Ambrosius, Marsha - Late Nights And Early Mornings Lyrics

Let me do you all night long
Hey, wanna do it all night long (baby)

[Verse 1:]
Hop up out the bed
Take a shower then get dressed
Gotta go to work but I wanna lay with you instead, baby
Softly kiss you there, make you say Ooooh yeeeaahhh
I’ll be coming back to you boy you just tell me when, ooh baby

Gonna be a late night, early morning when I get you home
Gonna give you good love, give you what you want and
Gonna do it all night long
Baby, let me do you all night long
Let me do it all night long

[Verse 2:]
The day is almost through
All that I can think about is you
The hair I done sweated out
Scream your name, let it out
You are everything but the truth
Shivers down my spine when I think about the freaky things I got in mind
So I’ll be on my way to give it to you baby
Let me take my time

It’s gonna be a late night til the early morning when I come on home
It’s gonna be that good love, give you what you want and
I’m gonna do it all night long
Wanna do it all night long
We can do it all night long
Baby, Let me do you all night long [x5]
Good love, give you what you want and we can do it all night long
Let me do it all night long

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Ambrosius, Marsha Late Nights And Early Mornings Comments
  1. Ibispaint _Gacha

    Mata mu

  2. Teddy B

    Marsha sang the hell outta this!!

  3. V 33

    ❤️ This Video! Great Message!!! 🗣USE PROTECTION PEOPLE!!! Underrated video imo

  4. TINA62009


  5. oreochick24

    Once someone tries to talk you out of using protection, date over. No question. No ifs, ands, or buts.

  6. Nylea Monet

    When you finally watch the video as an adult and now realize she’s talking about HIV safety too😂🌚🙃. Such a powerful message

  7. almosthomeless incali

    She's gorgeous I might take that risk or at least have her for dinner lol .. can't til she drop new music

  8. Na'Tosha Hodges


  9. Fyb raines

    talk yo shitttt🥵🥵💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  10. Miss Teezy Love


  11. Queen B

    👊🏾 💯🔥

  12. the ttrailergang show


  13. Monica Morgan

    I am still listening to this song in 2019

  14. Ricky Brown

    those 80's sound machines were the best

  15. sweetsugarteete1

    He is just too dam fine

  16. Gloria Blocker

    If you lay⬇️4da PLEASURE, you must stand⬆️4da pAIn.👩‍❤️‍👩

  17. almosthomeless incali

    Miss some marsha

  18. Robin Spiller

    I never knew what those plus and minus signs meant when I was younger but now I get it and I feel so bad for the other girl.

  19. jermaine smokes

    I'm faded but it was sexy as hell when she hit the beat on the wall. Music head for real......

    michael white

    I never listen to songs like this I'm was too gangster I love this lady thru her music

  20. King Shicetee


  21. Prince Patron

    Love's always a message in her songs...#Subscribe

    V 33

    Prince Patron always

  22. KTINA Lw

    # Oooh Ahhh 👅

  23. slice

    My favorite song of hers.....but never watch the vid kills the mood

  24. Ayanna B


  25. Jody joe

    She fine

  26. Anjum Ajmal

    Super video🎥📹📼 😁😀🥰🌹🌷🥀

  27. Miranda Pridgen

    Good music, not much of this playing on the radio lately. Thumbs up Marsha!

  28. Basketball Dreaming

    She's singing to me y'all!

    michael white

    Watch your mouth that's my lady I gotta listen to her by myself my people say dumb shit I'm too gangsta for her music lol

  29. Danielle Brown


  30. No lmao


  31. Alexus Ramos

    Love this song still

  32. She’s A Babe

    I would of made dude wear a condom

  33. ms angel heaven

    Love this video if a man are woman stop you from getting a comdom please dont go further walk out life is precious beware of people

  34. Tanisha Perry

    Who are the persons who dislike this beautiful song!?

  35. Matthew Slimm

    A+A+A+ ;) ;-) ;->

  36. sha;ea

    We need her back so she can drop more of these perfect ass videos that actually bring awareness to IMPORTANT topics.

  37. rise only

    Video turned me off.. song sexy ASF.. gotta listen to it without video or I'll b thinking bout it all nite long!!😂😂

  38. J M

    I am officially in love with Marsha

  39. Cornell Muhammad

    This woman is amazing.

  40. Tamar Swapsy

    Never Trust Anyone That Much! Nope

  41. BayouPrincess_90 Creole Baby

    Marsha, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR MUSIC!! But Thank You for this video because I’m a youth minister so after I ran the video by my pastor, I used it (and still use it) for my young people.


    This is so deep....but so true ....please wrap it up!!!!

  43. vaderbomb

    So DAMN FINE! She is a Ron SImmons "DAMN"!

  44. curly cousins

    Who's here 2019

  45. The Sexeguru

    2019 who here 👀❤️ yeeeeees

  46. Abba

    Powerful message...gotsta b careful.

  47. Cerebral Sierra

    Omg I never knew this had a video!!! I freaking love this song!! ❤️

  48. Jasper Hester jr

    great pick me up this morning!

  49. Marsha Loretta

    All night looong..😌 give you what you wanted

  50. Foe Dickson

    The song is a turn on/The video is a turn off. It's like, I wanna play this during sex, but after watching this vid, I can't stop thinking about her negative turning positive.

  51. MrBlactye

    Marsha is so damn sexy to me. Her music just over the top for me.

  52. Alessandra Fiero

    Here just for the Zico’s mixtape

  53. QTee

    Well it's late nights and early mornings


    What youre getting ready for.....


    You dont know what its like to feel your energy... to feel it as me...


    Im not in bed.. im just not saying everything Im thinking.. and it feels like youre thinking a lot


    Its the cold air that did it


    Itz 45° right now...

  54. DessenceGorgeous

    2019 ??

  55. D Clark

    Sexy song, but he gave her HIV! WRONG!


    2019 HERE FOR IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  57. Naff Ali

    Avakin Life(streamer)brought me here! Why tha hell I'm just hearing this in 2019...wth🤨


    Not trying to be funny but when I saw the -+ signs I thought they were saying opposites dont always attract😣😵

  59. Jojo Pryor

    Sh e lit

  60. Antoine Harrell

    Damn AIDS is real protect yourself


    Her voice makes me feel some type of Was she’s sexy but her singing is even sexier shit makes a brother want set the mood 🕺🏽💃🏽


    When I first heard it, 3rd grade, I thought Michael Jackson made this, after the 7 years, I still thought that was still Michael .....

  63. ms angel heaven

    I love this song

  64. Danny Grijalva

    I never seen this video but I sang this song on smule

  65. georgina boynes

    2018 still here Ambrosius

  66. Denise C

    Why do ppl not like her videos, this woman clearly sends a message.
    Ok you be stupid then!
    Like her or not this was just a message!

  67. Van Mac

    If a man say no about a condom.... then the woman say no about the cookie

  68. Beutiful Ella

    💚Let me do you all night long....

  69. William Estrada


  70. Saniya Jackson

    3. How I use to feel having to leave ur bed and go home when you had to get up for work 😔

  71. MzLadiii ReeRee

    showing some love in 2018 <3

  72. Amir H

    That's one funky looking broad...

  73. Brent Clark

    love this song make good love of this one

  74. Linda Graham-Mower

    I love dis sexy ass foreign woman

  75. James Makins

    This is a classic album and she is so dope

  76. Beats By Da Don

    Can definitely hear prince... Wonder if she wrote it him before she kept it.... Her pen is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  77. Vernita Mccranny

    the message though 💓💓

  78. Briana Warren

    Her songs always have a message I love it

  79. Asialynn Evans

    This is life✨🙏 a word she is gifted and the message is so strong at the end ol girl knew something was wrong right after cause not only did he give her a std he most likely gave her a soul tie to his craziness smh

    Asialynn Evans

    If they cant get the glove they gets no love

  80. Mo Nelson

    Wow 7 years already! ✨👑❤


    Wow a real strong statement to this song and video people still til this day running around ➕ me and mine's don't need no help at all we both ➖ ➖ and we staying that way.

  82. aquia pennington

    To understand great music u have to understand what it is that person is singing about this is true feelings being exspesed that's why I love this song

  83. James Brister

    Don't be a fool wrap your tool

  84. 1luving

    These niggas out here giving it to people on purpose. And the women who let them do it really don't care about their own lives fr fr.

  85. Ms. Pineapple

    I love the message in the song I hear this a beautiful song the song tell you everything you should know this I'll give you a good feeling but tingling in your body this song Bring Out The Best In You this song let your heart know true love this is one of the greatest best songs ever...

  86. Chicken Tender

    She took an oath and still vanished out of the spotlight lol. She must not have wanted to go to the next level, like a lot of others that were once hot and then disappeared. Hence the term “one hit wonder” If that is the case then good for her. Too bad though, this song is so nice and I enjoyed her music

  87. Tom Smith

    Sexual, Erotic, Exotic, Sensual Playlist brought me here.

  88. Brittney Davis

    I love marsha super classy!!!

  89. Dee McGhee

    Wonder if this is dedicated to Janet Jackson, reminds me her song!

  90. dimpleface daee

    best sex songgggggg😩😩😩😩😩💦💦💦💦😏😏😏😏

  91. Tacarra Galaxy

    She sounds like prince!