Ambrosius, Marsha - Have You Ever Lyrics

Shooby do do
Shooby do do
Shooby do do

Shooby do do
Shooby do do
Shooby do do

Du du dum

Have you ever
Have you ever
Have you ever been in love before


To be in love
Is not a crime
So if you're not lovin' someone
You're wastin' your time

Got a note from my babe
Just the other day
I got to be turnin' home come what may

You're my sugar
You're my honey
You're my sugar

In my better days

You're my sugar
You're my honey
You're my sugar
You're my honey

Come what may


Have you ever
Have you ever
Have you ever been in love


To be in love is not a crime
So if you're not lovin' someone
You're wastin' your time

Got a not from my man just the other day
Said you got to return on home
Come what may
'Cause I need my lovin'
I need my sweet-tea
I need my lovin'
Don't I know that you need my lovin'
You need my sweatinin'
All night long

I need your lovin'
You want me lovin' you baby
I'll be lovin' you baby

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Ambrosius, Marsha Have You Ever Comments
  1. Lydia Santana

    I love how you got your husband in this 😍

  2. Beauty's Guess

    Mr. Brown wouldve been proud!! Like the reggaeness in dis!! 😇💋

  3. Berea Stroud

    This makes me wanna seriously work it out!!! Wow...such a powerful joint!

  4. Inichi Yood

    Stop kissing him

  5. Lauren Montgomery

    Marsha you're voice is beautiful💎 and this is even more beautiful because of you💚

  6. Ayesha Michelle

    I love this song!

  7. EsteSteven sellama

    I'm in love with this song beautiful song Marsha Ambrosius. Thanks for this beautiful cover. We remember Dennis Brown

  8. Vanessa France

    Absolutely love love love this!!!!  Big Up to you Marsha for covering one of my favorites by one of the best reggae singers in the world, Mr. Dennis Brown!  You did him extremely proud!!!!!!!

  9. Wilt Wal

    I’m so happy on their marriage and life together

  10. Jeramia Basilio

    OMG! This is my first time seeing this video. It's Dez again. He's so fine. Marsha is a lucky woman.

  11. Justin Brangman

    Leave it to the songstress to remake Dennis Brown and make it even more beautiful. Love you Queen Marsha

  12. nikki dee

    Pure Love that's how you do it, put your hubby in the video and let the world know that this is rea Love.... Congrats!!

  13. Ash Bash

    Marsha is so slept on! Keep going! <3

  14. Sheryl White

    Big tune

  15. Bonnie Lindsay

    I love this song and the video!!!

  16. Mai Trizz

    Never knew she made a video for this!

  17. Prince of Peace


  18. Afro Latina

    Soo good 💙

  19. Papaki Makeup

    Amazing voice and song !

  20. Anthony Moody

    Marsha...why do you make this kind of music that makes me feel some type of way?!?...#NoOnesBetter

  21. Terea' G.

    Love this vibe Marsha!!

  22. Wayne Leon

    Marsha dis tune proper dub plate sweet

  23. Colin

    Dennis brown remix

  24. Girlshine

    Couldn't imagine someone covering this classic by the crown prince, Dennis Brown, but Marsha's version would make DB very proud. Awesome!!!!

  25. Marsha Creary

    You did ya thing on this cover

  26. janna hurst

    I love this song it's my favorite song she sounds amazing wonderful OK

  27. Keith Simiyu

    Love your style Mami

  28. Justin Brangman

    Tracks like this are why I told my lady that the only singer I crush on is Marsha Ambrosius. So glad I got to see her in concert this year 😍😍😍

  29. Angelina T

    This was so beautiful. Makes me wish I was in love. Love her voice.

  30. Takayuki Ishiguro

    So sweet that I easily fell in love with this.

  31. Mr Progress

    Damn I love this woman

  32. Shon Simpson

    My God, her beauty is breathtakingly stunning

  33. ryanproingaming3

    LOL an old lady! x
    XD Xd

  34. Brittany Hughes

    Kranium's Can't Believe it sounds similar to this..

  35. Royston Barker

    Marsha did this dennis track justice

  36. shonha1

    Great job. RIP the great Dennis Emmanuel Brown.

  37. Steve Clarke

    Kingston 13 Jamaica steve Clarke reggae singer from 1979 big big 👍👍🌟💎💪

  38. A Lubsey

    best song ever

  39. Jarhonda Gamble

    Reggae it!!

  40. Jarhonda Gamble

    love her music

  41. Tedd Josiah / GummyBear

    Please do an entire album like this! This is just amazing amazing amazing!!! So amazing

  42. Rohjah Morrison

    jeez this is incredible. matching the Dennis brown version 👍👍❤

  43. skull shreder5

    I'm sorry but this girl sounds kinda like a dude.

  44. MonoGem313

    Dennis is smiling from heaven Nothing but Love 😘

  45. Jeremiahii Triguerosii

    thats my baeee

  46. Justin Dubbs

    Uhhhhh!!! Music like this, artist like her!!!! So different, music so soothing and warm feeling. I love how it makes me feel so warm inside. Even though I'm going through some stuff, this song just makes me smile.

  47. Justin Dubbs


  48. sandra parkes


  49. Cece Christian


  50. Tamar

    WHAT!?!! MARSHA IS ETHIOPIAN?!?🙀 Habeshas on the run!

  51. empress lea

    Yess Marsha!

  52. Dj Smoove D

    Takes me back to Jamaica!!!! So sexy!!!!

  53. alwaysbusiness4

    reggae, oh my Good God.
    Damn she killed it


    Marsha reppin the UK from early! Love this Dennis brown cover

  55. karleen sholto

    please please please do a come and see me cover please u would wreck that album

  56. Mindful Thinker

    OOO thats my sunday, monday...u get it! Beautiful.

  57. Marie White

    Reggae classic...

  58. 719kai719

    I love this song

  59. Christine Fullen

    I'm pregnant and my baby loves this song I put the headphones to my belly and my baby moves every time

  60. outburst43

    i know she's getting married and having a baby and all, but I'm having withdraws from her music, lol. I can't wait to hear what's coming next after these two happy moments. it's going to be some awesome music.

  61. ToTheCoreFoundation

    Awesome Rendition of The Prince of Reggae BIG TUNE!!!

  62. C Charles

    this takes me back to my hometown london

  63. Carlton Beckford-Dozier

    Gwaan Songstress!

  64. Karen B

    What a beautiful song!

  65. Dawnielle Ingram

    I just stumbled across this song and when i say she just spoke to my soul. This made me feel so good, i want this type of love......

  66. 1003 Victory


  67. Tonette Wilks

    Honey, that man is fine! Wow, that romance. That reggae-tune is hitting...sing it girl!

  68. Mark Mobley

    I love this ridim gal:) "Be ISZM"

  69. Orlando Sims

    Is that the comedian from Saturday night live.



  71. Gem gem

    love this song and Dennis Brown would be so proud.

  72. Ashley Miller

    Aww she seems happy

  73. Alfonso Villalobos

    Beautiful. I brush my teeth to this song.

  74. Reginald Dorsey

    Scratch that.

  75. Zai Self Defense.

    Sista did Israelite Brotha Dennis Justice wi dis likk.

    Zai Self Defense.

    Love and Admiration to the Roarin Lion, Dennis Emmanuel Brown...AHAYAS naturally gifted singing child.

    Da Royal General

    yes I give thanks...raspect to the 12 tribe sir brown.

  76. cc tetel

    love this song and loveee that she is wearing Ethiopian dresses and jewelry..mad respect from Ethiopia

    Zai Self Defense.

    It may be a Hebrew Israelite womans atire.


    RogueVoltron. It is most definitely Ethiopian/Eritrean zuriya and netsela.

  77. Jay B

    she sang the hook on Nas- (remix) 2009 If i Ruled The World..she's good!
    Thumbs Up!

    Da Royal General

    wasn't that lauryn hill?

    Jay B

    daroyalgeneral Laurin Hill was on the original (1996)

    2009- Smirnoff released some remix series of songs which included Nas "if I ruled the world Smirnoff Remix" she did the background vocals & hook

  78. Marpin News

    Remember this song was by the late great crown prince of reggae.

  79. sirrhymee

    Beautiful rendition on a classic riddim Marsha!

  80. Queen Neq

    I love this song!!! Makes me smile. 😊Beautiful song to listen in the am as I get ready for this dreadful job.

  81. Bridgette Pi

    Love this video & you two!

  82. Rovel Candice

    Loved it this song gives me hope that I will one day have that spiritual breezy connection with my soul mate right here on earth peace and blessings

  83. Shatima Buckner

    so in love with this song and video

  84. Kola A

    this song <3 reminds me of a jamaican hit .. nice one

  85. Naturally Dope

    this song makes me wish I was dating beautiful songs congratulations Marsha!

  86. love di choreo

    The head covering selection is on fleek

    Joyful Me

    Its ethiopian/eritrean

    Zai Self Defense.

    Is that right, what belief or spiritual origin are ethiopians? This does not look muslim?

    Joyful Me

    Nope, ethiopia is a mix of muslims and christians ( mostly orthodox christians). If you look at their necklaces they're wearing crosses, which is also traditional ethiopian jewelry. I am ethiopian and wear the dress and scarf for special occasions. ( dont mind my english) :)

    Zai Self Defense.

    +Joyful ME Oh nice, so if its orthodox "Christian" it is abiding by the law of Timothy 2, 8-10 stating that women are to dress in modest apparel.reading out of the same book that was given only unto Israel, am I correct?...please pardon MY english I am Hebrew Israelite.

    Zai Self Defense.

    +Joyful ME Are not Ethiopians Abrahamic? rooting from ABRAHAM Isaac and Jacob of the Bible? or Catholic? who stole the Bible...Muslim who plagiarized the bible...or Hebrew.

  87. MsHoneybun3

    I Absolutely love this song! 😍😚

  88. Melissa Rush

    I love me some Marsha Ambrosius

  89. mystogan marguerite


  90. Eden Abebe

    She rockin that Ethiopian/Eritrean clothing. Respect. 🇪🇹🇪🇷 ❤️

  91. quest

    damn wish I could see her

  92. quest

    man I love her wish I could meet her

  93. bossy girl300

    this song is amazing