Ambrosius, Marsha - La La La La La Lyrics

When there are no more words to say...

My skin feels good against you
You're touching me in places I forgot existed in me
I felt you then I melted
And it was unexpected
Baby, how do you know me so well
You knew just what to do when you laid your hands on me, baby
You love me like forever
Baby, we just go together

It happens every time I'm in your arms
Seems like I'm putting everything on pause
I'm starting to believe your love is all I want
You're all I ever need
Give me your
La la la la la la
Do do do do do

Your lips I wanna kiss you
Like there's no tomorrow like the world is ending
I just wanna be with you, baby
Myself I wanna give you, baby
It's because you know me so well
You knew just what to say
You whispered in my ear a promise
To love me like forever, baby
Baby, we just go together, baby

It happens every time I'm in your arms
Seems like I'm putting everything on pause
I'm starting to believe your love is all I want
You're all I ever need
Give me your
La la la la la la
Do do do do do

(oh, love)
It feels so good to me, baby
(I need your love)
So damn good to me, baby
(give me your love)
La la la la la la...

It happens every time I'm in your arms
Seems like I'm putting everything on pause
I'm starting to believe your love is all i want
You're all I ever need
Give me your
La la la la la la
Do do do do do

So much I wanna tell you, baby
How much I really really love you, baby
Don't front on me, baby
You know I need your love

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Ambrosius, Marsha La La La La La Comments
  1. Mikole Best

    I like this sound...her voice is out-of-here!

  2. Steve Bell

    Yes Marsha Ambrosius do your thing gorgeous voice!!😍💯💐💯🎶🎶 You Are Appreciated ❤️ 2019 Nov 9🎶🎶🎶🎶

  3. obviously irresistible

    Love it! 2019 La LaLa🧡 🎶🎵🎶🎵


    ❤️❤️❤️ 2019❤️❤️❤️ HERE FOR IT

  5. Latoya Taylor

    To sexy

  6. Wait What

    Hamercy you trying to get me pregnant again 💙💙👏💋😍😍😍

  7. Roz Russ

    Love me like forever... lyrical songstress sang.... I’m starting to put everything on pause...damn damn damn♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  8. enigmaticstatic 7

    This one's for my baby x

  9. cedes garner

    Loving dis song on point speaks for you 💯

  10. Andre Johnson

    This is my everyday going home from work song!!

  11. Kim Brigham

    the things we did on this song. sweet memories.

  12. Britt

    Still listening to this 💓

  13. Betsy Faust

    marsha is. voice

  14. Antwainette Henderson

    Yaaaassssss bae coming home thank God 😋😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Cinnamon Brown

    this song is something else it is so pretty i be in a zone so deep listening to this song. dam

  16. Tay tay all-day

    Lovvvvve this song 💖💖💖🎶🎶🎶🎤🔥🔥🔥

  17. Gena McGhee

    This is my shit...

  18. Donna Weible

    love her shes so right

  19. Latia Jones

    Really.I feel horrible when I listen cause I feel so gd in ur arms.were nothing.but I just wanna b wit ya babe

  20. Rose Pitts

    I hear Teena Marie and Minnie Ripeton ...I love this song, she is one of my favorite artists!

  21. Queen Jee

    love love love

  22. Mindful Thinker

    I am amazed at her voice, and range! Im so happy for her success.

  23. Latia Jones

    I play this on repeat mAkes me think of u.i jus wanna b in your arms.u are everything i want.n all i ever need.god bless me i dnt want to be alone😗😙

  24. Mindful Thinker

    Wow, what a voice. Im really liking this song.

  25. Wolf Covers

    make a instrumental

  26. Guerlyne Bel

    My favorite song... Marsha is so dope....❤❤❤

  27. Nikki Love

    yesss marsha 🎤🎤🎶

  28. Mindful Thinker

    She has an amazing glad she's giving it to us. Go do your shit, Marsha!!

  29. ninababy97 Nina

    i zone out to this song every time. omg this song!!!!!

  30. janile tucker

    This is my favorite song right now.

  31. Anthony Moody

    1/21/17.....never gets old!

  32. U ain't talking bout nothing shut up

    Love this song so sexy,damn.

  33. ninababy97 Nina

    omg I'm in love with this song

  34. RJ Dickens

    I love this song

  35. Nynah Ali

    give me ur la la la la love.



  37. Kimberly Scott

    this sooonngggg though! 😍😍😍😍

  38. Tonette Wilks

    A sh---! Hell yeah; the jam!

  39. lisa 1

    used to go school with this girly in London Xx well done Marsha xxx


    lisa marie Sullivan how is she as a person that's awesome

    Myangel Brown

    Wow! That's amazing! Shes truly talented

    Carlos Jaasa

    Yeah rigth🤔

  40. Belinda Barrett

    She made the song her own with swag from Teena and Minnie

    Misses Mandarin

    So true, I can hear that style from Teena Marie and that sample from Minnie Riperton as well

  41. Mshikaji Mmoja Mtaani

    wow !!!


    when I first heard this song it sent chills in my body, my metabolism was racing. This song is one of fav👍♨🏆

  43. Eloquent Thinker

    My joint! 🎧🎶🎵

  44. texasholding money

    so much I want to tell you baby! how much I really love you babyyyy!!! so sexy!

  45. Lady V Ann

    🔥 FIRE 🔥

  46. Lady Bug

    Me & my bestie made love off this song😍😍😍 everything was so perfect... 💚love me some him💚

  47. Nicholas Mack

    Marsha Ambrosius ISSSSSS UNDERRATED !

  48. Unicorns4life

    I would bust down a wall if I heard a woman singing like that to me

  49. Cherell Belton

    FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only Marsha Ambrosius

  50. Ryan Sperling

    This song sends chills all over my spirit. I salute you marsha 😙😙

  51. Romayne Otoo

    My god she's so underrated

  52. J Ortiz

    This is the one!!!!..My Goodness!!!!!

  53. Sequana McCall

    love this song

  54. Cory Quincey

    This is a Janet Jackson "Anytime Anyplace" + Minnie Ripperton Mashup with the melody and hook. Too Fresh !!!

  55. Shante Jones

    love this.

  56. Guerlyne Bel

    my favorite song plays on repeat 💖 la la la Kevin...

  57. ThrowbackSoul

    Marsha showing of that crazy vocal ability. Feelin that throwback Soul vibe on this track.

  58. Keysean Martin

    my favorite track on this album i hear more teena and minnie

  59. Denise Battle

    Sounds so sexy!

  60. Island Girl Jammy

    Lovely song

  61. Roxie Williams

    One of the best of her music!!!!!! Love ittttt!!!!!

  62. Alex Brown

    wow. Perfect.

  63. Vincent Alexander

    Yes lord!

  64. Luckyjr_2k_legen

    Idk why this song don't got over 1 mill views smh crazy

  65. Panchita Gallegos

    Love this song , sounds of Old school soul ... <3

  66. Meagan Sheá

    😍😍😍😍😍 "baby we just go together..."

  67. chazzybabycs


  68. marcella lane

    Love her....there is none greater

  69. Na-Ece McCrae

    Definately on my rotation playlist..some minnie riperton an teena marie..but a twist of her own luv her as a solo artist but miss the other half of floetry

  70. L Dwayne

    Another fire as song by her loving this here baebe ya heard me

  71. amina jones

    Aww love this song

  72. camberry82

    Omg... this song... omg... goodness... all I can say is Thank you Marsha...

  73. Ricky Brown

    I love this Artist

  74. Tarus Plummer


  75. Divadelight

    cant get this tune outta my head ...Bad bad ..<3

  76. positiveKani

    minnie riperton too!!!  mad love for marsha

  77. ZEO

    any one else her Janet (Any time any place ) rhythm before the chorus starts

    julian mack

    I was trying to put my finger on it and that's what it is....


    I thinks that the rhythm of it

  78. Veronica Clifton

    No words for this song... ❤❤❤❤

  79. bartenderzzz

    This track should have 19 MIL hits on it. You kill it babygirl. NYC LUV.

  80. LaShonta Walker

    My favorite by her right now. ..saw her in concert....came home without my voice lol 💋❤

    LaShonta Walker

    Yes sir! So smooth. ..I lose myself in this song

    SmooV Poet

    @LaShonta Walker I'm gonna pen something to this... 🛀 🍷 🍷 📝

    LaShonta Walker

    I can't wait to see what you come up with

    SmooV Poet

    @LaShonta Walker I'm gonna go in later today... 😉

    LaShonta Walker

    I will be looking out for it 😊👌

  81. Janette Kell

    Sexy ass song

  82. Janette Kell

    Sexy ass song

  83. Sexytigeress 1973

    This song is def tha SHIZZLE....Grown Folks shyt for real

  84. msjai 36

    Wow. She reminds me of Shanice when it came to this song. I now have a new album to listen to.. Thank you Ms. Ambrosious!!!!

  85. cheznardi

    Wow! Heard this song for the 1st time this morning..the sampling of Minne Ripperton is fantastic and fits perfectly.

  86. Jaleesa Williams

    Love this song keep playing all over again getting me horny

  87. lee smith


  88. Kalim Johnson

    This song is crazy! I thought she was going to do the note! Dam I just got hard LOL

  89. Skillzmama

    WOW. Fly ASS song. Sing it MARSHA!

  90. Ivana Daniels


  91. Angela Singleton

    This song soothes me like a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer on a cold winter night

  92. Brandi Bossick

    Love this song!

  93. Khalief Rivera

    This whole album is dope.

  94. Kamara Glenn

    Love this... I hear Teena Marie!


    Yes....definitely some Teena Marie in there...

    Ricky Brown

    Tina! Absolutely

    Femme Naturelle

    I hear Minnie Riperton. 


    Kamara Glenn yes definitely Tina Marie hunny! When I first heard this it reminded of Oh la la la by Tina Marie which is one of my favorites by Lady T

    Nijee Vaughn

    Kamara Glenn Teena and Minnie Ripperton ❤❤❤

  95. Marc Hu Minor

    Love this song

  96. BaldAgression78

    Reminds of a hot and hazy summer evening with a nice date

  97. LadyTee330

    Fell in love with this one too!!! 👌☺️