    I loved you as a group (Floetry) and also as a solo artist. I don't understand why your music is not headlining everything. Every song has meaning and so deep. I love your music!! Keep making inspiring, mind bottling music!!

  18. Sonofgod Jesuschrist

    Marsha good job. THANK YOU.

  19. Cori Boxley

    I'm all in my feelings just listening to her. she is forever reaching inside of me and pulling every piece of me inside out.

  20. ZEO

    Man I love this video

  21. Will Evans

    sing sing

  22. Rayane Brasil

    Greys anatomy !!

  23. MrDJCue

    This song came at the right time. One motto I've been trying to live by lately is: Don't just take care of yourself, take care of your life!

  24. Cherishingmyinnerchild

    This song gives me such a warm mushy feeling...i cant say its a feeling I feel often but when it takes 🤔something to make me feel it! This song does 🙄

  25. Nikki Nik Bella


  26. HotInEER

    Glad to see there is still real talent out there making music. It's a shame artists like her, Raheem Devaughn and others don't get the playtime they deserve.

  27. Kwaku Soul

    nice song talkin to the soul.

  28. Denise La

    Her songs always give me a sense of de ja vu. 😍😍

  29. Tiffany Fincher

    love this song and her delivery

  30. Vaeh Vaeh

    I saw you in franklin mills mall like 2 years ago and i wanted to sing your song far away to you.....but i was scared and didnt know all the lyrics.....i hope i get to see you again😭❤️

  31. Christina Howard

    My fellow Leo Queen.. So beautiful. .. so talented!

  32. fineredd88

    Such talent! Great voice & great songs!

  33. Sunethra

    Amazing singer!

  34. Gil Fernando

    this girl is a natural talent! Hands down people!

    Juliana's Pretty Naturals Beauty Essentials

    Gil Fernando

  35. Kat Smith

    I love her Voice

  36. Unabashed

    Beautiful song, riveting video, heartfelt lyrics, and a gorgeous and talented woman.

  37. Kaylonni Banks

    I'm running a Marsha Ambrosius marathon right here right now and loving every moment of it I've been needing love lately relationship wise and I'm in deep thought of love also I've been missing some Raw and uncut r&b that's why I listen to Tori Kelly cause it seems like real r&b doesn't matter anymore

  38. Nadia Darkazalli

    gosh she is so amazing!!!! love her music.

  39. Bridgette Pi


  40. Kimora Bryant

    How come she doesn't have many views I mean her songs such as Cold War and Far Away. Artwork

    Michael Chancley

    Promotion plays a big part of it and unfortunately, female R&B acts just aren't promoted much these days if they aren't attached to reality TV or social media drama. I'm a huge Marsha fan. I have her albums, EPs, and mixtapes. I've seen her live four times and I'm just finding out this video exists two years later. Mind you, this song was even featured on Grey's Anatomy season finale, yet without platforms like MTV Jams and BET music video shows, it is hard to promote music videos for acts like her these days.

    Fatasstic eNRGy

    You really are a fan. I love her but as you stated, PROMOTION!!! I thought she fell off after Floetry until came across ALL of THIS !! like dang I been sleeping on Marsha. Realer than most of this crap on the radio.

  41. MsUndastood 24/7

    Oh I cried.... this song reaches deep inside of me :) I so <3 her

  42. Grisel Maryan


  43. Shanell Peart

    Just discovered her :|

  44. Evony Arty

    WOWWW... I love it so much!

  45. Kiddy Wolf

    Please come back to the music world...they are making such meaningless crap that I can't stand it. especially with all the crap that's going on today, music is the only world I can escape and be content with if only for a while, but even now that's being taken away. I love your music and I will always hope to hear it ring over the ignorance that flows around me every day. Thank you for being apart of my life.

  46. Sonia Jackson

    <3 !!!! I still love it!!!

  47. Kentron Washington


  48. Emily Jackson


  49. M MB


  50. Kamille Morton

    "I'm so caught in between" best lyrics ever. I play this song on repeat!!

  51. Maloni Goldwire

    thus is my favorite song

  52. Maloni Goldwire

    this song is perfect

  53. Maloni Goldwire

    I love your songs and so does my ma

  54. JD Clay

    I love her voice! I saw her in concert in Pittsburgh; she put on a fabulous concert. Yep, she is underrated ... Still been a fan since Floetry.


    Did anyone move the order.
    It is not accepted

  55. Daniel Camargo

    I'm here because of Grey's Anatomy

    Makaila Thornton

    me tooooo!

    SaRea Surmon

    Do you remember which scene featured this song?

    Daniel Camargo

    +SaRea Surmon they played it on a few scenes. But the famous one where the cast actually recorded this song themselves was S07E18

    Daniel Camargo

    +SaRea Surmon ops sorry, that was the musical episode. Run was played a few times, think last one was on S11E08

  56. Kora Marie

    love and love it very truthful and relateable to

  57. Dusie Robinson

    Well written and sung. ..

  58. Chozen

    wonderful song

  59. Itachi Uchiha

    400 000 views Marsha, 1 000 000 000 Justin Bieber ?? o_O Bad World :'(

    Leteia Steele

    so true :-(

    Leteia Steele

    so true :-(

    Brinson 1118

    +Itachi Uchiha music with meaning doesn't get any high views or play inn this cruel world

    Arizona Colt

    like it should be

  60. Tekora Pericles

    I love that Marsha always thinking about the people. Bravo

  61. MAthieu Rioux

    dre select the perfect one

  62. UdgaardsLoke




  64. Spooky Shey

    This describes how i feel almost perfectly right now


    I heard this on iRadio and loved it. I knew watching it would make me cry! Deep song.

  66. Bridgette Pi

    One year later...this is still my favorite album!

  67. Kendra Geitner

    I can't believe how little views this has............ this is one of my all time favorite songs. She's so fucking underrated.

    Paul Donovan

    +Kendra Geitner INDEED Kendra(love that name)she is CRIMINALLY underrated and unappreciated by a base music industry that"PUSHES"such"low-brow"music content as"BOOTY-licious"but ignores a mature/"deep"song about fleeing in DESPERATION a very hurtful situation!! This song leaves me BREATHLESS by the time she says:MY tears will------------------RUN!!" And immediately after that,she packs a DECADE worth of anguish and abject despair into SEVEN seconds of an emotional-RELEASE,cry of:"Run"!!!!" THAT remarkable display of RAW emotion,sends a chill to the very CORE of my being!!I've absolutely LOVED Marsha since"Sunshine"from"Floetic"where she descriptively sings:"A bath SO hot,it almost SCALDS,and I let the warm surround me;I slide down 'til ONLY my face SHOWS;but I feel"colder"NOW than before you"FOUND me"!!!" I still LOVE that 2002 line all the way here in 2015!! THIS woman is INCREDIBLE!!! :)

    Paul Donovan

    +Paul Donovan remarkable display of RAW emotion,sends a chill to the very CORE of my being!! Marsha is one INCREDIBLE talent!!

    Paul Donovan

    +Paul Donovan I've absolutely LOVED Marsha since'Now You're Gone'where she descriptively sang:'A bath SO hot it almost SCALDS,and I let the warm surround me;I slide down;til ONLY my face SHOWS;but I feel'colder'NOW than before you'FOUND me'!!

    Paul Donovan

    +Kendra Geitner  Indeed Kendra,this IS my absolute FAVORITE song of ALL-time!! As a writer/illustrater of my own line of comics,this song inspired me to create a character named:'Run'who comes to Earth from a far away world with'Kendra Rose Black'b.k.a:'Black Rose'to help rid the Earth of a threat from Pluto,while HER planet faces decimation by another violent races huge,powerful armarda in orbit around it,with only an energy forcefield(powered by'Runs'energy-generating running)holding-off extermination!! So'Run'was equipped with an energy-transmitting'odometer belt'which transfers the energy generated by her sprinting across light-years supplying'juice'TO her worlds protective enegy forcefield,so'Run'can never STOP running,or her people get  promptly slaughtered!! So she RUNS!!

    t t

    Kendra Geitner thats cause ppl sleep on her talent. love her music and voice

  68. Jasmine PLuSized

    wow!...this is beautiful...her voice makes u feel this deep.

    Natural Nikki

    Love This

    Paul Donovan

    +Jazz Smith She makes me recall EXACTLY how I felt in 1992 when the woman I wanted to marry,unceremoniously dumped me for some dude with a:"sexy,chocolate,hairy chest"!! I just wanted to RUN from prying eyes,the abject pain,and the whole WORLD!!  :/

    Charlene Dominguez

    +Paul Donovan I am sorry that happened you to you..I wish you the best😊

  69. dahalofreeek

    Voice like ambrosia.


    this song goes out to my ex

  71. Priscila Farias

    Escutei em Grey's Anatomy, música linda !

  72. Queen Chanel

    I love this song

  73. Angelica Brown

    I'm in LOVE with her voice! She just did a song with King Los called "War"

  74. Abby H.

    Goosebumps! Magnifique

  75. samera96

    I have heard this song a thousand times but the words just hit me today. Awesome message.

  76. Tracy Barrantes

    Wanna stay
    Wanna leave
    I'm so caught inbetwen
    Now I finally see
    That you just weren't the one for me

  77. Sirius Starz


  78. Ahmari Haynes

    She wearing too much makeup but she is a great singer.

  79. Amarantha Burns

    Love it

  80. Ren Hawkins

    Lip singing in the beginning lmao.

  81. Up J

    awsome i love her voice!

  82. itavianna hill

    The best song

  83. Rochanda Williams

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  84. Wikan Hastuningdyah Budiharto

    First time I heard this song was on Grey's Anatomy. Great song though. 

  85. Seven Dust

    Brought a grown man to tears...amazing song

  86. MyBeautyUnique

    Omg this is my first time hearing this song. Each segment of this video has summed up what im going through in life RIGHT NOW! All I can do is cry. Beautiful song.

  87. Gloria Bailey

    Love this really meaningful

  88. Nicki Divine


  89. Ashley Jones

    Brilliance! Love EVERYTHING about this song. The lyrics, the vocals, the emotion, the ARTISTRY. Marsha you give hope that real music still exists and there is still reason to look forward to new music. God bless you.

  90. Nichele R. Allen

    Love it.....

  91. Luis Thompson

    wow. I am speechless.   <3  

  92. Lenore M.

    I love this.....

  93. BabyRobbin

    When it comes to Marsha the lyrics are absolutely everything...then she hits those damn notes...fucking eargasm lol <3

  94. Joshe Anderson

    God Has HIS Plan Marsha Working In Full Effect Mode : Trust And Believe

  95. juliana brown

    Y she sound like a man in I'm the one

  96. Ni Re

    Marsha you're such a gifted musician

  97. Yoli R

    Sorry, losing****

  98. Yoli R

    It hurts to run from someone you know was put in your life to complete you, but it is an addiction. If you are sacrificing yourself and loosing just RUN